My Art Teacher

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DEAD SLAY3R GAMING - 22 timer siden
I had one art teacher who is like this and she could not even tolrate guns
Akira - Dag siden
I am a artist myself I made a finger painting of a turkey when i was 5
cienna montelongo
cienna montelongo - 9 timer siden
Mr. Puddingsworth
Mr. Puddingsworth - 3 dager siden
Ngl I did love erased but that ending tho it was pretty bad and kind of cringey like something a teenager who just got into Percy Jackson and imagined himself in the book idk it just felt like it was just to stupid
Poppy Rose
Poppy Rose - 4 dager siden
I approve of this due to showing of goku and piccolo
Lujain - 5 dager siden
yes I love Erased!! It was one of my first anime
naiomi tokiroka
naiomi tokiroka - 5 dager siden
Miss holychamru 🤣🤣🤣🤣 LMFAO 🤣
And the leaf village 🤣🤣🤣🤣
KAZUTO KIRIGAYA - 5 dager siden
Damn u living ur dream
Andrew Street
Andrew Street - 5 dager siden
I wish Domics showed what the yearbook looked like. I couldnt find it online all I found was who did the yearbook for what year an Domics was in it. also, #Representing for Dom in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).
weeb good
weeb good - 5 dager siden
° • •°▪ •°` °•¤• °••°°°°•••▪
••¤°▪°▪°° ▪• °••° ¤•°▪
°••~°•▪¤°•`°▪°▪°°••~ •••
Chill bot was not the Imposter
weeb good
weeb good - 5 dager siden
weeb good
weeb good - 5 dager siden
itz_BlueWolfAlpha - 6 dager siden
Me when my friends says that anime sucks: 1:24
[Deleted May 15, 2019]
[Deleted May 15, 2019] - 6 dager siden
Who else wants to see the yearbook cover
Ultra Beast Gmvs
Ultra Beast Gmvs - 8 dager siden
Thanks for recommending ERASED it's so goood
MissMoonlight :3
MissMoonlight :3 - 8 dager siden
As a fellow weeb whats her full name📓🖋
Anjana Paul
Anjana Paul - 8 dager siden
Bro I was watching crunchy roll while watching this vid!
Alexxa Sunday
Alexxa Sunday - 8 dager siden
Ya erased is one of my favorite anime, I'm sad there is only one season :'(
SAGAN ORTIZ - 8 dager siden
this is why u had the murderer dream and the lightning and fire stuff
Megan Dsouza
Megan Dsouza - 8 dager siden
Thumbnail: my art teacher
Me: so let me guess " now I'm no artist, but.."
big huss
big huss - 10 dager siden
Erased Is sooo good I really agreeeeEee
Itzumetric - 11 dager siden
why is every single one of your video sponsored by something. why.
not ryan
not ryan - 12 dager siden
Man was sketching anime the year I was born
nida umer
nida umer - 12 dager siden
a while ago In class i finished the art work and my teacher said i could do whatever i want and i took out ny sketchbook and my teacher told me off like she just told me to so whatever i want and i was rly annoyed so i said u just told me and bc she a teacher she used the authority she had over me and said if i dont ill have detention and my book goes in the bin like how unfair but i didnt let her get in the way of my passion of anime art and now my rooms filled with anime art all better by date and im rly proud of my self😄😁😊
Section Craft
Section Craft - 13 dager siden
Ms. Hollychomaru
Cristal Dark
Cristal Dark - 13 dager siden
Then there was my art teacher who was the one to introduce me to the world of anime
sarbjit Surma
sarbjit Surma - 14 dager siden
Erika Peralta
Erika Peralta - 14 dager siden
Erased is my favorite anime!!
Amber - 14 dager siden
why do all animators have this one teacher in their life???
Gabriel Yanga
Gabriel Yanga - 14 dager siden
I got the same offer about a year book cover but I got to lazy and regreted it
Senesh - 15 dager siden
Bro i am just like uc
Vintage_Vibez -YT
Vintage_Vibez -YT - 15 dager siden
Haaris65 - 16 dager siden
4:21 Nishinoya???
vigirousgrub420 - 16 dager siden
my art teacher is like
yeah you can draw anime if you want but still do the work
she didn’t dislike anime but she wasn’t the biggest fan of it
Nintendo switch bot
Nintendo switch bot - 16 dager siden
I thought I recognize the music in the beginning of the video because I think that is the same music sml uses
Owo - 16 dager siden
Erased is free in Netflix
Razzi-Kun - 16 dager siden
I watched erased, it was really good. Thanks for recommending.
