Sober Convos

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Raphael Loh
Raphael Loh - 9 timer siden
I love American food! Whenever I visit relatives I insist on going to Denny's... I work at McDonald's, I hate people who request custom orders!
Froten9 _
Froten9 _ - Dag siden
Just noticing this but at 7:28 he has 6 fingers
Syb - Dag siden
My MOM!!!
My MOM!!! - 2 dager siden
My flight guy 😂
grezy - 2 dager siden
the halo 3 rap shoutout lol
See Jing Cen
See Jing Cen - 3 dager siden
1:31 bruh why did they draw the map like that and it's not gonna be 15 hours remember the earth is not flat, it's a globe
TXTING Stories
TXTING Stories - 3 dager siden
shogunsteel - 4 dager siden
I need a double cheeseburger & hold the lettuce
Don’t be frontin’ son no seeds on a bun
We be up in this drive thru
Order for two
I gots a craving for a number nine like my shoe
We need some chicken up in here
In this dizzle
For sizzle my nizzle
Extra salt on the frizzle
Dr. Pepper my brother
Another for your mother
Double double super size
And don’t forget the FRIES
Cotton Ball
Cotton Ball - 4 dager siden
3:52 he is literally wearing the flag of india😂🇮🇳
Austin Bautista
Austin Bautista - 5 dager siden
6:11 who knows this girl?
The Video Vlogger YT
The Video Vlogger YT - 5 dager siden
6:15 Jomm: "I went to Denny's"
Sign: *Danny's* "...."
Ayakashi Hadate
Ayakashi Hadate - 5 dager siden
if you not missing someone, does that mean you hitting them?
BlackBoy 27
BlackBoy 27 - 6 dager siden
Whelmed means the exact same thing as overwhelmed... over time overwhelmed just took dominance due to being extra 😂
jacka gaming
jacka gaming - 7 dager siden
Yea this seems totally sober
Eltin Tand
Eltin Tand - 7 dager siden
Its not about what you wanted its about what you missed, you can't miss a shot you never took, the definition of missing is for example, you playing darts, you took a shot but you missed it, you got 0 points or something, you missed it after taking the shot, I missed the bullseye but if you never took the shot you can't say I missed it, you never had a chance to get it if you never even shot it
daniel does youtube
daniel does youtube - 9 dager siden
I Rock my chair back and forth
Boen Wang
Boen Wang - 9 dager siden
During the sponsorship, when he said on your walk, I heard on your wok
Don't Worry be Happy
Don't Worry be Happy - 9 dager siden
Slyfer_loves_Gaming 2007
Slyfer_loves_Gaming 2007 - 10 dager siden
Next thing you know the guy who grabbed your head twists your face then everything goes white and next thing you know your in front of the globglogabgalab
The Specific Islander
The Specific Islander - 10 dager siden
Yo when I saw that Fast Food Freestyle lyric, I was hurled back to 2007 when I was the bullied Filipino kid who wanted to impress the cool kids with some dumb bars.
They kicked the shit out of me
Nathanishungry Animations
Nathanishungry Animations - 10 dager siden
Personally, I like flying. I’d rather do the opposite and fly longer for more enjoyment. Perfect amount of time to say hello to my flight guys in the cockpit!
Nobody 123
Nobody 123 - 11 dager siden
relyT - 11 dager siden
It's called a triple homicide btw
Jade Wilson
Jade Wilson - 11 dager siden
The fast food workers one is true I work at a fast food place and I understand 😂
Neekolakis - 12 dager siden
5:03 he knew
esqimo - 12 dager siden
4:26 well he missed the million dollars, but he didnt miss the shot because the ball wasnt kicked, therefore the shot wasnt missed, just the reward from the shot.
Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera - 13 dager siden
I was dying the whole time 😂 😂
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic - 13 dager siden
“And it’s the saddest people that make the funniest jokes”
Maxienormous - Dag siden
@Lachlan Kelly congrats?
Lachlan Kelly
Lachlan Kelly - 5 dager siden
That's y I was suddenly got funny after my dog died
Spence De Vera
Spence De Vera - 10 dager siden
That' total fact
Antonio Matei
Antonio Matei - 11 dager siden
Markedbead99631 - 15 dager siden
8:59 it runs?!
Shiv Patel
Shiv Patel - 15 dager siden
I’m telling you this because you don’t get it. You think you get it, which is not the same as actually getting it. Get it?- Kakashi Hatake
Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter - 15 dager siden
1:40 I love how Jomm is having his own separate conversation while Domic and Kressh talk
Patrick Gonzales
Patrick Gonzales - 16 dager siden
Dom: What if she was a hot old lady?

