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cc_ pizza
cc_ pizza - 7 timer siden
what this whats sleep?
Lucifers_. Xanax
Lucifers_. Xanax - Dag siden
love Haikyu
Dash - Dag siden
Dash used *skyience!*
*It was very effective!*
salma Uchiha
salma Uchiha - 2 dager siden
I cant breathe
Edit: I am not choking I am just laugh too hard i can let air go in again
Aiman Liaqat
Aiman Liaqat - 2 dager siden
Being YouTuber is really hard😤😤😤🥺🥺🥺
lion animation
lion animation - 2 dager siden
I'm charging my phone will im watching this video
Savannah Petrovic
Savannah Petrovic - 2 dager siden
Love how he calls America a clown
A X - 2 dager siden
2:23 A.M & counting.
Benjamin Zhang
Benjamin Zhang - 2 dager siden
I can play the song in the backround on piano
Steezy boi008
Steezy boi008 - 3 dager siden
I always sleep in to late and can’t stop :/
BIG_GOAT ALI - 4 dager siden
domic you good?
Afro Digital
Afro Digital - 4 dager siden
you said vuvuzela did you??
King Blöb
King Blöb - 5 dager siden
I don't want to sleep neither
Sofia isabelle Juanillo
Sofia isabelle Juanillo - 5 dager siden
POV: you are here from minimoochi's time of the month playlist
Doomergedon - 8 dager siden
I’m watching this again but this time at 00:01 cos I have school tomorrow... I mean today 😩😩😩
Ahmed Masoud
Ahmed Masoud - 8 dager siden
That was complicated
Spyler Programmer
Spyler Programmer - 8 dager siden
0:19 orochimaru discovered
Raimondas Venskus
Raimondas Venskus - 8 dager siden
gacha_ v
gacha_ v - 8 dager siden
You- says canada-
Me- subscribed
Boffin - 8 dager siden
Nightmares are a free horror movie that you actually experience and feel (yes including pain)
THESPECIALONE - 9 dager siden
He sounds so sleepy in this
Rayden t
Rayden t - 9 dager siden
Haikyuu on TV
Mr. Unnecessary
Mr. Unnecessary - 9 dager siden
My little pony has so much fanfiction. This comment has absolutely no relations to the video. I'm gonna do that just to upset people
Marth Lowell
Marth Lowell - 12 dager siden
Anyone else notice the car he threw in the Spider-Man dream had Jomm on the license plate 🤣
Gary Chrome
Gary Chrome - 12 dager siden
Anime by day, vuvuzela by night😂
Nintendo switch bot
Nintendo switch bot - 13 dager siden
I started to realize something from watching his old videos and that is that anime companies like dom
Undernite VR Club
Undernite VR Club - 14 dager siden
Minimal effort? Biiiii
Animator HQ
Animator HQ - 15 dager siden
Dude, I love ur content, but stop shaming the U.S. pleeeaaassse🥺🥺🥺
Talia Martinez
Talia Martinez - 15 dager siden
I’m currently watching this at 2:15am
Ruhangiz Eyvazli
Ruhangiz Eyvazli - 16 dager siden
1:38 not anymore
WigWoo1 - 16 dager siden
How do you sleep on your stomach anyways? Wouldn’t your face be buried in the bed making it so you can’t breathe?
GROOTS - 4 dager siden
@Just another random person on NOburn same
Just another random person on YouTube
@I am a Survivor... I think I sleep on my side, I can't understand sleeping flat on your back either.
I am a Survivor... I think
I am a Survivor... I think - 16 dager siden
Usually, us stomach sleepers (lol, don't know what to call people who sleep on their stomachs) usually turn our heads so we don't suffocate. I sleep in the winner pose (where I sleep on my stomach and have one of my knees bent and going to the side) and my head is usually turned to the direction of the bent knee, depending on where I am sleeping (such as, large bed, small bed, couch, floor, ect). But bro, how do people sleep the whole night on their backs?? Like, comfy for watching anime and just chilling, uncomfy for falling asleep.
