Moving Out

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Runtime: 07:14


Mr Fantastic yellow
Mr Fantastic yellow - 2 dager siden
I remember when I watch this and I was like "I can't wait to move out" now I live on my own 😊
Natimationarts will help Defend Justin Y
I'm scared my mum is moving to a new place to settle down with a nice man but u have lived here as long as I remember
Natimationarts will help Defend Justin Y
0:15 his face
Somepersonontheinternet - 4 dager siden
UBCS Mercenary
UBCS Mercenary - 5 dager siden
I’m moving out of state next week to an apartment by myself, all I’m taking is my pc, clothes and a small foldable table for the living room, can’t fit too much in a sedan. I’ll get furniture little by little once I’m settled.
Charles Braasch
Charles Braasch - 6 dager siden
4:43 Fu*k that board
Charles Braasch
Charles Braasch - 6 dager siden
R.I.P Nala for some apartment.
Michael Jung
Michael Jung - 8 dager siden
When dom’s mom kicked the rent guy, u alr know that she was able to do that irl cause she Asian 😂
Evilkitty - 8 dager siden
Wait how are you finding apartments that are 500-600???
CaptainCaspin - 10 dager siden
im 22 and still at home, i also need a job so once i find one imma move out. Finally feel free im feeling good
Shaggy - 11 dager siden
Anybody tried glueing a TV on the wall
Then don't do it
Just think about ur wall-et
Eheh ehe e I'm gonna stop being funny
ishan gupta
ishan gupta - 11 dager siden
"the previous owner we will call him dude what thw hell"
the guy: dude what the hell?
Olivia Saurus_Rex
Olivia Saurus_Rex - 13 dager siden
Hi children :l
Claudine Gus
Claudine Gus - 13 dager siden
The hoc income similarly command because freeze steadily communicate failing a youthful domain. lively, unbiased chinese
my wife gave me back my virginity now im a dumbass
where do you live, you know how much a low to middle class apartment in my area, 1000-1500 a month
ZAR M R - 16 dager siden
Who else jams out to his jingle at the beginning
ReadymadeKhane - 17 dager siden
My mother said once I turn 18 and I'm still in her house I have to pay rent I've herd some people do the same thing but I wanted to know if you guy's have the same situation too. In my opinion I feel like I shouldn't have to pay rent to stay in a house that I've already lived in for 16+ years since I was a child but my opinion might change later in the future
stream dance like nobody’s watching
But you kinda should. You’re an adult at 18. Not 1-17. Hence why u didn’t pay rent then
K’dynn B
K’dynn B - 17 dager siden
Who’s watching 2021?
Nintendo switch bot
Nintendo switch bot - 17 dager siden
1:33 took me a minute to get it
Jakub draws!
Jakub draws! - 18 dager siden
I just got rick rolled by a ad
sanctuaryspeed - 18 dager siden
I will never move out I love my parents and want to be with them before they pass
Josiah j playz
Josiah j playz - 18 dager siden
That fillipino accent tho 😂😂
Vatsal Srivastava
Vatsal Srivastava - 19 dager siden
Biski 0w0
Biski 0w0 - 20 dager siden
That "ano!?" and "ha!?" at the beginning was so Filipino
ph lk
ph lk - 22 dager siden
The tough database nearly kick because payment beverly arrange following a colorful stopsign. deafening, perfect trigonometry
PlaneSoda - 23 dager siden
10% moving out 90% shelf
Bodhi sugano
Bodhi sugano - 23 dager siden
bruh at least your parents want you to stay
Akårì -Sån
Akårì -Sån - 25 dager siden
As soon as I move out I’m going to get a job first and ask my mom to help decorate the living room and just move things in...she’s great at decorating
PIKADEX pro - Måned siden
Befre I get crunchyroll I want to know if you can watch pokemon
Jai_jackman - Måned siden
Crunchy roll:It’s free real estate!
steel spider
steel spider - Måned siden
Dudes my goal is to have $20,000 saved to move out but that's so hard to do when you give half your check to your parents. The money goal is for rent, car, food and emergency when I finally move out. I can't stop giving half my check without feeling like a ungrateful jackass kid.
