Speeding Ticket

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Domics - 2 år siden
Not that it makes it any better, but just to clarify, it's in kilometers.
Michał Krzyżanowski
Michał Krzyżanowski - Måned siden
That's way better than us units
nearly witches
nearly witches - 2 måneder siden
500th reply lol
Byron Chavarria
Byron Chavarria - 4 måneder siden
Miles > Kilometers
DaCookie - 6 måneder siden
500th reply get REKT
Inside Cuber
Inside Cuber - 6 måneder siden
I gave your five hundred reply
NotLucidAfk - 4 timer siden
This video is brought to u bu nord vpn. hide ur number plat easily LOL

Tanguy Sanchez
Tanguy Sanchez - 20 timer siden
dude ure fine at 21 with a driving license.. im 28 and iv none lol
イムラン・ヌール - 3 dager siden
A ad rick rolled me
Caitlin Morris
Caitlin Morris - 4 dager siden
I came here for PANJABOB
Watch Anime
Watch Anime - 4 dager siden
Random Stranger: I ran a line an killed an intire Family
Awkward silence thinking about why the guy isn't in jail
KamrOns Korner!
KamrOns Korner! - 5 dager siden
This music sooooo fits this story
Kevin Sawatzky
Kevin Sawatzky - 7 dager siden
Actually I'm pretty sure it's 30 in a school zone
Kevin Sawatzky
Kevin Sawatzky - 7 dager siden
The original owner of this phone is dead and he gave it to me BTW I'm 14 and I'm tall for my age
Kevin Sawatzky
Kevin Sawatzky - 7 dager siden
By the way my height makes me look older than I am but my voice makes me sound slightly younger since my voice is still pretty high pitched and I could sing a flower and glow song so accurately and you'd think it was actually Rapunzel singing it
Byron Chavarria
Byron Chavarria - 8 dager siden
I’m The United States 🇺🇸 If You Get A Speeding Ticket 🎫 You Must Contest It And Fight In Court If You Choose To
Byron Chavarria
Byron Chavarria - 8 dager siden
40 km/h (25 MPH) School Zones Are In Ontario New South Wales And California
Donovan Phillips
Donovan Phillips - 8 dager siden
This is inaccurate, because I was 5’11 at the age of 14.
LeuqasGamer 901
LeuqasGamer 901 - 9 dager siden
hi mr panjibob :D
John-paul Farrington hoyle
John-paul Farrington hoyle - 10 dager siden
Hello Mr pungabob
Ernie Gaming
Ernie Gaming - 11 dager siden
Is this speeding ticket the one where the judge called you “pungebob”?
Logan - 11 dager siden
what is the 911 operater isabell from animal crosing
Black panther epic
Black panther epic - 11 dager siden
More like 666 preent off lol
DrawingBritain - 12 dager siden
3p0_x - 12 dager siden
i actually am 5’11 at the age of 13
Cali -gamer
Cali -gamer - 13 dager siden
Sadly I’m 5,6 and I’m 13 😭
X Radger
X Radger - 14 dager siden
5,11 AT THE AGE OF 13
iam 12 and iam 5,0 like bro
Bailey Carter
Bailey Carter - 14 dager siden
My dad went to jail for this. Let me explain. One night, my dad was driving below the speed limit. A officer pulled him over and gave him a ticket. When the court day arrived, he slept passed his timer. My mom paid him out of jail.
rankovv - 15 dager siden
Yo tf I'm 5'11 at 13 💀💀💀
SuperGamerHD - 15 dager siden
My mum didn't get her driver's licence until 10 years after, you're not alone.
Evan Cohen
Evan Cohen - 15 dager siden
You’re probably 5”11 at the age of 13...

