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Allan Ribergaard
Allan Ribergaard - 57 minutter siden
What’s procrastenation again?
MochDogWolfYT - 23 timer siden
I'm procrastinating by watching a video about procrastination
Shrimpanzee - Dag siden
damn just finished rewatching parks and rec and u say "treat yo self" LOL
Rectral - Dag siden
I clicked this vid and got an ad about procrastinating
Shy Lovepancake
Shy Lovepancake - Dag siden
Welp this is me everyday
Florida Gjoka
Florida Gjoka - Dag siden
Me like :
who else is here from Stray kids
Ikal Balam
Ikal Balam - Dag siden
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Ikal Balam
Ikal Balam - Dag siden
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alexandra Puchniu
alexandra Puchniu - Dag siden
Robert Cambridge
Robert Cambridge - Dag siden
I got an ad about procrastination, on a video about procrastination, while procrastinating. Nice
Big McLargehuge
Big McLargehuge - Dag siden
I got an ad where a British guy said; "if you're watching this, you're probably procrastinating".
CookieCrunch - 2 dager siden
How in the heck!!!!!
The ad: how to over come procrastination click the link
The video: procrastination
Dayyan - 2 dager siden
Yes I am procrastinating right now how do you know!?!?
Foxzy - 2 dager siden
Wtf I got a ad for procrastination on this video
How To
How To - 2 dager siden
2:45 is me at 38 minpast midnight
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer - 2 dager siden
being smart may look good on paper but it sucks sometimes
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer - 2 dager siden
Is it just me or is it when you procrasinate the moment you start it turns into this like speedrun of how much free time you can get?
boeing777 - 2 dager siden
I'm currently procrastinating homework by binge watching domics videos.
disphora - 3 dager siden
i love how i’m procrastinating my homework by watching this video
GranDad Yeetr
GranDad Yeetr - 3 dager siden
Video: Procrastination
Ad Pops Up:

Here's some tips to stop procrastination!
Mcglynn Kareem
Mcglynn Kareem - 3 dager siden
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Zhaoting Hu
Zhaoting Hu - 4 dager siden
Watching this while procrastinating and thinking about when I’m going to work
Just Soul
Just Soul - 4 dager siden's creepy how youtube recommended me this video right now, I've been procrastinating for half an hour watching youtube videos instead of writing my essay... and all my other recommendations were songs, this was the only non-music video, it's really creepy 0.0
Geztrapper - 4 dager siden
Me: I'll like this video,
Also me: Eh, i'll do it later
mikel - 4 dager siden
Was it just me but i just got a procrastination ad on this procrastination video
Carlos Becerril
Carlos Becerril - 4 dager siden
Procrastination is the attempt of your brain to convince you that you have worked hard enough and you need to give yourself some time to relax
Lukas Novella
Lukas Novella - 4 dager siden
Not me watching the video to Procrastinate
hehe boi
hehe boi - 5 dager siden
my assignment is due in 12 hours and here i am watching a video about procrastination
Grayson Evans
Grayson Evans - 5 dager siden
Bitim - 5 dager siden
Title: “Procrastination”
Ad: “If you’re watching this, you’re probably procrastinating”
Video: “If you’re watching this, you’re probably procrastinating”
Izzabella Martinez
Izzabella Martinez - 6 dager siden
I got an ad about procrastinating
First_Jackal - 6 dager siden
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi - 6 dager siden
I didn't know the definition of " Procrastination" .
Now I know.

And I know that my life was and is a kind of Procrastination. Full.
Fat Cat Productions
Fat Cat Productions - 7 dager siden
I got an ad saying “if you’re watching this your probably procrastinating” while I am watching a vid about procrastinating, while I am procrastinating
SmileyDream. - 7 dager siden
I had a procrastination ad before watching this video _while walking downstairs to do the piano instead of schoolwork_
Kate Abby Aguiari
Kate Abby Aguiari - 7 dager siden
@Domics did you ever thought about being ADHD?
• C I N N A M O N •
• C I N N A M O N • - 7 dager siden
Procrastination has made me who I am
And I hate doing it
An assignment that for normal people would take 2 hours I finished it in one
Take that school
Rose_gold - 7 dager siden
I'm stressed out cause I've been procrastinating on studying/doing homework and now it's catching up to me
osmos donuts
osmos donuts - 7 dager siden
i’m procrastinating...
