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Sree Hari
Sree Hari - 9 dager siden
I just love one punch man
Mini Sand
Mini Sand - År siden
My email wont work and I rly wanna watch darling in the franxx can someone just tell me what happens from season 1 ep3 to 12
Kdot20 - År siden
This happened on my birthday 2 years ago
Owl - 2 år siden
And today the second season premiere wow
hayze - 3 år siden
Mob psycho 100 is so good
Insomni - 3 år siden
Hey Domics do you watch any season of Beyblade?
jules uwu
jules uwu - 4 år siden
I love mob psycho 100 omg
el psy congroo
el psy congroo - 4 år siden
one punch man is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy better than mobpsycho 100
DubbleBubbl Shotgun
DubbleBubbl Shotgun - 4 år siden
0:50 there is a sperm in the right side of the cover
Diego Guevara
Diego Guevara - 4 år siden
final fantaicy 15 is anounce
Eadeline Faith B. Serrano
greenbullgaming - 4 år siden
Hey domics I just want to try out crunchroll but I don t want togive my papal plz help
Darylsteak - 4 år siden
and school had to start tomorrow.....
tess mertins
tess mertins - 4 år siden
dammit you guys watched re:zero and i didn't get to see ;-;
lpsmusicloud 101
lpsmusicloud 101 - 4 år siden
bra its october 21 were i am...
Selny Yyy
Selny Yyy - 4 år siden
Aw, i missed it...
Lathan Frazier
Lathan Frazier - 4 år siden
I love mob phsyco I swear it was better than one punch man 10 / 10 I'm going to watch again right now
Ajwidascope - 4 år siden
can you give me a shoutout because tomorrow is my Bday so if you can thank you
Geo Navarro
Geo Navarro - 4 år siden
I usually watch violent anime exept for my bride is a mermaid its really good.
Atlas - 4 år siden
I don't watch day anime I watch sword art online
Millennium - 4 år siden
crunchyroll has too many adds go to kissanime
Brooke Halinar
Brooke Halinar - 4 år siden
Anime Recommendations???
Jay Kay
Jay Kay - 4 år siden
For some reason when I saw the cover of the video I thought it was Soul Eater or something I didn't exactly take a good look I just had a glance and then boom I thought 'Bob?' was Kid 😂☺️
Keira G
Keira G - 4 år siden
Domics, are the episodes of anime in eng dub? because if they are sub i cany handle reading every time stuff happen..
Brian McClure
Brian McClure - 4 år siden
you should totes show what you guys are watching in your video
《《m a r c h x i i》》
I am late ;-;
Andalib - 4 år siden
you should play danganronpa..
RAZORWING - 4 år siden
I should've just used kissanime and sync up
thato Human
thato Human - 4 år siden
mob psycho 100 is awesome
Shyann Bohrer
Shyann Bohrer - 4 år siden
my b-days the 21
The Person
The Person - 4 år siden
lol 4:20
Jurassic World
Jurassic World - 4 år siden
plz more vids domics ; )
moist negro
moist negro - 4 år siden
do a video with swoozie
Stephen Stevenson
Stephen Stevenson - 4 år siden
R u dead 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 plz don't be dead 💀 plz upload its been a WEEK!!!
Daddy - 4 år siden
Lol why does pringle look like he know what hes talking about
Niko Satorre
Niko Satorre - 4 år siden
Are you filipino?
the opmster
the opmster - 4 år siden
is domics dead ?????????
Malcolm TB
Malcolm TB - 4 år siden
I. Just. Spent. Many. Hours. Watching. Your. Videos. It was fabulous. Thank you Dom. IJSMHWYV
Fire 123
Fire 123 - 4 år siden
I can't pay crunchyroll and I need a good anime website :(
Alison Abravanel
Alison Abravanel - 4 år siden
Do the roast yourself challenge(a challenge made by Ryan higa where you roast ypurself)
soft milk
soft milk - 4 år siden
Doms: *is gonna do stream tomorrow*
-hurricane Matthew is going to hit tomorrow-
soft milk
soft milk - 4 år siden
7 DAY VEGAN CHALLENGE baby (solves all yo' problems)
(sorry if you don't know what I'm talking about XD)
Midnight_Sky - 4 år siden
He hasn't uploaded a video in six days I'm starting to think he's dead 😐
yandere Chan
yandere Chan - 4 år siden
Boiled Cabbbage
Boiled Cabbbage - 4 år siden
is he dead? he hasn't uploaded
Insomnia TeaS
Insomnia TeaS - 4 år siden
Tenzin Freestyle
Tenzin Freestyle - 4 år siden
I live in Mississauga too
Liam Mc
Liam Mc - 4 år siden
if you're looking for a site to watch anime go to kiss anime
Dana Ford
Dana Ford - 4 år siden
when i was watching this video i was eating a crunchyroll.....
Hewson TV
Hewson TV - 4 år siden
domics how to draw like you
FlumBlum Summers
FlumBlum Summers - 4 år siden
Domics, 7 day vegan chalenge baby (solves all your problems) NOW!!
Parker Murphy
Parker Murphy - 4 år siden
is Dom dead 😨😢
Hylem - 4 år siden
I promised myself I wouldn't miss it. Yet here I am wishing I didn't forgot.😭😭😭
brndntrn - 4 år siden
what kind of animating software r u using?
