Sober Convos: Prisoners & Trolleys

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The one random Creator
The one random Creator - Time siden
I like how kresh is a legit car guy
Carter Watson
Carter Watson - 15 timer siden
Yet did he know 2020 would suck
Pocket Redstone
Pocket Redstone - 2 dager siden
‘Happy 2020’
That didn’t age well
The Georginator
The Georginator - 2 dager siden
"Happy 2020" that aged like milk
Take 2
Take 2 - 2 dager siden
The sentence "Happy 2020" causes more pain and PTSD than any other sentance, and it has not aged well
Aloysius Aguilar
Aloysius Aguilar - 3 dager siden
Kresh: and the love of my life on the other track
Animator: *shows shinobu
Me: seems about right
Jason Clarkson
Jason Clarkson - 3 dager siden
4:17 this is literally the plot to AJIN 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hien Vu Diu
Hien Vu Diu - 4 dager siden
ITS 2021
fish - 4 dager siden
"Happy 2020" no
Jenna Powers
Jenna Powers - 4 dager siden
Dom: happy 2020
me: *in 2021*
amNein - 5 dager siden
*but what if the villain tied the four people, and went to the other rail and was waving cause he thought his friend had successfully hijacked the cameras*
Random-nerd-weeb - 6 dager siden
'Happy 2020'
Lachlan Kelly
Lachlan Kelly - 6 dager siden
Dom: read with ur ears
Me: eyes pop out of my ears
Francis Cerbo
Francis Cerbo - 6 dager siden
Would you rather: give a poor person a house and that will cost you $100,000 OR give a billionaire a $10 bike and he will hate you and try to kill you forever........... Make your choice
Tyler Irwin
Tyler Irwin - 7 dager siden
Interestingly enough the better moral decision these days would be to not switch the tracks and let 4 people die instead of just one, this is assuming you don’t know any of them though
AlyssaSpam - 7 dager siden
7:05 Happy 2020!
Me: well that year was sh*tty
BOI ANIMS - 9 dager siden
The fact that domics was the under height
Ahmad Shafik Abdul Jalil
Ahmad Shafik Abdul Jalil - 9 dager siden
"Happy 2020" yeah right
Mr. Unnecessary
Mr. Unnecessary - 9 dager siden
I'd rather kill my bff to save my husbandos
Boston Young
Boston Young - 9 dager siden
Domics: "read with your ears"

Me: *slaps book to my ear*
minen creepers
minen creepers - 9 dager siden
About the train problem a quote that I think really fits the situation is “sometimes the worst thing to do is to do nothing at all”
Yellowheadphones - 9 dager siden
Dom: Happy 2020!
everyone today: ye- yeah... happy... riiiiiiiiiight...
Cross Zero
Cross Zero - 9 dager siden
Dom: Happy 2020!
All of us now: -_-
Nintendocat 64
Nintendocat 64 - 10 dager siden
This feels like the start of a New Danplan
Let’s hope it doesn’t end the same :(
Samarth Yencharla
Samarth Yencharla - 10 dager siden
It's Yah Boi Eros
It's Yah Boi Eros - 10 dager siden
ironic when they chose shinobu
CandyCraft104 Music and Gaming
I love how, in all of these, Dom just seems like he’s crushing so hard on Kressh. Then Kressh just seems so damn uncomfortable.
daelisien - 11 dager siden
2:12 *Your inaction is worse then your action*
Dang that was deep
TheYoungRobinson - 11 dager siden
hey dom you know beatrice vio a italian fencing champion, she don't have no arms and no legs an continue the fencing really cool
Justjabaaba Ball
Justjabaaba Ball - 11 dager siden
Dom: Happy 2020
Me in 2021: not so happy 2020
Breece Wolfe
Breece Wolfe - 11 dager siden
Dom:happy 2020
Me who’s already bin in 2020: NoOoOoOoOo
Fat Hammond
Fat Hammond - 11 dager siden
tbh I'm selfish too
XXGAMERBRO 0 - 12 dager siden
question: why are they not moving off the track?
XXGAMERBRO 0 - 12 dager siden
oh wait nvm they thought a person was trapping people on the train
Ramenfighter370 _
Ramenfighter370 _ - 12 dager siden
i want more sober convos #makeoneaboutanime #ONLYASMALLPERCENTOFHISVEIWERSARESUBSCRIBED
CRAZYCRAZYMAN75 - 13 dager siden
Do you know what I’ll just lose a leg and get a prosthetic one
sofia ribadeneira
sofia ribadeneira - 14 dager siden
Lol "happy 2020"
hilow 44
hilow 44 - 14 dager siden
People in 2021 after he says happy 2020
Coconut - 14 dager siden
This should be a podcast
Red Led
Red Led - 14 dager siden
just jail the innocent person and bail him out
Cus cus
Cus cus - 14 dager siden
Happy 2020 hahaha
31m5ron 5v1ns
31m5ron 5v1ns - 15 dager siden
The respawn thing is like danplans "what if you couldn't die" or whatever
Roman Bellic
Roman Bellic - 15 dager siden
Lol people now have an excuse for not going to the gym for their new years cuz if covid
RarestRanger320 memer
RarestRanger320 memer - 15 dager siden
But what if you bleed to death
Baby Bean
Baby Bean - 16 dager siden
This was like.. a year ago-
MentalRebllion - 16 dager siden
The irony of that 2020 thing got me laughing the most actually. I say this as I watch this in what is now 2021. We’ve...had quite a year
• C I N N A M O N •
• C I N N A M O N • - 16 dager siden
I honestly wish this was a podcast to listen all day
Caleb Yahnker
Caleb Yahnker - 16 dager siden
“Happy 2020”
He doesn’t know what was coming.
Nikshay Arora
Nikshay Arora - 16 dager siden
Yea about that.....
Sweet flame
Sweet flame - 17 dager siden
Hearing dom say happy 2020 now feels....wrong
Side Dark
Side Dark - 17 dager siden
bad 2020
Reviax 05
Reviax 05 - 17 dager siden
These convos are so dumb
TheGayestBoi 123
TheGayestBoi 123 - 17 dager siden
on the train question: swerve and hit all 5 XD
Dark Circle
Dark Circle - 17 dager siden
Who is watching this in 2021
Aerie303 ;-;
Aerie303 ;-; - 17 dager siden
Happy 2021 yall
lonk - 18 dager siden
4:1 patties
Hilo Milo
Hilo Milo - 18 dager siden
7:05 yes happy
Gavin Frye
Gavin Frye - 18 dager siden
Happy 2020 no sad 2020
Mercury Bot
Mercury Bot - 19 dager siden
New twist on the trolly problem: Four people are standing on the track, but you can steer it off the track to kill someone else. This way the person you can kill has no blame, they are not doing anything dumb.
xerxo - 19 dager siden
When the video opens with "happy 2020" They could not have foresaw the coming events
kealani cousins
kealani cousins - 19 dager siden
Who's watching this in 2021 👇
C00PER62 - 19 dager siden
Dom: Happy 2020

