Mob Psycho 100 Watchalong Recap [w/ Jacksfilms]

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Jacksfilms and I got together again to have another watchalong for the amazing anime series, Mob Psycho 100! I had loads of fun and if you guys did as well, we're definitely down to do another. Feel free to recommend animes for us to watch on crunchyroll for the next watchalong!
This video has some of the highlights, but If you want to watch the full Watchalong, click here:
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Runtime: 04:01


EC Creates
EC Creates - År siden
“That was REalLY good.”
machi - År siden
i like he even has a big forehead in the thumbnail
Dead Channel
Dead Channel - 2 år siden
"That'll get you to like, a thousand percent!" *predicting the future*
OfficiallyCheckMaster Msp
I am fine in Australia
Malik - 2 år siden
Me me big boy
Justin Quan
Justin Quan - 2 år siden
You shrunk Jack's forehead in the thumbnail 😂
Sue N
Sue N - 2 år siden
I come here to listen Domics's voice, but Jack kept talking in a loud voice. He is too noisy.
Mohaimen Ahmed
Mohaimen Ahmed - 2 år siden
eggcellent t shirt dominic
SlothTheWeeb - 2 år siden
me me big boy
Alex 12x59
Alex 12x59 - 3 år siden
Dude you didn't make jacksfilms for head big
Ralph Jimenez
Ralph Jimenez - 3 år siden
Oh DAMN!!!, you look like one of my cousins.
Riley Watkins
Riley Watkins - 3 år siden
Domics is a guy? WHAT?!
Psycho Llama
Psycho Llama - 3 år siden
Is it wrong I wanna squish Dom’s face?
Will J
Will J - 3 år siden
How do you Un-Dislike a video
Rice Balls
Rice Balls - 3 år siden
Allow dom must of went on a long journey
Aidan Wilks
Aidan Wilks - 3 år siden
me me big boy
Henna White
Henna White - 3 år siden
uhm.. i think Domics is someone who like to be quiet whenever watching something,
Hualian tgcf
Hualian tgcf - 3 år siden
CrunchyRoll SUCK!!!!!!!!!
TJ Santillan
TJ Santillan - 3 år siden
Me Me Big Boy
TJ Santillan
TJ Santillan - 3 år siden
Jacksfilms looks nothing like the one on your thumbnail, his forehead is way bigger than that.
Kirschtein Lushe
Kirschtein Lushe - 3 år siden
Yep domics Gain weight still Love him doh
Txrtlz - 3 år siden
I love ur gudetama shirt
MarieeBreann - 3 år siden
I never took him for a wine guy
Haikyuu is the best
Haikyuu is the best - 3 år siden
Love your channel
Nenfay - 3 år siden
Wow, Domics, you are very beautiful! 😉
Tits Maggiee
Tits Maggiee - 3 år siden
pls don't do this again with that guy.. so cocaine energy awkward.. pls...... pls.....
Tits Maggiee
Tits Maggiee - 3 år siden
the guy on the right is annoying and awkward.. ehh.. back to domics
n9ol9ol - 3 år siden
In wanna see Jackfilms And Domics React To The Mob Vs Kayoma (I don't remember his name I'm sorry don't hate ;-;)
Alexander Guerra
Alexander Guerra - 4 år siden
Never watched anime before in my life and started off a few weeks ago with opm and now I've finished mp100 and attack in Titan
SpeedyDragon9000 :D
SpeedyDragon9000 :D - 4 år siden
Thank you Domics.
P.S. where did you learn to animate?
NutellaFrenchToast - 4 år siden
"For a few dollars extra we'll make out that's YouTube SuperRed"
Malkuth - 4 år siden
Really wanted to see the reaction to episode 5 :\
The_boi _90
The_boi _90 - 4 år siden
Omg i love them both
XueKaihua Studios
XueKaihua Studios - 4 år siden
-sees first five seconds of Mob Psycho second hand
-pauses the video to go to my go-to anime site and binge it
three - 4 år siden
@jack that really crunchies my rolls
Blanca Ries
Blanca Ries - 4 år siden
They are laughing so Much
Julie Park
Julie Park - 4 år siden
jack dad
Mel - 4 år siden
Tiger 844
Tiger 844 - 4 år siden
LEVI stillman
LEVI stillman - 4 år siden
Noah.Mp4 - 4 år siden
give me a shout-out
I'm just squad
Andre Bolin
Andre Bolin - 4 år siden
I need
Bilbocheese - 4 år siden
Domic ugly but i still love him
Shangrily - 4 år siden
do you bleach your hair or something? i just figuered you had black hair because its what you have in all your animations
Owen Tonks
Owen Tonks - 4 år siden
This is the first time seeing domics in real life and why does he look so different to what I thought.
Na na
Na na - 4 år siden
blackshadow10001 !
blackshadow10001 ! - 4 år siden
this is my 1st time seeing domies face
Momo Playz
Momo Playz - 4 år siden
I love anime too!Have you guys watch Naruto?