N O - 16 dager siden
Haha we don’t have are President Donald trump now it’s bidon
Fluffy Jacqui
Fluffy Jacqui - 17 dager siden
Dom: and then I remember Final Fantasy XV keeps getting delayed so I guess the sooner I sleep the sooner it'll release.
Me in 2021: *just over 4 years after it was released and realising it was released a few weeks after the video came out* I've come up with a new recipeh?
Daniel Shanky
Daniel Shanky - 18 dager siden
I like pancakes
Blaze064 - 19 dager siden
I think using your phone while it is charging just means it charges slower, but it isn’t really affecting the battery life
Steven_PK XD
Steven_PK XD - 19 dager siden
Shut up 0:37
Shyamal Bhattacharya
Shyamal Bhattacharya - 17 dager siden
Denim Starlight
Denim Starlight - 19 dager siden
Wanting to extend today by not sleeping is a mood
Amir Dadashazar
Amir Dadashazar - 20 dager siden
Lol it’s 3 am right now
Sofie Khan
Sofie Khan - 21 dag siden
now the fiesta won't get his ass out of the white house. GO! NO ONE LIKES YOU TURNIP! so glad biden won. '.'.'
Potato_bro57 - 21 dag siden
OMFG I also used to sleep walk, I LITERALLY STOOD IN MY DOORFRAME MY SISTER CALLED MY NAME AND I JUST WALKED BACK TO MY ROOM. Also I sleep walked to my bathroom and pissed on the floor
Dragod 666
Dragod 666 - 22 dager siden
Please visit my channel
05Sparkly Staryu
05Sparkly Staryu - 18 dager siden
Dont self promote
Tamás Kató
Tamás Kató - 22 dager siden
that thing when you don't notice that a week has passed happens to me all the time....... hhhhhh
मिहिर मिश्र
So relatable.
ayana patley
ayana patley - 23 dager siden
1:39 omg its looks like trump LMAO!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Neki Belle
Neki Belle - 23 dager siden
madara - 24 dager siden
Atleast now I can say I peed my bed
Parth Kulkarni
Parth Kulkarni - 24 dager siden
Sleep - recommended for you
Doggy Lover
Doggy Lover - 24 dager siden
College and University students be like:
“I haven’t heard that word in a while....”
Matilda Contreras
Matilda Contreras - 25 dager siden
Wow thats exactly how i sleep 😱 😎and i dont get back pain 😅
Skelyboss - 25 dager siden
5:30@?mam kill me now
Otaku Phantom
Otaku Phantom - 26 dager siden
For me,I love to sleep but it's hard to do.
The Lamb Sauce
The Lamb Sauce - 27 dager siden
My brother sleep walked and jumped off a balcony that’s like 15 feet high or something
Unlimted Backboards
Unlimted Backboards - 27 dager siden
sometimes i would wake up completely horizontal and id be like how did i get over here
Grapey - 27 dager siden
fun fact, Iunno if this is... but If you skip a half an hour of sleep.... your life shorten for Like 14 mins a day, Me so sorry but this was based on scientific fact, and also I don't know the exact details bout it... Iunno I heard this like 2 years ago from my science teacher
Cristina Esqueda
Cristina Esqueda - 27 dager siden
5:30 I can relate to this, though I don't animate, I sometimes watch youtube as a "small break" while working
Candy Lopez
Candy Lopez - 27 dager siden
One night when I'm watching fairy tale half of my body is sleeping and half is watching anime I don't even know how I understand it cause I don't speak japanese and I don't know how I did it
Only if I could do that again its fucking amazing
Thundering Stick
Thundering Stick - 27 dager siden
Amy Strode
Amy Strode - 29 dager siden
Wiza Maulana
Wiza Maulana - Måned siden
Victory pose is the best sleeping position
*Change my mind*
Tristan Galvez
Tristan Galvez - Måned siden
0:29 it's not gonna finish yet, not yet
Anupriya - Måned siden
Lauryn Seaborn
Lauryn Seaborn - Måned siden
Totally not watching this at 2:55am-
Banana Art
Banana Art - Måned siden
I used to sleep walk too
One time my parents saw me sleep walking and went into the bathroom and turned on the tap. After 1 minute I turned it off
Uh Im strAngE
Uh Im strAngE - Måned siden
