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random dude
random dude - 34 minutter siden
Im only 4'8 lolz.
Roman Calvino
Roman Calvino - 8 timer siden
i went straight to the comments to look for Edward Elric comments
Ruben Castellanos
Ruben Castellanos - 9 timer siden
You want calcium? Have Kale. Milk fucks your body up.
[Penut Butter Nightmare]
[Penut Butter Nightmare] - 12 timer siden
try to sleep when it's afternoon
Trenton Jarvis
Trenton Jarvis - 13 timer siden
I swear YouTube's targeting me with all these short vids popping up in my recommended
Martley - 16 timer siden
Idkwhyaskmeboii - 19 timer siden
HiP hAp
Almond Leafy
Almond Leafy - Dag siden
Edit: Isn't that the Super Smash Bros punching bag?
Ledzy !
Ledzy ! - Dag siden
If I got three hundred dollars every time someone called me tall I would have some money
TopHat Yt
TopHat Yt - Dag siden
I'm the shortest person in my friend group and the oldest.
Oliver Spiler
Oliver Spiler - Dag siden
Chipflake can relate
The Lamb Sauce
The Lamb Sauce - Dag siden
My mom: 4’9?
My dad: 5’1
Me: 5’3
My 16 year old brother: 5’6
My 21 year old brother: 5’5
• error 2456
• error 2456 - 2 dager siden
I just remember when Taylor swift giving bruno mars an award.
Don't Care Didn't Ask
Don't Care Didn't Ask - 2 dager siden
My friend: wow your so tall how much vegetables do you eat?
Me: eating 2 b i g m a c s in front of them.
A_Moist_Dounut - 3 dager siden
that fighting that punching bag was nicee
Joseph Isaac Tungol
Joseph Isaac Tungol - 3 dager siden
Finally a video made for not only me, but for other short peeps to make them appreciate themselves more hahahah
Khloe Soriano
Khloe Soriano - 3 dager siden
Dear Tall people,
You are *too* tall, did your parents only feed you vegetables and milk? Please consider donating some to people... me :>
Thæ Weird Kid
Thæ Weird Kid - 3 dager siden
i think I´m like 5'0" or about 154cm at age 12.And no, i don´t live in the netherlands
Thæ Weird Kid
Thæ Weird Kid - 14 timer siden
@LilMonster45 Lucky me
LilMonster45 - 16 timer siden
I’m 5,1 male in us at 15..... lucky kid you are.
Black panther epic
Black panther epic - 3 dager siden
Iam tall lol
ᴍ ᴇ ᴍ ᴇ ʟ ᴏ ʀ ᴅ
Welp,i am short as well
i think i am only around 5'1 or something
ᴍ ᴇ ᴍ ᴇ ʟ ᴏ ʀ ᴅ
@LilMonster45 damn same
LilMonster45 - 16 timer siden
I’m 5,1 at 15,also a male....
Raimondas Venskus
Raimondas Venskus - 4 dager siden
All people named dom are short im short i aam aa creature caalled domas
Father Joseph
Father Joseph - 4 dager siden
I’ve been short until 8th grade and i went from 5’2 to 5’8
Tamaki Keigo
Tamaki Keigo - 4 dager siden
Kitzune - 4 dager siden
I was made fun at for being shortest in my family when I was younger but now they ask me to reach for things on tall shelves.

They now ask me almost every day
Peepeepoopoo check
Peepeepoopoo check - 4 dager siden
sopepremacy - 4 dager siden
1:45 Dom and Mob lmao
Sebastian Rodriguez Baldovino
You copy the vidio of someone
Hallerty 14
Hallerty 14 - 2 dager siden
THOR The God of Thunder
THOR The God of Thunder - 5 dager siden
You mean ant man...yeah superhero
Gaming with Farhanul
Gaming with Farhanul - 6 dager siden
I got tall eat 1 meal a day and alot of water
Kiłłua - 6 dager siden
Dom go sleep so you can grow up fast
Ian Droid
Ian Droid - 6 dager siden
i will update this every year
14 years : 5'2
Ian Droid
Ian Droid - 4 dager siden
@levi Melo lets see
levi Melo
levi Melo - 4 dager siden
U going to growth don’t worry u 14 old yet...
Aember Gonzales
Aember Gonzales - 6 dager siden
Guess what Dominic there are plenty of people who are short too like me for an example.My sister would always tease me about how short I was but that change when she turned 17 and guess what SHE actually shrunk 1 inch lower but for me I was one inch higher then her but look at me now I may be still short and yet all of my other class mates might tease me but I feel confident on how short I am. and yeah you can't reach things from high above and you either have to ask or just do it your self.To tell you the truth really I kinda like being short.
Gaming with Blake
Gaming with Blake - 6 dager siden
same bro im short af
Super egg Tarter sauce
Super egg Tarter sauce - 6 dager siden
My friends parents are so short but he came out 6 feet and is still growing.
