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JanmaeDrawzWhatever - Time siden
i can spell ur name
dominique panganiban
and my last name is siervo
and i also understand people mispelling your name and sometimes, my classmates sometimes mispell my name so yea i feel u kuya dominique! :D and im also filipino :)
Chaychay Basinang bacus
I'm a Filipino
Zhyun - 7 timer siden
its er-ng
uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas
I think thats the name of spongebob's brother
uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas
1:27 mh-hmm that always happen to me
EURIKA JADE L. WONG - 9 timer siden
OMG 2:00 i laughed SO hard
THE ALMIGHTY JUNE - 9 timer siden
LIGHT YAGAMI - 9 timer siden
3:29 bruh its nang
Angelina Gooch
Angelina Gooch - 10 timer siden
lol, It's not too hard to pronounce. On the other hand, Thai last names are absolutely crazy.
Jairo Palacios
Jairo Palacios - 12 timer siden
I'm filipino so no worries for me to get a Filipino accent Panganiban is easy but bit hard a while ago it was hard for me to pronounce Panganiban but I got the hang of it
sean TGP
sean TGP - 14 timer siden
my last name is gallardo i don't know what it means so yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Isabella Animated
Isabella Animated - 17 timer siden
I can kinda relate because my last name is Guillen pronounced geyen
Attune Flows
Attune Flows - 19 timer siden
i'm surprised that you can pronounce Nguyễn both in northen and southern accent :o good job dude
Samuel L
Samuel L - 19 timer siden
Ivan Ly
Ivan Ly - 21 time siden
PANGA KNEE BAN and ur not dangerous bit-
*. ʚ milkimoo ɞ .*
*. ʚ milkimoo ɞ .* - 21 time siden
Hey don’t look at me with my park 👀😭
Edit: wait, I don’t address my friends parents by mrs or mr because where I live we just call them by their first names
Kanjanarin McBride
Kanjanarin McBride - 23 timer siden
LOL! I’m from Thailand and luckily for me my sir name isn’t that complicated. But my friends names are even harder to pronounce. My sir name actually means golden town and my name is magnolia( a specie of flowers ). So my name is Magnolia Of golden town.
AMANA Goyeneche
AMANA Goyeneche - Dag siden
I'm filipino but u see my last name!
They mistakenly thought im japanese or chinese!but its actually a spanish name
Brit Nee
Brit Nee - Dag siden
I said it because im from philipines and i still live there
christian paulo pascua
Avaya Animations
Avaya Animations - Dag siden
2:09 i am also a Philippino and a dont think my last name isn't that complicated.......

:0 my last name is also Panganiban! And I'm Filipino btw
Ilija Živanović
Ilija Živanović - Dag siden
I got it first try, here I Serbia you read like it's written so easy for me.
My last name is diffculty for people to pronuce in the country i am born
Ace Blossom
Ace Blossom - Dag siden
I am Filipino and my last name is Ang😆
Rhonda Chornenki
Rhonda Chornenki - Dag siden
I have a Ukrainian last name, it’s Chornenki.
Rhonda Chornenki
Rhonda Chornenki - Dag siden
I don’t know what it means, *if it means anything*
Just Some Ugly Drawing
HyperVanVan - Dag siden
2:40 XD
moving glass
moving glass - Dag siden
Waz better:
Mr. Panjibob = like
Panananana batman! = comment
moving glass
moving glass - Dag siden
Panananana batman
Diem Vo
Diem Vo - Dag siden
I’m a person with a tough first name and teachers are like: shfudnrjen skfi

Me: what the heck that’s not even close like bruh
Tanguy Sanchez
Tanguy Sanchez - Dag siden
Well i wouldnt say no to a less comon last name 😅
My name makes everone bug tho 🤣
Tamtam - Dag siden
1:48 this is how you use katon goukakyuu no jutsu AHAHAHAHA just noticed it
glizxy :]
glizxy :] - 2 dager siden
i’m growin up wit a mexican first name and a mexican last name and i hate when subs mispronounce my names 😭😭
JustSimplyLunarTV - 2 dager siden
at 4:33, it's much easier pronouncing your surname with a Korean or an asian kinda acent than with like an english accent. (dunno why but it just is)
Zhaoting Hu
Zhaoting Hu - 2 dager siden
ng is 吳
cherry lite
cherry lite - 2 dager siden
Teacher: seana
Me: no its ceana
Me: please its ceana
Feather Cult
Feather Cult - 2 dager siden
My surname isn't that uncommon but the big issue is there are four ways to spell it and it is always spelt wrong.
