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H0TG4RBAGE - Time siden
If that father ain't Indian I ain't Mexican
alvin гта 5
alvin гта 5 - Dag siden
Он на голобого похож
Aditya Bhardwaj
Aditya Bhardwaj - 3 dager siden
Theu are too shy for camera
KOJIN - 4 dager siden
Beiber from best buy
soulmin - 4 dager siden
jk i already know you ;-;
soulmin - 4 dager siden
oh hey im a filipino lol
Aldrin Euri
Aldrin Euri - 4 dager siden
Yo wtf your mom and my mom looks exactly the same what's her middle and last name?.
Kaushal Kulkarni
Kaushal Kulkarni - 5 dager siden
Nola UwU
Neofytos Frangiskou
Neofytos Frangiskou - 8 dager siden
Pixar's new short film about Domics looks so realistic
Azazel Azure
Azazel Azure - 9 dager siden
78% east asian. That's SUPER specific
BrokenShadowPr0 - 9 dager siden
His doge:
He/she protecc
He/she attacc
But most importantly he/she can fight bacc
YankTM - 9 dager siden
Dope vid
Zhronic - 9 dager siden
your family look like they dont want to be there at all
Nariwashi - san [なりイワシ-さん]
The dog: im im dis family too :>
deley - 10 dager siden
derek marquez
derek marquez - 10 dager siden
I remember getting my dna kit, turn out I’m 40% Hu, and 60% Man
TheStickManGamer YT
TheStickManGamer YT - 10 dager siden
Plot twist: *his older sister is holding the camera*
The Salty Sultan
The Salty Sultan - 12 dager siden
Something is different when u fully understand filipino watchin this video
Spyler Programmer
Spyler Programmer - 12 dager siden
Nice animation😂
deley - 10 dager siden
ye so real
damao - 12 dager siden
DOM I WAAN SEE YOU SPEAKING TAGALOG and you and your family looks so filipino same for ze hous
deley - 10 dager siden
Mahamud Munna
Mahamud Munna - 12 dager siden
You look like this
Devoided - 12 dager siden
When your DNA results come back and it says your 1 percent african:
Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez - 12 dager siden
I can say the N word
Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez - 12 dager siden
Creative 8D
Creative 8D - 12 dager siden
I shit in the tube and I never got my results back.
NitroLemon - 13 dager siden
The art style is so realistic
Why Not
Why Not - 13 dager siden
Luis joaquin 13
Luis joaquin 13 - 13 dager siden
Yep, the Spanish came here way back when, and im talking before ww1
mariam abdhullah
mariam abdhullah - 13 dager siden
Why is this in my recommendations?
dropped cat
dropped cat - 13 dager siden
Awkward check
Sir_Chiiz Sawad
Sir_Chiiz Sawad - 13 dager siden
That cringy vlog music used to be so cool
Ansh Kumar
Ansh Kumar - 13 dager siden
1% Indian
Lol I am 100%indian 🤣🤣🤣
Jt1924 - 14 dager siden
At first I thought he was sitting but I forgot he’s just short
Kev K
Kev K - 15 dager siden
Is domics a aussie?
Charlie M
Charlie M - 12 dager siden
He is Filipino - Canadian
Carolyn Cervantes
Carolyn Cervantes - 15 dager siden
cute family
Sarvesh Kate
Sarvesh Kate - 16 dager siden
He is 1% Indian I am so happy since I am Indian
Victory Ash
Victory Ash - 16 dager siden
Damn so realistic
Pikki Sir
Pikki Sir - 16 dager siden
Your 1 percent me
Gillian Galimba
Gillian Galimba - 16 dager siden
Ah....Yes....the Tagalog language and the Filipino faces 👏😌
Jared 2164
Jared 2164 - 16 dager siden
Hey dom I heard you parents say they are people with their last name (I can’t spell it sorry) In Bulacan I have relatives
That have the same last name as you guys and they live close by Bulacan I don’t know but if you’re trying to reach out to me my insta is Jarednnn
El Chaparro
El Chaparro - 18 dager siden
Love the royalty free music👍
El Chaparro
El Chaparro - 18 dager siden
"Dangers my last name"
Jimmyn19 - 20 dager siden
Well, “necia” means disobedient or fool in Spanish (I know how to speak Spanish, I searched it up on google, and a dictionary), although I don’t know if I misheard what your mother said.
