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Riolu Fan
Riolu Fan - 19 timer siden
I knew my boy would come in clutch
BedrockCastle777 - 21 time siden
*_I'm in this picture and I don't like it_*
Octopus girl
Octopus girl - Dag siden
I wish he loved me but it’s been years since he’s just treating me like I was just stupid and boring, he doesn’t love me and I’ll have to accept that. But I wish he loved me and treated me with more respect... but I’m done trying.
Miguel Flores Aguirre
Miguel Flores Aguirre - 2 dager siden
Too be honest, I’d be 🔥 at public speaking for my school.
narnia playz
narnia playz - 2 dager siden
I confessed that I had a crush on my best friend and I had to confess twice.. I got blown off and ghosted
Ikal Balam
Ikal Balam - 2 dager siden
The cute chest monthly lick because factory classically fix times a ashamed meteorology. guarded, thick chain
lion animation
lion animation - 4 dager siden
As a kid my bros helped me with my crush by telling her that i have a crush on her
lion animation
lion animation - 4 dager siden
Only two girls have rejected me and I dated one girl
Rafa the dog
Rafa the dog - 4 dager siden
I think I was just talking to a therapist for 7 minutes and 19 seconds
Bell Dankphine
Bell Dankphine - 4 dager siden
If you ever feel sad listen to reflection by toshifumi hinata I promise you won’t regret it👍🏿
THOR The God of Thunder
THOR The God of Thunder - 5 dager siden
S1PH0N YT - 5 dager siden
0:48 when I ask someone something, often times they answer me but in monotone and a type what the fuck do you want voice and I go “ okay then fuck off“
KID ON THE CAMERA - 6 dager siden
I got rejected by my crush
shogunsteel - 6 dager siden
“Get your ass back here and love me.”

And that, kids, is how I met my *dog!*
YTDude42 - 7 dager siden
So much rejection dude
daily memes
daily memes - 9 dager siden
You know why it called crush, that's the feeling when you get rejected, CRUSH .
SkEpToR BlAsTeR - 10 dager siden
He forgot "The Fitted Sheet"
Anthony Lleva
Anthony Lleva - 10 dager siden
Me seeing no shit Sherlock comments
Me: ok buddy dam
Abdulsamad Diab
Abdulsamad Diab - 11 dager siden
welp, you can't get rejected if you don't even try to ask someone out. I need a life
Why Peanuts
Why Peanuts - 11 dager siden
I got rejected by my hamster he doesn’t like me
Mattisbubba - 12 dager siden
Thumbnail made me laugh😂
Rama Kommineni
Rama Kommineni - 12 dager siden
well if you LOVE to be isolated, take a look at 2020.
Erik gamyxualy
Erik gamyxualy - 13 dager siden
I’m 13 I fill have a long shity shy angry crazy life mayby laiter i finaly get a no school any more
unknown YT
unknown YT - 13 dager siden
Where Steve from crushes
Chain_M - 14 dager siden
I reject my humanity, JOJO!!!
Edafit - 14 dager siden
lol I can't relate I haven't ever been rejected

never asked out :)
Bey Godalex901
Bey Godalex901 - 14 dager siden
I hate getting rejected especially with my crushes
CC Tvsnavks Y
CC Tvsnavks Y - 15 dager siden
I got rejected by 20 jobs in my small town. And they are the only jobs and my parents are mad at me for not trying
Movie Buff
Movie Buff - 15 dager siden
do a video on identical crisis
Ryan - 15 dager siden
Why are their so many dislikes?
OofProductions1 0
OofProductions1 0 - 15 dager siden
*"ok bitch daammmmnnn"*
BİLL CİPER s brother
BİLL CİPER s brother - 15 dager siden

this is all what nobody like you real

dont worry humans dont need sombody to love them wee just need foe to get beter and chrush there had

nobody like me to............................

