Sober Convos 4: Crushes and The Perfect Relationship

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Straightaway - 11 timer siden
So he races for williams
Ark Vyas
Ark Vyas - 3 dager siden
You just know an idea of them

Paper Towns anyone?
Damien Garcia
Damien Garcia - 5 dager siden
Kreesh has a good waifu but wrong one from demon slayer #nezuko
Example - 7 dager siden
0:37 what did you just say about my hero academia?
Shawn Greer
Shawn Greer - 8 dager siden
big huss
big huss - 8 dager siden
I was actually playing Animal Crossing!
RayquazaKing04 - 8 dager siden
The win is a loving relationship...something I don't have
Lampguy TM
Lampguy TM - 10 dager siden
Could we get a sequel to this called Drunk Convos?
KrixTon Gold
KrixTon Gold - 10 dager siden
But if your number one at everything it will be first in attractive
Adarsh Bera
Adarsh Bera - 10 dager siden
I confessed to my crush..

She said she likes me too.......hell yeahhhhhhhh..

But I stopped talking as I am preparing for academics rn!
Cesia C
Cesia C - 10 dager siden
The BNHA hurt :’)
Fat Hammond
Fat Hammond - 10 dager siden
CookieCrunch - 10 dager siden
Anyone just watch animation creators videos over and over because you don’t like anything else other than animated videos 😂😂
Seth Williams
Seth Williams - 12 dager siden
The williams drivers must have prefect relationships then
Katsuki Bakuhoe
Katsuki Bakuhoe - 13 dager siden
Bnha not overated
Mickey Love
Mickey Love - 14 dager siden
One time, I did the cliché secret admirer note, but without the secret... The teacher nearly read it out loud.
Hallerty 14
Hallerty 14 - 2 dager siden
Teacher: seems like (you) has a crush on (Crush). Ha what a loser
Flame Titan
Flame Titan - 14 dager siden
I want Stoned Convos
Ben Li
Ben Li - 15 dager siden
hey dude uh the girl you said who was the representation for the one thing that they say was the same as the railroad 4v1 girl who thinks ur noble
• c e r e a l •
• c e r e a l • - 15 dager siden
Jacob Acker
Jacob Acker - 16 dager siden
4:07 *laughs in asexual*
Jacob C
Jacob C - 18 dager siden
What if you chose to win every race, but constantly did stuff that would make you lose?
The K Channel
The K Channel - 18 dager siden
Ugh I’m watching this video, and I’m so stressed. I’m about to confess to a friend I’ve known for 3 years and he’s about to go to the military. I want to stress that I want him to prioritize the military, and I wanna stay loyal to him. I don’t want him to see me as a throw away hook up before leaving. Guys please wish me luck.
AmDinoBrrr - 18 dager siden
my crush confessed to me