Me: So r u talking about Lady Tsunade Dom?
bmat1011 - 17 dager siden
That’s not how you fly to Japan LOL the world is round
sexy_poptart - 17 dager siden
He got fire
Soul Index
Soul Index - 17 dager siden
"Or if an apocalypse happens"
_recorded just days before 2020_ 🤔
Ducky Ducks
Ducky Ducks - 17 dager siden
I’m watching old vids and I miss the hypotheticals 🥺
Economic X
Economic X - 18 dager siden
god i wish i could have warned you two years ago.
Ernesto navarro
Ernesto navarro - 18 dager siden
7:41 as a fast food order taker that made me die 😂😂😂
Alexis Shadow
Alexis Shadow - 18 dager siden
Remember when we were excited about the end of a decade? Yeah me neither😐
Isabella Leibering
Isabella Leibering - 18 dager siden
"or an apocalypse happens"
*December 31, 2019* my dude you are a prophet
Volt Siano
Volt Siano - 19 dager siden
10min flight, but someone takes a 2x4 to your shins.
Kimberly Pel
Kimberly Pel - 19 dager siden
My McDonald’s has a screen that shows what I’ve asked for, great invention Canada should follow
Bareen Siddique
Bareen Siddique - 19 dager siden
“If you aren’t decomposing are you composing?”

Cyan Leaf 103
Cyan Leaf 103 - 19 dager siden
Who eles saw the new intro
Bread Chesse
Bread Chesse - 19 dager siden
As a tall person I agree with kreesh
gadoogez - 19 dager siden
"kill 4 or more people"
"you know when you're playing league you like get the double kill (2) triple kill (3) quadra kill (4) and you're trying to get the pentakill? (5)"
domics, you do understand that quadra is already 4? you need 4 for massmurder theres no need for penta you idiot
Mango's are Awesome and Amazing
8:24 is so funny!
Papasquat123 - 20 dager siden
As someone who has worn one of those headsets that fast food places use, it feels like im listening to sims talk, the audio is terrible, so it's understandable if we cant hear your order correctly
9:00 This animated dude is smart
Xd_Dones - 21 dag siden
Sandeep Singareddy
Sandeep Singareddy - 21 dag siden
the squad
Bamboo Damian
Bamboo Damian - 21 dag siden
Ur giving mr beast a challenge last to stand wins
Jorge Jimenez
Jorge Jimenez - 21 dag siden
1:31 why not go backwards isn’tjapan very close to use since the earth is round so you just go backwards and there is japan or is it long flights because of the time zones because the earth is not flat you just go west and there is japan instead of going all the way east
BananaMan 101
BananaMan 101 - 21 dag siden
Yo no joke I am watching this exactly on December 31 2020
Flamez 900
Flamez 900 - 21 dag siden
"If an apocalypse happens"

