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Andrew Κ
Andrew Κ - 20 timer siden
2:58 .... But it's true... Every year they r getting shorter and shorter...
Ikal Balam
Ikal Balam - 2 dager siden
The abaft coach frustratingly irritate because kilogram ecologically mess up apud a judicious sky. breezy, broad kiss
Sam Sarfo
Sam Sarfo - 2 dager siden
Well you are 30 now 😂😂
Gil Silva
Gil Silva - 3 dager siden
I understand the Freshmen one but when im on my 4 year and i see a someone from the first year loudly announcing he thinks 1 and a half meters is tall I cant help but find that odd. My class was around 1.70 in our first year
cat king
cat king - 3 dager siden
My mom is 64
Bakoobie - 3 dager siden
I'm 17 and it already feels too late rip
ホムAEXON - 4 dager siden
Now, ur 30
Black Metal
Black Metal - 4 dager siden
Idk Why i felt old at 17 such a wierd feeling
kirraame - 5 dager siden
Hey are you 30 now
Rafa the dog
Rafa the dog - 5 dager siden
Grandpa Dom just just let that sink in
NoT Od
NoT Od - 6 dager siden
4:23 whatever's up there really tried to warn us
Yongie Hyun
Yongie Hyun - 7 dager siden
1:20 Them Pangibob fam do be vibing.
ASTEROID gaming - 7 dager siden
Im 12 and i feel old when i go to my friends classroom
Francis Cerbo
Francis Cerbo - 8 dager siden
Are you born at 1980 September or march I have been I've learning and focusing you videos
Slime Monster 379
Slime Monster 379 - 9 dager siden
I dont think imma feel old either. I am mentally 1. My freinds take care of me 😂 even tho im older than them. Theyre like an yr younger and im d baby in d group. Im d dumbass old
Rama Kommineni
Rama Kommineni - 9 dager siden
insert a number greater than 27:


IN YOUR FACE DOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steam Powered
Steam Powered - 10 dager siden
The cumulative knowledge of our civilizations is ever expanding, but the cognitive capacity of the individual has remained constant for millennia. The consequence is that we have to become more and more specialised to operate effectively. This sounds fine, but it means that we would probably be left floundering if we came loose from our societal underpinnings.
It also means that we should be incredibly wary of any analysis which presumes that we are individually more intelligent that past generations.
Doggo KitKat bar
Doggo KitKat bar - 11 dager siden
Okay so ur 30.
Jeralynn Sophia
Jeralynn Sophia - 12 dager siden
The younger generation will have to learn history on every week in 2020...
Tanushka Dandekar
Tanushka Dandekar - 12 dager siden
Wait so he is 30 now
Mm Ninja
Mm Ninja - 12 dager siden
I feel old but I’m young
Sebastiaan Kittel
Sebastiaan Kittel - 13 dager siden
Where did you go to highschool?!?!? Lol never seent that
Sebastiaan Kittel
Sebastiaan Kittel - 13 dager siden
Bladeserpent - 13 dager siden
3 years later... Hey Dom..... How’s 30 bro?
Moonchild Mochi
Moonchild Mochi - 13 dager siden
Niranjana Sripada
Niranjana Sripada - 16 dager siden
So your already 30
Heidi Peters
Heidi Peters - 16 dager siden
I’m watching this when he’s like 31. Wow 😯
Jookie - 17 dager siden
My mom had her first child at 18 which was me
Methembe Moyo
Methembe Moyo - 17 dager siden
Wish parents learn that old doesn't mean wise
Omar Riahi
Omar Riahi - 17 dager siden
From 2021
Bennjamin Bucker
Bennjamin Bucker - 19 dager siden
we need a sequel to "Old" titled "Dead"
Ryan Zhang
Ryan Zhang - 20 dager siden
who's still in primary school?
