You can visit people's dreams, but you appear naked [Sober Convos 5]

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EX Tech
EX Tech - Dag siden
What if people dream about sex and your naked?
Niki fantasi
Niki fantasi - 2 dager siden
Fries Food
Fries Food - 4 dager siden
i feel like stealing things would be much better with the zip line, you just grab and go
skadoodle - 4 dager siden
bring a ski lift 🚠
So you can sit while you zip line.
Zerda Quil
Zerda Quil - 5 dager siden
Funny how I actually have a friend who’s 6 ft. tall but can’t jump to save his life and another friend who’s around 4 ft and something inches who’s the human embodiment of a monkey
Teresa Ashby
Teresa Ashby - 6 dager siden
Wait would it only be like Transportation like if I had a driver something or would it be like if I wanted to get up and go to a different chair I have to zipline
rkon - 6 dager siden
Ray kon? That’s me!
Taylor Wood
Taylor Wood - 7 dager siden
Man these are amazing
Oberstruhmfuhrer Schrodinger
I mean I can basically still be Freddy Krueger using this I might not be able to kill people in their dreams but I can’t torture them into insanity. And if they tell anyone about these dreams they’re going to be told but they’re insane
Malick Lazingar
Malick Lazingar - 7 dager siden
was the demon slayer guy fighting the jaw titan?
Engineer Gaming
Engineer Gaming - 8 dager siden
Question about the naked dreams one can you put clothes on?
Keaton Junus
Keaton Junus - 8 dager siden
Sorry I forgot to ask how tall are you?
Keaton Junus
Keaton Junus - 8 dager siden
Hey Dom
I don't mean to be disrespectful I was just wondering because I'm 4.5 ft ten years old my older brother is 5.4 ft 13 years old and my older brother is 3.9 six years of age.
Ezra Waybright
Ezra Waybright - 8 dager siden
I kinda wanna be 7,9. Set a record and be tall enough to get anything at the same time.
A fungus
A fungus - 8 dager siden
Watching to distract myself from my own mortality, and for entertainment
chill uwu vibes
chill uwu vibes - 8 dager siden
At 4:19 the girl Is from the video Crushes and Perfect relationships and the Sober Convos Prisoners and trolleys
Will Dawson
Will Dawson - 9 dager siden
im taller than dom and im 14 lmaoooo
Rani Bani
Rani Bani - 9 dager siden
Y’know in finland its normal to see your friends and fam naked (in sauna)
Muzzy Munchkin
Muzzy Munchkin - 9 dager siden
if you'e naked in someones dream just ask them to imagine you some clothes, it's that easy
UrMom1st - 9 dager siden
Carrying the plane
Amy w
Amy w - 11 dager siden
Just imagine being naked in a friend's dream like:
Friend: why tf r u naked?
Me: *shrugging* I don't know. Ur unconsciousness🤷🏼‍♀️
Evelyn Yosmali
Evelyn Yosmali - 11 dager siden
I’m the one tallest in my family but in school I’m one of the shortest in school lol.
Darien Strider
Darien Strider - 11 dager siden
imagine some random person is scrolling in youtube homepage and this is the first video they find from domics
Nathanishungry Animations
Nathanishungry Animations - 11 dager siden
Teleport to me in my dream, I’ll zip line all the way to Japan to get away from you.
Waitry - 12 dager siden
Domics: be 6ft and can't jump
Me: I feel attacked rn
NateGaming 1
NateGaming 1 - 12 dager siden
What if they are having a dream about a fashion show?
MemerMineCraft - 13 dager siden
When will sober convos 7 release
Lisa Sheehy
Lisa Sheehy - 13 dager siden
lmfaooooooooooooooo that was AMAZING
Omara Maloney
Omara Maloney - 13 dager siden
My cousin got me Raycon's for Christmas. And my Dad said he needed them more, so he took them. :(
CageyStorm1824 -
CageyStorm1824 - - 14 dager siden
If this is what sober convos are then what are drunken condos like 🤔
Lucky :D
Lucky :D - 14 dager siden
I can go into peoples nightmares and tell them it’s just a dream :)
The Insane Mentalist
The Insane Mentalist - 14 dager siden
Terminal velocity for a human actually is supersonic, meaning it might be even faster than taking a commercial jet which CAN'T do supersonic speeds.