Mystery Station
Mystery Station - 15 dager siden
I am a Survivor... I think
I am a Survivor... I think - 17 dager siden
Alright, I have headphones on and watching this vid, and my Alexa, which is across my room, just randomly says "Anime has (some number I don't remember) frames per episode, but My Hero Academia..." I was sol confused so I didn't hear the rest.
Note, I am by myself, almost pitch black room with headphones listening to Domics talk about anime/art and I have MHA merch in my room, yet nothing is being said that can be heard in my room.
Dillon Gardner
Dillon Gardner - 18 dager siden
I loved watching Erased on *netflix.*
Noob noob Master
Noob noob Master - 18 dager siden
Domicsuke I can’t believe you joined hollychimaru
Vibe Dose
Vibe Dose - 18 dager siden
IT'S ADITYA - 18 dager siden
Franziska Erbe
Franziska Erbe - 19 dager siden
I once had an art teacher that had literally no skills and used to mess up drawings of my friends... Now I have a new one and she is amazing! She recommends me art supplies and can really draw. I do realism/naturalism so I never had the anime issue, but I get the art teacher struggle😂
De_Chubasco - 19 dager siden
If miss Holly came to you for the cover of yearbook, then I am pretty sure she respected you and your drawings.
Egg Zentric
Egg Zentric - 20 dager siden
There was this one hip hop song that was very popular at school and everyone was like listening to it and the teachers knows how we like it too
then one time we were trying to sing this song in music class and we didn't get it right, our music teacher got mad and mentioned the hip hop song and went off on how we're being brainwashed and labelled hiphop as satanic/demonic or whatever fjdkfjkff
Arjun Bedesha
Arjun Bedesha - 21 dag siden
you are the only one to choose ur art way
German gunga the caveman
German gunga the caveman - 24 dager siden
1:24 got me
Divyant Jayakumar
Divyant Jayakumar - 25 dager siden
Do Dom and James have the same art teacher??
Dragon Emperor
Dragon Emperor - 27 dager siden
Erased is good but I don't like it's ending
THESPECIALONE - 28 dager siden
Damn. That face he made when he heard his teacher did not like anime was just a "animes characters expression when they hear something shocking."
Bukky Otun
Bukky Otun - 27 dager siden
So true man
Summer Hilt
Summer Hilt - 29 dager siden
Some Teachers are just Jerks, Trust me i know. my Art teacher is an Asshole. My dad once drew me a Very beautiful dragon on the first page in my sketchbook,
during Free period I was adding Detail to the drawing and My Dickhead teacher took the book out of my hand and Ripped the drawing out of it. then threw it into the trash.
GACHA DEVIL - 29 dager siden
Domic:my art teacher didn’t like the anime art style
Me watching this video:drawing anime* oh uhhhh
Yaddy Dogs
Yaddy Dogs - 29 dager siden
My art teacher legit talked the whole art lesson like a double period. No lie that was the worst day of my life, she literary keeps explaining what do to while I sit there falling into a deep sleep. T-T
Gingery Blade
Gingery Blade - Måned siden
I had a teacher that had a lot of tattoos and she puts her mouth and breathes on my mouth when she’s angry.
ItsBloxx - Måned siden
3:34 "I just betrayed the leaf village due to the seductions of Miss Hollychimaru" *Naruto sad music plays* SASUKEEEE
Sadie Foster
Sadie Foster - Måned siden
3:40 i do not have to say anything just
Mehdi Khadem Mohammadi
Mehdi Khadem Mohammadi - Måned siden
Haikyuu foR liFE
Gator Productions
Gator Productions - Måned siden
Can we see the year book
nigel abriol
nigel abriol - Måned siden
My art teacher got angry because i drew Shrek because she wanted something "religious"
Mei_anime - Måned siden
Wtf does she mean? Shrek is religious
Ady - Måned siden
Right now I’m just watching haikyu- SCREAMS IN WEEB HAPPINESS
penguingamer 24
penguingamer 24 - Måned siden
I love anime
Kliene Renie De belen
Kliene Renie De belen - Måned siden
0:34 I'm laughing so hard hahahaha 😂😂🤣
Christian Suchit-Hudson
Christian Suchit-Hudson - Måned siden
0:36 Escanor
Dubey Art Hacks
Dubey Art Hacks - Måned siden
Beautiful ❣️ #dubeyartgallery
Mahak Siwach
Mahak Siwach - Måned siden
Hollychimaru op : )
Minh Ngọc Lê
Minh Ngọc Lê - Måned siden
0:49 my year
boi ourexeneverworks
boi ourexeneverworks - Måned siden
My lil brother is just like you he loves anime *especially dragon ball z* and he is into art.
