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yes - 2 timer siden
i hate idioms
Naomi Nascimento
Naomi Nascimento - 3 timer siden
Dom: English is hard!!
Me: *laughs in portuguese*
DEAD SLAY3R GAMING - 5 timer siden
English is not my native language but the language i am most fluent in
Lily W
Lily W - 17 timer siden
I study "ancient English" so here you go:
"Turn a blind eye"
"Turn your eye blind"
"make your eye not see"
"Do not look at this"
"You shouldn't be seeing this, so forget you ever did"
"Piece of cake"
"it is something tasty"
"It is enjoyable/easy to eat"
"I can do this well"

w h a t
NoahTheFoxGamer - Dag siden
Its rural not rural
salma Uchiha
salma Uchiha - Dag siden
My teacher just asked "what do u know about idioms" and I was the only one who knew what it means cuz I watch ur videos
Thank u dom for teaching me
Ahmad morid
Ahmad morid - Dag siden
In Afghanistan we say it's raining rocks
Matilda G16
Matilda G16 - Dag siden
English is not my native language
I don't find it that hard ?
(I rather like english but I do NOT like my native language so yeah there could be a conclusion here Im not gonna make rn)
My english teacher always writes "FULLY IDIOMATIC AND FLUENT" (yes, in capital letters and often in the colour red) but I never remember even using idioms in my texts/our conversations???
Leeah T
Leeah T - Dag siden
This helped me out alot
Eugenia Stępniak
Eugenia Stępniak - Dag siden
Domics:English is hard
Polish:Hold my beer
Hirsi Feld
Hirsi Feld - 2 dager siden
Well if you're stuck inside a pickle you are definetly in some form of problem.
CalmBubbles 6055
CalmBubbles 6055 - 2 dager siden
Piece of balut is kinda good
Xian Unlayao
Xian Unlayao - 2 dager siden
Idioms - idiots
Marielle Byt
Marielle Byt - 2 dager siden
the "balut"???from phillipines here.owwhh.that's very delicious😁😁
Adwaith Arun
Adwaith Arun - 2 dager siden
3:04 the highlight of his animating career
ajuh22 - 2 dager siden
And l hate how you are cussing in your videos shame on you I’m 8 years old
Hallerty 14
Hallerty 14 - Dag siden
Your fault for thinking this was for 8 year olds
Fer López
Fer López - 2 dager siden
“English is hard”
**Laughs in spanish**
rex095 - 2 dager siden
that's what I see when I read the title
Hehe Boi
Hehe Boi - 3 dager siden
Idiom (like 90% of things taught in school) is useless
Crystal Nadhra Emerald
Crystal Nadhra Emerald - 3 dager siden
Actually the idiom "raining cats and dogs" was because cats and dogs used to live on roofs and when it rained the cats and dogs would come down and that's where the idiom it's raining cats and dogs came from (my mom taught me this when i asked why btw) not to brag but fun fact😊
Mohammed Radi
Mohammed Radi - 3 dager siden
ههههههه English صعب ما شفت عربي اعراب و اشياء صعباااااااااا
RagePheonix_3 - 4 dager siden
2:23 what the heck?
x lorrix -
x lorrix - - 4 dager siden
"english is hard" english: "the". italian: "li, lo, la, un, uno,una, dei, degli".
Dylan Dominic
Dylan Dominic - 4 dager siden
There do be an initial d reference
Jon Warner
Jon Warner - 4 dager siden
Elizabeth Evans de Maria
Elizabeth Evans de Maria - 4 dager siden
I think turning a blind eye has to do with having the blind eye being the one in the direction of the incident.
Arnav Chandure
Arnav Chandure - 4 dager siden

thats all i gotta say
Gakamis Gaming
Gakamis Gaming - 5 dager siden
"turn a blind eye" could be if one of the eyes' is blind so you turn your head to "look" with it.
J S - 5 dager siden
Filipe - 5 dager siden
''English is hard''
Japanese people who need to write in 3 different ways and
memorize more than 2000 kanjis to be considered fluent: 😭
PrincessKitty Cat
PrincessKitty Cat - 5 dager siden
I fell down going up stairs more than I fell going down stairs
FISH FISH - 5 dager siden
"Being delicious is not a compliment you should be smiling about."
Women: (X) Doubt
Vinay Thakur
Vinay Thakur - 6 dager siden
Here, have a repeat button
2:00 - 2:01
Momamax's_child - 6 dager siden
Licked a tree and hoped for mapel syrup
fernando aguilar
fernando aguilar - 6 dager siden
Any one hear the ' yeah '
Samwise20 - 6 dager siden
It’s all downhill from here means the rest of the journey will be easy like when you finish a hard project or something and all that’s left is to present and they say it’s all downhill from here
シあいけ - 6 dager siden
"english has so many rules"