TrdShowAL - Måned siden
As domic says '500-650$' for an appt. *when all your friends left you cuz they can't afford the appt near me that are like 1000$* -sob- GO passes are more like 150$
Lloydiee - Måned siden
As if you can’t have pets in a house you brought 😅😅
Christopher Lowery
Christopher Lowery - Måned siden
I just moved out this year and my parents moved to Utah so I'm 14 hours away from them and I'm only 16 lol. It feels really weird and I feel like I'm being forced to grow up lol.
Murtazah Niazi
Murtazah Niazi - Måned siden
I re watch these :/
Some person you don’t need the name of.
As soon I am 16 first I get my job then an apartment that lets pets in , then I get a car coz I wanna leave this toxic house seriously I cant even have tik tok and guess what I PUT HAVING TIK TOK ON FCKING CHRISTMAS WISHLIST :’C
Lara Sabrina
Lara Sabrina - Måned siden
Any attempt to even pet her, she would bite...see how this sad dog becomes close to her foster and finds a forever home!
Nathanishungry Animations
Nathanishungry Animations - Måned siden
Glued shelf: *exists*
Dom: “BUT WHY THO?!”
Syeda - Måned siden
gato_feliz - Måned siden
wait why are people kicked out by their parents?
Bionic System5
Bionic System5 - Måned siden
Nolla’s bark
Mos las
Mos las - 2 måneder siden
*_E B R Y D A Y_*
Dude Bruh
Dude Bruh - 2 måneder siden
HOW MUCH DOES CRUNCHY ROLL FRIKIN PAY YOU DUDE!!! AAAAAGHHHHH!!!! ADVERTISE SOMETHING ELSE!!!! (btw sorry if this was in any way insulting to anyone)
Zach Gamez
Zach Gamez - 2 måneder siden
0:32 EBURI DE (every day)
1:05 yu ar rekt dum (you are rekt dom)
1:10 dom the bird...
1:57 DO IT!!!
2:40 DWTH
3:43 IT HAS glue...
4:56 DWTH said dom!
5:07 why is dom LAZY to drill
5:28 UMMMM
5:55 my neighbors a prostitute
6:26 Crunchy Rolllllll
Ayman Moin
Ayman Moin - 2 måneder siden
I've been binging the vids and Domics keep the good stuff up. What I also mean love and I mean love the vids
Aaron Watanabe
Aaron Watanabe - 2 måneder siden
DWTH is the kind of guy who would go in a shower with an umbrella.
Gabe's Life
Gabe's Life - 2 måneder siden
The Filipino accent is on point
po op
po op - 2 måneder siden
snukastyle - 2 måneder siden
Man, when I moved out I paid less rent than I was paying to live at home. Yes, seriously.
Yan Zk
Yan Zk - 2 måneder siden
follow pls
inayaat pardhan kassam
inayaat pardhan kassam - 2 måneder siden
I have the exact same black shelf
No One
No One - 2 måneder siden
The face u made before sponser lol
Will Thomas
Will Thomas - 2 måneder siden
" That's a good joke America. "
RE-made - 2 måneder siden
Hahaa mama mo prang mama ko hahaa
DiceKenzoGaming - 2 måneder siden
0:17 is that a jojo reference
It’s Tokoyami
It’s Tokoyami - 2 måneder siden
Why do Asian parents nod so rough
Nicholas Huguet Bueno
Nicholas Huguet Bueno - 2 måneder siden
Dwth dumb
Nicholas Huguet Bueno
Nicholas Huguet Bueno - 2 måneder siden
Nicholas Huguet Bueno
Nicholas Huguet Bueno - 2 måneder siden
Angel Locsin
Angel Locsin - 2 måneder siden
I mentioned moving out to my asian mom once and she said: “I raised you and now that you’ve grown up, you’re just gonna abandon me?”💀
Katsooo.m - 2 måneder siden
You can paint the board stuck to the wall
ABDULLAH AL Ruhan - 3 måneder siden
Ha ha ha😂🤣😅😆😴😂
hi - 3 måneder siden
At the time im watching this,this has 8,999,099
Ynt Mir
Ynt Mir - 3 måneder siden
I actually wake up at 5 for school and commute 2 hours both ways
Super Logan
Super Logan - 3 måneder siden
Dude what the hell is a person not a item like a tv
Jaz - 3 måneder siden
Me a New Yorker who laughed when Dom said $500-$600 then started crying. fuck more than $1,000 more than 1,000
Aaron Watanabe
Aaron Watanabe - 3 måneder siden
Happy Birthday!