How can he get 7k dislikes
Love Senerio
Love Senerio - Måned siden
I know you're watching this at 4am go sleep
Underrated_Fishy - Måned siden
DEMO MAN - Måned siden
fuck u we just got a new president
J 0 i
J 0 i - Måned siden
0:30 just realized those 2 boys are kageyama and hinata from haikyuu
akaシ - Måned siden
speaking of sleeping it’s already 7:00 am in
the morning and instead of sleeping im still
watching this video..should probably go to bed but uhh

Poké WishMaker
Poké WishMaker - Måned siden
Bro for people who think anime is wired because they’ve only watched Pokémon then watch my hero academia or I like sword art online though I heard a lot of people don’t
Ari - Måned siden
If you sound like your choking in your sleep you should probably get checked for Sleep-apniea Dom
Rohit - Måned siden
One time o woke up and SLAPED MYSELF
Question Mark
Question Mark - Måned siden
1:04 i used my phone while charging nothing happened tho 🤷‍♀️
Emoji - Måned siden
I dont think i sleep and walk
Emoji - Måned siden
1:32 this is how i sleep too
Cass HellNah
Cass HellNah - Måned siden
Ok so you watch haikyuu and love marvel and spiderman and tom holland and you are funny and relatable and real wtfff
GROOTS - 4 dager siden
@Cass HellNah he just talks about his life experiences i don't see the problem
Cass HellNah
Cass HellNah - Måned siden
Hahaha! Ok, wakes up late, calls friend, take notes for me, hahahaha relatable! And also procastination ha okay wtf
You Tube
You Tube - Måned siden
5:00 too real
I RantAboutEverything
I RantAboutEverything - Måned siden
Watching this as 4:am no joke
SBR BakOnLine
SBR BakOnLine - Måned siden
I'm watching this at 3am.
Claire M
Claire M - Måned siden
1:36 dont gotta deal with him no more ahah
Claire M
Claire M - Måned siden
This was a joke, dont yall dare get heated and all political here-
steel spider
steel spider - Måned siden
I thought I was the only one that had nightmares like that
MC Studios
MC Studios - Måned siden
If I could just charge myself like a phone, then I could literally eat a lot in order to become a fat potato. I want that.
Minitrain - Måned siden
"yo, take notes for me"
that finna be me yearbook quote dom thanksssssss
Minitrain - Måned siden
someody woke up on the woke side of the bed
Mollie Reardon
Mollie Reardon - Måned siden
The capable fridge whitely greet because myanmar functionally steer past a early character. far, heady bengal
Stephanie Ferderer
Stephanie Ferderer - Måned siden
Since this is an older video, I assume you've looked more into sleep apnea? Because it sounds like you have sleep apnea.
Emily Chao
Emily Chao - Måned siden
As YouTube recommends this to me at 2 am
Emerald-Spider - Måned siden
People have told me that using your phone while charging is bad
Me: Look down on my charging phone as I watch the video
Добрый торговец
Good animacion!
Lord Decimal
Lord Decimal - Måned siden
Tbh I m watching this at 2 am at night
Mark Corpuz
Mark Corpuz - Måned siden
The super existence ontogenetically store because kenneth lally please out a interesting court. arrogant, general gentle medicine
Maskyro - Måned siden
1:32 more like the yamcha pose
Natalie Le
Natalie Le - Måned siden
“And I overshot the distance and started sleepeeing on the bread”

Le epic Gamer
Le epic Gamer - Måned siden
god of highschool nice..
CyrusCastillo YT
CyrusCastillo YT - Måned siden
I also do the victory pose
Frank - Måned siden
I’ve slept for 3 hours last night and I’ve been awake for 14 hours plz help me sleep!!!!
Kolton Max
Kolton Max - Måned siden
The title is something I can't have
TrinityTheAffinity - Måned siden
I got an ad about sleep before this video
Yuan nim
Yuan nim - Måned siden
I’ll tell you; one time I woke up from a sick dream, and I went back to sleep and it continued-
•Møønlight Angel•
•Møønlight Angel• - Måned siden
1:00 Me watching this while charging my phone be like 👁️👄👁️