I started playing Pokemon Go...

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Domics - År siden
3 years late but I feel like it's the best time to play now :D
Jack Barton
Jack Barton - Måned siden
im the same
Nate Hu
Nate Hu - Måned siden
one year late to reply
Happyboba 07
Happyboba 07 - Måned siden
Hell yeah
Meme Meme
Meme Meme - Måned siden
Me to
Bliss Binu
Bliss Binu - 2 måneder siden
Kidon KiD
Kidon KiD - 26 minutter siden
1:43 it is already instaled he is instlaing it again at the side open is there bro
S.G.S - 7 timer siden
I can make your Gaming Cafè a Pokè Stop but i Need to be level 50 which im not and i dont know where your cafè is
Rad Dab
Rad Dab - 12 timer siden
Exnem - 16 timer siden
I remember in 2016 when the game was bigger there were news stories of cops constantly stopping people in America and questioning them for hanging out like this at night lol.
Batty Gaming
Batty Gaming - 20 timer siden
I never delete Pokémon Go :D
Matheus Castanharo
Matheus Castanharo - Dag siden
It's amazing how audible sounds a lot like a pokemon name
Glitch_y Boi
Glitch_y Boi - Dag siden
3:34 bro its a game for mobile gamers (mobile gamers are casuals)
Leiya Nguyen
Leiya Nguyen - Dag siden
They added Arlo ,Cliff and Sierra in balloons for a reason so players can simp
GorGarb - Dag siden
Are you still playing
The Cookie
The Cookie - Dag siden
Pokemon go is actually super smart....people spend so much time being indoors and playing on their phones,tablets and computers;oblivious to how beautiful and amazing it can be going outdoors for once.bUt tHeN—pokemon go decides to *exist* and make people go outdoors so they can enjoy playing a game instead of social distancing people from each other! :D
(Yes,I know there a virus outbreak at the time of writing this but im referring back to the times when pokemon go was super popular)
Khosro Masjedi
Khosro Masjedi - Dag siden
you predicted meeeeeeeeeeee
Cooper Supakhan
Cooper Supakhan - Dag siden
This was one year
TR8R YT - Dag siden
finally, another grown man spending 24-7 just to get anthor 50 coins
kaden heeter
kaden heeter - 2 dager siden
Tomie Lily Tiomico
Tomie Lily Tiomico - 2 dager siden
You can nominate now haha
Ansh Agarwal
Ansh Agarwal - 2 dager siden
My code is 5475 5543 5703. pls friend me cuz I'm lonely :)
pokegamer GO
pokegamer GO - 2 dager siden
In my country kids play pokemon go more
Galit - 2 dager siden
u still playin?
mr pokemon
mr pokemon - 2 dager siden
I started 3 yrs ago
R Mark
R Mark - 2 dager siden
I play Pokemon go everyday
Ethan Cui
Ethan Cui - 2 dager siden
whats funny is i know claires little brother and he plays pokemon go too
pretty damn good at it id say
TIERNAN MC - 2 dager siden
Me in 2020 playing let's go me 2021 sword and shield
samuel mcgourty
samuel mcgourty - 3 dager siden
Now he to do grub hub to see new places
Karin Vita
Karin Vita - 3 dager siden
I’m a kid and I pokemon go
Anwar Mussa
Anwar Mussa - 3 dager siden
Oh so he's a samsung user just like me
RileyFaulley - 3 dager siden
Literally walked to my nearest Gym at 8pm for a raid with two of my buddies. A white low rider car pulled up next to us (mind you, this gym is located at a church) and asked us if we wanted to buy weed. We showed him our phones, he laughed, and drove off to sit at the stop sign nearby. Needless to say, if it happens in front of a church, it'll happen anywhere. Stay safe, guys.
