Re:Zero Watchalong w/ JacksFilms

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This video is from our live stream Watchalong of Re:Zero episode 1 with Jacksfilms. Use the timer in the lower right corner of the video to watch along with us.
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This was our first watchalong and I had a lot of fun watching it in this experience. Please let me know what you liked or didn't, and if you'd like to see more of these in the future!
Runtime: 1:18:31


Tippy Dippy
Tippy Dippy - 2 måneder siden
dang I remember seeing this stream four years ago and bein like, crap Ive got too much homework Ill make sure to watch it later. Pog2020 to the mates seeing this in 21, 22 etc...
Kokorolinkrun !
Kokorolinkrun ! - 6 måneder siden
I didn't know they watched Re;Zero!
Delton Tauro
Delton Tauro - 9 måneder siden
Do a watchalong on season 2 when it comes out please :)
Cluelessclown Ig
Cluelessclown Ig - 11 måneder siden
I woke up to this.
WorkdayFiddle - 11 måneder siden
Somehow I’ve seen more ads in a 30 minute video.
Plastix - År siden
Who doesn't like Dom's Sub to me
Nathan Jarrett
Nathan Jarrett - År siden
Funny he should mention vampires when Elsa stabbed Subaru, way more relevant to her than you know
Myuni - År siden
34:11 "I'm surprised he's not dead"
Yumi Hall
Yumi Hall - År siden
This is the first time I’m seeing doms face.
Meowing Ferret
Meowing Ferret - 10 måneder siden
So what
ABC gaming33
ABC gaming33 - År siden
You got fatter and fatter
Ligh Yagami
Ligh Yagami - År siden
You watched re zero; Wow
Sweet Neko
Sweet Neko - År siden
Jacksfilms: They're probably never gonna make a second season of this

Little did he know........
Mio - År siden
Half Hearted
Half Hearted - År siden
Dom looks like Matsuoka Yoshitsugu.
Tanuki - År siden
Even though we can't see the anime... But ...
Huy Le
Huy Le - 2 år siden
Watch the seven deadly sins -3- (Nanatsu no taizai)
Michael Ortega
Michael Ortega - 2 år siden
More boring than expected
Ken Brown
Ken Brown - 2 år siden
Ohhh I want to be u because *CANADA* Is my dream country & I'm a *FILIPINO* Too
Ken Brown
Ken Brown - 2 år siden
Is that u in the *LEFT* one ????
TIONG TECK KAI - 2 år siden
He looks almost as Asian as me
Tristan Spinato
Tristan Spinato - 2 år siden
And now Dom has more subs then jack
ÆlßßÑk - 2 år siden
А я русский ха
Dizzyツ - 2 år siden
Oo nga d mukang pinoy
Teniola Danmola
Teniola Danmola - 2 år siden
It’s very weird not seeing what your watching and not hearing what your hearing
kingpierce - 2 år siden
wtf is this
Jerice Escobarte
Jerice Escobarte - 2 år siden