Momo Playz
Momo Playz - 4 år siden
@wikorninja that's cool!
qouteler - 4 år siden
im watching rn
Simply Jess
Simply Jess - 4 år siden
Why is Dominic such a fucking cinnamon roll
A Window
A Window - 4 år siden
Domics dyed his hair? .-.
FunDip Inc.
FunDip Inc. - 4 år siden
Damn you look sooooo like a Singaporean
xvifer xani
xvifer xani - 4 år siden
He's so hot
IVV - 4 år siden
is it me or domics just look ugly
Deezyak - 4 år siden
WiCKeDJ - 4 år siden
finally i can c you
Lil’ Clarky
Lil’ Clarky - 4 år siden
Jack's so talkative
Redz - 4 år siden
I like how they pointed to nothing in the air except for the crunchy roll part
La Llivis
La Llivis - 4 år siden
MAAAN HeS diferente
he his the sale cómid
i thougt he haz only
the hair he had on the animation
bazinga - 4 år siden
ok but: Hell YEAHHHHH
ophelia_n1 - 4 år siden
omg, domics is SO CUTTTTEEEEE
partyparker - 4 år siden
Who's TheLegend27?
qouteler - 4 år siden
Neville Longbottom
Neville Longbottom - 4 år siden
omg I didn't expect faces god lol
Pbot9 - 4 år siden
Jacks forehead
SomeRandomDude - 4 år siden
um im confuse, its supposed to be FREE but i need to pay ( need to choose payment method )
qouteler - 4 år siden
use its free no ads and english/dubs and
Temmie :
Temmie : - 4 år siden
Why are you blonde you fit beter in the old black red hair
Barack Obama
Barack Obama - 4 år siden
show your face more bro
Dipshit content
Dipshit content - 4 år siden
you two should do a watch along on Yuri!!! On Ice
Hannah - 4 år siden
Forehead ain't big enoughhhh
dom dom
dom dom - 4 år siden
something's ironic about this...
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alejandro Rodriguez - 4 år siden
Dude you should totally watch Jojo's bizarre adventure part I & II, but be ready for some epic insanity and dramatic poses.
saelpp - 4 år siden
one piece.idkd if you have already watched it xs
Sasha Hill
Sasha Hill - 4 år siden
Pls change the hair
Sasha Hill
Sasha Hill - 4 år siden
heck!!!!! What happened to your hair!!!!!!!!
Ira Lanuzo
Ira Lanuzo - 4 år siden
first time i saw doms face...
aquatrail6 - 4 år siden
Supercoolkidds M
Supercoolkidds M - 4 år siden
Hate jacksflims 😡😡😡
Just Chance
Just Chance - 4 år siden
I liked that y'all pointed at nothing
BladeSpark Studios
BladeSpark Studios - 4 år siden
hey domics this seems to be your latedt videos so i was windering if you would do a crossover with the odd scout 1 (james) and swoozie (adande) to make so kind of action comic.
if you guys want to see the animation then like this comic
Memes - 4 år siden
when you see Dominic for the first time.
Sophia L
Sophia L - 4 år siden
savagepatty - 4 år siden
Oh Dom bro... Blonde is not your thing man.
TheChocoDoll - 4 år siden
The hair color just doesn't work.
Lala Sals
Lala Sals - 4 år siden
Dominic you look adorbzzzzzzzzzzzzz😊😊😊😊😊😊
Nini Grave
Nini Grave - 4 år siden
i love how awkward dom is
Grace Reyes
Grace Reyes - 4 år siden
Why did you dye your haaaair!!
Emmie Chan
Emmie Chan - 4 år siden
2:31 when u see a zorua
Creepi Loawe
Creepi Loawe - 4 år siden
Emmie Chan
Creepi Loawe
Creepi Loawe - 4 år siden
Emmie Chan
Creepi Loawe
Creepi Loawe - 4 år siden
Emmie Chan
Creepi Loawe
Creepi Loawe - 4 år siden
Emmie Chan
Acer - 4 år siden
I Have a 10 Year old Asian Friend
Kye Pimparatana
Kye Pimparatana - 4 år siden
Domic's...Cool hair!
itnotmeitsyou itsnotmeitsnotyou
MIND BLOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!! My 2 favourite youtubers in one ..... dies
Say Mums soul!
Say Mums soul! - 4 år siden
Everyone is just talking about doms hair...
Klein Antonio
Klein Antonio - 4 år siden
Jack is so LOUD! I feel bad for dominic... Awkward!! Jack is so gay!!! wtf?!!
dovahkiitten - 4 år siden
your your hair
Thotgerz - 4 år siden
I want to use Crunchy roll but I'm only 13 so I don't own a credit card or pay pal. What do I do?
Nicholas Shows
Nicholas Shows - 4 år siden
Crunchyroll has advertisements now. ;-;
Maddy Cole
Maddy Cole - 4 år siden
Omg that's what domics looks like! WOW!!!!!😄😄😄😄
Birds Nest Bacon
Birds Nest Bacon - 4 år siden
Dominic looks sooooo weird
Blander Alexander Is having a stroke
666k veiws...

Andrea W
Andrea W - 4 år siden
Jack is very annoying in this one. Shut up Jack.
Daisy May Playz
Daisy May Playz - 4 år siden
This was weird but I love it