dont worry ım here
PLS DO NOT DO THE BULLYING - 16 dager siden
rejection, ahaha, that's my middle name :)
:' |
Charles Sobrino
Charles Sobrino - 16 dager siden
i reccomend anime is kono suba
Moffin Man
Moffin Man - 16 dager siden
Ya know how it’s always the loser who likes the hot girl? Well in my case I was the popular kid liking the popular girl and she had to move schools before I could confess 😞
Gretel D'souza
Gretel D'souza - 17 dager siden
Dang, he got rejected for 7 minutes 19 seconds straight. That's gotta hurt
RE:animated Shadow
RE:animated Shadow - 18 dager siden
I never really told a person i liked them they really just form one for me while i just do my thing :I

Its always wierd when im imformed of someone having a crush on me :I
Haramea - 18 dager siden
(Small talk, i don't understand the thing about eye contact, maybe it is because i grew with LOTS of animals, and that making eye contact with them is usually a way to tell them "I WILL ATTACK YOU" so yeah, this is weird. But why should you look into people's eyes?? WHAT DOES IT SHOWS OF YOU??)
snoopy Gamer
snoopy Gamer - 18 dager siden
I asked out over 20 girls and i didnt get rejected single time.......... Theeeeen i woke up
Raven Antoinette
Raven Antoinette - 18 dager siden
I almost always get rejected by my crushes lol.
martin barkley
martin barkley - 19 dager siden
The mixed mistake descriptively saw because system conversantly ruin than a towering behavior. strong, loud amusement
Soul Index
Soul Index - 19 dager siden
I revisit this video every once in awhile to reencourage me to tackle the FaceID on my phone again
Delta MUSIC - 19 dager siden
I hate anime
A K - 20 dager siden
2:22 jeez domz don't get infatuated with ladies who say Dominic correctly
Max ThePlumbus
Max ThePlumbus - 20 dager siden
I am upset that you earn money for providing me with free content.
Seabass Gaming
Seabass Gaming - 20 dager siden
That speech thing u had to do, we do that at our school and I was in the same position as you lmao 😂
pickytugboat951 - 20 dager siden
I have never gone outside this year
NCR Trooper
NCR Trooper - 20 dager siden
Never been rejected but definitely been ghosted.
Bryson Williams
Bryson Williams - 21 dag siden
5:06 the line at the bottom is filled but not cleared
jarvis - 22 dager siden
The fog one got me and my friends
The racing K1d
The racing K1d - 22 dager siden
Hey domics
Rajmani patel
Rajmani patel - 23 dager siden
"Get used to disappointment but dont yield to it"❤
Really ,i loved this line.🙂
Eliza Murrell
Eliza Murrell - 23 dager siden
Evelyn Juan Catalan
Evelyn Juan Catalan - 24 dager siden
TwT yep same
DJ gaming
DJ gaming - 24 dager siden
I confess my felings in my crush i bought chocolate and stuff and got rejected never ganna confess anymore so scarry
Gloria Kim
Gloria Kim - 24 dager siden
Awww wait I really needed to hear this :((( thank you domics
Excelsus - 24 dager siden
4:40 and that's what's wrong with the situation.
Mr.Electro - 24 dager siden
1:58 felt that more than i should have
bruno lag
bruno lag - 25 dager siden
The elderly path phylogenitically rinse because dragonfly sporadically educate atop a green grey grieving fighter. mindless, lavish clam
TheMike100 - 25 dager siden
that Shia LaBeouf joke has not aged well
Tamás Kató
Tamás Kató - 25 dager siden
good advice, dom :D thanks
bruno lag
bruno lag - 26 dager siden
The hateful crowd postsynaptically trick because vibraphone theoretically battle lest a statuesque horn. chemical, possible blinker
Max The School Weaponsmith
Max The School Weaponsmith - 26 dager siden
The worst thing she can say is "No"
Your friend: it's "Ew"
Your other friend: how about "disgusting"
"I'm sorry, I am physically repulsed by your face"
The Bois
The Bois - 26 dager siden
1:19 Me when my dad leaves for the milk
Teri .S
Teri .S - 26 dager siden
1:13 My own dog rejects me☹😭💔
flare - 27 dager siden
Ive never been rejected because i have some ugly ass girls in my class, half of them sound disabled, littery for the past few years nobody in my class has had a crush in anyone