Manuel Mendoza
Manuel Mendoza - 20 dager siden
My parents married at 30 and 20 something years old
Andy’s Place
Andy’s Place - 21 dag siden
ɪM ᴏLᴅ
Iᴍ AᴄTᴜIʟY ɴINᴇ
GoAway - 21 dag siden
Hah, I'm twelve and I feel old. So you're wrong. Yeah, I only feel old as I have an annoying nine year old little brother.
Naheed Mussa
Naheed Mussa - 23 dager siden
Is it just me or did it look like Dom and his sisters were doing some Indian dancing?
Trxppy Toddler
Trxppy Toddler - 23 dager siden
BRo i was 13 when this came out
Samuel Banks
Samuel Banks - 24 dager siden
Fun fact: you have bones
shameless dino
shameless dino - 24 dager siden
Khaled Zowila
Khaled Zowila - 26 dager siden
This dude is 30........ wow I have been watching him for years and he still sounds like his 25 year old self
skyjosher35 - 26 dager siden
i know what a nether reactor core from minecraft is so i feel old every time i heare reactor core (im 11)
Ashley Evoy
Ashley Evoy - 27 dager siden
We can be adult dumbasses together. ^^
Yurio Plisetsky
Yurio Plisetsky - 28 dager siden
I'd mary dom
Rizal Nessia
Rizal Nessia - 29 dager siden
My grandfather is 76 year old
goopz - Måned siden
people don’t wanna watch they’re anime and read at the same time
One Flying Boiii
One Flying Boiii - Måned siden
İ am not even in my twenties but i am feeling old now thanks to this video :/
S G - Måned siden
russian pooch
russian pooch - Måned siden
haha i’m 10
The M&Ms Episodes
The M&Ms Episodes - Måned siden
_Every time something new happens in the world, whether it be a historical event or a technological advancement..._
*Or a global pandemic*
Blade Burke
Blade Burke - Måned siden
I'm 14 my hips hurt when I walk up stars my nees sqweek when I walk my I'm in worse shape then my grand parents unfortunately thanks to modern medicine those dumb enough to get themselves killed or do things I should have been killed or have awful genetics which makes me lose the teeth of age of 15 can keep living making it so then further along the evolutionary arguments go the worse are genetic makeup becomes
Ian the cringy white male I suck
im 10 and im scared to get older and die soooo.....
Tiger_the_ 1st
Tiger_the_ 1st - Måned siden
Omega Amadiobi
Omega Amadiobi - Måned siden
wait dom is 30?! i thought he was 21
Buggalo Juggalo
Buggalo Juggalo - Måned siden
4:43 sounds kinda like Steven Universe^^
himiko 1
himiko 1 - Måned siden
Queen Elizabeth
No One
No One - Måned siden
U could be the oldest person in the world and not know
Ryan Girgis
Ryan Girgis - Måned siden
4:10 gen z really dipped outta that
フレア太陽の - Måned siden
Where the childs
Jess Love
Jess Love - Måned siden
His actually 30 now sooo
AႦαɱႦα Nɠσɱυ
AႦαɱႦα Nɠσɱυ - Måned siden
He's 30 now
dat sexy motherfucer
dat sexy motherfucer - Måned siden
1:30 "my Facebook page" yeah you are old. . . . . . .
Ash Davis
Ash Davis - Måned siden
Still video is kinda OLD
Random Vids
Random Vids - Måned siden
....plhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OMG your 27 that's not old at all do you on how old I am 9 YEARS OLD
(Incase ya dont understand.I don't care)
Estefania - Måned siden
Hello Dom, I'm comenting 3 years later (by now you should have 30), I'm 32, and a don't have/thinking to have kids either. I think we are part of a generation where having kids is not a goal anymore and we have the chance to decide if we want them or not. So, no worries, I think this "phenomenom" is part of our generation :) .
U.S.A GAMING 2021 - Måned siden
My Dad is older than my GRANDPARENTS
S D - Måned siden
I'm 25, so while I'm younger than you, there have been times when I feel old. Especially when I think about my 2 older brothers and the fact that they both are fathers. The passage of time is an odd thing, but I think I'll enjoy whatever time I have left.
