My Dreams

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Just Some Ugly Drawing
Just Some Ugly Drawing - 6 timer siden
I had a Dream where Theres a Tsunami and It suddenly get Froze by Aokiji the Theres a Tsunami again and Aokiji is already left so me and my brother need to make a Device to stop the Tsunami. Then we made it somehow. The Device is a Circle thing that we rub at the Ground to Move the Tectonic Plates or Something to stop the Tsunami.

Then I woke up.
Stevengamer 763
Stevengamer 763 - 18 timer siden
Brian Ho
Brian Ho - Dag siden
1:02 I had the same dream and its very similar
Roblox Ramblers
Roblox Ramblers - Dag siden
4:11 now that's an Azure Striker.
Ariana Perez
Ariana Perez - Dag siden
That dream you were talking about were someone was trying to kill y’all that looks like someone from Haikyu!! Or is it just me?
AnonymousPerson - Dag siden
Going back from 4:20 to 4:16 frame by frame looks funny to me for some reason. I don't know why, I just needed to write this down.
Lily Luna Potter
Lily Luna Potter - Dag siden
One time at semester I had a dream where my math teacher was my art teacher and we were doing a drawing activity. He was walking across the classroom back and forth and stopped beside my desk, rip the paper out of my hands and said "THIS IS THE WORSE DRAWING I EVER SEEN! DO YOU WANT TO GRADUATE OR NOT?! AT LEAST *TRY* TO BE GOOD!" the whole class was looking at me and whispering, I was about to cry. Then I remembered he was our math teacher, I get up, grabbing my head in confusion and yelled "YOU AREN'T OUR ART TEACHER!..Wh-what is happening?! WE WERE IN SEMESTER I'M NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!" Then I woke up in cold sweat, panting. It took me a few minutes to relax and go back to sleep.
Joseph Siapno
Joseph Siapno - Dag siden
Did you try minecraft
Dragon Earth
Dragon Earth - 2 dager siden
I've always been taught that sometimes dreams try to tell you something about your waking life with the dreams mentioned I've picked up on a few things. I'm starting to think that Dom has anger issues and his dreams is trying to show him with a slight fear of someone stealing his work. He's also might possible be someone that is quick to stress or anger if things might not go his way.
And, then the due twisted her face and twisted mine.

Will sometimes they are just dreams.
Dhwanit Gohel
Dhwanit Gohel - 2 dager siden
My dreams are just too much random. I cannot remember them fully but sometimes I experience deja vu in them. Like one time, it was I had to collect some crystals and make a fricking BED. I mean, I am already sleeping and why the heck I need to make a bed? And when I finally made it and went to sleep in my dream, my mother woke me up.
Mr. Oofy
Mr. Oofy - 2 dager siden
I wish i had these dreams most of mine is just me surviving a zombie apocalypse and getting infected at he end then waking up
_Honestly Just Garbage_
_Honestly Just Garbage_ - 2 dager siden
This murder changes people to obito?
Adwaith Arun
Adwaith Arun - 3 dager siden
Domics before covid:brought together by online classes
me in 2021:we do not say that here
Yajhaira M Harrison
Yajhaira M Harrison - 3 dager siden
Your videos make my days and nights 100% better especially lately with my depression being on 1000000000 without any explanation...thank you
TheBeautifulDiversion - 3 dager siden
Reminds me of the White Bear episode of Black Mirror.
Samuel Carrick
Samuel Carrick - 3 dager siden
Did Domics watch to much anime ?
