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Allison Heinze-Villanueva
Yeah sadly, there are parents that put a tab and make their kids pay them back.
Ikal Balam
Ikal Balam - Dag siden
The impossible salad predictably grin because climb pivotally rhyme until a gullible gusty lion. long, bouncy united kingdom
Jason - Dag siden
jason was here
RepliX - 2 dager siden
Lmao 3 year olds can speak ???
usernameundefined123 - 3 dager siden
Not gonna lie, some kids do deserve to get spanked. Not beat up though LOL. I remember this mom will try her best to stay calm and nice, but damn that kid kept going wild.
Trace Buffington
Trace Buffington - 3 dager siden
This dude is the most mature YT out here.
Jasmine - 3 dager siden
oh domics, you will be laughing at this video when you become a parent
The Robloxian Army - Movies
The Robloxian Army - Movies - 4 dager siden
how to get out of an argument with three words: "okay, you're right"
KamrOns Korner!
KamrOns Korner! - 6 dager siden
I just got Rick Rolled by a sunshine chips ad.
Sanicthehotdoge - 6 dager siden
2:38 damn this kid really wanted his plant to grow
garlic_ 73
garlic_ 73 - 6 dager siden
( • . •)
MIGUEL GONZALEZ - 7 dager siden
is funny because at 0:47 in the video he like imaging if you had to give back all the money they spent on you but i have actually heard of people that have to do that
Acutellel - 7 dager siden
When I cried my grandma hit me and told me "I'll give you a reason to cry"
I cry at night to that thought
Also I love my grandma
Rasta Fox
Rasta Fox - 8 dager siden
Is it weird that when I was younger, I’d go to Walmart with my mom or dad and just casually roam the store, not get lost, and find them again easily?
Operation Cake
Operation Cake - 8 dager siden
0:09 omg I was just watching Us!
Rain bow
Rain bow - 9 dager siden
It made me laugh. Because my parents do the same thing.
Wilder Ways
Wilder Ways - 9 dager siden
So easy to criticise parents when you are still a kid yourself. Some good points made, in an ideal world situation but once you have a kid- revisit this as a dad and see if you are as together as you expect parents to be, especially those not as privileged as you. 😗😊
Gaming With Kai
Gaming With Kai - 9 dager siden
A rnd guy
A rnd guy - 11 dager siden
6:40 is that...
An ad: League of legend
Alexis Lennon
Alexis Lennon - 11 dager siden
And this is why
My mom bought me a kindle and minecraft took me to the doller store and said
Go crazy
This way the toys where new but was not a big deal when I lost them or they broke
Pack a "fun bag" as my mom called it
If I was bored that was my fault for not packing the right stuff🤣
Xavier Buford
Xavier Buford - 11 dager siden
The kid doing that dip was everything 😂
MD FAE - 12 dager siden
/> ❤. This is my best recreation
ocelot films 7 7
ocelot films 7 7 - 12 dager siden
Panda MilkShake
Panda MilkShake - 13 dager siden
0:50 mother did and whenever I missbehaved she threw the number at me to make me feel bad.
Salmaya Kitsune
Salmaya Kitsune - 14 dager siden
toddler me: *starts crying*
My parents: "Can I offer you a water in this trying time"
Mickey Love
Mickey Love - 14 dager siden
As a 13-year-old, I have fond memories of calmly observing the lego aisle in Walmart. Idk if it's true, but people say I'm very mature for my age.
GingerDoodleDog - 14 dager siden
"We care for our children so they can care for their children, not us."
-My grandma, I think
Daniel YouTube Gaming
Daniel YouTube Gaming - 14 dager siden
Domics: Could you imagine if parents kept tabs on everything they've spent raising you?
r/insaneparents: *Write that down, write that down*
Dreaming Pichu
Dreaming Pichu - 15 dager siden
As much as some people might think keeping your child on a leash is abuse, if they're a toddler or younger than 5 it's not abuse. Just if you are going to put your child on a leash in public make sure they don't give themself a black eye. When I was a toddler, just old enough to run around, my mom took me on a trip to Virginia to visit family, and while we were in the airport she had me on a child leash so I wouldn't run off and get lost. While we were in line I go bored and learned that if I ran a little bit forward the leash would slingshot me back a little. At first my mom didn't do anything because I wasn't hurting her, myself, or those around me. But then, I ran a little bit too far, and got slingshotted a little too fast, spun around and hit my head on the armrest of a metal chair. I was okay, I mean, I'm 16 years old know, so I definitely survived, but I did get a black eye and my mom carried me in her arms the rest of the time we spent in the airport.