Salty n Co
Salty n Co - 15 dager siden
He should turn this into a podcast
Sebastian M.
Sebastian M. - 15 dager siden
The weights of these objects will either pull you down or tare you in half
Oogman - 16 dager siden
who wouldnt want to have 2 swords in demon slayer?
KylieAnimates - 16 dager siden
I'd take the 4 feet with a super jump. Cause I'm literally 4'11" :>
that_one_kid_81 - 16 dager siden
5:30 “It’s fine they’re in a dream they won’t remember”
Them, lucid dreaming 👁👄👁
Rose Russo
Rose Russo - 16 dager siden
The naked dream idea: dude I would visit my crush and be like "you called" 😏
alday.everyday 247
alday.everyday 247 - 17 dager siden
I don't know if it's been mentioned, but there is an actual PS4 game called AI: The Somnium Files that is based on the premise of entering people's dreams and being able to do what you need/want in the dream (I don't think being naked is a choice tho, haven't finished the game yet XD), but there's a time limit of how long you can stay in their dream. It'll also affect the person dreaming and the person entering the dream psychologically, with either amazing rewards or horrible consequences. Highly recommend!
Dandruff02 - 17 dager siden
If you did the ski lift thing and lost consciousness and then regained consciousness the person you were carrying would slam there legs in to the ground of the box because of the force of traveling downward coming to a stop
Sidney Ghatisingh
Sidney Ghatisingh - 18 dager siden
What about the highest place up and from there is a zipline to were ever
Noah Gribbins
Noah Gribbins - 18 dager siden
I wouldn't take the zipline I like running now if I could run and walk then I would take it
Fer - 18 dager siden
BUT what would happen if you died in the dream
Patrick Gonzales
Patrick Gonzales - 18 dager siden
Me too Jom i also have a fear of heights and i also get like a physical pain when i look down
Park Jimin -please stan DKB-
Park Jimin -please stan DKB- - 19 dager siden
03:49 Why does this remind me of Haikyu?😂
Park Jimin -please stan DKB-
Park Jimin -please stan DKB- - 19 dager siden
04:07 Wow-_-
My Hero Academia 1093
My Hero Academia 1093 - 20 dager siden
hi all
Danny Ramirez
Danny Ramirez - 20 dager siden
If you have infinite energy you won’t get tired
gameboy 527
gameboy 527 - 20 dager siden
Plot twist: They are naked too
Green-Eyed Psycho
Green-Eyed Psycho - 20 dager siden
3:50 so Gran Torino
Dadogeboi Gaming
Dadogeboi Gaming - 20 dager siden
What if you asked the dreamer for clothes?
fire crusher
fire crusher - 20 dager siden
make this a podcast
Bobfish 4th
Bobfish 4th - 20 dager siden
Lex - 20 dager siden
They might not be drunk, but they are probably stoned
the unknown gamer
the unknown gamer - 21 dag siden
5:43 You don't think anything's weird in your dreams, your just like, "Oh my god, is that a upside down hairless 5ft tall cat?" "Alright whatever."
Rick 160605
Rick 160605 - 21 dag siden
im 6 feet tall and kinda bully my mom by puting things on the top shelf
(i love me mama tho dont worry)
Charlie Corbett
Charlie Corbett - 21 dag siden
Thunder clap of the cheeks
A's Arts n Animations
A's Arts n Animations - 21 dag siden
Jomm's fingers was not colored at 0:44
Rognik - 22 dager siden
I am 6'3" and I have barely any jumping power so... yeah, I'm living that life.
Dannyboy823 - 22 dager siden
Too Short to be found attractive in most cases.
Too tall to be a horse jockey and get the ladies when making money from just racing horses as a life time career till retirement.