Alyssa M
Alyssa M - 3 dager siden
I used to have a bunk bed and every time i used to have nightmares every time i slept on top of the bunk bed and I’m not afraid of heights
NARUTO N. Sasuke
NARUTO N. Sasuke - 4 dager siden
OK I’ve actually had a couple weird dreams but I don’t remember but damn all so I’m gonna tell you one thing I do remember so when I went to bed I remember being like five and it was me in my like four-year-old brother and for some reason we were wearing like those on the water jet packs and the electric eels in the water I don’t know that’s the part that makes it weird for me and then I got bit by like a parana and I don’t know even with a paranaCame from so yeah that was my dream I died and then I just woke up covered in cold sweat
Existing Name
Existing Name - 4 dager siden
I once had a dream where i was in my school but it looked like it was more.. futuristic, and i got a trophy for idk reason and i went to the bathroom went back and someone stole my trophy and replaced it with bubble tea and i went to my dad but he left without me so i was stuck at school
And then i woke up
Speedo500sp - 4 dager siden
kxx5 - 4 dager siden
who else thought the lightning and fire powers was like reshiram vs zekrom😭😭😭
GABRIELE POPESCU - 4 dager siden
Ahh domics,never smoke before you go to bed
Samaera TV
Samaera TV - 4 dager siden
I am laughing like crazy😂
wolfie joy
wolfie joy - 5 dager siden
every shop ever paying with card 3:44
a j
a j - 5 dager siden
Vince Vergara
Vince Vergara - 5 dager siden
Wrecked Her Ass, Hmmmm Sounds Wrong
Maia Smith
Maia Smith - 5 dager siden
I had a dream last night that I was the avatar. I had to go to a pool party at the greek god Zeus's place. My friend Joey was there. Nobody cared that I was the avatar lol. It was weird.
GD Peachez
GD Peachez - 5 dager siden
"Nobody is born cool"
*The people who put the sponsors at the end of the video*
R3Ked - 5 dager siden
wa7saka - 5 dager siden
this is why i write down my dreams
Idiocy_beyond_ repair
Idiocy_beyond_ repair - 5 dager siden
the fact that the murderer is jom is a fantastic detail that i love
Abeenacat - 5 dager siden
Want to hear somthing weird. I was on the couch watching youtube then the tv turned on and there was a sport game i looked for the remote but there was no remote- so i left
amNein - 6 dager siden
ah yes, MELTED Flakes
TheOreos Gaming
TheOreos Gaming - 6 dager siden
This moment when your life is 100 times better then normal and you woke up
BlackBoy 27
BlackBoy 27 - 6 dager siden
So I used to constantly have the same dream back when I was about 9.
For back story, I had a close friend that I used to hang out with a lot. I liked being friends with him, and he seemed alright. That’s all the back story needed 😅
It was a typical zombie apocalypse dream, where me, my brother and this friend where running for our lives.
We end up getting surrounded by a herd of zombies and stand our ground ready to die together, but when I look behind me my friend was smirking as he snuck away through a small gap in the herd.
I get pissed off that he just ditched us and wake up.
Why was this dream so important u ask?
Well, in the few weeks of having this dream every other day, we find that a few of our Lego characters were missing. Now, what made this suspicious was that this friend was over that same day, and we where playing with these characters.
We (my brother and I) told our mum and she called up this friends mum and explained the situation. We didn’t actually care about the Lego characters but him stealing them would be a sign that he isn’t trustworthy, something that my dream was saying for the past few weeks.
It turns out that he DID steal them. He come to our house the next day and gave them back.
I didn’t brake off the friendship there, but after that incident it became awkward and we eventually stopped talking.
BlackBoy 27
BlackBoy 27 - 6 dager siden
I can go into other one off dreams that didn’t actually connect to my actual future, but I believe that was the r them of these two dreams so I won’t. For anyone who actually read all three comments, nice 👍🏾. Thanks for spending your time reading through me trying to explain my weird dreams 😁
BlackBoy 27
BlackBoy 27 - 6 dager siden
Another one of these “consistent” dreams was of my friend again. This time I was about 15, and this friend I hadn’t seen since primary school. the dreams were nothing special, just a bunch of primary school stuff, going through old memories and all that, but what made them stand out was that ALL of them made this one friend (that I was never that close to, he was more like an acquaintance) the main person I interacted with. Most of the dream was me talking to him, playing tag with him or being in class with him. It was kinda strange due to the fact that it started randomly. The last of these dreams was a little different. This time it was based in present time (as in my 15 year old present time). I go to school and what do I find? This friend has moved schools to my one. I moved on with my life and nearly forget these dreams. The next year I’m sitting with my friends at recess and who do I see just sitting there? This very same friend. Turns out he moved. Another dream that strangely connected to my real life. The same thing happened to another acquaintance of mine from primary school, which just made it even more strange.