SkyFoxAnimations - Måned siden
I have to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH
I'm rewatching a lot of your videos and I realized that you were the reason I got into anime, also I went through something similar with my art classes
I love anime and a lot of my writing and art has been inspired by it, I'm in several discord servers and have met a lot of great amazing people because I got into anime, I also have started trying to animate
Thank you so much Domics :>
Also ERASED is very very good I love it, my sister loves it too (and she doesn't like much anime)
•Buttęr Miłk•
•Buttęr Miłk• - Måned siden
Dragon ball built us all
goutam das
goutam das - Måned siden
u are just being mean to miss holly sometimes people dont understand such artstyles and its completely reasonable and honestly anime is kind of a kid kinda thing, not saying its cartoon but it kinda stupid and new.
Da'reels choice
Da'reels choice - Måned siden
Erased is so good but also scary and a thriller too
This is how many people like erased
Shanae - Måned siden
Hes kind of an overthinker... If miss holly was watching this video going like ”YOU COMPLETELY TWISTED THE STORY!!!”
Bebo Brine
Bebo Brine - Måned siden
You feel like domics uchiha
Nortsa Edit
Nortsa Edit - Måned siden
03:38 was damn cool
Frederickdpro - Måned siden
2:31 I don't think we have that in any South African schools
Peyton Chung
Peyton Chung - Måned siden
What did the year book look like
Ruben Kruger
Ruben Kruger - Måned siden
I watched ERASED,and I highly recommend it.
(It's also on NETFLIX)
EDIT:And Haikyu!!
Warren Mark
Warren Mark - Måned siden
Yyyyeeeeeaaaaaahhhh boi erased was good very good
HPZ Fire fox
HPZ Fire fox - Måned siden
Erased is one of the gratest animes out there
Preston Moore
Preston Moore - Måned siden
4:13 when a girl rest her head on your sholdar
Karolina Prochownik
Karolina Prochownik - Måned siden
While watching this video, several posters fell off my wall, but because the posters were stuck together, all two walls fell off and my sister had to help me stick them back. I wouldn't mention it if it wasn't for the fact that these are anime posters (which I glued today and I still have a lot of it and I think it's enough for the 3rd wall), coincidence? I do not think so
Insert Cool gamer name
Insert Cool gamer name - Måned siden
I have the same attitude towards...

Erased it is a amazing show.
I just did this for the suspense.
Giga_ Ball2k6
Giga_ Ball2k6 - Måned siden
Listen!!! Erased!!! Watch!!! Now!!!
Y - Måned siden
So typical teachers, they should change their profession name to “dream killer”. And art teacher have especially that skill, and for some reason the just all hate anime style
That One Commentator
That One Commentator - Måned siden
He’s using the jeffy music
That person
That person - Måned siden
undigestedboba - Måned siden
hollychimaru LMAOO
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro - Måned siden
These type of videos are so gay and cringe so is this kid
・Evie Fernandez・
・Evie Fernandez・ - Måned siden
I don’t really watch anime but I have quite a few attempts to draw anime
dat guy
dat guy - Måned siden
Dom pls pls pls go live and love, chunibyo & other delusions plssssddddssdd
pato 6217
pato 6217 - Måned siden
good video, that's why I started studying English...
MX 777
MX 777 - Måned siden
4:22 ok ok we know?
Eggroll - Måned siden
I will never see this background music as not sml
Madisen - Måned siden
My art teacher told me I couldn’t even draw a straight line. Lol
Akancha Kumari
Akancha Kumari - Måned siden
Dom(sasuke) betrayed the leaf village because of orochimaru.
That part killed me
Suman Mahato
Suman Mahato - Måned siden
Yes domics I have watched erased 😍😍
CHEN YU HAO Moe - Måned siden
I'm watching Erased now
CHEN YU HAO Moe - Måned siden with this you can search and watch any anime you want
ClaireQuartz - Måned siden
Oh my god, I love Erased but everyone in my family hates it so it made me think it was lame.... WHYY!!??
Sophie McCarthy
Sophie McCarthy - Måned siden
Dude I’m just watching this video now and you recommend Erased. I just finished that show yesterday... weirdddd
Name 179
Name 179 - Måned siden
The dislikes are from his other teachers