Just a girl
Just a girl - 4 år siden
Boring af Dom I hope you don't think this will be the video for the week
And if it is
✌🏼️ out
Juan Juarez
Juan Juarez - 4 år siden
I found your channel two weeks ago and well.... YOUR AMAZING!!!!!
Samanta Chirinos
Samanta Chirinos - 4 år siden
see SAO
Abtine Habibi
Abtine Habibi - 4 år siden
Hey dude you have another event in toronto
Dameion Jackson
Dameion Jackson - 4 år siden
Yo, Dom, I think I played you in clash today
Ewizabef uwu
Ewizabef uwu - 4 år siden
I like his new hair colour
Kewl Dood
Kewl Dood - 4 år siden
Dom, Are U Dead
Replicanoob - 4 år siden
Timewaster of the day 4 idea:
if you press an on and off button, does it have to SHOW the 'on' on the button or do you click the on button so it displays false but you clicked the on button?
you with me?
jaydeeax - 4 år siden
question: you do a collaboration with dojo?
thomas brattole
thomas brattole - 4 år siden
Hey Dom, do you like subbed or dubbed anime better
jason miner2008
jason miner2008 - 4 år siden
0:28 thats hilarious
Vujkeee - 4 år siden
ItzAlexClark challenged you for a 7 Day Vegan challenge
Shogo Kagami
Shogo Kagami - 4 år siden
i watched all 12 eps in mob psycho 100 last week
ItsYaBoiGio - 4 år siden
for some reason mob looks like senpai from yandere simulator -w-
Mason Curtis
Mason Curtis - 4 år siden
Hey Dom I've seriously been thinking about getting a tee shirt or 2 from you but the only problem is that there aren't any long sleeves :'( please please please put your designs on long sleeves for this up coming winter, thanks :)
bobbys clips
bobbys clips - 4 år siden
I don't like anime (sorry) but I love your content and you make me laugh :)
That Guy
That Guy - 4 år siden
fuck you matthew!!!
Jesse The _Cutie
Jesse The _Cutie - 4 år siden
Make more videos please pretty please Please PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! thxs
Anime Edits
Anime Edits - 4 år siden
cant you just go to you can hide the ads
retrocrux - 4 år siden
i want to watch one punch but i dont have a credit card only cash im in college in for neurology studies
G4L4LXY - 4 år siden
Do the seven day vegan challenge baby solves all your problems plz!
pineapples Apples
pineapples Apples - 4 år siden
DOMICS where did your gay video go did you delete it ?
Jay Kim
Jay Kim - 4 år siden
hey domz, i was wondering what is your Animation program????
Zamkove127 - 4 år siden
Guys Dom got kidnapped he hasn't posted a vid in over 6 days
ellis westreich
ellis westreich - 4 år siden
lol i live in da midwest
Wolfy Animates
Wolfy Animates - 4 år siden
I ran out of vids to watch can u make more
MATYonPC HD - 4 år siden
hi, what do you think about Graffiti? I do it and i like ti
Flawless Cheerleading
Flawless Cheerleading - 4 år siden
Months or years ago I loved your streams where you would show everyone how to animate! Like in your lip sync tutorial years ago, you mentioned you where streaming how u animate. Do it again!
The Solo Lad
The Solo Lad - 4 år siden
challenges101!! - 4 år siden
what is your fav anime Domics?
Boiled Cabbbage
Boiled Cabbbage - 4 år siden
is,he dead?
TickTakTom - 4 år siden
Hey, Dom
Do you want to collab because I animate aswell and I think we will be
a really good combo. And I know, that if you check on my channel I don't have many animations because
I normally just make random ones and my frineds told me to collab with you. So if you want to then just reply to this
comment and email me personally at :
See you there.
Slipknot 666
Slipknot 666 - 4 år siden
Wen Is it gonna end the watch along ???
Bernardo Borges
Bernardo Borges - 4 år siden
how do you do your draws and animations? (sorry for the bad english)
isaac jones
isaac jones - 4 år siden
The 6th was my b day
Zachary Cater
Zachary Cater - 4 år siden
Do a collab with the oddonesout
Hmmm1963 - 4 år siden
I love dragon ball z so much I am currently training to win the olimpics at martial arts and I want to change my name to Goku
J Turner
J Turner - 4 år siden
Watch one piece or naruto
Phenomenon - 4 år siden
Dom can you plz make a second Chanel about drawing behind the secens and vlogs😂😂😂😂😂
capsam productions
capsam productions - 4 år siden
dude why do you also have ITA domics?
JustOn3Rohan - 4 år siden
Can you teach me how to animate Dom?
Japan Ball
Japan Ball - 4 år siden
Hey Domics I dare you to make a video about u roasting urself
Choppedstick - 4 år siden
Domics were you part of Hyun's Dojo because I saw ur name several times
If you were then you were good 👍👍
GWKasterr - 4 år siden
*cough cough* kissanime *cough*
Ramhams1337 - 4 år siden
are you gonna upload it? because i couldn't watch it since it was airing 4 in the morning where i live
Breadifies - 4 år siden
will this be uploaded