I opened a board game cafe!

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We are now open! Check out the links for more info
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Domics - 2 år siden
No, it's not a joke.
TOrNn - 9 dager siden
채장훈 - 18 dager siden
LAST REPLY!!!! I DID IT!!! THIS IS THE 500th reply!
채장훈 - 18 dager siden
I will be the last reply
채장훈 - 18 dager siden
IceTea。 - Måned siden
I’m the 497th reply
Luke Honeyman Videos
Luke Honeyman Videos - 6 dager siden
when he forget to make a vid saying his cafe permanently closed ;----;
ThisIsNotAlex - 4 dager siden
woah buddy it's not closed forever it's temporary it says it on the page
Shiv Patel
Shiv Patel - 4 dager siden
Wait seriously
Baley Jauma-Hall
Baley Jauma-Hall - 17 dager siden
Hey dom, I've been a follower of your channel for at least 2+ years now (not necessarily a subscriber for that long, tho) and I love your videos and I personally LOVE the fact that you opened a gaming cafe! How has it been holding up lately? How are YOU holding up? You know, pandemic and all...
Baley Jauma-Hall
Baley Jauma-Hall - 17 dager siden
Not even sure if you'll see this 2 years after the posting of the video...
Emoji - Måned siden
Hey dominic i think you should make the gaming cafe *mr worldwide*
BrownBoi - 3 måneder siden
such a shame the place gotta close down
Amir Hossain
Amir Hossain - 3 måneder siden
ngl the "domics" written on top of GG looks like "disney"
Hilós con Cheemsito
Hilós con Cheemsito - 3 måneder siden
Alguien de aqui Abla español
Lightning - 4 måneder siden
I lost my brain cells watching this
Bari Kayani
Bari Kayani - 4 måneder siden
Subscribe to me or cheddar
Vincy Yu
Vincy Yu - 4 måneder siden
or not

dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
Game Cafe
Game Cafe - 5 måneder siden
Skyth - 5 måneder siden
My parents brought me here they did not know about domics
Azngurli3 - 5 måneder siden
Dom, show me what mac & cheese seasoning looks like on sweet potato fries...
Lintao He
Lintao He - 5 måneder siden
Is it me but when I saw it I thought of Disney
Don't call me Nymphadora
Don't call me Nymphadora - 5 måneder siden
It's been 2 years, it's like 12 minutes away from me, I should've gone by now.
Amal Pirzada
Amal Pirzada - 5 måneder siden
Finally a place by a famous youtubers cafe that’s only a 5 minute waking distance
Skylar Mitra
Skylar Mitra - 6 måneder siden
i passed by it on the way to seafood city lol
The Tick
The Tick - 6 måneder siden
You should open a maid cafe next.
Dino Dealer
Dino Dealer - 6 måneder siden
I’m so excited It’s only like 45 minutes from where I live
thewarpotato Ofc
thewarpotato Ofc - 7 måneder siden
if I'm near Dom I might go to GG
Mya Starz
Mya Starz - 7 måneder siden
I can't believe I'm just finding out about this
Discharge Rotten
Discharge Rotten - 7 måneder siden
krispX - 7 måneder siden
How much is a plane ticket from dc to Canada
AlbinoGolira GD
AlbinoGolira GD - Måned siden
look it up shit head. also Canada is a country not a city
vigirousgrub420 - 7 måneder siden
i wish i could go but it’s lockdown and i live in england
Dark Sins
Dark Sins - 7 måneder siden
Wait is Domics Canadian
Mr Wolf
Mr Wolf - 8 måneder siden
OMG HE'S QUITTING YOUTUBE OMG OMG even tho this is 2 years ago.... 😱 NO DONT QUIT U TUBE. Lol. 😂
Tuber Trio
Tuber Trio - 8 måneder siden
I wish your Cafe is in the Philippines
Rydogan2v2 - 8 måneder siden
Do you play video games and boardgames
Mr Diamond
Mr Diamond - 8 måneder siden
You posted it on April 2nd so you cant lie
Alek -TheGoldenWeeb
Alek -TheGoldenWeeb - 8 måneder siden
when i can, i go there for meet you!
Twisted - 9 måneder siden
What a good joke.
Red Spy
Red Spy - 9 måneder siden
zGolden enforcer
zGolden enforcer - 10 måneder siden
pewdiepie already made a video about quitting youtube
Radio Raven
Radio Raven - 10 måneder siden
How much money should I have ready to fail with before I start a board game cafe?
Wilson Chan
Wilson Chan - 11 måneder siden
When you live all the way down in southern California
Yoshinobu Takahashi
Yoshinobu Takahashi - År siden
I’m still confused
Yoonie Paroma
Yoonie Paroma - År siden
I'm honestly rewatching a lot of your vids coz I'm waiting for an update
_IntrovertIvy _
_IntrovertIvy _ - År siden
lise phạm
lise phạm - År siden
I can tell he was not lie. Im from the future
Kayz_xx - År siden
This is the worst marketing
Stable chachi
Stable chachi - År siden
its 2019
hodan ali
hodan ali - År siden
I live in Minneapolis Minnesota. I guess close enough. 😭
Ex0tic_buttersYT - År siden
I am crying so hard why can't you make videos anymore ; - ;
Gyasi Luboya
Gyasi Luboya - År siden
He’s not joking I actually saw it it’s beside the cibc bank
Iconix _
Iconix _ - År siden
I went there dude! It’s so great!
Man - År siden
Yesss and I'm in Toronto soooooo
Jenson - År siden
i was driving for like 2 minutes outside my house and i saw it and i was like WAIT A MINUTE IS THAT????? and yes, yes it is
PureEndermen - År siden
My brain hurts. Is it a joke?
Dally Skye
Dally Skye - År siden
Oof, I live far from Mississauga. ;(
Zamazui _
Zamazui _ - År siden
Are young children allowed to go?
Red_ wine
Red_ wine - År siden
Decided to search it up. Now I wanna go to that cafe. BUT ITS IN ONTARIO DANG IT
Ethan's yang
Ethan's yang - År siden
Lol I live like 10 minutes or maybe less from this place
James Trotman
James Trotman - År siden
I thought this was a joke a year ago, I forgot about it until watching his latest video about Pokemon Go, and now I found out that he did indeed open a cafe
Flamingo Plushie
Flamingo Plushie - År siden
Were is it ? I need to come NOW
Al Xander James Ybanez
Does it involve magic the gathering?
Frost Dragon Specter
Frost Dragon Specter - År siden
its times like these im sad im in the U.S.A
Franjo Gamer
Franjo Gamer - År siden
I’m really confused.
Farhad Noori
Farhad Noori - År siden
Yo where in missauga, like near square one. WHERE!!!!!!
Danish Rehman
Danish Rehman - År siden
1:52 angry birds level clear music
Danish Rehman
Danish Rehman - År siden
OH yeah that's a good point
Todarra - År siden
When u live in Brazil and cant afford the trip
Shebal Adnan
Shebal Adnan - År siden
I have been there its nice I went there cuz my mom went to CIBC bank nearby lel
Jr - År siden
Who the heck plays board games
Jr - År siden
I’m surprised a primitive being like yourself that still plays board games has enough intellect to even type a simple sentence
Jr - År siden
I’m bored let’s argue
Valtharr - År siden
Literally millions of people
Lamchop29-_- - År siden
Me: oh cool
Me: *reads date*
Me: 😑
Valtharr - År siden
...it's real
Little Koopa
Little Koopa - År siden
Canada is my favorite country when I go there I’m going to GG Gaming cafe