RE:animated Shadow
RE:animated Shadow - 15 dager siden
Im like 12 and I walk around like my parents would and i've seen kids run around like a they are a tornado in a city and mess with me saying "if youre not a girl then prove it!" Ill just simply reply with a blank stare and they stop and get scared i guess idk lol
Oh and btw they think im a girl cuz i have long hair
Yahya Baig
Yahya Baig - 16 dager siden
This should be showed or displayed to kids and parents in the parent teacher meetings cuz this is imp
Gideon Dilts
Gideon Dilts - 16 dager siden
Why do people make a big deal out of milk before the cereal, I mean will it really affect you that much that you have to speak out about it. Do you really wake up in the morning cursing the thots that put milk in first? I do cereal before milk because it makes less of a splash, why do you waste your breath with such useless words that don't matter to anybody. It's just about preference and if someone likes putting milk first they should be able to do it without getting shamed. You are literally being hypocritical by saying someone can't or shouldn't do something when in another video you said not to do that.
patrlim - 16 dager siden
I put milk first because I heat my milk
Mohamed Mudawi
Mohamed Mudawi - 17 dager siden
The second he said stubborn at 5:07 I instantly new why I am the way I am
Muhammad Asim - Global Progress Volunteer
بچوں کو پاؤرٹی سے بچائیں
رضاکار عالمی ترقی سلسلہ- قسط 19
LGN wharf
LGN wharf - 19 dager siden
No Dom first milk then cereal
pickytugboat951 - 19 dager siden
My dad always wins our arguments and the reason he’s dad
Henlo Mates
Henlo Mates - 19 dager siden
Dude I never knew.
StrangerDoesRandomStuff - 19 dager siden
funny thing i grew up alone on the streets
Ryan - 19 dager siden
Noob noob Master
Noob noob Master - 19 dager siden
That Segway was perfect
GWJ Gaming with Jim/Going with Jim
Thanks Domics thanks to your video I have learned a very valuable life lesson and this also helped me with my essay about having children thanks again.
Pinky Boy
Pinky Boy - 20 dager siden
I will scream "OBJECTION!" if i was samuel
Cj Rojo
Cj Rojo - 21 dag siden
Can I still donate?
(You motivated me to do so way too much)
Potter Head
Potter Head - 21 dag siden
I am NOTHING like my parents: both are social butterflies, they love working out, they are smart AND IIIIIIII AM VERY AKWARD AND SHY, I AM LAZY ASF ALL I DO IS READ AND DTAW, I AM DUMB ASF
T - 21 dag siden
Great video. I only have to add that parenting is so hard and you never really are prepared for it. It's always different then how you imagine. As parents, we try to do our best (most of us), but at the end of the day we are only human and will make many mistakes. The thing, imo, that makes all the difference is being able to admit to your child when you are wrong and apologize. That is one thing I make sure I do with my children that my parents never did. I admit when I was wrong and I apologize for it and then try to not continue making the same mistakes. Kids, be kind to your parents, most of them are doing their best, but their best will never be perfect.
Watermallow - 21 dag siden
Thank you so much Dominic. This video was amazing and inspiring.
ALifeWithSixStrings - 22 dager siden
Living for 2:09 where Dipsy from teletubbies teaches young minds the essentials of voguing by dipping the f down
Edit: DIPSY— hence the name asgdjskakfhdlajdbsjl
Gavin Jenkins
Gavin Jenkins - 22 dager siden
Listen i understand people like cereal before milk but y'know what i like the milk first it keeps the top of the cereal dryer and gives more overall texture and that's ok
Martin Wade
Martin Wade - 22 dager siden
I swear some parents are so stupid
Sunset Studios
Sunset Studios - 23 dager siden
ok, once I was at the shop and the family with like 8 kids full on knocked me down and trampled me and the parent JUST WALKED PAST AS HER KIDS KEPT RUNNING!