Me in 2021: last year was complete trash
Nathan The Crane
Nathan The Crane - 19 dager siden
i like how When kresh said the love of your life it showed shinobu kocho
That Idiot Katherine
That Idiot Katherine - 19 dager siden
“Happy 2020”
GreatGlaz - 20 dager siden
ANSWER for train problem
Scream at them to get of the track
Soews - 20 dager siden
Pull your leg back so it's only the foot
Darby builds
Darby builds - 20 dager siden
It was not a happy 2020
Funny Aka
Funny Aka - 20 dager siden
No not happy 2020. NO.
The Absolute Lad
The Absolute Lad - 20 dager siden
That happy 2020 didn’t age well
Assassinly killer
Assassinly killer - 20 dager siden
4:54 my thoughts on destiny is altering destiny isn't a thing that should happen. because if you have the power to do something you may be destined to do it. I'm someone who thinks your destiny is never sealed until you do something, so in order to alter your destiny you'd have to undo a destined action say, killing someone for example you would have to kill someone a different way than the way you would've killed someone moments ago. that's my view on destiny at least. what are your thoughts?
Haris - 21 dag siden
happy 2021 we've come a long way.
Sai Surisetti
Sai Surisetti - 21 dag siden
Your intro sounds similar to that of pornhubs'
Mango's are Awesome and Amazing
I would die a sad woman if i killed someone
Mango's are Awesome and Amazing
0:46 lmao!
Kitten Kraze
Kitten Kraze - 21 dag siden
“Happy 2020”
No it wasn’t
Charli3 - 21 dag siden
Happy 2020...
Da - 21 dag siden
“Happy 2020”
Aaron Nguyen
Aaron Nguyen - 21 dag siden
Happy 2021
Myssa Myssa
Myssa Myssa - 22 dager siden
not me watching this on Jan 1st 2021
Emett Burgess
Emett Burgess - 22 dager siden
Samantha Tovar
Samantha Tovar - 22 dager siden
Watching this on new years eve, into 2021
Kasperillas - 22 dager siden
2021 though
Kento Nguyen
Kento Nguyen - 22 dager siden
"Happy 2020"
Hello from 2021
DJ QUAN - 22 dager siden
this video was on my birthday
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown - 22 dager siden
"Happy 2020" oooooh we had no idea.
Khaled Zowila
Khaled Zowila - 22 dager siden
Domics: Happy 2020
2020: am I a joke to you
Azad.__. clk
Azad.__. clk - 22 dager siden
happy 2021
JustAnotherEngineer - 22 dager siden
7:04 yeah, didn't age that well...
Alex Liu Atlason
Alex Liu Atlason - 22 dager siden
but in the trolley situation then just tell the 1 person to leave the train track then change it
ReconAbdo - 22 dager siden
Finally 2020 ended cuz this was the first video i watched it in this
Apel Merchant
Apel Merchant - 23 dager siden
‘happy 2020’ yeah sure it was such a great year
SKRIBBLEZ - 23 dager siden
“Happy 2020!”
Me watching on Dec 31 2020 : 🥲
Essence Connell Follon
Essence Connell Follon - 23 dager siden
Wait if the workers can’t hear you just throw something at them there are other ways to get someone’s attention
K NO - 23 dager siden
Dom: happy 2020
Me: no
Missy Miscelanious
Missy Miscelanious - 23 dager siden
Past Dom: “Happy 2020!”
*sad crying noises*
SISsy's Art's
SISsy's Art's - 23 dager siden
"Happy 2020"
*Ohhhh, what a HAPPY 2020*
Meme Cocoa
Meme Cocoa - 23 dager siden
4:54 the way he just strangles destiny got me 😂
TheQueenOfFroyo - 23 dager siden
7:05 me watching this a year later. oh hunny you got a big storm coming.
Unidud3 - 23 dager siden
I would lose a leg for the strangers on the tracks
lily_the _banana
lily_the _banana - 23 dager siden
Oh god I am watching this at the end of 2020
Bad times ahead VERY BAD times!
Austin Burke
Austin Burke - 23 dager siden
Watching this in December past Dom this was not a happy year