染悦ラネツ - 2 dager siden
Ermmmm......My surname is Nge.......
justin Ablanque
justin Ablanque - 2 dager siden
my last name is ablanque :D
Jeof Brooklyn Fortin
Jeof Brooklyn Fortin - 2 dager siden
like CypherDen
Jeof Brooklyn Fortin
Jeof Brooklyn Fortin - 2 dager siden
it's nice to meet a fellow Filipino YouTuber
Nati Grinkrug
Nati Grinkrug - 2 dager siden
My first initials are N and G so whenever I type my initials a bunch of people with the last name Ng come up
ShadowZee - 2 dager siden
The last name NG is easy cmon your filipino its pronounced NANG no silent letters duhh
piero Morante Arenaza
piero Morante Arenaza - 2 dager siden
if you speak spanish you probably doesnt have any problem pronouncing :)
Trace Buffington
Trace Buffington - 2 dager siden
I call my friends parents by Mr or Mrs and what ever there first name is
EL Animated'
EL Animated' - 2 dager siden
Aman Sreshta
Aman Sreshta - 2 dager siden
My last name is Sreshta. It ain't actually hard but so many American teachers mispronounce it for some odd reason.
Kian Aeron Jose
Kian Aeron Jose - 2 dager siden
relateeeee...they say my last name like "hoze" and actually it is pronounced as "hose"...hehe
Jayzz22 - 2 dager siden
DarkArts246 - 2 dager siden
Mine is jump......yeah
joshua yuk
joshua yuk - 2 dager siden
bruh im a fucking yuk.the school kids all called me yuck. so i taught them a lesson.
DaEggie - 2 dager siden
Mine is literally "Dara"
Oliver's Network
Oliver's Network - 2 dager siden
its pronounced nwen
owo boi
owo boi - 2 dager siden
My last name is Camacho, and one person called me camoochoo ghvfhdgyvuhggjdhvkhofjdyrsgcg it’s so simple 😫😖😩😫😖
AlyssaSpam - 2 dager siden
*Danger is my middle name.*
Wait no it’s my last—
Farhan Maulana
Farhan Maulana - 3 dager siden
easy to say
Vinay Thakur
Vinay Thakur - 3 dager siden
You can't pronounce Indian last names because your accent lol
Here read these:
There more but I don't remember them 😅
I'm Indian
cyka in tracksuit
cyka in tracksuit - 2 dager siden
Kumar means gambling in turkish lol
Heir of Hufflepuff
Heir of Hufflepuff - 3 dager siden
I'm Filipino. My surname is mostly found in the Philippines but it doesn't have a meaning. According to Forebears, almost 240 people only have this surname, 6 are in Qatar, 1 in UAE, and the rest are found in the Philippines.
Steph Eason
Steph Eason - 3 dager siden
My last name everyone gets wrong: Vecchionacce
Louisa Jackson
Louisa Jackson - 3 dager siden
puh-nya-knee-ban(bun)? did i do it mr panganibob?
Rated - 3 dager siden
2:35 if you look at the end it says u rat
Lonely Crayon ¿?
Lonely Crayon ¿? - 3 dager siden
Alguien que hable español puede pronunciarlo bien, ya que nuestras letras tienen la misma pronunciacion en casi todos los casos uu
Scout Del Real
Scout Del Real - 2 dager siden
Lol yeah I mean spanish pronunciation is relatively simple cuz pretty much every vowel just sounds like its name, and unless specified otherwise the accent is probably on the second to last syllable
Alex Wrobléski
Alex Wrobléski - 3 dager siden
I relate... more than I thought I would.
Setuaro - 3 dager siden
I can't tell you how many people tried to say "Talloen" and ended up saying it in a rip-off French accent, butchering the last part alltogether nearly every single time.
The Good Ender
The Good Ender - 3 dager siden
I have a polish last name, it’s so long. It’s easy to pronounce, just full of silent letters
Cubing Adventures
Cubing Adventures - 3 dager siden
Im glad for mine
Listen Boi Ma furst lov story?