xxanime__simpxx - 6 dager siden
4:11 I loved this dream 🤣
J S - 6 dager siden
My friend: I had a dream where I kissed my crush
Me: of course you did you’re my friend
Galan hainig
Galan hainig - 6 dager siden
love the animation
Jevil - 6 dager siden
weird nightmare i had so one time i was in the living room watching tv then suddenly it turns into a warning this abt a nuke so im freaking out, then suddenly a hologram pops out on the coffee table saying that santa was gonna save us all from the nuke so we go on his sleigh then suddenly rudolph's nose explodes so now we're falling, everyone dies except for me, then i wanna kill myself so i break off rudolph's antler and stab myself and dream over
J S - 6 dager siden
Galan hainig
Galan hainig - 6 dager siden
ive had flying dreams sevral times and like grow wings or something and once for some reason pikachu was there and he powered me up or something?
Ahmed Alibaba
Ahmed Alibaba - 6 dager siden
You know what a nightmare is, right? Well, for every tenth nightmare or so, I’d have a dream, this dream was like paradise, so I ended up with calling them, paradise dreams. In these dreams, it would be like living in paradise! Usually I would be blessed with some sort of supernatural power, or something that would never happen in real life....
However, there was a sad part....
Every time I woke up, I saw my surroundings and thought to myself, so this is reality? I’d wish someone would’ve just knocked me out, then & there so I could continue the dream. Every time I woke up from a paradise dream, I’d try to sleep again, but it never worked.
The saddest part is, when I realized I would never get back to the dream, never live the dream. I started getting on my knees and praying, looking at the floor, just praying this would be real, that I could live it. And I would pray for at least a minute, even though I knew myself, that my wish would never come true.
Then, at last, I would continue on with my day, thinking of how cool it would be if that dream would become reality..
My MOM!!!
My MOM!!! - 6 dager siden
That one dream with the lighting sounds like one of my dreams
Seazerial - 6 dager siden
Dream:felt like more then hours days weeks or months
Real world:minutes
PhotonOmega - 7 dager siden
i had a Yu-Gi-Oh duel with obama in my dream once (i play Yu-Gi-Oh a lot)
he won ofc, but he said something weird right as he finished me off out of nowhere

"you should become a lawyer"
Firefox - 7 dager siden
FireKnight23 - 7 dager siden
I litteratly am gonna go see if you can actually fly like he says
Attackmoose3 - 7 dager siden
Ur dreams make so much more sense compared to mine.
Máté Abonyi
Máté Abonyi - 8 dager siden
the being:Wow that was a good episode
Gece Ergen
Gece Ergen - 8 dager siden
14301st coment!!!
J S - 6 dager siden
Wow what a weird dream
Muzzy Munchkin
Muzzy Munchkin - 8 dager siden
here's my weirdest dream:
i was going to fight the ender dragon with dantdm and a fnaf world-style team of steven universe gems in a spaceship. yeah. also the spaceship had the same kind of layout as my sister's bedroom? and i was sitting on her bedside table except it had carpet on it. and i was drawing steven universe characters, maybe the ones we were traveling with? and there were two that i drew and i then realized they weren't supposed to be there. i think they were corrupted gems or something. so instead of rubbing them out, i just scribbled over them. you know, like a noob who doesn't know how to art.
scribbler 13
scribbler 13 - 9 dager siden
The lightning vs fire dream happened just so he was able to animate that fight scene his brains got his back
WickenChing - 9 dager siden
My dreams are so complicated and different I can’t just explain it...