TheTryChannel - 3 dager siden
Try to catch rayquaza
ll HIPPO ll
ll HIPPO ll - 3 dager siden
Yoooo I got a Pokémon Go ad when I tapped on this video
Imabored - 3 dager siden
I think its too late but i think you need to be level 40 to nominate
Bruhsubheh - 3 dager siden
our worst fears domics quiting anamations and becoming a pokemon go youtuber
EL jorge
EL jorge - 3 dager siden
im a kid and fo far on bike for raids
MELODY the Kitty UwU
MELODY the Kitty UwU - 4 dager siden
I’m a kid so I just play Pokémon go at restaurants and at family’s houses whenever my parents aren’t looking 😳 (plus maybe a half million show up at my house every thirty minutes)
kkroj56 gaming
kkroj56 gaming - 4 dager siden
Me with a fking stack off area with tons of raids to farm shinys and raids
w07i - 5 dager siden
bruh my friend reccomended me and now im addicted when i said no ;_;
Batmelon - 5 dager siden
Anyone else an OG? Been playing since 2016
Kien Sumaoy
Kien Sumaoy - 5 dager siden
1:39 when your too addicted then u install it again
Jalani Brannigan
Jalani Brannigan - 5 dager siden
Domics: Because I know that normal people go to bed by that time, and can't defend their gyms!
Me who stays awake until 4 in the morning: Am I a joke to you?
Chaos Casserole
Chaos Casserole - 6 dager siden
Beta Chad
Beta Chad - 6 dager siden
3:33 excuse me? I sneak out all the time
R04ry Th3 T193r
R04ry Th3 T193r - 6 dager siden
Bruh literally after clicking the video a pokemon go add pops up, Coincidental???🤨
Charlie Russo
Charlie Russo - 7 dager siden
I’ve been playing pkgo Since launch I have only took a few 1-6 month breaks it is so underrated and more ppl should play
The Unknown Eric
The Unknown Eric - 8 dager siden
i could never get myself pass the login or the sign up, that was the game for me
John-paul Farrington hoyle
John-paul Farrington hoyle - 9 dager siden
I am a gamer and go on ones
Jurassic Totodile
Jurassic Totodile - 9 dager siden
I know, team mystic is the dominant group, But I’m Team Instinct For Life! Never uninstalled it btw.
Christopher - 9 dager siden
Dom plz what is your Pokémon go code
JustANormalPerson - 9 dager siden
If you shake the phone or your device a lot it will make the egg open.
Nico.Animations - 10 dager siden
SRT Gaming
SRT Gaming - 10 dager siden
What is your trainer code?
Shanawaz - 11 dager siden
1:41 he has the power to play without installing , this shows that he is a god
Stick man
Stick man - 11 dager siden
no one try the QR code it's a rick role
Little_.Raichu Pokémon_.GO_
Little_.Raichu Pokémon_.GO_ - 11 dager siden
YOU STILL PLAYING?can we be friends on pokémon go?im playing
Ryie Chan
Ryie Chan - 11 dager siden
1:26 me: now why did domics animate a charizard attacking a mewtwo charizard bad against mewtwo gengar was part of the 150
Christopher Alatorre
Christopher Alatorre - 11 dager siden
0:43 that face 🤣
W4ckyDog - 11 dager siden
Just got the game 2 weeks ago, this video is relatable
bruno stekovic
bruno stekovic - 11 dager siden
I am playing pokemon go stil
manha durani
manha durani - 12 dager siden
if i ever get that game i will not play tooooooooo much cause i can only go to the garden or inside
not outside the gate and i cant use my moms phone all the time
MrEgghead - 12 dager siden
Anyone else LITERALLY get a Pokémon GO ad right before the vid?