Watermallow - 22 dager siden
Coquito Clipz
Coquito Clipz - 23 dager siden
I’m not the only one who gets high to watch this right?
nicholette - 23 dager siden
*considering transporting on a zipline*
"it's scary"
"it's inconvenient"
dom: IT'S FREE
The Neo Soviets
The Neo Soviets - 23 dager siden
He said Atlantic but wouldn’t it be the Pacific
goldenastrum - 24 dager siden
3:49 this is just kageyama and hinata from haikyuu
Sxnny_Gamer - 24 dager siden
Me: What if you could go into other people's dreams but appear naked
My sister: No... just.. just ....NO
Dwi Handika
Dwi Handika - 24 dager siden
Hello Bro & Sist, support my friend youtube channel to watching this videos animations patrick star link in below, thanks very much for all support :)
mohammed the police officer
mohammed the police officer - 24 dager siden
wait what if you like somone and want to be naked.......................
buttery boi
buttery boi - 25 dager siden
In dreams can the person having that dream manifest you to have clothes so you're not naked
Desmond Mugisha
Desmond Mugisha - 25 dager siden
emermon 1
emermon 1 - 26 dager siden
If you travel to other peoples dreemes and aper naked ask for clothes
Vicinitrix - 26 dager siden
I’m 15 and I’m 6-2 like, I like it but man I gatta slow down
Donna Gray
Donna Gray - 26 dager siden
This video is weird but meh
Plantalope Legend
Plantalope Legend - 26 dager siden
Thanks for the coupon for raycon!
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal
Or you could just spend a fiver on headphones
If I'm naked in their dream, they're gonna be the one that gets called gay lmao
Evan - 28 dager siden
Kressh is 1'1" taller than Dom
tw1sted - Måned siden
I’m 11 and 6’ft
Fatima Najeeb
Fatima Najeeb - Måned siden
I’m 4.5
• Bunny Aika •
• Bunny Aika • - Måned siden
when you dream about demon slayer a lot.
*oh don’t visit my dream plea-*
Diet Air
Diet Air - Måned siden
The guy at 6:20: “Nice cock bro”
Soul King
Soul King - Måned siden
Thunder clap🤣🤣🤣🤣😭✋
Cameron Barker-Foster
Cameron Barker-Foster - Måned siden
Type of naked people
kennedy G
kennedy G - Måned siden
It you had to zip line every where it you are in side would you get teleported into the ceiling and would you be able to faze threw the ceiling andfloors
X - Måned siden
This is long

I want to get the power to be naked in other peoples dreams because if they remember what happen and they tell me instead of being embarrassed I’m just gonna tell them why holding about me and that way in your dream
Sakumaro animations
Sakumaro animations - Måned siden
thunder clap ur cheeks and flash
The Comedian
The Comedian - Måned siden
"I gotta jump to take off my towel from my towel rack thats on my door."
"Wait Really?"
" *Shut The Fug Up* ..."
dat guy
dat guy - Måned siden
Hahahhahahaah I'm dead inside 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Evv.N - Måned siden
hello fellow canadians
HannyAndAvey cooking
HannyAndAvey cooking - Måned siden
im just watching a ton of dom to take my mind off the fact i have a ton of homework
Zetrox Legends
Zetrox Legends - Måned siden
Alguien de habla hispana
Rayden t
Rayden t - Måned siden
Tristan Galvez
Tristan Galvez - Måned siden
3:45 Basically Haikyuu!!
Bruce Ice
Bruce Ice - Måned siden
If I was a hero and my power was that whenever I clap my butt I can send a shockwave that goes on a 5 meter radius, then I would want to be called thunder clap
Rohit - Måned siden
jos bremer
jos bremer - Måned siden
Imagine there is a pill that makes you perfectly healthy. But when you take it you die after 5 years. (Not a painfull dead). Would you take it and at what age would you take it?
Aleksis Leinats
Aleksis Leinats - Måned siden
If you can carry only one thing then put everything in your home and carry your home.
Gamer Onemig
Gamer Onemig - Måned siden
Domics and the other 2 guys * talking about whatever they are talking about*
me: When your deliverying somthing you set like a tie on the package and the zipline can is go to the destination if your too lazy to deliver it while ziplining?
ItzCoolToPlayROBLOX - Måned siden
Can someone tell me how good the Roy Joys is?
Poké WishMaker
Poké WishMaker - Måned siden
“I get a psychical pain in my body when I see heights”

Pokémon trainers in the games: SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
TheHistoryAndBookNerd 89
TheHistoryAndBookNerd 89 - Måned siden
Okay - hear me out here:
Naked Demon Slayer.
Intimidated with his weapons.
And his birthday suit.
Max Carignan
Max Carignan - Måned siden
I probably won’t be noticed but I think I have a good hypothetical. If the world was froze for 48 hours what would you do?