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OutletRun - År siden
im from sauga and this the first time hearing about this tf
Luca Kodsi
Luca Kodsi - År siden
I've been there last year.
James Armstrong
James Armstrong - År siden
My brother just moved to toronto so now I know where I'm forcing him to take me when I visit :3.
Full Time Blues! !
Full Time Blues! ! - År siden
My brain
mr_biohallow 9
mr_biohallow 9 - År siden
Awww shit i wish i vould live there
S M A R - År siden
I live right next to it
Prime3 57
Prime3 57 - År siden
Damn I am so confused
gme - År siden
Aww, :c I can't visit you on GG Cafe because I live in the philippines:c
Insert kahoot Name
Insert kahoot Name - År siden
Is it like “on board”
Sydney Clement
Sydney Clement - År siden
My friend and I are hoping to go this Friday after school. I'm very excited!
Extra Anything
Extra Anything - År siden
**too bad**
Explosion of Awesomeness
"professionally bad"
EY Giraffis
EY Giraffis - År siden
I’m so confused
Artfully_ Allie
Artfully_ Allie - År siden
*a year late*
Cindy Hua
Cindy Hua - År siden
А что
А что - År siden
We have your videos translated and they do it well. So you and Russia are looking
#1 fan
#1 fan - År siden
When is domics there????
This is 5 hrs away from my house !
MoldyTofu - År siden
damn it i live in california
seungwaaand - År siden
*can i go in to your boring gaming café?*
Will Rorech
Will Rorech - År siden
Hi from 1 year later
grish grosh
grish grosh - År siden
I watched this today for the first time, fuck I got fooled.
Mr. UnOrganized
Mr. UnOrganized - År siden
Anyone else watching this on April Fools Day a year later??
Gavin Knazavich
Gavin Knazavich - År siden
Hello, I’m here from April 1, 2019, and I just come here to say it’s the been 1 year since this video!
Zephyr - År siden
Been 1 year
Anthon Marimat
Anthon Marimat - År siden
Oh lol one year ago
Pirate Pandas
Pirate Pandas - År siden
Love your content.
vilothaine 2
vilothaine 2 - År siden
missisa UUUU ga
Chelsea Nembhard
Chelsea Nembhard - År siden
So i came here the other day, but when I game I’m either really shy and don’t try or go beast mode and scream so I just took a photo then went to go get ice cream next door :P
Bread Enthusiast
Bread Enthusiast - År siden
Im just discovering this
scissors RPS
scissors RPS - År siden
I would love to go but it’s so far away from where I live
אלישבע סרבר
אלישבע סרבר - År siden
Doge Step
Doge Step - År siden
Now i can drink coffee and destroy friendships over Monopoly Great!
Valtharr - År siden
Or you could just play a good game
TSI - År siden
That’s a lie.
Pepe - År siden
i live right beside it its beside hockey life
Gucci Diego Brando
Gucci Diego Brando - År siden
w h a t