TunefulDuck Karate
TunefulDuck Karate - 3 måneder siden
I would paint or decorate the block of wood
TrashDragon - 4 måneder siden
DWTH is a type of guy who would turn on the heater during summer.
Papermasterone YT
Papermasterone YT - 4 måneder siden
Lit domics intro
ChrNX - 4 måneder siden
4:56 ( disclaimer) this is for me 🙃
ella grant
ella grant - 4 måneder siden
im 16 and about to move out lol
Veilside 1992
Veilside 1992 - 4 måneder siden
I'm 27, and starting to move out tomorow. Almost same situation: Working and studying, playing video games a lot of hours, a lot of free time... and went just fine, until now. I feel the necesity to have my own place, grow up. To much comodity at 27, and that's not good.
Qayyum Azmi
Qayyum Azmi - 4 måneder siden
Dylan Hanna
Dylan Hanna - 4 måneder siden
prod. bigfoot
prod. bigfoot - 4 måneder siden
"thats like 4 hours each day"

*E B R E Y D A Y*
Bluebird - 4 måneder siden
I did the job boss. I installed the shelves.
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda - 4 måneder siden
In sweden it take 15 years to wait for a house in some places
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal
This feels like I'm one of those in Soviet Russia house lives in you jokes but not
Suyash - 4 måneder siden
Atleast you didn't use Eenie Meene Miini Mo to choose an apartment!
craig Fentress
craig Fentress - 4 måneder siden
XD Adam
Hannah - 4 måneder siden
I moved out when i was 16 because of school
Randomram - 4 måneder siden
Back then i had to wake up at 4:00 am just to get to school which started at 8:00 am ( we had a flag ceremony at 7:00)
Sean Smith
Sean Smith - 4 måneder siden
I totally get that commute one, just finished my first year thinking I'll commute but had to get up a 5.30 every morning to get to the uni for 9 every day and I'd be in uni for like 3-6 hours then have to do the 3-4 hours back, I ain't doing 8 hours travel a day again I'm going with student accommodation this year, several times the lecturer was ill so I would have done 8 hours journeying just to get told I'm not in
Karma Devil
Karma Devil - 5 måneder siden
My family is kicking me out the second I turn 18 soooooooo Imma get a job at 16
JG Studios
JG Studios - 4 måneder siden
I thought most people would've gotten a job at 16 anyways
Joshua Musaazi
Joshua Musaazi - 4 måneder siden
Lol my parents havent told me when so i am both worried and under whelmed
Red Rose
Red Rose - 5 måneder siden
The video was just ending so I clicked on another one, when I suddenly heard Boku No Hero Academia and immediately went back
Alexandra Delliou
Alexandra Delliou - 5 måneder siden
2020: 4577
George W
George W - 5 måneder siden
Yona hime-sama
Yona hime-sama - 5 måneder siden
Lolol that glue thing was so funny 😂
Charlie’s Tech Reviews
Charlie’s Tech Reviews - 5 måneder siden
Mom: Every Day ( *G E T A J O B* )
Enia Orellana
Enia Orellana - 5 måneder siden
man rent sucks :p
First name Last name
First name Last name - 5 måneder siden
How will you know if your friend is a filipino? Ask them if they still live with their parents.
Satvik The Tiger Gamer
Satvik The Tiger Gamer - 5 måneder siden
Hey dude when you recorded this video it was my birthday!!!!!!!!!
h0ttii3 - 5 måneder siden
550-600$ a month?? *cries In NYC*
Quartz FX
Quartz FX - 5 måneder siden
Anyone watching in 2020 lol
Dokuujin - 5 måneder siden
Re watching these old Dom videos I kinda giggle at the amount of times Dom has just been like "my neighbor was a prostitute" was no context or anything, before he ever actually made the Neighbor video.
Diogo Almeida
Diogo Almeida - 5 måneder siden
$600 in Downtown Toronto? Where are these magical apartments you speak of?!
GameBreaker - 5 måneder siden
It’s called a heat gun for that wall eye sore of wood.
DA nampsteri
DA nampsteri - 5 måneder siden
Max Ludwig
Max Ludwig - 5 måneder siden
5:50 = new myster book what was going on in room 2056
ImZhald - 5 måneder siden
I laughed when he said DWTH
Donovan Bailey
Donovan Bailey - 5 måneder siden
$550-$600 dollars a month
Californians: laughs in million dollar housing