*u get it*
oh yeh yeah
oh yeh yeah - 2 år siden
I clicked on this without looking at the title and didn't know what was happening
akshat singh
akshat singh - 2 år siden
2 punch man!?! I thought it was 1 punch man !!!!!!
alishanbee - 2 år siden
Vincent Dang
Vincent Dang - 2 år siden
Eyyy my boi Re:Zero(waiting for season 2....)
Kunal Kadam
Kunal Kadam - År siden
Season 2 confirmed
Tech Falcon
Tech Falcon - 2 år siden
Maria Barajas
Maria Barajas - 2 år siden
My favorite is rezero ram
Maria Barajas
Maria Barajas - 2 år siden
Re zero love that Anime
Dryan Kin
Dryan Kin - 2 år siden
Too Many
Too Many - 2 år siden
Two dicks on couchhhb
Will the Thrill
Will the Thrill - 2 år siden
Dragon Otaku
Dragon Otaku - 2 år siden
I'm honestly watching them more than the shitty first episode(s)
Dragon Otaku
Dragon Otaku - 2 år siden
9:07 for beginning of watch-along
Ju Ran Teves
Ju Ran Teves - 3 år siden
No offence but he got more chubby😵😵😵
Andreea Cojo
Andreea Cojo - 3 år siden
@Domics watch - Made in abyss
Nicholas Carr
Nicholas Carr - 3 år siden
needed to get to episode 2, didn't even see the intro
was enjoyable doh
Arbil Arms Ltd. President
nigga thats like 200% asian
Northan - 3 år siden
I watch re zero so much I can close my eyes and picture what they hear and say
Miss Jam
Miss Jam - 3 år siden
That is a really good hair color on Dom ☺️
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith - 3 år siden
Rem is bae
OPtimist VG
OPtimist VG - 3 år siden
"I'm just waiting for the big boobed girl to show up"
Welp, not happening 😂
David Ouellet
David Ouellet - 3 år siden
these awful 30 seconds of.... at the beginning...
#1 soccer Mom
#1 soccer Mom - 3 år siden
You have such a cute baby face
V3SSEL - 3 år siden
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I remember watching this live, and you got me into this. I love the series and I might've actually never watched with if it wasn't for you. Thanks!
GammaRaz - 3 år siden
You can just take one look at these comments and immediately know who is a Dom fan and who is a Jack fan
Ethan - 3 år siden
everyone who is complaining about what domics looks like and everybody complaining about the people making fun of his face you're not helping... none of you just get your priorities right not all about the looks
Ajay Gupta
Ajay Gupta - 3 år siden
Compare this to older videos of Don irl. His asianity went from 0-10 real fast
Joshua Blanco
Joshua Blanco - 3 år siden
Dom looks like he is korean
Hann Ness
Hann Ness - 3 år siden
Jean R.
Jean R. - 3 år siden
That moment domics surpasses jack in the sub department xD
September - 3 år siden
Aaaaaah!!! I wanna kiss domic's adorable face!! He's so cute
Kim R
Kim R - 3 år siden
Omg Dominic is so cute
ドンIblis - 3 år siden
its not on crunchyroll anymore
Alexander De Leon
Alexander De Leon - 3 år siden
Is it a Filipino thing to sense other Filipinos? I mean, I dunno, a lot of people think he looks Japanese, but to me the hair, the skin, somewhat the voice-- v v Filipino
Also horeesheet before this and the announcement of them live streaming I didn't know they were friends **shookt**
Derek Ma
Derek Ma - 3 år siden
holy shit you weren't kidding when you said you made your character look like you irl
MasterAaron - 3 år siden
Mr. Chubbs
Mr. Chubbs - 3 år siden
I'm Canadian
Lowdown - 3 år siden
or watch it on kissanime ;)
Orex - 3 år siden
knock knock
who's there?
Rem who?
Benjamin Anderson II
Benjamin Anderson II - 3 år siden
Final Froggit Approaches
Final Froggit Approaches - 3 år siden
Woah! You're really attractive, Dominic.
Collisa johnson
Collisa johnson - 3 år siden
Why can't you just put the video on the side so we can watch along, lazies.
Jon Hasani
Jon Hasani - 3 år siden
fenis wolfie
fenis wolfie - 3 år siden
he's cute :D
PO1 Ma
PO1 Ma - 3 år siden
0:01 when ur parents bring u to a party and u know nobody but they tell u to get along with this kid and then it's awkward af.
Pentium - 3 år siden
LiL114 - 3 år siden
LiL114 - 3 år siden
omg domics is HOT!
Suteiibun Eidorian
Suteiibun Eidorian - 3 år siden
Spoiler: I Love Emilia
Bubble Blue
Bubble Blue - 3 år siden
Как необычно !
Rainbow Eyes
Rainbow Eyes - 3 år siden
"They're never doing another season of that."
Yes they are!
Dan P
Dan P - 3 år siden
I just finished watching this show like a month ago and I'm still obsessed with it
Dacoosman - 3 år siden
Holy shit he looks like a melting Japanese person
Sean McCabe
Sean McCabe - 3 år siden
is this video real
Siddharth Rodrigues
Siddharth Rodrigues - 3 år siden
domz is still not making eye contact with the camera XDXD
jared Blood
jared Blood - 3 år siden
o3o..... DOMICS AND JACKSFILMS!? *faints*
Elaine Quing
Elaine Quing - 3 år siden
For some reason the cough at 0:13 scared the crap out of me.
Phat Phuc
Phat Phuc - 3 år siden
Red Potatis
Red Potatis - 3 år siden
Lots of Domics so called "fans" are saying they can't watch his videos the same because of his looks like wtf?
Aleesha Sajid
Aleesha Sajid - 3 år siden
Where is your black hair
134 340
134 340 - 3 år siden
Holy shit he is cute
Bjørn - 3 år siden
This an action is so realistic
The Good Vampire
The Good Vampire - 3 år siden
Who is Domics???
The Good Vampire
The Good Vampire - 3 år siden
never mind
Beluga Whale
Beluga Whale - 3 år siden
Jack that's not how you hold a wine glass
Nicohi ______
Nicohi ______ - 3 år siden
Loot Crate
Loot Crate - 3 år siden
Yoshiro Pong
Yoshiro Pong - 4 år siden
Dominic isn't the most umm... attractive person he looks so much better in his animations
kate - 4 år siden
lol the ad was a tennis one and it reminded me of the fact that I suck. Miserably.
Sara Watkinson
Sara Watkinson - 4 år siden
for the longest time I thought this was Dominic from the Dominic show
Rachael Wymer
Rachael Wymer - 4 år siden
The way they're sitting makes it look like they're about to "foot-five"
Minnie Phan
Minnie Phan - 4 år siden
Attack on Titan is coming out this April, after waiting for 14 years
She Mikler
She Mikler - 4 år siden
Watch me and get your life
Evan Holmes
Evan Holmes - 4 år siden
Your live
Evan Holmes
Evan Holmes - 4 år siden
Evan Holmes
Evan Holmes - 4 år siden
O my god it's comics i watch his videos every day I'm littelry freaking out