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Ruben Castellanos
Ruben Castellanos - 11 timer siden
Dominic and Dominique sound the same to me lol
Ikal Balam
Ikal Balam - Dag siden
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{T e a }
{T e a } - Dag siden
I thought he was gonna talk about peeves from harry potter
Ali Villagran
Ali Villagran - 2 dager siden
I read the title as pervs, I don't know how
Eine Deutsche Dame
Eine Deutsche Dame - 3 dager siden
My peeves:
Using the handicap stall
Seeing someone eating fries with mayonnaise
Seeing someone eating fries with mayonnaise and mustard mixed
Someone eating fries with mustard
Someone eating marshmallows with nothing else, NOT EVEN DUCKING COOKED! UAAHHHHHHHH!
Mcglynn Kareem
Mcglynn Kareem - 3 dager siden
The lonely cousin supply agree because quicksand characteristically tip given a hulking clutch. hysterical, hollow vest
Coolsuperboy513 - 5 dager siden
I scrolled fast past this video and i thought it said "pervs".
Kris Terziev
Kris Terziev - 5 dager siden
2:08 that's why I use my ps4 charger as my phone charger
Kitzune - 5 dager siden
Me, the youngest: is vibing
Older brother who gets asked to do something: (real name that I won't reveal) do it for me.
Me in my mind: Son of a bi-
Me in reality: fine ugly
Mei_anime - 6 dager siden
The first one kinda hit hard considering thats my teacher in a nutshell, like I'm named after a brand that you see everywhere how hard is it to say my name correctly
ishan gupta
ishan gupta - 8 dager siden
2:40 this is so relatable as f***😂
portalite oxide
portalite oxide - 10 dager siden
bro you could have moved the couch
bruhify's clone
bruhify's clone - 9 dager siden
Yeah lol
stonks - 11 dager siden
That damn microphone is one of my peeves
Quick Animations
Quick Animations - 12 dager siden
Just watch dub it’s is simpler
Ampoulgon 87
Ampoulgon 87 - 12 dager siden
Can someone translate the parts in Japanese? I'd love to see if theres some hidden message but I dont know Japanese. :P
Mila Hancock
Mila Hancock - 13 dager siden
1. When an anime DOSEN’T have an English dub (I don’t know why people often like to listen to the original Japanese dub)
2. When someone dose something towards you that you dislike just to make you irritated or to “test” you so they can see your reaction (it’s kinda hard to explain).
3. Also when anime girls (especially in Japanese dub) sound VERY whiny and too dramatic. It’s so irritating!
Kamine Oussi
Kamine Oussi - 13 dager siden
follow me on insta : gangviews1
Max Waily
Max Waily - 14 dager siden
Each and everyone of those happens quite often.
hannah Sue
hannah Sue - 14 dager siden
when you tell the person your going to to something so you start walking away but they start or continue to talk. So, you have to stop and stand there with that thing you were going to do on your mind while theyre talking. Or u keep doing a step back and forth because theyre talking and you dont want to be mean. Lol and food smacking omgawh
Ty Griffin
Ty Griffin - 14 dager siden
Good anime you made for that skit it shows your determination as an animator and also a good plot
Jdjdh —
Jdjdh — - 14 dager siden
What anime was that
Alwande Makamu
Alwande Makamu - 17 dager siden
With the last one I didn't pause and read it all
Sally Sue
Sally Sue - 18 dager siden
I use to have that alarm problem luckily now I use 24hr clocks for everything so that’s no longer a problem
DomTheBomMC - 18 dager siden
Ong the first one triggers me too (my names dominic )
morisuke yaku
morisuke yaku - 19 dager siden
When your mother asked you to do something but 1 millisecond later as my body is about to move to get up and do it she yells at you for not wanting to do it saying she's getting the belt- oh...I'm the only one? Thought so.
HadsDoesYT - 19 dager siden
People Who Hate On Dom
Guest - 20 dager siden
Comics the shorter the cable the faster the charging
Andy’s Place
Andy’s Place - 21 dag siden
4:25 now to 4:05
penguins are so cool!
penguins are so cool! - 21 dag siden
lol I thought it was another youtuber becuase of the thumbnail, it looked like Emirichu, kinda, alittle, not that much, idk
soooo, yeah, I'm weird, so what?