How did he know?
A_Nub_At_Life - 15 dager siden
How tf do you go 80 IN A SCHOOL ZONE
Hallerty 14
Hallerty 14 - Dag siden
Are you from USA
That One Guy
That One Guy - 16 dager siden
5' 0" at 13 man
DJ gaming
DJ gaming - 17 dager siden
Positive Cookie
Positive Cookie - 17 dager siden
Actually I’m 6’1 and I’m 13
Charleen Zunker
Charleen Zunker - 18 dager siden
Can't drive because of my anxiety and epilepsy :'(
motor head
motor head - 18 dager siden
What's your first car comment below 🚙🚗🚐🚘
Mochi Lochi
Mochi Lochi - 19 dager siden
ok but how lucky is that?
Mr.Electro - 19 dager siden
The fact that the officer wasn’t there and they rescheduled was like when everything is going way worse and wrong than it should be but it ends up being way better
CantClixzy - 20 dager siden
my pfp is a gif
BagelsWithCheeze - 20 dager siden
Quote of the day “I just panicked”
John zuna 1980s
John zuna 1980s - 21 dag siden
HOLY shiiit
Monchh - 21 dag siden
2:54 me when ._.
Chase animates
Chase animates - 21 dag siden
My last name is Guhouandieye
tw1sted - 22 dager siden
I’m not 5’11 at 13 I’m 6 foot at 11
Poke Tube
Poke Tube - 23 dager siden
Leah :3
Leah :3 - 25 dager siden
“That sounds awfully close to a butchering of my last name”
It also sounds awfully close to spongebob.
Maya Dufrene
Maya Dufrene - Måned siden
Judge: Panjibob?
Domics: *sighs* that sounds awfully close to a butchering of my last name. I sure hope somebody in here is actually named “Panjibob”
russian pooch
russian pooch - Måned siden
i think i’m a better driver

and i’m 10
ittegapS Sauce
ittegapS Sauce - Måned siden
they should have just put the keys on top of the fridge...
nigel abriol
nigel abriol - Måned siden
Got me XD
Narendra Pant
Narendra Pant - Måned siden
The part you were like I WOKE UP AT 4PM....Holy sHIT
Absentpopcorn - Måned siden
5:30 I’m dying 😂
You Tube
You Tube - Måned siden
SpicyMelon - Måned siden
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Isaac Idlette
Isaac Idlette - Måned siden
Is this krillin (after image)
K-pop Daebak
K-pop Daebak - Måned siden
Hi dom I'm Lisa! Let's be friends
K-pop Daebak
K-pop Daebak - Måned siden
The ending made me cry 😭
Cecilia Nieminen
Cecilia Nieminen - Måned siden
I'm 5'5 at 11 is that normal? I mean my grandpa was 6'7 when he died
Braulio Marin-Andrade
Braulio Marin-Andrade - Måned siden
Teo R B Hallström
Teo R B Hallström - Måned siden
I may not be a 5'11 tall 13 year old, but i am a 5'8 12 year old
King Jay
King Jay - Måned siden
1:22 how did he no
Jake Sk8
Jake Sk8 - Måned siden
1:16 its ok dom, I'm 4"10 @ 13
jackle gaming
jackle gaming - Måned siden
Christian McKee
Christian McKee - Måned siden
Hey Dom. Guess what. I’ve been 5’11 since 4th GRADE. That’s not a joke either, I hit puberty at 9, and grew insanely tall for my age, just *towering* above everybody else. Being tall was my entire personality throughout elementary and middle school, but as the rest caught up, I faded into obscurity. 5 years later, I’m in 9th grade, and still 5’11.
Ginga the ninja
Ginga the ninja - Måned siden
Plz sub to my channel
Sydney Mun
Sydney Mun - Måned siden
why did I just realize this is supposed to be Isabelle HAHAHA 4:35
Ethan Randoms
Ethan Randoms - Måned siden
Secret Starch
Secret Starch - Måned siden
2:48 oh no I would die..
♤Shannonanimates♤ - Måned siden
4:35 the operator kinda looks like isabelle ngl
karma X
karma X - Måned siden
Weird Lemur
Weird Lemur - Måned siden
Ad: How do they get the soft, sweet flowing caramel into the caramilk-
Me: Enzymatic process. In this method, solid caramel blocks are placed into the cavities of pre-formed chocolate moulds. Everything is sealed with a layer of melted chocolate that forms the base of the bar. An enzyme added to the caramel gradually converts the solid caramel into liquid, creamy caramel after a few days. So your eating melted caramel blocks that are technically expired. If caramel can be expired.
gamer_pizza983 - Måned siden
nord vpn why that
i use tor
Nemo - 2 måneder siden
That cop seemed like a homy
Tea Time plays
Tea Time plays - 2 måneder siden
The police officer is Isabel from animal crossing!!!!!!!
Roy Dilip
Roy Dilip - 2 måneder siden
Okay...so..I wanna know....who was that guy.... I know ur watching this video.
Bedecick Cucumberbatch
Bedecick Cucumberbatch - 2 måneder siden
Ponjabob, cmon it's just Panganiban yeesh
Purple Mew
Purple Mew - 2 måneder siden
oh my god grandma
NP Csongor
NP Csongor - 2 måneder siden
Wait ur short?
And im tall?
Hehe u know im something an idiot myself
Jonah Woolley
Jonah Woolley - 2 måneder siden
Domics: And then, I went 80 in a school zone
Me, an American: Boy what in the hell kinda shit are you doing going 80 mph-