T - 7 dager siden
Polish Cow
Polish Cow - 7 dager siden
When I clicked this video. I got an ad of a guy saying,
"If you're watching this, You are probably Procrastinating"

*never been more right*
John Cheney
John Cheney - 8 dager siden
Its almost 3 in the morning but I have a whole art project that I haven't started yet due tomorrow (well technically today lol) also Tomorrow is the last day of the semester soooooooo... yeah
Rama Kommineni
Rama Kommineni - 8 dager siden
I am, I'm supposed to do my homework now.
WarSmith - 8 dager siden
I'm watching this video during my chemistry class
O - 9 dager siden
this is me
DragonkittyQueen MGA
DragonkittyQueen MGA - 9 dager siden
My procrastination is loosely calculated based of day, date, health, and how well I can do on a project given the amount of time. It works 90% of the time so there. I usually try to do it in class tho so, uhh 😬
Shard - 9 dager siden
I ended up watching 10 videos about procastination and missing the deadline...
maybe nic
maybe nic - 9 dager siden
wow im watching this while procrastinating
haseena badshah
haseena badshah - 9 dager siden
The Video Vlogger YT
The Video Vlogger YT - 10 dager siden
Domics, Are You Dead?
Chaneol kit
Chaneol kit - 10 dager siden
And the fact that I have 5 inch thick of hw due tomorrow--
Mikey Cony
Mikey Cony - 11 dager siden
Why this everyone though
V - 12 dager siden
Dim: “You’re probably procrastinating right now!”
Me: *has a project due tomorrow and hasn’t even started it* What? Never.
sploot sploot
sploot sploot - 12 dager siden
Technically, school is meaningless, *STAY IN SCHOOL*
Warrenpeace 198
Warrenpeace 198 - 12 dager siden
Wait... you had French geography… at the age of 10?
Kamren McHool
Kamren McHool - 12 dager siden
I procrastinated while watching this. (i should be able to watch -- more domics videos and still have time to watch the MHA movie heroes rising before lunch... etc, etc...) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sarina - 13 dager siden
i got a procrastination ad before this video-
holiman2 - 13 dager siden
i am literally watching this and doing homework @_@
TR3AD FN - 14 dager siden
Me procrastinating while watching this vid
dante ciccarelli
dante ciccarelli - 14 dager siden
raahimz - 14 dager siden
I’m procrastinating by watching this video, not completing my assignments and leaving them for tomorrow
weeaboo jones
weeaboo jones - 14 dager siden
All of this is me
Sampson Hankins
Sampson Hankins - 15 dager siden
Ah shit. it's 12am and I'm watching this instead of doing my algebra homework...
DatBoi06 - 10 dager siden
I should be doing my history homework right now 😂
retrodok - 16 dager siden
One time my teacher asked for homework I ran out to the toilet and did it
Paarth Wardhan
Paarth Wardhan - 16 dager siden
Who just procrastinated his work and saw this video?
Paarth Wardhan
Paarth Wardhan - 16 dager siden
I feel I'm there for the list.
darth gengar
darth gengar - 16 dager siden
3:17 2020 summed up in 1 sentence
AndrewTheSoviet - 16 dager siden
It's official, he's the asian version of me.
Michelle VanDuine
Michelle VanDuine - 16 dager siden
there are vulgar words in video that are inappropriate of children under 18
Planet Lumi
Planet Lumi - 17 dager siden
The oven joke, I thought was just an outtake. 3 or so years later or rewatching every few months, I now realise it was a joke with the video and I’m very stupid
Tadeáš Duchek
Tadeáš Duchek - 17 dager siden
This is painfully relatable.
For all of you out there the goal is a personality shift. You must start living anew. Not accpeting this as a part of you anymore, but if you fail on the way going back to your old ways just forgive yourself and keep going. YOU CAN DO IT!
AtomicFault - 18 dager siden
Glad to know I'll never be berrated for not getting married super early by my family because my Uncle is 56 and still lives with my Grandma and has never been married.
LionPunch 14
LionPunch 14 - 18 dager siden
funny thing is that i’m procrastinating rn 😂
lets be honest
lets be honest - 19 dager siden
What software does he use?