Uuuuhhhh.... well, that happened
B. Roberts
B. Roberts - 21 dag siden
This drawing somehow did and didn’t age well.
Ardsley Opd
Ardsley Opd - 21 dag siden
This was uploaded exactly a year ago
Hassan Sahmarani
Hassan Sahmarani - 22 dager siden
The opposite of disapointed is proud
goose kid
goose kid - 22 dager siden
here a year later
Josh - 22 dager siden
anybody watching 1 yr later?
Iron Horse Productions
Iron Horse Productions - 22 dager siden
One year ago today a legend was born
AP3 - 23 dager siden
9:02 perfectly sums up 2020
Peter Collin
Peter Collin - 23 dager siden
"Or if an apocalypse happens" - Domics 2019
Io Gaines
Io Gaines - 23 dager siden
Oof, that apocalypse comment at the end didn't age well
michael tsaparis
michael tsaparis - 23 dager siden
I didn't even know that you could lean airplane seats back
SkarletMoon 06
SkarletMoon 06 - 23 dager siden
you could make some unstoned convos
Ricky - 23 dager siden
1 year ago this video did not exist hmm...
gintoki - 23 dager siden
Are you Indonesian
Alex Hillman
Alex Hillman - 24 dager siden
How can you be Drunk I could sneak him back is 20 and still be sober 21 is where we get drunk
emermon 1
emermon 1 - 24 dager siden
5:29 sad jayson noises
Chyim Van Meter
Chyim Van Meter - 25 dager siden
My family's asleep while I'm watching this and it's so hard not to laugh so hard
jatttyankeee - 25 dager siden
What if you get 1 second flight do you just almost die
The Random Bros
The Random Bros - 25 dager siden
my dad got me a bagel and it was supposed to have something in it i forgot what it was but it was just bread and butter like thats it just bread and butter
Vinh Thanh Pham (David)
Vinh Thanh Pham (David) - 25 dager siden
New name for the vid: 3 dude talk about random stuff
Fiorella Julio
Fiorella Julio - 25 dager siden
Whelmed...dick Grayson is so proud
YJ for life
Mufaro Mafuma
Mufaro Mafuma - 26 dager siden
"Or if an apocalypse happens"
This didnt age well
Ken Chu
Ken Chu - 26 dager siden
dayum i hate someone kicking my chair during frozen 2 last year
Jooniverse - 26 dager siden
How do I keep finding videos set in Christmas that aren't even in 2020?
B.Yunique - 27 dager siden
Is it just me or does the person in the cyan hoodie look like Erold Story?
Ancient Night
Ancient Night - 27 dager siden
Idk if someone already did this but anyways.
Googles definition of "disappoint" and "appoint".
Disappoint= fail to fulfill the hopes or expectations of (someone).
Appoint = assign a job or role to (someone).
Essentially appoint is basically giving someone a task with the expectation of them completing it or to be satisfied with it. Disappoint isn't necessarily the antonym. Its still related and functions as a antonym but not really one. To any english teachers out there please explain it better than me ahhahaah
GameTjappel - 28 dager siden
Even if an acopalypse happend :)
Eagercheetah20 W
Eagercheetah20 W - 29 dager siden
3:08 did anyone get young justice vibes also stay whelmed
UNIVERSAL - Måned siden
I'm watching this while animating
Timothy Davidson
Timothy Davidson - Måned siden
Is their conversation scripted
Cosmic Fire
Cosmic Fire - Måned siden
Saw this a year later 5 days before christmas
Mush haus
Mush haus - Måned siden
Murder : kills 1-2 people
Spree killer : kills three or more people in rapid succession
Serial killer : kills three or more people with time spaced out
Mass murderer : four or more people in one event
Arvid Steene (elev)
Arvid Steene (elev) - Måned siden
This is what me and my therapist talks about.
No joke we hade a conversation about if pandas should go extinct.
Kaia Mei
Kaia Mei - Måned siden
If you kill 3 it's a serial killer. 4+ is mass
slothy - Måned siden
8:58 he had no idea
Sadie Foster
Sadie Foster - Måned siden
i dont even know how to move the back
Thalleia Roubani
Thalleia Roubani - Måned siden
he was right about 2020 tho...
ian12345 - Måned siden
6:12 wait is that Erold?
Kitsune Studios Official
Kitsune Studios Official - Måned siden
me in 2019: remembers when the vid came out.
me in 2020: we all thought this was gonna be a great year but boy were we wrong! it was HELL.
AmazingCoffe Animations
AmazingCoffe Animations - Måned siden
Stormworks Builds&Movies
Stormworks Builds&Movies - Måned siden
9:00 Running is probably a good idea, ngl
Kinsella Studios
Kinsella Studios - Måned siden
8:49 is anyone going to talk about how dom totally predicted the pandemic
twin gamers
twin gamers - Måned siden
Young justice whelmed
Shell Studios
Shell Studios - Måned siden

Got em.
Shell Studios
Shell Studios - Måned siden
COnvers Sobos
Mili On Mars
Mili On Mars - Måned siden
The question is are they really sober?