me, an argentinian: hmm, no.
Miguel Rivera
Miguel Rivera - Dag siden
Confirmo :u
JoeTheManiac - 6 dager siden
Here in the land of tea and biscuits, the idiom “raining barrels” is actually kinda common.
M P - 7 dager siden
In a pickle reminds me of rick and morty
Anna Mastro
Anna Mastro - 7 dager siden
in greek we actually say "it's raining chairlegs" instead, so that was pretty spot on of you.
Supreme Saiyan
Supreme Saiyan - 7 dager siden
domics... u gansta my g
ABloodyGenuis - 7 dager siden
Hey domics, it’s raining tables and chairs
Rohan Sewdien
Rohan Sewdien - 7 dager siden
“English sucks” laughs in much harder Dutch language
Linus Anderberg
Linus Anderberg - 7 dager siden
ZaxBak - 7 dager siden
We just watched this video in school
DaEggie - 7 dager siden
"what the kyau"
QUIZ UDITA - 7 dager siden
*We want Part 2 of this video* 😗
Minitrain - 8 dager siden
im an idiot when it comes to idioms
faristha lukman
faristha lukman - 8 dager siden
honestly, i find english really easy as a mallu, malayalam is frickin hard, like... so hard, arabic is kinda fine, and so is eng :)
Google admits Malayalam(official language of Kerala State) to be the toughest language in India. It is both difficult to learn and speak as compared to any other language in India. It might be the second toughest language in the world after Chinese. 0-0 google said it!
pilejao11 - 8 dager siden
OhthatsMezz - 8 dager siden
you know the language is dumb when the people born of it have trouble passing the class for it
clowdcat - 8 dager siden
What if someone says it's raining really hard but when you look outside you see cats and dogs plummeting from the sky.
Mr. Sahira
Mr. Sahira - 8 dager siden
2:59 "I turned myself into a pickle, Morty!"
yeetice - 8 dager siden
I just realized that his intro is a variation on the ph theme...
Karely Dm
Karely Dm - 8 dager siden
My ela teacher showed this to my class.
CheekO - 8 dager siden
Wait till you learn French.. English is easy as compared to French.. Each and every sentence have at least 5 exceptions... I know this because I am learning it in my school...
andreauwu - 9 dager siden
either turn or *be blind*
why did I laugh so hard at that lol
Cleopatras - 9 dager siden
I just want to say that the term 'raining cats and dogs' originally came from the Renaissance time period, because while it was raining, pets would usually live on the roof. So during a rain storm, dogs and cats would often times fall off the roof, making anyone who was inside think that the rain has actually turned into cats and dogs.
EDIT: I'm sorry if you see any grammatical/punctuation errors, English is not my first language :)
The Awesome-est
The Awesome-est - 9 dager siden
i consider English to be much easier then my native language, Urdu
• MayAnn •
• MayAnn • - 9 dager siden
zunairah Naveed
zunairah Naveed - 9 dager siden
Am I the only one who prefers English over my own language and is good at it?
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma - 9 dager siden
Idioms? More like Idiots
TANTILIST - 9 dager siden
In a pickle doesn't mean like in a pickle itself but in something like a pickle jar where the sour salty juice is, so I can maybe assume that in a pickle came from like this situation is sour or bad.
TANTILIST - 9 dager siden
I can assume that eat your heart out probably comes from when people were sad they would eat if you were really sad you would eat until your hear came out? Idk maybe that makes sense
TANTILIST - 9 dager siden
The pulling my leg idiom come from an old old prank people would do on the streets with their canes and would yank someone's leg out from under them. Hence you're pulling my leg (not being serious, just joking)
Lolmaster roach
Lolmaster roach - 9 dager siden
Bich it’s raining ANVIL’s out there.
dramatic-demigod - 9 dager siden
Raining cats and dogs started when strays would start slipping on tin roofs when it rained heavily, because apparently they hung out there. the term stuck when cats and dogs fell from the roofs when it rained.
ZypixAnimations - 9 dager siden
Don’t feel blue
dont feel bad.
G. R.
G. R. - 9 dager siden
You do know that “all downhill from here” is a good thing, right? Going downhill is sooooo easy when doing lots of activities, so this is a positive idiom
Mia I love bts
Mia I love bts - 9 dager siden
about the first one, they chose 'raining old ladies/grandma's' if you literally translate it
•fluffy icycream•
•fluffy icycream• - 9 dager siden
“english is complicated”
sir, there are at least 6 different ways of saying “the” in german and that’s not even close to why the german language basically sucks :)
Life Is Soup I Am A Fork
Life Is Soup I Am A Fork - 9 dager siden
Its actually a really cool language
minman gaming
minman gaming - 10 dager siden
3:05 how he call tho