One Flying Boiii
One Flying Boiii - 20 dager siden
Dude... Pet that dog... Just... PET THAT DOG...
Intimidate _lazer
Intimidate _lazer - 25 dager siden
Who this moving the camera is the dog
Dan n’ Jake
Dan n’ Jake - Måned siden
I understood every word spoken in tagalog. Hahaha
Prek - Måned siden
This is so awkward
Jigs Gabor
Jigs Gabor - Måned siden
Buti kapa magaling mag english haha
Blessyn Mayfield
Blessyn Mayfield - Måned siden
His sister is beautiful
Chilli BG
Chilli BG - Måned siden
how you draw that kind ! :O
so realastic
JHIN be JHINING - Måned siden
Me:*who speaks tagalog*
Also me:uselss subtitles!
INDIAN YOYOER - Måned siden
Yay India
Haykal hanif
Haykal hanif - Måned siden
He looks like jian hao in this video
Ranmal Aravinda
Ranmal Aravinda - Måned siden
Yo who da fq is did ?
JustRandom Things
JustRandom Things - Måned siden
Necia in Spanish means foolish hahaha thank god her mom thinks that it means dirty lolol
kyoto! - Måned siden
damn, youre improving so quickly at drawing
ttylbodydark - Måned siden
...,.... you aren’t a cartoon..sus af
Annanth Sangwan
Annanth Sangwan - Måned siden
I am a full Indian but I don't think that because I have some British characteristics
Kalil _thesarcastic
Kalil _thesarcastic - Måned siden
This video is gonna be so weird if this is when Domics figured out that hes adopted
ClaireQuartz - Måned siden
This might be a weird thing to say, but your sister is so pretty!!
JAKE BATINO - Måned siden
Woah. He just turned on RTX.
Jeurzki - 2 måneder siden
7:08 i'm filipino so i can understand lol
Lust Dylan
Lust Dylan - 2 måneder siden
Domics looking like my GTA 5 character
XPS-AGB Gaming
XPS-AGB Gaming - 2 måneder siden
Rewatching these videos dom kind of douche
josh bravo
josh bravo - 2 måneder siden
me over here having only 2 cousins
ツMystic - 2 måneder siden
They look more Asian than your average filipino
WHITTTNEY JOHNSON - 2 måneder siden
Breaking Lazy
Breaking Lazy - 2 måneder siden
the camera man tho...
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal
I has one I'm 80% Scottish and 20% Scottish you see what's werid is that my mother and father are 74% and 66% Scottish also my father's 4% norwigen
I am also confused jk
Frankie Porter
Frankie Porter - 2 måneder siden
Dom has at least one ancestor, no shit.
Niko B.
Niko B. - 2 måneder siden
Have you tried the 23andMe kit? It’s very detailed and specific. Apparently I’m more likely to drink instant coffee, and also share dna with the Chinese Dai ethnic group, who preform water slapping rituals. Pretty neato!
TBXI The King125
TBXI The King125 - 2 måneder siden
No offense but this is the chubbiest family ever
Aryan Kohli
Aryan Kohli - 2 måneder siden
I am that means you are my brother 😅🤣I always knew we were somehow connected 😂
Aryan Kohli
Aryan Kohli - 2 måneder siden
Neerav Kapuganti
Neerav Kapuganti - 2 måneder siden
so dominic is part indian, yay(I am also an indian) and I am 12
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal
@Neerav Kapuganti who cares
Neerav Kapuganti
Neerav Kapuganti - 2 måneder siden
@I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal so that random people don't tell age restricted things
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal
Why does your age matter?