Domics: Which is past the 40 kph limit
Me: Oh thank god
CAster - 2 måneder siden
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson - 2 måneder siden
Araceli Arroyo
Araceli Arroyo - 2 måneder siden
im 13 and 4''9 like what the hell
kotux0 - 2 måneder siden
I forgot he’s Canadian and FREAKED when he said 80 in a school zone.
Rainbow Paw
Rainbow Paw - 2 måneder siden
Ambrose Lewis
Ambrose Lewis - 2 måneder siden
1:16 I was 6 foot 2 and a half
old ally
old ally - 2 måneder siden
the officer looks like moistcr1tikal with short hair
Lucy Drury
Lucy Drury - 2 måneder siden
My mum got her license when she was 31 and my dad got it when 17
typical6789 - 2 måneder siden
I'm taller than you dom
Gian Marco
Gian Marco - 2 måneder siden
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper - 2 måneder siden
Lightning - 2 måneder siden
Dom when he was speeding: I am fast af boi
DuMb dUmB wErIDo
DuMb dUmB wErIDo - 2 måneder siden
His name is pronounced PANG-A-NI-BAN I dunno how its spelled but that was me attempting to type how it sounds
And the "a" in "pang" sounds kind of more like a "u" and you need a Filipino accent to make it sound good like Dom makes it haha
Ale Luciani
Ale Luciani - 2 måneder siden
Anyone else here 5 , 11 and 13 yrs old
OpticWarrior - 2 måneder siden
Ok hold on he said 5 11" at the age of thirteen how does he know my exact age and hight??? Hmmm seems sus lol
Nandita Acharya
Nandita Acharya - 2 måneder siden

me who has parents who got their driving liscense in their early 40's
my parents-AM I A JOKE TO U??
Jyrus Miguel Callada
Jyrus Miguel Callada - 2 måneder siden
who dafuq wakes up at 4 pm?
Annabelle Valdez
Annabelle Valdez - 2 måneder siden
domics: gets in trouble with the police
also him
calls 911
Charlie Wells
Charlie Wells - 2 måneder siden
This aged well
dondalinger - 2 måneder siden
i’m actually 14 and 6-3
Turtle :D
Turtle :D - 2 måneder siden
That cop was a domics fan
Faizannator - 3 måneder siden
If ur not subd u get a subscribe ticket
KING - 3 måneder siden
Moment of silence for those who thought he meant mph...
Keyara James
Keyara James - 3 måneder siden
Wrong. I'm 5'3 at 11.
1ts_arZeel Bt
1ts_arZeel Bt - 3 måneder siden
I'm not stranger to speeding tickets. Some times I accelerate fast to the speed limit and the cops think I'm speeding.
Ehren vst
Ehren vst - 3 måneder siden
"you're probably 5 ft 11 by the age of thirteen" b b but im not