I head om i out
Evelyn - Chan
Evelyn - Chan - 10 dager siden
This helped me study idioms for my Exam-
Fucking Dissapointment
Fucking Dissapointment - 10 dager siden
Carolineasr - 10 dager siden
Telling people to "hold your horses" is a an idiom for them being- stable??
As an european, that makes no sense to me
Legend Of Koalas
Legend Of Koalas - 10 dager siden
I see what he did with the nord VPN and the idioms at the end
God - 10 dager siden
Me: I want make a Idiom hmmmmm..... Hit the Cans means Throw Garbage Okay English is hard I will speak my own language....
RandomPersonVids - 10 dager siden
Gameing Gang
Gameing Gang - 10 dager siden
You now how people it’s drop dead easy I say it’s flatline easy
Katie Station
Katie Station - 10 dager siden
They say “it’s raining cats and dogs” because when the roofs were made out of hay, animals like cats and dogs would sleep up there for warmth or somethin. But when it rained hard enough to go thru the roof, the cats and dogs would jump off the roofs to get out of the rain. So people started to say “it’s raining cats and dogs”
Samy - 8 dager siden
font: Wikipedia
Chaneol kit
Chaneol kit - 10 dager siden
Domic: English is hard--
Me: Laughs in Filipino *Di pa yata toh nakakapag aral ng lingwahe namin--*

since the colonization of Spain, the language Spanish and Filipino got maxed together, and hell I dont like it one bit--
Mac Dinh
Mac Dinh - 10 dager siden
7:16 Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask reference to you zelda fans out there.
Little Mexican
Little Mexican - 10 dager siden
Actually English is really easy
-Sappy- - 10 dager siden
“It’s all down hill from here!”
I thought that meant it was easier the rest of the way and now I know why my friends didn’t understand me
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson - 10 dager siden
Ngl, this might be the only time I actually still enjoyed seeing promotion/sponsoring in a video. Nicely done Domics. For achieving this nearly impossible tasks, I give you the gift of subscription.
Dóczi Rebeka
Dóczi Rebeka - 10 dager siden
I understand you, but I advice you to look up the Hungarian word's: szeretlek different versions. Szeretet means: love. Szeretlek means: I love you, but in 1 word. English can suck, but it's easy compared to the Hungarian (my native language).
gamers na área
gamers na área - 10 dager siden
Try brazilian portuguese
It is easy to pronounce when you get the hang of it
Gergely Máté
Gergely Máté - 10 dager siden
My country (Hungary) has the most idioms im mean like 97000 or more...
Redd - 10 dager siden
*it was a piece of steak.*
Lee Min Yoong
Lee Min Yoong - 11 dager siden
**realises this video was made on my birthday**
Low Rice
Low Rice - 11 dager siden
lel the part one guy eat the cake swallowed the fork
Cortsay - 11 dager siden
When you go to NordVPN and it shows you your ip 😅😓
Princess Kenny
Princess Kenny - 11 dager siden
He turned himself into a pickle
Funniest shiz I've ever seen
MOB- - 11 dager siden
This video made me hate idioms even more
Sofía Roura
Sofía Roura - 11 dager siden
In Spanish we say "esta lloviendo a cantaros". One "Cantaro" is like a huge vase or barrel that was used to accumulate water, so you can see this idiom in two ways:
1) It's raining enough to fill vases or barrels.
2) It's raining vases or barrels filled.
LoveMyUnusual - 11 dager siden
I take "wouldn't be caught dead" as, you're so desperate to not be caught in something, that if you were dying, you'd be more focused on getting away from the thing than keeping yourself alive.
Lil weezo
Lil weezo - 11 dager siden
"english has too many rules"
*Arabic: hold my rules*
Ruhangiz Eyvazli
Ruhangiz Eyvazli - 12 dager siden
Yes I agree English is difficult but u haven’t seen Russian language or German language I mean they are so hard seriously the grammar is killing you and I’m not even talking bout my native language Azeri
Tyyde - 12 dager siden
NotCorpse - 12 dager siden
Wouldn't be caught dead in it means they wouldn't were it even if it killed them not to. Or that they'd die before they wore that outfit.