D XI Satakshi Niraj 54
D XI Satakshi Niraj 54 - 19 dager siden
You're probably procastinating right now while watching this video
ph lk
ph lk - 19 dager siden
The level cost selectively crash because taxi acromegaly sigh than a perpetual clover. defective, fragile plasterboard
2027 Lily Haines
2027 Lily Haines - 19 dager siden
Me watching watching this on the last day of winter break with 2 assignments i haven’t even started that are due:
nicholette - 22 dager siden
i'm supposed to be washing the dishes but instead i'm watching a video about procrastination :)
Ikay Otrof
Ikay Otrof - 22 dager siden
4:20 Oh shit he knows, HE KNOWS
wibby whale
wibby whale - 23 dager siden
This is my life and thats sad
Ziondoesrandomstuff - 23 dager siden
Due tomorrow
Due tomorro
Due tomorr
Due tomor
Due tomo
Due tom
Due to
Due t
Do t
Do to
Do tom
Do tomo
Do tomor
Do tomorr
Do tomorro
Do tomorrow
Shravan Poojary
Shravan Poojary - 21 dag siden
Shravan Poojary
Shravan Poojary - 21 dag siden
Great work man
Hydraken - 23 dager siden
*i'm pretty sure 99% of people are procrastinating right now*
Caleb Rounding
Caleb Rounding - 24 dager siden
i may or may not be procrastinating right now
Matthew Manzanares
Matthew Manzanares - 25 dager siden
Added to Watch Later
Person In The Net
Person In The Net - 25 dager siden
Tf how did u know ',:[
Hamda Khan
Hamda Khan - 25 dager siden
Me realizing that I procrastinate everything after watching this video:👁👄👁
Spacebro - 25 dager siden
eh, I’ll feed the baby later
Spacebro - 25 dager siden
I do this thing where I procrastinate until the last second and then don’t do it
Madelynn Wheelz
Madelynn Wheelz - 27 dager siden
I'm watching this at 1 59 in the morning
I'm procrastinating going to sleep right now. Well what can I say 1 59 is the lowest I can go
Yaay for me-slowly starts to cry inside
......and outside
Diego Pineda
Diego Pineda - 27 dager siden
Ik this is old I'm new here but I thought I had to say...... I saw this video on my recommendations and I was like cool. I put this in watch later
Sadie Foster
Sadie Foster - Måned siden
i procrastinate like crazy
sir. marx
sir. marx - Måned siden
wait was the oven really on?
laisha peralta
laisha peralta - Måned siden
Iv'e seen one of ur videos and now im adiccted. Thank you
Lauryn Seaborn
Lauryn Seaborn - Måned siden
Not YouTube recommending this to me when I'm procrastinating my missing assignments-
Somya Ranjan Sahu
Somya Ranjan Sahu - Måned siden
Procrastination doesn't really train your brain(Just like I used to punch the wall very hard thinking it will tighten my Knuckles when I was a Kid.) to be quick it just overburdens and makes you careless. Instantaneous Procrastination is no no
Flying Penguin
Flying Penguin - Måned siden
Teachers: "Don't procrastinate, you can't do a proper assignment in a few hours!"
Also teachers: "Hope you're ready for your exam today, you have 1 hour to write a 15-20 page essay!"
Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas - Måned siden
Shit, I’m procrastinating right now!
Melda Saitama
Melda Saitama - Måned siden
I feel so personally attacked. Why are you describing my life for the past 5 years. You stalking me or something.
Shishir Upreti
Shishir Upreti - Måned siden
i never lie
Troy Segala Productions
Troy Segala Productions - Måned siden
I made a procrastination music video to share my struggle as well!
Please watch:
Alanna McNamara
Alanna McNamara - Måned siden
Me in the month i had to read a book for school: oh well, I’ll start it later, I have a WHOLE MONTH to read this!
Me when the book report is due tomorrow: I’ll read like, half the book and do the rest in the morning *reads 2 chapters of the 15*
Me when the book is due in a few hours: **speed reads most of the book processing barely any of the information, and proceeds to forget most of it when I need to give a summary of the story**
I could probably be fluent in Russian by now if all my time procrastinating from schoolwork was put into learning it
eowyn robbins
eowyn robbins - Måned siden
Me: *happy peanut butter kid noise*
Diego Salgado
Diego Salgado - Måned siden
My technique to procrastinate less, pretend as if the deadline for whatever you want, is before so if you have to finish something in two days, treat it as if its for tomorrow and things like that