Agavinsha YT
Agavinsha YT - 12 dager siden
Are you in indonesia

I need friend for play pokemon go please :(
Cameron Rodelo
Cameron Rodelo - 12 dager siden
DO you still play
Jason Woodbury
Jason Woodbury - 12 dager siden
4:01 me literally any time im up against a 5 star raid
Adrian Midthaug
Adrian Midthaug - 12 dager siden
Nobody going to talk about the cp on the raikou
Skorned - 12 dager siden
My 60 year old grandma plays Pokemon go
The Beast
The Beast - 13 dager siden
Pokémon go is eternal
Bafhtub Boys
Bafhtub Boys - 13 dager siden
Bruh i stil play
Aruns_animation 23
Aruns_animation 23 - 13 dager siden
I play pokemon go
Anime0god - 13 dager siden
İ started today
Sevastian Sandoval
Sevastian Sandoval - 13 dager siden
Peppa The Beast
Peppa The Beast - 13 dager siden
Destroying_The_Light - 14 dager siden
I got an ad for pokemon go when clicking on this video
Yumm - 14 dager siden
0:40 wait people stopped playing Minecraft
ican Animate
ican Animate - 14 dager siden
Nah man an audible is actually a common.
corbynthegamerguy - 14 dager siden
Kalos region
Furio - 14 dager siden
It’s up there
Red Spy
Red Spy - 14 dager siden
When you get a Pokémon ad
Rushed - 15 dager siden
Nothings better than getting a pokemon ad before this video started :) looks like nord vpn would be a great sponsor for this video
Mandeep Kaur
Mandeep Kaur - 15 dager siden
If you get on a bus it will count for your eggs
The fishy Peely
The fishy Peely - 15 dager siden
Hi Dom I play Pokemon go to any tips you know
Darren TobingYT
Darren TobingYT - 15 dager siden
this is why people made emulators so that people who don't have nintendo handhelds can still play pokemon
Billiemoutherfriknilish - 15 dager siden
yAkK0 Salguero.R
yAkK0 Salguero.R - 15 dager siden
I started playing again a week ago and im having fun playing pokemon on my way home from work around 1:30 AM and almost get robbed a few timeswondering in lonely area's, 😁 but its still fun.
I need friends to send gifts to in game' since i dont have close friends IRL or the ones i have wouldn't play pokemon Go.
chan jet
chan jet - 15 dager siden
Add friend?
Eduardo Hernandez
Eduardo Hernandez - 15 dager siden
Legend has it he's still playing the pokemon go.
C miro
C miro - 15 dager siden
This is all facts!
avatar aang
avatar aang - 15 dager siden
Juergen - 15 dager siden
How did you get a legendary before me
Tin Dang
Tin Dang - 15 dager siden
"Kids are casuals" ik hes joking but i have 2000 hours in destiny 2
Night - 15 dager siden
TtvPsycho - 15 dager siden
ew valor
herr demurone
herr demurone - 16 dager siden
I loved it when it was only 151-251 Pokémon, after that I kept playing a while and even did lots of events (except Safari Zones) I don't like how this game turned to be a cash grab, sure you gotta invest if you want to have lots of shineys but actually I read lots of complaints regarding the catchrate when being in a paid event.. that's a nono for me and so I deinstalled after 3 years. Thank you Niantic for the great times and much fun to you Domics!
Dakota - 16 dager siden
Well I like playing with pogo's with my self
Domce2005 - 16 dager siden
You useless sack of shit bastard
jeff - 16 dager siden
when theres a pokestop in the middle of a road
Blocky Doggy
Blocky Doggy - 16 dager siden
I don,t have a curfew and I,m 10... ;-;
SadistFurret420 - 16 dager siden
im tryig to get lvl 40 so i can nominate my neighborhood for a pokestop
Milktar21 - 16 dager siden
4:56 *Project D theme starts playing*
BearlyGaming - 16 dager siden
If I saw any of that going down at a park, I'd call 911 for suspicious activity at Whatever St. or I would just call as soon as they started following me.
Magenta Umbreon
Magenta Umbreon - 16 dager siden
I joined when it first came out but then after 2 years playing I paused playing until very recently it’s got me hooked again.
Chichebem Ezike
Chichebem Ezike - 16 dager siden
5:54 LOOLL
Motorway Gaming
Motorway Gaming - 16 dager siden
i started in October 2018