My Video Making Process

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Chris Carlone:
Runtime: 09:08


Ruben Castellanos
Ruben Castellanos - 10 timer siden
this video got me into animating. I go my first drawing tablet a couple of days ago and im starting today. See you in a year :)
idiots for idiots
idiots for idiots - 17 timer siden
tip: the built in adobe exporter is shit, use swivel its free and easy to use
Jayden Lalchan
Jayden Lalchan - Dag siden
I think it's mean that you yeeted the DREAM v2 file into Adobe at 3:03.
TJ Animates
TJ Animates - Dag siden
I’m broke so 🥲
lion animation
lion animation - 2 dager siden
It almost like the odd1out
isa hussein
isa hussein - 3 dager siden
Holy shit...
GAMER GIRL - 4 dager siden
Iw this freeeeee
Mr. ASHRINDRA - 4 dager siden
i give up
CandyThePuppy - 7 dager siden
Wow, very detailed.
loading - 8 dager siden
Wonjong Lee
Wonjong Lee - 9 dager siden
much respect to actually showing your process! you went much more in-depth than i thought you would. so interesting!
the ghost
the ghost - 9 dager siden
Adobe animate... ok thanks i just needed to know what program you used
gHoStAfY LeAdEr
gHoStAfY LeAdEr - 9 dager siden
So you rich rich?
Adagames75 - 11 dager siden
Can you tell me what is a best and cheap drawing talbet and tell me what is better for beginner
(With a screen or without)
ShipperOnDeck - 12 dager siden
That "kom-PYU-tuhr" cracked me up. Kuya Domics FTW!! XD
Shadynut - 12 dager siden
And while I'm edit
Max Waily
Max Waily - 12 dager siden
That's so cool....
AvaAnimations - 13 dager siden
i think ima stick with KineMaster because there is no way my 12 year old brain can do this XD
Olds2 - 14 dager siden
animating is a long process but its super fun too
bigbearcontent - 15 dager siden
kirbzcitkatz - 16 dager siden
5:28 the wiggle key
Hi - 17 dager siden
Ok the skillshare is not being loded so can you tell me how to download Adobe animate for free
Solomon Whitley
Solomon Whitley - 17 dager siden
Domics, do you use auto lipsync?
waffle man YT
waffle man YT - 15 dager siden
I doubt it
The Normal Twerker
The Normal Twerker - 19 dager siden
Ha ha
Watergoblin Is sus
Watergoblin Is sus - 19 dager siden
cant believe this is recorded in a closet lmao XDDDD
Chikin Nugg
Chikin Nugg - 20 dager siden
Man the work that he puts into his videos is amazing this just gives me more respect for him
ZoeDaCat Productions
ZoeDaCat Productions - 20 dager siden
3:59 what's the mistake?
Aaliyah Prudent
Aaliyah Prudent - 20 dager siden
i want to animate for free what can i use
채장훈 - 21 dag siden
I used to animate. I still sometimes do, but I don’t do it fast like you.
Btw, I tried making a 8 minute video, but it took 1 year...
Sadist Fake Bootleg Tiki
Sadist Fake Bootleg Tiki - 22 dager siden
1. Adobe anything is shit
2. Okay Millineal Asian The Amazzing and Jayden and her emo goth Marcerline voice fricken animations.
waffle man YT
waffle man YT - 15 dager siden
Aidan C
Aidan C - 18 dager siden
Shy PG3D
Shy PG3D - 22 dager siden
1:47 the dream video
Goth Blond
Goth Blond - 23 dager siden
I made an alien wave at 4 frames once
Metal Wang
Metal Wang - 24 dager siden
dude 24 frames per second is worst than 12 fps
Darien Strider
Darien Strider - 24 dager siden
Rome - 25 dager siden
Wishing you all light and positivity 🙏🏽
SilverMushroomMario - 25 dager siden
when you use adobe on lightmode
paul thammaracksa
paul thammaracksa - 26 dager siden
The languid taxi parallely entertain because description thoracically shop around a melodic football. moaning, keen apple
Art of the R
Art of the R - 26 dager siden
and as well as this if you wtch his streams you see his assets and whereit is build a dom work shop no hate just noticed
Abhiee 28
Abhiee 28 - Måned siden
"KomPyuTeR" Filipino accent
Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh - Måned siden
You have office. I thought you animate from your bed hiding from world..
T_revTheDino - Måned siden
Is it funny how he said ctrl alt shift e to fill and the frame was Phil?
Aylin Anahi
Aylin Anahi - Måned siden
oh you're my idol domics
Билал эгембердиев
You make a super animation ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌
Croptify - Måned siden
Ima subscribe beczuse of dis!
Nortsa Edit
Nortsa Edit - Måned siden
my brain got mad
Do I have to use a drawing tablet
Jory Putra
Jory Putra - Måned siden
Domic: *say love you to his audio editor
Me as an intelectual: Gae confirmed
Preston rants
Preston rants - Måned siden
Wtf why do you have so many layers
Preston rants
Preston rants - 15 dager siden
@waffle man YT lol I’m just suprised he can keep track of so many. Lol if u can’t tell I’m very new to animation that’s not stopmotion so I suck at keeping track of layers especially with a mouse that sucks with scrolling. I am actually working on one rn
waffle man YT
waffle man YT - 15 dager siden
@Preston rants well his animations are much more complex especially the dreams video
Preston rants
Preston rants - 15 dager siden
@waffle man YT but dayum I only use 4 or 5
waffle man YT
waffle man YT - 15 dager siden
Cause you need layers
Redden tomatoes
Redden tomatoes - Måned siden
I am an animator too check my channel
rital youssef
rital youssef - Måned siden
I don't get y adobe animate is with money like bro I'm still a beginner I think using clip studio paint is easier and a Lil letter to Dominick (that probably won't see or reply to this) u inspire me to animate and draw even though I lost hope 3 months ago and I really hope u have a great 2021 next year:)
Alberto Ferrari
Alberto Ferrari - Måned siden
Am I the only one who gets more inspired by this video 😭
RedRisible - Måned siden
Plot twist: He animated the editing software
Jaylincry - Måned siden
are you filipino?
AG nodes super supreme
AG nodes super supreme - Måned siden
Man your sound effects are killing me
TakenUsername - Måned siden
I know this isn't big, BUT HE USES FL
SoyAgustín - Måned siden
Ojalá hablaras español porque todos los animadores hablan inglés :,v
David Q. Gacias
David Q. Gacias - Måned siden
your so cool dude your not crazy lazy i want to be like you
Mr. Mendon
Mr. Mendon - Måned siden
0:17 that's smart that's hella smart... Hella underrated dude.... That's cheeky smart
Edit: answering all the questions like that is hella smart
Yes I animate
Yes I animate - Måned siden
0:08 69Feb69 lol
Hans Andrade
Hans Andrade - Måned siden
Uuh, ok?