Kallie Price
Kallie Price - Måned siden
dang he's 30 now
Christian McKee
Christian McKee - Måned siden
Wait my guy you’re 30?!
moogie ice
moogie ice - Måned siden
As a Junior the reason we hate some freshman is because they have this thing called "freshman meme disease". The rest of us are overworked and the setting stress of college has set in that our lives are short from starting in the real world. While they live in the online world of Travis Scott burgers and torturing girls who play video games.
Beats n ' chill
Beats n ' chill - Måned siden
i turned 12 today.
kosis karki
kosis karki - Måned siden
1:21 what the f is that ?
Ultimate Alex Universe
Ultimate Alex Universe - Måned siden
dom u think ur old im a seven
Captain LEGO
Captain LEGO - Måned siden
Wait I am 9 and I feel old.
najma akter
najma akter - Måned siden
So you're 30 now
Ernesto Junior
Ernesto Junior - Måned siden
wow, I'm watching this in 2020 which means Domics is 30 now
Dark Morning Star
Dark Morning Star - Måned siden
Morbid and poetic is the same thing, we just choose to talk about them in different lights.
Zybrill 101
Zybrill 101 - Måned siden
Ayoo! happy 30th ;)
Devin Lei
Devin Lei - Måned siden
Ew dam, u old
??? - Måned siden
“OMg BeTTy, DId YOu SeE THe FrEsHMen This YeAr? LIkE EEeW, EEEEeW, (betty) OMg RiGHt? LIkE UUUuUh, FReShMEn? We TOTAlLy Wernt them 6 months ago (Coughs) EEEew YOu WannA LikE, GO To LIkE, StAr, LiKE, BucKS? OR SoMEThiNg? LIKe?” 2:42
P.S. THIS IS one of my fav domics scenes ever! 😂😂😂😂
Ben Ryan
Ben Ryan - Måned siden
Omg Dom's 30 now
Muhammad Nur Irshad
Muhammad Nur Irshad - Måned siden
Hai guys, saya soloz
Thomas Alvarez
Thomas Alvarez - Måned siden
7500000 viewer
Chacha Levs
Chacha Levs - Måned siden
''a new generation is always smarter than the one before'' Yeah, not this year
JIAN DIMAYUGA - Måned siden
so im pretty late to watch this vid but yee
Karenos The god
Karenos The god - Måned siden
"you wanna like, go to, like, star, like, bucks or something?

ßönër - Måned siden
27? Mate im 349345 years old dude
•P o t a t o_C h a n• UwU
Fasla Iqbal
Fasla Iqbal - 2 måneder siden
You are old when you realize you can use your real birthday to make google account
Scottsman Plays
Scottsman Plays - 2 måneder siden
Remember like Einstein said time is relative 👍
Naruto taku
Naruto taku - 2 måneder siden
but now u r truly old. 30
Strawburry Milk
Strawburry Milk - 2 måneder siden
I feel old and I’m only 13. It’s really only because lots of people in my life shame me for childish interests like cartoons and stuffies
John Olson
John Olson - 2 måneder siden
Me, a 14 year old
Carlos Gonzales
Carlos Gonzales - 2 måneder siden
I was just watching this video, and how would you pronounce “DcMonalds”
Eliza Davies 36
Eliza Davies 36 - 2 måneder siden
Your not old Dominic just because you feel old doesn't mean that you are old
Hopps !
Hopps ! - 2 måneder siden
Bitch I’m 12 and I feel old af
Ducks - 2 måneder siden
Honestly Dom's face looks like he's 22
CLAUDIA DUARTE - 2 måneder siden
"High 20 degree weather"
Mastur Chef
Mastur Chef - 2 måneder siden
I bet you didnt fight trough da nang in Vietnam.
Moms Gmail
Moms Gmail - 2 måneder siden
Hes 30 now
mel - 2 måneder siden
Ok but in middle school I totally made fun of the younger kids for being in a grade younger than mine