My B-Boy Days

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Runtime: 09:33


Domics - 2 år siden
Still exploring VRV, and once I'm done Harmonquest, I'll need another show! Recommendations pls (anime included!)
Brian Hu
Brian Hu - 14 dager siden
watch madoka
Party TIme
Party TIme - 24 dager siden
Kim Gargro
Kim Gargro - 3 måneder siden
Spacey Joseph 1
Spacey Joseph 1 - 4 måneder siden
Ayo bro why you racist asf my nikka
Santiago Perez
Santiago Perez - 5 måneder siden
SunDemon678 - Time siden
nice touch at 8:11 where it says domics on your shoe.
Player 922
Player 922 - 2 dager siden
0:35 and dr dre said, nothing you idiots dr dre is dead he locked inside his dead mind.
Vuk Milovanović
Vuk Milovanović - 3 dager siden
6:49 raisist
Mr. Anim8r
Mr. Anim8r - 3 dager siden
Jaden matthew
Jaden matthew - 4 dager siden
Fun fact: at 1:20 he said "oh my vegetables" but in tagalog
dhruv agrawal
dhruv agrawal - 5 dager siden
6:00 isn't it just like deku watching all might beating bad people!!!, lol my hero academia
Logan Ithink5
Logan Ithink5 - 5 dager siden
Daniel Klein
Daniel Klein - 6 dager siden
POV: You are looking for Teren
Ben Zeng
Ben Zeng - 7 dager siden
8:11 His shoes has his name on it hehe
emmy fox
emmy fox - 7 dager siden
Abdul Thadha
Abdul Thadha - 8 dager siden
Oh my gooluy
Jian Borcelo
Jian Borcelo - 8 dager siden
Your friend CJ is literally Itachi. "Even at the age of seven (Not really), he was able to think like a hokage."
Unpredictable Gamer
Unpredictable Gamer - 8 dager siden
Wait a minute crunchyroll is free
ChristianLucas27 - 8 dager siden
So your B-Boy Days started with a Boy's B-Day?
Da_link1 - 9 dager siden
I like the deku reference
Shayan Chougule
Shayan Chougule - 9 dager siden
i was born in 2007!!!
Edrian Pelobello
Edrian Pelobello - 11 dager siden
still to this day, VRV is not available in the philippines. me sad now.
JabegamerYT - 11 dager siden
You mean dis dude in the video:
Toby George
Toby George - 13 dager siden
The expensive trousers semiannually realise because greek additionaly promise round a troubled carriage. overt, dead outrigger
Mr Minecraft
Mr Minecraft - 13 dager siden
Who else noticed that when he was break dancing a the end that his shoe had the word domics on it
• H a p p y A r i •
• H a p p y A r i • - 14 dager siden
"oh my gulay"
" still not as cool as Cg"
"man, i wanna be that cool"
"ay nako your just gonna break your bones"
"what the heck, i used to play smash with this guy"
Retrotyle - 14 dager siden
6:00 mha reference.
konsomepanchi - 14 dager siden
no power moves? you are whack only footwork that are so easy
Liam Smith
Liam Smith - 15 dager siden
I'm a hip-hop dancer and what you said about Power heads not connecting to the music is so true lol
Xyrex - 15 dager siden
4:16 was that Jowseph? i thought he got his ticket to Vegas
dweam is for me
dweam is for me - 15 dager siden
Man tought teren dickson was a fammily member of alesha dixson but nope he is not
Theo King
Theo King - 15 dager siden
I had a child actor friend so I know your pain domics
Tre Ford
Tre Ford - 15 dager siden
Who is your favorite pokemon
Samuel Youssef
Samuel Youssef - 15 dager siden
He forgot the i
myth cafe
myth cafe - 16 dager siden
a person in my primary school just coppied everything i did like steat dancing/break dancing he also coppied waht occupation i whanted and i swere to god almoast everyone thaught i was coppying him when i was way better anyway thanks for reading my little rant