crac crac crac why the hecc is it so COMPLICATED?!
Alex Smith
Alex Smith - Måned siden
It seem to complex
flat spot
flat spot - Måned siden
Also can I do it with out a computer
waffle man YT
waffle man YT - 15 dager siden
You can animate on phone but you gotta use adobe animate and a drawing tablet for a computer
dinajpur dinaj
dinajpur dinaj - Måned siden
dinajpur dinaj
dinajpur dinaj - Måned siden
flat spot
flat spot - Måned siden
And if so what
flat spot
flat spot - Måned siden
Can I use anything other than Adobe
SDLM owo
SDLM owo - Måned siden
am starting animation so this is really helpfull!
Emoji - Måned siden
How i do my videos depends on what i need to do the only things that are the same are the apps i use
Andrew Sung
Andrew Sung - Måned siden
is "Notepad++," necessary for organizing scenes and tasks for the video? Are there any alternatives similar to this app? is it virus free?
Andrew s
Andrew s - Måned siden
[•sᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ ᴛᴀᴇᴋᴏᴏᴋ•]
Dom: Computer, drawing pad, microphone, every rich supplies exist

While me: *trying to save 2$*
Abombnimations - 2 måneder siden
I know im a year late but i need a tutorial of all of that
Toca Leah
Toca Leah - 2 måneder siden
Gab Saav
Gab Saav - 2 måneder siden
KSJ_29 - 2 måneder siden
expand to "Phil"
Ron G
Ron G - 2 måneder siden
AidonLauffer - 2 måneder siden
I like how you use a source code editor to organize scenes lol.
CJ Animation
CJ Animation - 2 måneder siden
bem bom bam hahahah
Bichen Up Ur -
Bichen Up Ur - - 2 måneder siden
I use the same mic...
it doesn't sound as good and I always have to clean up the audio
엘리Audriie - 2 måneder siden
Oh god, storytime videos took longer than I thought-
CHRIS BÒLÓN - 2 måneder siden
I Clicked because i saw the FL Studio Fruit
Luka るか
Luka るか - 2 måneder siden
Me: Great!
* *goes to the bathroom*
ׅ - 2 måneder siden
Felixio88 - 2 måneder siden
Me: oh i cant wait to make video
dom: get in drama
me: and thats the end of that
venzam 23
venzam 23 - 2 måneder siden
Oh this is fricking hard respect to all animators
Naru Story
Naru Story - 2 måneder siden
How the heck he add the extensions for lips sync? : / i definitely need those for my animation😆😉
AMV _ Saber
AMV _ Saber - 2 måneder siden
Thank you for the helpful video ... I hope starting to make animations
Cartoon Sausage
Cartoon Sausage - 2 måneder siden
Respect. It’s great to see another animator’s process and you’ve definitely taken it to another level and it’s inspiring for small channels like me. 👍
Liquid Luke
Liquid Luke - 2 måneder siden
*w h a t*
Amoung us Fan
Amoung us Fan - 2 måneder siden
Dixon Smelly
Dixon Smelly - 2 måneder siden
Been a year since this video was posted
marineanimal 72
marineanimal 72 - 2 måneder siden
This literally is every thing I wanted to know and was searching since past day
JustAMalayFriend Desu
JustAMalayFriend Desu - 2 måneder siden
This is just like my animating process!

In 10 years
PIXARC - 2 måneder siden
It looks very hard
SPEEDXS 6 - 2 måneder siden
Congratulations Domics for hitting 7million subs,I'm happy for you
Gabie - 2 måneder siden
We have the same mic and I also use fl studio and audacity lol 🥰
KingCrashWrites - 2 måneder siden
... Yea Imma just stick to creative writing💀💀💀
flashkid wacky
flashkid wacky - 2 måneder siden
Dom: It doesn't matter what your resolution because it's vector.
Me: *1080p it is.*
RudyTheNinja - 2 måneder siden
That's so cool, I never thought about how you could split the work between animators
I thought it would turn out choppy, but I couldn't tell in ur Dreams video
Kimi Kartoons
Kimi Kartoons - 2 måneder siden
am sad cuz adobe animate costs money and im too poor ;-;
MissMichelle Xiong
MissMichelle Xiong - 2 måneder siden
I’m not sure why this video isn’t as popular as his other ones. It’s so interesting to watch the process of how he makes amazing animations for us to watch!
Justsimion 7
Justsimion 7 - 2 måneder siden
grande dom ti seguo da quando pensavo fossi orion