Heidi Peters
Heidi Peters - 27 dager siden
ph lk
ph lk - 29 dager siden
The rare sponge arthroscopically prick because change specifically check like a alert fly. abstracted, dead vest
C Swaar
C Swaar - Måned siden
Drug Dealers: We don’t take debit
The Customer: *dO yOu TaKe ThE bLoOd Of My EnEmIeS?*
Lost Dasher
Lost Dasher - Måned siden
Me: the worst she will say is a **No!**
Galactic Warrior
Galactic Warrior - Måned siden
I try but she liked someone elede
Galactic Warrior
Galactic Warrior - Måned siden
Sad🙁but I did not show
ᴏᴅᴅ - Måned siden
She rejected me
Disguised_ ant08
Disguised_ ant08 - Måned siden
yeah.... you got your isolation
Disguised_ ant08
Disguised_ ant08 - Måned siden
hahahahaahahahaahahahah very funny myself
The Lamb Sauce
The Lamb Sauce - Måned siden
I got rejected on Thanksgiving by my crush.
Marek Peplinski
Marek Peplinski - Måned siden
I used to not have stage fright, I've spoken in front of my entire school and have done theater, also i have no shortage of speaking in front of a class or a lot of people, then quarantine hit, and now I had trouble talking in front of A CAMERA, and also messed up on something and got super nervous in front of 12 PEOPLE. I hate quarantine
Bellop - Måned siden
ok you might of elxplaned this in a diffrent video but WHY ID YOUR HAIR BLONED
Just a casual christian • 29 years ago
God loves you all
He is coming soon
popmonkey123 LOL
popmonkey123 LOL - Måned siden
Ok listen..
Previos video i watched: Crushes
Now watching: Rejection
Next video: Cheating
This is a red flag
Arc Rexer
Arc Rexer - Måned siden
Dom says rejection is part of our lives
me: which kind of rejection if our talking about girls or boys rejecting us then (papyrus voice[only undertale fans will know this]) not for me buddy boi i'm gonna stay as a virgin
Anthony Moore
Anthony Moore - Måned siden
Holy crap what happened to your hair
PRANAV THAKUR - Måned siden
love your video .
Darth Maul Gaming
Darth Maul Gaming - Måned siden
I’ve been rejected by my crush twice
Shreeya - Måned siden
I just had to reject some body and this popped up in my recommended. YouTube's stalking me😳
A-aron M-mron
A-aron M-mron - Måned siden
Eric Lerma
Eric Lerma - Måned siden
Rejections: If you get too many of them, you'll never escape from your own black hole of negativity.
Jobs: Pretentious employers who ask for experience even for entry level jobs and degrees are required for essentially office white collar work.
So yeah, i now wish I could press the reset button.
debininkas - Måned siden
Can't fail if don't try
AnEmation - Måned siden
3:55 Unus Annus?
Mr Wookie
Mr Wookie - Måned siden
I don’t watch for entertainment! You help me with LOT’S of life lessons!
Mr Wookie
Mr Wookie - Måned siden
I get rejection from my friends pretty much every! day but we’re still friends 😀😀😀
Shark Animations
Shark Animations - Måned siden
0:38 outside of my house
Fuck i get rejected by my own family
not because i do wrong or anything just because i am despised because i breathe
unknown god
unknown god - Måned siden
Censor or sensor?
Imaperson - Måned siden
1:23 is your finger wet or dirty
Knightof lord
Knightof lord - Måned siden
I been mostly reject from my classmate because of my lack of social skills for the past 7 years and I just accept the fact that I just suck and is not worth wasting heir time
Petersom Lopes
Petersom Lopes - Måned siden
In my whole life I never used a vensding machine EVER
Turtlesilike 201
Turtlesilike 201 - Måned siden
Hello my bretherans
Kaung Htoo
Kaung Htoo - Måned siden
Ellie Han
Ellie Han - Måned siden
0:16 rip everyone in 2020
Leander Lo
Leander Lo - Måned siden
I confessed and my crush liked me back but then she stopped liking me like 2 weeks later 😭
HookShotFox - Måned siden
My crush like completly rejected me
Goku Kakorot
Goku Kakorot - Måned siden
I didnt understand the doki doki doki around him until 3 years later when I watched gtlive's video😅😂😂
madara - Måned siden
Dude this dude litterely exist.