Brian Gutierrez
Brian Gutierrez - 23 dager siden
1:08 What happened there?
Alamdar'game Tv
Alamdar'game Tv - 23 dager siden
This is killing me 4:12
savage x
savage x - 24 dager siden
This is very inspirational
If somebody read this comment..
Who *love* their parents
Deiadra Justice
Deiadra Justice - 25 dager siden
I can tell this was written by someone who is not a parent 😂
ViruZ Angel
ViruZ Angel - 25 dager siden
If theres one thing kids need a lot of anwers to its to the question
Kate BB
Kate BB - 25 dager siden
Lol I think I figured out a reason why people pour milk before cereal 😂 now it makes more sense🤣
Leah :3
Leah :3 - 24 dager siden
Parents. Once I discovered that it’s cereal before milk, I finally understood why. Oh and it’s Asian parents isn’t it? I’ve noticed it’s a trend among them.
Symmetry - 25 dager siden
i just realized the cereal was called
Nicole Ramos
Nicole Ramos - 25 dager siden
“Is just children raising children”.... dude. Where can I find more ppl like you!! 🥺
Shy PG3D
Shy PG3D - 25 dager siden
if parents listed everything they bought and did for you.... EVERY SINGLE GRAIN OF RICE OR FOOD
Mr Pi
Mr Pi - 25 dager siden
Yes, that really helps.
Leah :3
Leah :3 - 24 dager siden
It really does, like those threatening words will magically make me stop crying. Lmao. It surely helps.
Rema Sauers Hechinger
Rema Sauers Hechinger - 25 dager siden
The future futuristic opera taxonomically order because expansion objectively retire round a ossified frown. caring, damaged year
Danna Bellis
Danna Bellis - 25 dager siden
"How to not raise a Hitler"
Just dont punish them severely 👌
Noob noob Master
Noob noob Master - 19 dager siden
Hitler oversimplified
Noob noob Master
Noob noob Master - 19 dager siden
I understood that refrence
Leah :3
Leah :3 - 24 dager siden
And don’t EVER. Tell kids to stop crying. If you aren’t aware yet, it only makes things WORSE. By telling us to stop crying you are further verbally abusing us causing us to cry more. Idiots.
Zach Gram
Zach Gram - 26 dager siden
Teach them some empathy and awareness so they don’t get clotheslined by my cantolopes
Animator HQ
Animator HQ - 27 dager siden
We are not our parents. We are our own people. We are just people with the potential to be like our parents, but we are not the same at all.
Rayed Razack
Rayed Razack - 27 dager siden
Smilez - 29 dager siden
I too realized the same thing about arguing w my parents and siblings😂
Gavin McGuigan
Gavin McGuigan - 29 dager siden
Is it bad that when dom said everyone should have equal opportunities I immediately thought about communism
C .R
C .R - 29 dager siden
It is a blessing to be able to watch this video but it wasnt my parents that got me this, my mom sucked in every way as a human being, and she got hospitalized because the amount of drugs she was ingesting in her system doubled with the fact she was an alcoholic and most likely still is, and for my dad he had to work to pay for the money going to my brother, who was in the custody of my mom when she got out of the hospital because she is the female parent, and I got to live with my dads parents, who basically got me all the things I needed. My mother is still trying to buy my love, even though ik that if I do I'll just be heart broken again like the last thousand times she relapsed. But I'm grateful for all I have, but I dont need this, I just wanna be happy.
GhostTahar - 29 dager siden
No bowl milk cerael
AshChooses Pikachu
AshChooses Pikachu - Måned siden
Can you IMAGINE if they kept tabs of everything they spent RAISING you?
*laughs in brown household*
Lucarizard Art & games
Lucarizard Art & games - Måned siden
7:10 it’s official Dominic is a communist
Croptify - Måned siden
If u wanna be a parent guys just take this video as your formula.
landon saunders
landon saunders - Måned siden
does does young dom look like ray🤔
StarGazer - Måned siden
I don't want to have children but if I do I think I'll be a good mom, I won't give birth cuz that's expensive and older kids have a less chance of getting adopted, I might try to raise foster kids into good people and get them out of those centers, I'll do my best to raise good people :3
Anika Monzon
Anika Monzon - Måned siden
When you were talking about 'children raising children' my mind went to the Gilmore Girls
The Dreamer - Meditation & Relaxation Music
Thanks for these videos Dom!