SAGAN ORTIZ - 9 dager siden
ok the flying dream I also had where I jump in a ball and BOOOSh
Choco Way
Choco Way - 10 dager siden
J S - 6 dager siden
Maaviah animates
Maaviah animates - 10 dager siden
4:17 is fire 😍
J S - 6 dager siden
And lightning
Will Galloni
Will Galloni - 10 dager siden
J S - 5 dager siden
Holy shit I just realized fuck off backwards almost sounds the same
J S - 5 dager siden
@Will Galloni ffo kcuf
Will Galloni
Will Galloni - 6 dager siden
@J S ok nice to meet u too
J S - 6 dager siden
Fuck off
Hn Navy
Hn Navy - 10 dager siden
4:24 “so I WRECKED her a$$” 😐
TheHelmetCrussher THC
TheHelmetCrussher THC - 11 dager siden
ok after watching this video...who always watch the credit card reader after paid the item...
cause i do🤣
TearzTokisaki - 11 dager siden
what if are dream really are just moments we get sent to a different universe
My123mon - 11 dager siden
Fun fact
I have more lucid dreams than you!
And I only have them like 2 times a year
Ethan slayer
Ethan slayer - 11 dager siden
Domics:But for some reason I had lightning powers!
Hahahaha 🤣
DragonkittyQueen MGA
DragonkittyQueen MGA - 11 dager siden
Avatar: fire and lightning.
Me: but Kilua
bengi comedy
bengi comedy - 11 dager siden
I make animation vids too Domics and u are my inspiration
Minitrain - 11 dager siden
is it me or did the killer look kinda like Jomm?
I Have This Mug
I Have This Mug - 11 dager siden
I have had four separate dreams where the world ended. All in a different way yet all involving space in one way or another. With each dream tho, I got increasingly more excited that the world was ending.
depression at it's fullest
depression at it's fullest - 11 dager siden
mica bean
mica bean - 12 dager siden
I had a dream I saw golem in a dark wet sewer pipe
I Have This Mug
I Have This Mug - 11 dager siden
Zade Seth
Zade Seth - 12 dager siden
Uhhh if you watch avatar the last air bender Lightning is a sub skill of fire bending
Zade Seth
Zade Seth - 11 dager siden
@I Have This Mug You are right I forgot to say that
I Have This Mug
I Have This Mug - 11 dager siden
Ye but at that time it was only mastered by really powerful and skilled firebenders
Kassandra Bond
Kassandra Bond - 12 dager siden
Mans went killua mode on her
Flaming Extra Spicy Chicken Wings Birdies
most of my dreams are extremely sexual, but this one dream really made me question everything, (any kids reading you really wont get anything im saying) and in my dream i was a hot amazing shower faucet, like i was just some silver silhouette with abs and cool hair, but my schlong was a shower faucet, and then there was this beautiful bathtub, she was boxy and gorgeous, her corners were extra clean and her piping system was brand new, we hit it off at the furniture store, shopping for some forks to eat and spoons to drink, but then she invites me over to her place and we obv doing it, its hot its steamy and right when we hit climax, a person walked in and suddenly my perspective changed into that person ,(it was right when the climax hit) and from my point of view it was just a regular bathtub, but the faucet was on and it was going in the hole of the bathtub, i sigh and say "who left the bathtub on?!" and turn it off, i woke up very confused
Flaming Extra Spicy Chicken Wings Birdies
@I Have This Mug idk either my list of weird dreams just goes on
I Have This Mug
I Have This Mug - 11 dager siden
What-.... what the hell?.???
Kat Spectrum
Kat Spectrum - 13 dager siden
when u cant think of content so u just dream a bunch of stuff to make a video about B)
Sunidhi Deshmukh
Sunidhi Deshmukh - 13 dager siden
😂😂😂😂😂I laughed soo hard
N04h _002
N04h _002 - 13 dager siden
Wait wait the flying dream I had the exact same dream just I was crossing my legs While siting! It was vivid there was a brick one floor building and a metal wire fence around the building shaped like an L
• Hamster Pog •
• Hamster Pog • - 13 dager siden
One of the dreams i had was where i woke up got ready to go to school with my bag ready and my uniform ready i enter my classroom my pants disappear and everybody in my class was speaking french and i don't know french so i left my classroom and i woke up that all i remember it was really weird
Just another random person on YouTube
I've had several weird dreams and there about 5 that I remember so I figure I might as well just share this short one with a bunch of random people on the internet:
I dreamed that I was picking flowers in Minecraft in a field next to a dark oak forest full of villagers when all of a sudden Tigerclaw/star from Warriors comes flying outta no where in the same artstyle as Moonkitti's I spoil Warriors series and tries to stop me. I don't remember the whole dream but, I'm pretty sure there wasn't much more to it.