Fire Brand Broken
Fire Brand Broken - 2 måneder siden
Without subs I can understand what they are saying
Salamat Dom
John Gabriel Victoria
John Gabriel Victoria - 2 måneder siden
Mendoza Joseph
Mendoza Joseph - 2 måneder siden
sa tingin ko walang karamihan nang makakabasa nito di maiintindihan ung sinasabi ko (u cant understand eh)
Aniela Pukall
Aniela Pukall - 3 måneder siden
GamingCarlXD - 3 måneder siden
He looks like ThisisChris09 with that hair color
JustKarlYT 14
JustKarlYT 14 - 3 måneder siden
So they speak tagalog
JustKarlYT 14
JustKarlYT 14 - 2 måneder siden
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal
@JustKarlYT 14 no
JustKarlYT 14
JustKarlYT 14 - 3 måneder siden
Sub ma channel
Fahad Zaman
Fahad Zaman - 3 måneder siden
Omg u fat
Fahad Zaman
Fahad Zaman - 10 dager siden
@Cookie Crumbs on the Floor I was joking bitch
Cookie Crumbs on the Floor
Cookie Crumbs on the Floor - 11 dager siden
Omg stfu
banana boss
banana boss - 3 måneder siden
what you have yellow hair
banana boss
banana boss - 10 dager siden
no ones cares now
Cookie Crumbs on the Floor
Cookie Crumbs on the Floor - 11 dager siden
It is called to dye your hair
banana boss
banana boss - 3 måneder siden
@Teddy Bear ok and he filipiino
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear - 3 måneder siden
He had yellow hair, 4 years ago.
Yay Donut
Yay Donut - 3 måneder siden
Dominic Danger
New episodes every week!
Only on Nick!
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear - 3 måneder siden
HA! You're talking to yourself. You didn't expect someone to put the comments sorted by newest first...Don't worry, I can relate DEEPLY.
Yay Donut
Yay Donut - 3 måneder siden
Im pathetic!
Yay Donut
Yay Donut - 3 måneder siden
Nobody will see me talking to me!
Yay Donut
Yay Donut - 3 måneder siden
Wow what a related comment!
Yay Donut
Yay Donut - 3 måneder siden
Oh yeah, my GT teacher said she was Garth Brooks 4th cousin.
bibou aouidi
bibou aouidi - 3 måneder siden
some kid ok
some kid ok - 3 måneder siden
His dad is dario brando
Jeane soliman
Jeane soliman - 3 måneder siden
FintyFlow - 4 måneder siden
99.9 percent of comments: domics
FintyFlow - 4 måneder siden
plot twist: he's adopted
FintyFlow - 4 måneder siden
lol you kinda look like me
JetRaptor45 - 4 måneder siden
they are probably using it to clone you and people when humans die in the future
TZ JOSH - 4 måneder siden
Wow the animation on this is excellent
loradel - 4 måneder siden
but u look like a filipino/Japanese.
Tracey Mixon
Tracey Mixon - 4 måneder siden
Taqi - 4 måneder siden
lets be honest, we watch this because we want to see domics's face again
Rupansha Jangir
Rupansha Jangir - 4 måneder siden
Hey Dominic! I am an indian! Nice to meet you too!🤣🤣🤣
julia Paddling
julia Paddling - 4 måneder siden
WAI......huh? he has blonde hair?!?!??! O>o
NeoAkaWolfie / Jiblobnyan
NeoAkaWolfie / Jiblobnyan - 4 måneder siden
He dyes his hair
Phoebe Cai
Phoebe Cai - 4 måneder siden
Who else was just looking at the dog
gabri Massetti
gabri Massetti - 4 måneder siden
Il padre è un chad oggettivo
Sanatan The Eternal
Sanatan The Eternal - 4 måneder siden
*I thought its fake video.*
NormalityYT - 4 måneder siden
He actually looks more Chinese than Filipino I can say
Benedict Pastor
Benedict Pastor - 4 måneder siden
Its weird i still read the subs when they speak in Tagalog even though i understand them fluently
Benedict Pastor
Benedict Pastor - 4 måneder siden
I should try this mabey were related