it was our 6 months 2 days ago
Sir Poopsalot
Sir Poopsalot - 19 dager siden
0:26 just clearing my throat here... For emphasis.
Lost Dasher
Lost Dasher - 19 dager siden
Me: **confessed to my crush**
Her: My answer is yes.
Me: **Proceeds to see my alarm clock in my phone**
Her: Hey this is reality
Me: [insert loading cat meme]
Lily Liao
Lily Liao - 19 dager siden
dom really wants kresh to be first in the race
HadsDoesYT - 19 dager siden
Toxic - 19 dager siden
What does he mean by max hormones... like when ever you win you feel like you just got subdued?
malik Videos
malik Videos - 19 dager siden
It isnt overrated, its stupid >:)
Citrus - 20 dager siden
Confessed to my crush AKA bff
We were dating.
But she likes someone else.
; - ; someone like me plz
Hoppy - 20 dager siden
Is it weird that I haven't had a crush on someone in 11 years?
Ace’s Media Projects
Ace’s Media Projects - 17 dager siden
No, I don’t think so. It’s fine
Nani 21
Nani 21 - 21 dag siden
But like being first in everything, isn't dating like primal competition for a suitable mate, so you can still get first in that right?
First in someone's heart(~ ̄³ ̄)~
Antonio Mattis
Antonio Mattis - 21 dag siden
Was I the only one who thought racing was an analogy for someone else👀👀👀
Nini - 21 dag siden
Everytime I have a crush now I shove the feelings into a box and CRUSH IT (in my mind)
I haven’t had any good experiences from crushing, so now I’m scared of liking someone now.
Digital Reality
Digital Reality - 21 dag siden
Maybe Domics should make a blog about sober convos then, uploads a animated sober convo
채장훈 - 21 dag siden
I would probably be alone but with accomplishments.
I don’t want to lose everytime.
채장훈 - 21 dag siden
Great video!!! I love the animations!
Jotham tess
Jotham tess - 21 dag siden
Endeavor is always 2nd place and he abused his family
TheGreatHeeroYuy - 21 dag siden
If you lose every race, you'll be really known.
King Karma
King Karma - 21 dag siden
Jom is overrated
Mr_ 0n10n
Mr_ 0n10n - 21 dag siden
Relationships are complicated.
My understanding of relationships is very different from that of people around me mainly because of my upbringing and needless to say I've never been in a relationship and I haven't been thinking about one in a very long time. I never had that phase in my teenage years where I had a crush and asked girls out. The upside is I do very well on my own and I'm patient enough to look for a relationship. The downside is everyone including the people who threatened me if I ever got into a relationship (while showing me first hand what will happen to me after I watched how other around me were treated for having gfs and bfs) are asking me "what's wrong with you? why aren't you in a relationship?"
Like please, 😭
Carla Ferraccini
Carla Ferraccini - 22 dager siden
How do you lose at eating good food?
SISsy's Art's
SISsy's Art's - 22 dager siden
5:55 *Spongey flashbacks* Is that ping-pong or table-tennis?
penguins are so cool!
penguins are so cool! - 22 dager siden
just one thing that is awesome about audible: soooo, I downloaded a few audiobooks on an app, that wasnt audible, then when I decided to use audible, the audiobooks were still there, even tough I had deleted the last app (its more, audible is great)
just wanted to say it........
Paints Withlead
Paints Withlead - 22 dager siden
I only just realized the racing metaphor...
Dwi Handika
Dwi Handika - 23 dager siden
Hello Bro & Sist, support my friend youtube channel to watching this videos animations patrick star link in below, thanks very much for all support :)
D DUCKE - 23 dager siden
7:48 or your play som Halo som gud game
lilly callender
lilly callender - 24 dager siden
me wakes up at 500 am and binge watches your videos
Deep - 24 dager siden
U just need two pretty best friends
NanitePatrolAlpha - 24 dager siden
I honestly thought the race thing was a sex refrence
HeroMation - 24 dager siden
emermon 1
emermon 1 - 25 dager siden
Me: (gets a adiuable membership buys all the audio books for and cansels the subscription before the thirty day free trial)
Domics getting sponsored by them: no no this isn't how your supposed to play the game
Somya Ranjan Sahu
Somya Ranjan Sahu - 26 dager siden
If I would have been a girl I totally would have fallen for Jomm.
Luci Aitken
Luci Aitken - 27 dager siden
Why you gotta call me out like that?
Yes I am playing animal crossing rn wanna fight? Don't actually I'd lose lol
beagles for life
beagles for life - 27 dager siden
The ending promo. I sit in my basement listening to these videos while painting or playing among us or animal crossing. He was scary accurate
thanos snap
thanos snap - 28 dager siden
Wait be first in everything you like so if you like them you would be first in there heart
Mareepiele - 28 dager siden
ayo tbh, love is the best when it’s unrequited. either that, or i’m so bad at hooking up with people lol
PurpleIris - Måned siden
this series is pure gold
The Lamb Sauce
The Lamb Sauce - Måned siden
Me: Looks at title
Also me: Crying in the corner knowing that I’d never get that relationship
Golden Destroyer
Golden Destroyer - Måned siden
Read more
Kalesh true with egret rtjekje
If you fail at everything you would fail at the perfect relationship
Jacob Emmanuel Aquino
Jacob Emmanuel Aquino - Måned siden
Jacob Emmanuel Aquino
Jacob Emmanuel Aquino - 24 dager siden
40 Watt
40 Watt - 24 dager siden
you saying that is proof it is
Sam Gatana
Sam Gatana - Måned siden
I confessed to my crush in August.
She replied that she wasn't in that space to enter a relationship.
All the best to people in relationships.
I'mma be right here waiting on God
GABEthe Og
GABEthe Og - Måned siden
6:57 domics face
دينا الحوسني
دينا الحوسني - Måned siden
A beautiful guy just going anywhere and all and you're just getting every single woman and I'm a girl but I'm only 7 years old and all those years I I I didn't make love like I didn't like I always like when I have a crush on something I just I just I just don't tell them I I just don't but when they're like a YouTuber I can tell them so you can like I don't know they just know that somebody likes them or something but a real life one I I I I just can't I can't because you know like those weirdos but they're kind of like kind of attractive to other people in a little bit attractive enough to make to make you a friend but a lot of people think that you're attractive as friends I'm one of those people that they're a female and nobody has maybe think that a daddy have a crush on you or something I don't know but the most I think that they have a crush is there's like this this guy that he's younger than me but he sometimes comes to me and tells me can I get like food or something and he always do that but I was in first grade and I was tall and whatever and he always show up to me and always have to look up and my has a look of words that's how small he is that the point that he has look up words for every single person but when they're at the same exact height or they're shorter than he then him you just he just looks down at them but I'm the only one and also I had these two like not that much friends they're just not best friends they're just friends and they're too but they always hang out but I don't fit in a lot of them it's because maybe cuz they're all sore and I'm the only the tallest one so John like I don't know who but the guy that he has black like he has black hair and his color shade is black I I can feel his pain cuz I'm tall look I'm crazy tall as a girl cuz I don't know but I think he was born to last cuz cuz the people that they born the last to get taller than everybody else the one the first one that was called the first that comes out of the mom's belly I don't know when babies come from but when they come out with mom's bellies the first one to get short but the last one the last less last one they got tall as heck they can be a giraffe like they could be a part of a giraffe and they definitely will be the neck of the giraffe the neck of the giraffe is the person that was born lastly so yeah I'm tall enough but my jump is a little bit high like it's a little bit like higher than the average person I don't know how much feet but yeah I wish I was like you don't mix you're just taking all the ladies and I'm taking all of the men but they just don't respond to me I don't know when I'm going to find love honestly and also yesterday I had a thought that what is the meaning of love like what is the meaning of it like what what is even love is it just a feeling or it's just a lifestyle for anybody that's lucky but me 🥺🥺
Eccliasse - Måned siden
So you lose everything you like then, you'll eventually lose her too
Opughku - Måned siden
3:08 Kresh-Sama love is war
The fan of Kirby
The fan of Kirby - Måned siden
Man, if I won smash every time
Thad be Da Bomb diggidy
Alexander Guido
Alexander Guido - Måned siden
bnha is not over rated
Aleksis Leinats
Aleksis Leinats - Måned siden
If you lose in everything you like, that means you like your relationship and you lose your bf/gf wife/Husband.
Shell Studios
Shell Studios - Måned siden
OooooooooooooooooooooooooH. That.
Felipe Hernandez
Felipe Hernandez - Måned siden
But what car does kressh drive?
The Adhd Viking
The Adhd Viking - Måned siden
Bruh i enjoy losin the race, shit means i outlasted, oh wait i thought race was a metaphor for sex. I was very confused
Najeeb Da Best
Najeeb Da Best - Måned siden
Time to spam simp in the chat because why not
anxie - Måned siden
AJDoes Animation
AJDoes Animation - Måned siden
I have a crush ok ima ask him for his number when I have a class with him 😊❤️
Jaliel Zayas
Jaliel Zayas - Måned siden
I can’t be the only one who finds Asian girls attractive
Tyler Raabe
Tyler Raabe - Måned siden
I confessed to my crush today!
She said: "Babe we've been engaged for 6 months".
So ungrateful. Probably going to dump her.
Impossibly Indigo
Impossibly Indigo - Måned siden
Dom sounds like he took the mediocre relationships for success deal and wants to be validated in his decision
Miguel Gow
Miguel Gow - Måned siden
Nice formula E car drawing
dear lovely
dear lovely - Måned siden
Why am i imagine these three people talk in a living room while watching television,chill,with coke in front of them..hahahaha they sounds really2 chill
[honey bonnie] [spill tea]
BNHA overrated? Nah
RoseVerse.mp4 - Måned siden
Maybe Comedy ?
Maybe Comedy ? - Måned siden
Ummmmmmm excuse Dom ...