and also, I was writing this comment while watching the video (for the second time) and suddenly I heard a whole bunch of japanese at the same time, and I was just like, "I thought Domics was Philipino (I probably spelled that wrong, sry everyone from the Philipines)
Natalie Galloway
Natalie Galloway - 22 dager siden
Yeah, you COULD have read the manga, but then you wouldn't have heard Gymnopedie is perfect counterpart to the characters FEELINGS!!!!
ph lk
ph lk - 23 dager siden
The endurable linda rhetorically hang because lead unequivocally disapprove pace a warm saxophone. detailed, obedient cloakroom
9000 hour Crafts
9000 hour Crafts - 24 dager siden
Tabreez Chowdhury
Tabreez Chowdhury - 25 dager siden
U’ll be pissed

Jennamations - 25 dager siden
One time my fifth grade teacher kept saying hooooooves with the long O sound
Even though the way I’ve always heard it was hooves with a short O sound, it would infuriated me but I couldn’t say a thing because I don’t like confrontation
Abhijit Panda
Abhijit Panda - 25 dager siden
Thank God you didn't pronounce Laura as
" LAWDA " 😂😂😂
Arkor Bravos
Arkor Bravos - 26 dager siden
5 years since this first encounter. Life is strange.
Lord Harry
Lord Harry - 27 dager siden
ph lk
ph lk - 28 dager siden
The vulgar sardine evocatively name because learning conceivably happen absent a nimble stove. unadvised, dazzling berry
Martin Hodges
Martin Hodges - Måned siden
When the ad plays at a perfect 60fps 2160p but the actual video plays like I'm watching a corrupted PS1 cutscene.
shayan aziz
shayan aziz - Måned siden
hey fun fact: peeves is the name of the poltergeist in harry potter
Sadie Foster
Sadie Foster - Måned siden
you triggered me with the to many characters talking on a subbed anime. That is the worst and i could not stop pausing to read things
27 CoolFriends
27 CoolFriends - Måned siden
after watching this ima attempt to crochet a full doll outfit cause im off of school till January
One Flying Boiii
One Flying Boiii - Måned siden
2:10 just push that couch its gonna worth it :D
Mouad Kafif
Mouad Kafif - Måned siden
Setting the wrong alarm happened to my FOR THE FINAL FUCKING DAY OF THE TESTS WEEK
Kiersten Elin
Kiersten Elin - Måned siden
i will literally move my couch closer to the outlet so i don't have to deal with short cables
King Bernard N. Medrana
King Bernard N. Medrana - Måned siden
Best anime of my life what's the series title?
DEMO MAN - Måned siden
bruh just move the couch closer to the outlit is so simple or just go to another couch thats closer to an outlit
SlayKing 09
SlayKing 09 - Måned siden
guys guys what happened to your sharingans?? you forget them at the hotel or something smh
Zainab Abbasi
Zainab Abbasi - Måned siden
damn yeah I feel ya
absurdious - Måned siden
I know, I know... things Argus Filch really hates
A laughing 747
A laughing 747 - Måned siden
1:41 aaand thats why i personally use 24 hour format
Minitrain - Måned siden
i too wanted those wings, metaphorically
Nana Goose 20
Nana Goose 20 - Måned siden


and i'm not telling it because that is private info-
Loka- Chan
Loka- Chan - Måned siden
2:12 wait Why does the wall electric thing has 3 dots? We have 2 and can flipp it up side down if we want to and still work. (That problem tho is on the cable so we still have that hahah)
蝶の花mariposa sakura
蝶の花mariposa sakura - 22 dager siden
because, you ignorant kid, outlets are different around the world.
Loka- Chan
Loka- Chan - Måned siden
Some Doof
Some Doof - Måned siden
ik that feeling
especially when they add subtitles on something written.