Takrak - Måned siden
Why are 95% of my recommendations below this video domics videos this is like my second video for this week
Dawn - Måned siden
0:48 yeah... imagine... eheheh.....
Samuel - Måned siden
Mama: We are going outside
Me: why
mama: bc im your mother
Oregano - Måned siden
This didn't happen to me, but I found this story online.
So this woman was in a shopping line, and her son kept acting up. She politely asked him to stop, as it was irritating the other customers. The boy listened and sat down. Though, it kept happening, and every time, the kid sat down.
Eventually some guy behind her started being annoying and said, "You oughta spank that kid"
"Pardon?" The lady said
"You need to spank your kid or he'll never learn"
Then, that's when the person bagging food spoke up.
"The kids behaving just fine, he's sitting down every time she asks him to" they say
"But he keeps springing back up! I spanked every one of my kids" He said
Then the bagger says something she still feels bad for, but she says, "And do any of them still talk to you?"
The annoying guy growled and was silent the whole time.
Moral of the story, don't stop a housefire with a torch
MooMoo Mochi
MooMoo Mochi - Måned siden
B r u h my mother is everything and anything you just said parents shouldn’t do in this video 😔🤚
russian pooch
russian pooch - Måned siden
good speech i agree
Lupita MendezAhilon
Lupita MendezAhilon - Måned siden
My nose 👃started bleeding 🩸when I was in the middle of watching the video
KeepItReef - Måned siden
I'm sorry for a second there I thought you said "cereal first, then milk" it's ok I know that was an error in the writing and animating process but please make sure never to commit that atrocity again
Mr. Turtle
Mr. Turtle - Måned siden
5:28 how not to raise hitler
chr0min0id 04
chr0min0id 04 - Måned siden
0:14 this drawing is now my favorite thing
Sarah Wilkerson
Sarah Wilkerson - Måned siden
“It’s an argument between the same person.”
... oh boy. Oh sweet child. No. My parents and I are close to opposite on many things. I don’t know if this counts as bad parenting on their part, but I’m afraid to tell them things or even talk to them sometimes.
Galan hainig
Galan hainig - Måned siden
one dark thought my parents owe me if the didnt bring me into this world i would never feel sadness but by giving me life they give me sadness(i know theres good times still)
Aoife Siobhann
Aoife Siobhann - Måned siden
2:11 go off baby
Delighted Soul
Delighted Soul - Måned siden
“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.”
Abeer Kale
Abeer Kale - Måned siden

Larissa Glines
Larissa Glines - Måned siden
I know this is going to sound self-righteous but as a parent this video was an eye-roll. There's some good points but it comes off as really judgemental. That mom in the airport may have had a long day. You made a judgement on her based on one moment. Saying parents are completely to blame for their kid's behavior isn't fair either. There's a lot of factors. I only have a one year old so I'm definitely not super experienced, but in that one year I've already done things I used to judge other moms for. I know that I'll probably make a ton of mistakes along the way, and people may see those mistakes and judge me for them, but I think for the most part, people are doing their best. There's literally no hard and fast rules for raising a person. If there was we wouldn't all be as unique as we are. Yes there are bad parents but we should try to give them grace, especially in those early years. We're just barely figuring stuff out.
Atsumu's doggo
Atsumu's doggo - Måned siden
"-its your responsibility"
My dad: Let me just pretend i didnt hear that, peace out *disappeares*
Lasher_YT - Måned siden
This man inspired me to get good at animation and im still learning
stinky wakashik
stinky wakashik - Måned siden
Me: about to win a great argument
poke poke hehe
poke poke hehe - Måned siden
All my mom friend kids all say bad words and mkst are under 10
Toca Azalea
Toca Azalea - Måned siden
When i was 6 i already understood what i did wrong. Is it juat me or do adults forget how mature kids can be?
Craig Nomadking
Craig Nomadking - Måned siden
I’m..... What?!
Patricia white
Patricia white - Måned siden
Not just mothers but everybody needs teaching self government by nickoleen peck. she teaches people how to master their selves so they can solve any problem in any given situation. she's a very godly women that started by fostering treatment kids. all she wants to do is serve. check it out I promise it will change your life.