He fail many times
Yumi - Måned siden
yall my mom told me i was mf PLAYER in kindergarden i had mf 4 bf at the same time lmao but moved and now im a weeb that cant like real guys T-T
Tucker Scrimshaw
Tucker Scrimshaw - Måned siden
This needs to be a podcast
Flamez 900
Flamez 900 - 2 måneder siden
"You don't really know them, so it's hard to see the real them"
Demisexuality is where you need an emotional bond before you get feelings for someone
Joseph comfort
Joseph comfort - 2 måneder siden
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Ropousi Bangla
Ropousi Bangla - 2 måneder siden
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My-A Strawberries
My-A Strawberries - 2 måneder siden
I feel offended, hurt, betrayed.... 😔

Jk BNHA is amazing in my opinion I don’t think it’s overrated but like, lol whatever as long as you still maybe like it.. a bit.... right?
Climberboy - 2 måneder siden
What about drunk convos?
Eraser Mat
Eraser Mat - 2 måneder siden
When the ad starts buffering when the skip ad is at 1....
"What is this black magic!?"
Chang Hong Yi
Chang Hong Yi - 2 måneder siden
Y’all were not sober for these LOL, DID YOU SMOKE A BOWL EVERY NIGHT AND THINK OF THESE!!?!?
FaeryB0mb - 2 måneder siden
thats why you hold hands with the homies.
Bird animates
Bird animates - 2 måneder siden
I-I have a crush....

*On the way you draw hands*
Sanders Blackmon
Sanders Blackmon - 2 måneder siden
Does anyone know what he races in? Like F1, autocross, rallycross, drag? Anyone?????
Larry 18
Larry 18 - 2 måneder siden
Good of Dom to censor Jomm and his girl holding hands, finally a good Christian channel
Jesse Keplinger
Jesse Keplinger - 2 måneder siden
I love how they always draw the girl jomm has a crush on the same the blue sweater and pink pants
Leo Da Bomb
Leo Da Bomb - 2 måneder siden
Umm if he failed at everything he likes then if he loves the relationship shouldnt he fail in that?
Mochi Donut
Mochi Donut - 2 måneder siden
If you’re first in EVERYTHING... you can have the first place relationship, which technically makes it the best one 🤔
dio brando
dio brando - 2 måneder siden
3:53 whats wrong ?!?!?!?!!??