Haaris65 - 14 dager siden
1:15 wait what the hell omfg what what. that dream was basically exactly one of mine that i remember really well
it was ages ago when i loved peter pan so thats why i had a dream.
so LITTERALLY in the dream i was walking on our school oval (its like a grass field)
holy crap im not even lying im actually really suprised
but thats not how i flyed lol
retro gaming28
retro gaming28 - 14 dager siden
I usually have dreams that I’m in a anime and I’m a mc and have super strong magic powers or wet dreams or super random ass dreams
N j rocks
N j rocks - 15 dager siden
I can totally relate the flying part
Monsieur m0u
Monsieur m0u - 15 dager siden
I swear I had the same flying dream, so weird
Detra Meech
Detra Meech - 15 dager siden
You don't even know what my dreams are
SizzleMode45 - 15 dager siden
And I thought I had weird dreams
Dog King
Dog King - 15 dager siden
That makes scene
Dog King
Dog King - 15 dager siden
Pathetic I have weirder
Noel Cain
Noel Cain - 16 dager siden
4:07 wooooooooooooow
kakarot247 - 16 dager siden
I can't even imagine the kind of dreams we're gonna have after having this in our subconscious. ☠️
Baby Grogu
Baby Grogu - 16 dager siden
1:06 yes! I have that same dream! Why does it take place at my elementary school
chipy - 16 dager siden
One time I was in a dream I was in a dark room I saw eyes with arms but it was just a circle and I was like...😃 Bruh W.T.-and it shredded me in prices and killed me and I woke up
spork - 16 dager siden
Wow what a trash ass video. A shitty story video about dreams, dreams suck balls because you can just fake them and they are fake. THEY NEVER FUCKIN HAPPENED! why not just make a real story/ cartoon instead...
spork - 11 dager siden
@I Have This Mug I.... I don’t really know what to say. You do know that saying that isn’t gonna do anything right?
I Have This Mug
I Have This Mug - 11 dager siden
I.... I don’t really know what to say. You do know that saying that isn’t gonna do anything right?
XFANTOMX - 16 dager siden
4:10 the animation is sick
leiana carrasco
leiana carrasco - 17 dager siden
That last one made me laugh hard asl
Darky's Universe
Darky's Universe - 17 dager siden
Is your dream multiplayer??
King Kennedy
King Kennedy - 17 dager siden
The cashier just needed money to support those poor sick raccoons, whom are also blind.
nemegay - 16 dager siden
i forgotten all about that video
Woken Cult Member
Woken Cult Member - 17 dager siden
Raid my school meeting join at 8:00AM CST
Am I the only one who dreams creepy stuff mixed with weird stuff with a pinch of horror like eating a cake till the cake eats you
big huss
big huss - 17 dager siden
His dreams are so interesting in so impressed oh he remembers his Dreams so well
Maple tacco Latte
Maple tacco Latte - 18 dager siden
4:24 wut
Maple tacco Latte
Maple tacco Latte - 18 dager siden
Virginity:... Robed confirmed
Mr.Electro - 18 dager siden
I just went from binging berd to posh hello hello
Elliott Rose
Elliott Rose - 18 dager siden
How to fly in my dream was floating on the wind useing my hand changeing the angle of holding it to descend or fly and then I got grabed by a random woman who thought u was a woman and wanted me to do a servay and hook up with her and I was like what the
abigail Pineda
abigail Pineda - 18 dager siden
The murderer looked like Jomm. Is he holding you hostage or something?
Million Habtezghi
Million Habtezghi - 18 dager siden
Flying in a dream is ezy i manged to control my drama 2 time one was full control which lasted 10 seconds the ather one was in a figth that didn't make sense after I workup but I manged to fly with out thinking about it. Oh yah I was a prisoner and after 20 seconds I was Goku. And one time I slapt a ghost in the face that I can't even see And I killed anther one in a car explosion that I cost. Is it weird that I never have a scary or ware I die over all some ten bad hapen too me. Are there any wirdos out there's like me?