GOD - 7 dager siden
I want to be tall
Juliano - 7 dager siden
Dad: 5'10
Mom: 5'5
Brother: 5'7
Me: 6'4
It is all random as fu...
alex Claveria
alex Claveria - 7 dager siden
If I got a dollar Everytime I got called tall I'll IwI it's because I'm in the Philippines
Read more
Eleanor Bostick
Eleanor Bostick - 7 dager siden
Ya walkin lampost!!! New tall person insult added to repertoire :)
tiramisu - 7 dager siden
Dom: I know some of you have short parents
My dad: is 6'1
*cries in 5'4*
FoxSinz - 7 dager siden
I’m tall but I was also born with Hyper-Mobility which allows me to bend my bones in uncanny ways so I can still fit into small spaces
Metop - 7 dager siden
Taacooz Woosh Bait
Taacooz Woosh Bait - 8 dager siden
Abdullah Shaukat
Abdullah Shaukat - 8 dager siden
I’m 6’1. Idk why I’m watching this.
Burnt Pot
Burnt Pot - 8 dager siden
I’m short as hell who cares
Guest Gamer1586 123456789
Guest Gamer1586 123456789 - 8 dager siden
All my friends called me short my whole life and now even though I'm just as tall as them they still give me a hard time about being short
Guest Gamer1586 123456789
Guest Gamer1586 123456789 - 7 dager siden
@jacob 18
jacob - 7 dager siden
@Guest Gamer1586 123456789 i should have asked what your age is too
Guest Gamer1586 123456789
Guest Gamer1586 123456789 - 7 dager siden
@jacob I'm only about 5' 8", I still dont consider myself tall but I dont have to look up to my friends anymore 😅
jacob - 7 dager siden
then what is your height exactly
sarah sanchez
sarah sanchez - 8 dager siden
Oop lol, wait- he's 5'3"???
up pala
up pala - Dag siden
is it funny !
Ricardo Monjaraz
Ricardo Monjaraz - 8 dager siden
Oh yea also no cap I’m 11 and I’m 5”5
Hazy Mazy
Hazy Mazy - 8 dager siden
Awww yes being short i know how it feels how do I reach high places well climbing
If there’s nothing to climb welp my brother gets to deal with that (he’s got my dads height and her tall) I’m literally up to his stomach and I’m a teenager yeah I can definitely agree that there’s ups well you don’t have to worry about boncking my head and downs being a human arm rest
gods foreskin
gods foreskin - 8 dager siden
I’m 6’3.
Weddlz - 8 dager siden
I'm 16 and 6'3"

ecks dee
Elen Korkmaz
Elen Korkmaz - 8 dager siden
Uh I get pick me girls vibes from all these comments
Lemonsgod 34
Lemonsgod 34 - 8 dager siden
25 is the average age when people stop growing
Colin Win
Colin Win - 8 dager siden
thats exactly me and im way younger than hum
MrFerr - 8 dager siden
Me: 4’11 😎
Ethan LMAO
Ethan LMAO - 8 dager siden
Sorry but I don`t like Anime...
Omar Barahona
Omar Barahona - 9 dager siden
Shorties of the world, UNITE!
Blue - 9 dager siden
I am a smoll boi but i appreciate it
ジル英数 - 9 dager siden
I remember when the flag raising starts, the sun comes out too and because I’m small, all the boys and the tall guys onour school cover us lol.
CS Russ
CS Russ - 9 dager siden
You’re not alone i’m short too
Slyfer_loves_Gaming 2007
Slyfer_loves_Gaming 2007 - 9 dager siden
I’m that special snow flake that passed the odds, my mom is 5,2 and my dad is 5’8 my big bro is 5’7 I’m 5,9
Anime Furry
Anime Furry - 9 dager siden
Ima be so short in middle school-
Either stay 4 foot something or be 5 foot something-
Axel Granados
Axel Granados - 9 dager siden
Bro those are antmans powers
WilFrosty - 9 dager siden
I find nothing wrong with short people wtf is wrong with people not everyone get tall genetics idk why its something to laugh about and why people tease short people I really don't understand why. like I dont understand the funny part
Raizel Arnolda
Raizel Arnolda - 9 dager siden
Yall I'm a size 4 for shoes and I can never find adult shoes
Austėja Tamkutė
Austėja Tamkutė - 9 dager siden
All people stop growing at age of 25 but it depends on DNA they have too
Alex - 9 dager siden
cries in transmasc
jibami amane
jibami amane - 10 dager siden
@levi ackerman , this you?
Pîpîńø PÛBG
Pîpîńø PÛBG - 10 dager siden
If I would get a dollar if my friends said i was tall

I don’t have friends 🙃
SAD CARSON - 10 dager siden
levi: are you challenging me???!
Margarida520 Animations
Margarida520 Animations - 10 dager siden
Im short.
Myel Lisøndra
Myel Lisøndra - 10 dager siden
Im not just short,im almost a foot shorter than average!!
O r a n g e
O r a n g e - 10 dager siden
I'm currently 5'11, and being tall doesn't suck so much unless you're a 10 year old chubby female with social issues in a modern classroom where nobody has gone through puberty yet and you're taller than all of your classmates and half of your teachers are short so you look even taller and everyone starts calling you the "grenade"
That was 5 years ago [I was much shorter then]
Amen to online school
Two Person Films
Two Person Films - 10 dager siden
chloe the imposter
chloe the imposter - 10 dager siden
Diamond - 10 dager siden
Is there anyone who is tall and wants to be shorter?