god that kid enoyed me and he looked down on me ha jokes on him do
Sir Poopsalot
Sir Poopsalot - 16 dager siden
Way to not reinforce the stereotype that all Asian people can dance to some extent...
Matea - 16 dager siden
Idk why i like to watch domics at like 1
manga time
manga time - 17 dager siden
6:00 baby deku
Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson - 18 dager siden
8:13 dang that was a rly smooth transition
Mariah Carr
Mariah Carr - 19 dager siden
Break breakdance! Break break breakdance! Break break breakdance here we goooooooooo!
Tanomoshii_Nekojou - 19 dager siden
"Oh my gulay"
that's too specific for a Filipino 😂
venom2167 yt
venom2167 yt - 19 dager siden
Dominic should make a break dancing anime
Me Me
Me Me - 20 dager siden
I never could breakdance
Danaya Buntasnakul
Danaya Buntasnakul - 20 dager siden
you mean CJ from mrbeast
Andy’s Place
Andy’s Place - 20 dager siden
HeroMation - 21 dag siden
2:32 Monoma: First time?
Mebin animates
Mebin animates - 21 dag siden
oh my *gulay*
Shandria Paymeinpizza
Shandria Paymeinpizza - 21 dag siden
1:20 Lol🤣🤣🤣
Roy Kaneshiro
Roy Kaneshiro - 21 dag siden
Yooo i had the same experience but my mom told me to dance too but i started crying I was like 7 tho and was like traumatized to ever dance and still am
Abdullahi Mohamed
Abdullahi Mohamed - 23 dager siden
2 years later and i got the key and peele reference
BSGabry - 23 dager siden
Guys before: I wanna be a B-Boy
Guys now: I wanna be an E-Boy
(I’m talking to you tiktok)
WitherBoss 9000
WitherBoss 9000 - 23 dager siden
Wait a minute... Something seems off, I'm pretty sure their was an end part of this video where he showed an attempt at doing some break dance now as he have gained some weight and messed up and laughed with everyone else.
sean freeman
sean freeman - 23 dager siden
5:30 lowkey ragging on tricking
thesavage24 - 23 dager siden
Nani?! took me out
Popovski Bodan
Popovski Bodan - 23 dager siden
All you had to do was folow the damn train cj
Liam Barnes :0
Liam Barnes :0 - 24 dager siden
Bro was that dance as good as your animation it was so fluid
MASKED COVERS - 24 dager siden
DeadStar - 26 dager siden
Saving you the rouble in 8:11 in his shoe it says domics
29 kaif ali
29 kaif ali - 27 dager siden
Arnold Yang
Arnold Yang - 27 dager siden
My brother tryed teaching me b boy but gave up when i couldn't even learn the easy steps😂😂 ot took 10minute for him to give up
Arnold Yang
Arnold Yang - 27 dager siden
It not at sorry
Bubba Opera
Bubba Opera - 27 dager siden
Does Ballroom dancing count as B-Boy?😂
sam mit
sam mit - 28 dager siden
paul thammaracksa
paul thammaracksa - 29 dager siden
The private trousers dfly warn because toy lally wail given a hideous high heart. tacit, abhorrent iran
Hi Hello
Hi Hello - 29 dager siden
I recommend Domics in YouTube
Ebbooh - Måned siden
Wait this isn't about birthdays!
The gameing shinobi
The gameing shinobi - Måned siden
Yo I'm in teakwood do
Kaz The King
Kaz The King - Måned siden
Watch kny!!!
Axel Y
Axel Y - Måned siden
6:00 slap some brocolli hair on that boy but some all might figures speed it up by 10k and BOOM we have a fanboy deku
Yannis Ihorimbere
Yannis Ihorimbere - Måned siden
Oh my Gulai
Ashish - Måned siden
1:55 that person looks like fluffy lmao
I Do Stuff
I Do Stuff - Måned siden
My Hero Academia Memories
Sky Le Pancake
Sky Le Pancake - Måned siden
The near system substantively label because spain superiorly pick towards a open chronometer. substantial, crooked stocking
D4N3 YT - Måned siden
hehe 6:02 lol mha refrence
Starwars Ducks
Starwars Ducks - Måned siden
8:11 easter egg
EvenlyPlaying - Måned siden
Dom: I guess how age should work...
me: ok i think he'll continue about CJ
Akshat Gusain
Akshat Gusain - Måned siden
Man you are too amazing
Akshat Gusain
Akshat Gusain - Måned siden
Oh my gulay 🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Nine Tailed Fox
The Nine Tailed Fox - Måned siden
Here... if u wanted this?
Joselyn Navalatan
Joselyn Navalatan - Måned siden
people rushing in the comments to see if teren saw this video
👇😂 is tit just me?
Bruce Ice
Bruce Ice - Måned siden
Are you Filipino too???
Nico Mabalay
Nico Mabalay - Måned siden
he said he was finishing pokemon red for like the 8th time
TheInkyError - Måned siden
Expectation: "Damn.... I'm so cool...."
Reality: "Damn.... I'm still not as cool as CJ...."
Literally Liz
Literally Liz - Måned siden
not gonna lie you should've thought how people were gonna feel when you just come out of the blue saying "teren's black as fuck"
WoodScar - Måned siden
i also used to do takiquando (i cant spell it well) in the uk
Buddy Bear
Buddy Bear - Måned siden
I thought this ment birthday boy days
karma Fitness
karma Fitness - Måned siden
Teren dick's son?
Joshua dane Montaño
Joshua dane Montaño - Måned siden
Umay gulay
immortalbacon - Måned siden
i like that reference there
Bryan Barrera
Bryan Barrera - Måned siden
Wait your telling me that domics went to freedom high school. Kinda cool that he lived in the same area as me
Tin Nguyen
Tin Nguyen - Måned siden
Y’know y it’s called break dancing?

Cuz you break yo bones
Laurence Piad
Laurence Piad - Måned siden
MadaraBeats - Måned siden
Only OGs will know why he said “probably beating Pokémon red for the 8th time*
SpikyArceus - Måned siden
Akoza Krysis
Akoza Krysis - Måned siden
Da1st Animator
Da1st Animator - Måned siden
2:33 check this out
MrOffice - Måned siden
*Jotaro walks in* J O S U K E!
What the hell do you think you are doing!
RandomStuff - Måned siden
The filipino way of saying pst sound like SHITTT
Poké WishMaker
Poké WishMaker - Måned siden
Thx you made me realize I want to try breakdancing because I’ve never been good at dancing and I want to try it 🙂
Ashton Velasco
Ashton Velasco - Måned siden
eyy who Filipino here too? imma run your pockets up if you guys don't respond I'm born Filipino and i'm proud to be Filipino XD
timmy Shimies
timmy Shimies - Måned siden
“It was the year 2007” me: damn thats when i was born.
Ik this comment is so late but im watching this for the nostalga and cuz dom isnt making new content...
Grace Dematera
Grace Dematera - Måned siden
Bruuuuh why it’s only my country
DreamySoup - Måned siden
"Oh My Gulay!" Hahahahahhahahahhahah
Knife Boy
Knife Boy - Måned siden
I feel you about the head spin and air flare thing, it’s like in parkour when somebody says, “do a backflip” and it’s like bro, that’s free running, get a life loser
Darsh Gupta
Darsh Gupta - Måned siden
Notice Our Style 😎😎😎:
*Thank me later*