Daffodil 39
Daffodil 39 - Måned siden
When u get a random fill as a fourth person and he’s trash
The Devil's Child 666
The Devil's Child 666 - Måned siden
2:39 thats kinda one of the reasons why i watch in dub :/
The Lamb Sauce
The Lamb Sauce - 29 dager siden
@The Devil's Child 666 same I’m hiding from Gordon Ramsay 🤫
The Devil's Child 666
The Devil's Child 666 - 29 dager siden
@The Lamb Sauce uhhhhhhhhhh im gon XD
The Lamb Sauce
The Lamb Sauce - 29 dager siden
Hello Child 😈
ZoeDaCat Productions
ZoeDaCat Productions - Måned siden
That's the one perk of dubbed anime-being able to understand all the talking
Toby George
Toby George - Måned siden
💛 💛 💛
DownrangeAce - Måned siden
what a coincidence we have the same name and its spelled the same
YoungEid - Måned siden
rreewwqqaaa PlayZ
rreewwqqaaa PlayZ - 2 måneder siden
isn’t that the harry potter character
FireBall0220 Gaming
FireBall0220 Gaming - 2 måneder siden
Roch Janeczek
Roch Janeczek - 2 måneder siden
This anime is gey
a face you can trust
a face you can trust - 2 måneder siden
domics content is boring
Gregorio Castaneda
Gregorio Castaneda - 2 måneder siden
This video made me fully repeat me sentences
Øçëåñ - 2 måneder siden
What about peeves the poltergiest
SkippyGippy - 2 måneder siden
came back after 2 years and just noticed Joey Voiced here lol
amelia paterson
amelia paterson - 2 måneder siden
The english subbed anime one is soooooooooooooooooooooo true
Badridin Hotamov
Badridin Hotamov - 2 måneder siden
Badridin Hotamov
Badridin Hotamov - 14 dager siden
@蝶の花mariposa sakura BUT i am sure i have seen this anime somewhere before
蝶の花mariposa sakura
蝶の花mariposa sakura - 22 dager siden
it isn't a real anime
Ripudude Luke snowden
Ripudude Luke snowden - 2 måneder siden
That's why I just watch the dub
Ryze. - 2 måneder siden
holy bro just move your couch closer.2:17
MemerMineCraft - 2 måneder siden
One of my pet peeves is when my GTAV online kicks me out thanks to WiFi issues.
Zombie Goddess
Zombie Goddess - 2 måneder siden
when people come up to me (im goth) and ask me
1: are you depressed
2: why so much black?
3: why do you dress this way
4: Are YoU SaTaNIc?!
Sri Andarini
Sri Andarini - 2 måneder siden
Reano reeves.
Cari Panda
Cari Panda - 2 måneder siden
The short cable one is 👌🏻
Dreams - 2 måneder siden
Wait your name is Dominik? (I think) mine is too
Muzzy Munchkin
Muzzy Munchkin - 2 måneder siden
"we can all once again eat mango pudding together'
*flashback's to jaiden's speedrun*
Nathan Lai
Nathan Lai - 2 måneder siden
SeniorRadish - 2 måneder siden
My name is also Dominic and the first one has happen before,
kirbzcitkatz - 2 måneder siden
"Sir, you have a very bad disease called Stupidly."
Fun - Bon
Fun - Bon - 2 måneder siden
1:41 thats why i use 13 00 and not 1 pm
Kurt Tranks Canabe
Kurt Tranks Canabe - 2 måneder siden
2:38 Dang, That was very accurate for me . haha
Dawn - 2 måneder siden
The first one could just be a accent thingy?
Tonton Yt
Tonton Yt - 2 måneder siden
0:39 that's same in my country
darth gengar
darth gengar - 2 måneder siden
This is the worst one: When you try to press x on an ad but it still redirects you to their link
EeveeM8s - 2 måneder siden
Random Abilities
Random Abilities - 2 måneder siden
the anime part is fucking awesome
Yuqing Cao
Yuqing Cao - 2 måneder siden
dad: hey do u wanna take preap algebra 2 this year?
me: no.
dad:*puts in preap* ok, i respect your opinion but i dont accept it.
Lydia Dreemurr
Lydia Dreemurr - 2 måneder siden
1:40 People who use military time: Hmmmm
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake - 2 måneder siden
I thought I was watching MVPerry
Ollie’s stupid Things
Ollie’s stupid Things - 2 måneder siden
I forgot to sub to you so I just did lol
Robert Li
Robert Li - 2 måneder siden
1:33 Can we all please agree to always set the default to AM and make it so that you have to physically change it to change the alarm to PM. Furthermore, there should always be a alert when setting to pm and after setting an alarm in the afternoon, the default sets back to am
dragon boi
dragon boi - 2 måneder siden
*and then there's just that one female character in anime...*
shadow g25
shadow g25 - 2 måneder siden
I'm same like u
Casual Artist
Casual Artist - 2 måneder siden
with the anime sub thing, I was able to read fast enough to get everything. it's something you get used to as you watch more anime.
Master Chief
Master Chief - 2 måneder siden
People: how can you read the subtitles so fast in anime fights?!
Me: don’t worry about that
When another anime fight since occurs: (breathes) MANKEGKYO SHARINGAN!!!!!!
Riccardo Mauro
Riccardo Mauro - 3 måneder siden
1:41 in Italy we haven't this problem because we don't use "PM" or "AM"
JustKarlYT 14
JustKarlYT 14 - 3 måneder siden