Salted Avocado
Salted Avocado - 10 dager siden
Imma be mad if it turns out he's 5'8" or some shit
LilMonster45 - 14 timer siden
Dom is 158 cm or about 5’2
Not Josh
Not Josh - 8 dager siden
he's 5'9 lmfao
SAHTE MASA - 10 dager siden
Im little bit tall than normal but im fat little
Anne Bello
Anne Bello - 10 dager siden
“High hopes”
More like
“Short hopes”
Ella Cudias
Ella Cudias - 10 dager siden
P A N D A K---qwq
Cozey Alien
Cozey Alien - 10 dager siden
Dad: 6,0
Me: 4,3
( doctor says tallest ill get is around 4,6 o r 4'7 )
Callie Kaltreider
Callie Kaltreider - 10 dager siden
I am tall and skinny so almost no pants fit me. Also I have a weird foot shape to I have to o get custom made shoes to fit my foot 😢
Gelatin BFB
Gelatin BFB - 10 dager siden
I drink milk 🥛 every day
Nightmare Hamza
Nightmare Hamza - 10 dager siden
My dad:6'4
My mom: 5'3
Me: 14 5'4 *cries* at the fact I got the fucking height from my mom WHY NOT THE DAMN DAD WTF WTF WTF NOOOOOOOOOO My mom my friends and dad keep saying DRINK MILK DRINK MILK DRINK MILK I did but didn't grow a single millimeter and I have always been teased for being short even tho its them that are huge so fml but when i found out growth spirt exist i was excited BUT I NEVER GREW BRUHHH IT TAKES YEARS TO GROW A INCH LIKE WTF
Anya Solovey
Anya Solovey - 11 dager siden
That feeling when you are taller than average girls, so you get the sweatshirt from men's department 😅
Елена Ђурђевиђ
Елена Ђурђевиђ - 11 dager siden
Im 13 and I'm 158cm tall, if you're like: heeeeey, that is tall for your age! You're wrong, because all my friends are about 170cm, soooooo😬.
My father is about 180, you need to ask the god how tall is my mother..... Sister 178, and my brother is a baby 😶
smirty meme
smirty meme - 11 dager siden
im very tall oof
Lizzy_ thepotato23
Lizzy_ thepotato23 - 11 dager siden
lx - 11 dager siden
Im completely fine telling people my height but when girls always say "ah im 13 and im 5'1 im so short",the problem with that is that in today's society tall men are praised and short women also more i guess "popular" than tall women
Dark Angel
Dark Angel - 10 dager siden
Exactly! It pisses me off when girls are "annoyed" at their height for being short, there is a point where ye, it ok to be annoyed at yer short height as a girl. Like 4'11, ye, I understand, that would be annoying. But like, Ive seen so many girls being less than 5'6 and complaining and being like "Omg, Im so unlucky 😣" and its just annoying. Its better to be under 5'6
Vendy Hijam
Vendy Hijam - 11 dager siden
My mom said a year ago that I will grow up to 5 ft 8 but here I am still at 4 ft 11 😔😔
Sebmaniac - 11 dager siden
im 164 cm, my friends are taller than me and keep calling me short, this is my life
draw with RS
draw with RS - 11 dager siden
How small are we talking about here?
Are u smaller than the worlds smallest man Domics?
xstrktu - 11 dager siden
This vid is officially raided by the bruhify nation
ه - 11 dager siden
@xstrktu it means he in arabic ه
ه - 11 dager siden
@xstrktu 😭
xstrktu - 11 dager siden
@ه why did you choose this letter specifically ?
xstrktu - 11 dager siden
@ه will it is not really the best name i have ever seen i am joking
ه - 11 dager siden
@xstrktu yes😑
j 0
j 0 - 11 dager siden
I don't get something you get bullied for being small and tall and being fat or skinny there is no way to not get bullied i hate that life is like that
Nightmare Hamza
Nightmare Hamza - 10 dager siden
Thats dumb if you get bullied for being tall.
BoomerHunter - 12 dager siden
Damn liok how this dude can draw while my dumbass dont know how to draw a hand properly
BoomerHunter - 12 dager siden
I am the short friend and every tall friend puts his hand on my head to rest like an entitled bitch or a giraffe
Official Milk
Official Milk - 12 dager siden
i feel you
Sebastiaan Kittel
Sebastiaan Kittel - 12 dager siden
I have a tall mom and a short ish dad and I'm taller than both lol, I still feel like I would be similar height as you
x Kamikaze x
x Kamikaze x - 12 dager siden
Me, a 5’9” girl: **kneels down to reach for something**
My knees: wtf wtf wtf, *P A I N T I M E*
xbox_sweatyboi - 12 dager siden
Bruh my dads 6'5

My mums 5'0
tyler - 11 dager siden
JustYourTea• - 12 dager siden
*sarcasm 100*