I'm from Southeast Asia and my last name is LAIMAYUM which means "God's house" in my native language
slimyrobot - 3 dager siden
Pan SpongeBob
Jose Lizardo
Jose Lizardo - 4 dager siden
I am Filipino but my filipino surname is kinda spanish and i was able to say your name huwag kang magalala dom
Sarah Xu
Sarah Xu - 4 dager siden
lol my last names Xu i have no idea how to pronounce it everyone b like YOU or SHOE or ZOO like someone SAVE ME
Lin - 3 dager siden
@Sarah Xu ou, okay i got it
Sarah Xu
Sarah Xu - 3 dager siden
@Lin Idk in cantonese in sounds like hui I have no idea
Sarah Xu
Sarah Xu - 3 dager siden
@Lin ya im chinese
Lin - 3 dager siden
Dude, ar u chinese? , and my last name is Liu tho :)
Lin - 3 dager siden
Emm, i think people should pronounce it "shu"
Miror Melo
Miror Melo - 4 dager siden
You did really good on the Nguyễn part!!! I''m very proud!!! Yeah that's my last name too....
P Shreya
P Shreya - 4 dager siden
*me with no surname* crying in the corner
Becca M
Becca M - 4 dager siden
Dominic basically means “of the lord” or just “lord”

Your name is literally lord foolish danger
Justin Green
Justin Green - 4 dager siden
My last name is a color
dont call me soft
dont call me soft - 4 dager siden
My last name is *************** pretty hard to pronounce
Eduardo Ma rasigan
Eduardo Ma rasigan - 4 dager siden
mine is marasigan try that
Marcus Latrell Filipino
Marcus Latrell Filipino - 4 dager siden
I'm a Filipino and may last name is literally Filipino
Thunderboy 1
Thunderboy 1 - 4 dager siden
The word Dominic means lord/emperor/leader
Lukas Novella
Lukas Novella - 4 dager siden
Polish names are fun too. I got an easy one, but some of my Polish friends- oh boy. Some of them just look like keymash
Mr.Beast6000 Givaway
Mr.Beast6000 Givaway - 4 dager siden
My Filipino last name is Antonio
Whike - 4 dager siden
im filipino and my last name is corpus :)
The watcher man
The watcher man - 4 dager siden
Thanks to the fact that afrikaans is just n abomination of different languages, and the fact that the rules of afrikaans work great with a lot of hard to pronounce words,I rarely butcher a foreign language,
Put a south African, German and Dutch in the same room and they understand each other, true fact my brother was on a foreign camp with a Dutch and German, they could hold full length conversations with each other,
Lucille Tkaczuk
Lucille Tkaczuk - 4 dager siden
google is the only one who can spell or pronouce my last name
y skgmny
y skgmny - 4 dager siden
Me as a Korean: 😎
Zombie Killer
Zombie Killer - 5 dager siden
Wait domics is his name!!
I thought it's d(comics)
Zomation - 5 dager siden
You spell it right 👌
Hai Vy Animates
Hai Vy Animates - 5 dager siden
This is how to say Nguyễn!
Then put some Vietnamese assent
AGHA GABRIEL2304_2 - 5 dager siden
Dominik Risk Dangerous chicken nugget when spell good
Wolf Clan
Wolf Clan - 5 dager siden
i don't know how people can get it wrong i might be but im pretty sure i have it down
{Midday_ Lunar}
{Midday_ Lunar} - 5 dager siden
Kim,Park,Lee...When neighbors call my mom Mrs.Kiam
Me raging inside:ITS KIM NOT KIAM HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A KOREAN PERSON oh wait we are the only Koreans in the Neighborhood..
Nhung Do
Nhung Do - 5 dager siden
Your Vietnamese for Nguyễn is very good.😌 My last name is Đỗ and so my name just went out Nhung Do in English. People called me Doo or Du and I am fine with that lol.
kian hay
kian hay - 5 dager siden
Domics i know how to pronounce the ng
Sabrina Ohira
Sabrina Ohira - 5 dager siden
Ohira (japanese), not too bad but people usually say Ohara (which is irish) sooo
danpatz - 5 dager siden
dom ng is litterlay in last name
Smooth Brain Bird
Smooth Brain Bird - 5 dager siden
Hello domic punaneebun
Smooth Brain Bird
Smooth Brain Bird - 5 dager siden
John Howard Giron
John Howard Giron - 5 dager siden
Mr panjibob
Wyatt McNamee
Wyatt McNamee - 5 dager siden
McNamme they always say macname
Moses Babunga
Moses Babunga - 5 dager siden
my last name is Babunga