I got scammed

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OnlyThunder - 3 minutter siden
I was about to join a pyramid scheme..but they said I was young.Thank god I was born late😂
Millie Says OK boomer
Millie Says OK boomer - 2 timer siden
If it sounds too good to be true it is
KudosK - 4 timer siden
Pyramid schemes are cool. Because if its upside-down the bottom is the one who started it and if we attack, that person will be outnumbered.
petar gaming
petar gaming - 5 timer siden
i dont lik the bmw
Anisa Fatimah Nor Azman
Anisa Fatimah Nor Azman - 5 timer siden
Did that coffee story really happen?
Ray Mak
Ray Mak - 5 timer siden
It's "premium"
Adlan Kacak
Adlan Kacak - 2 minutter siden
you must been heard about herbalife, right? lol
KudosK - 4 timer siden
Puts the "Pre-" in Premium.
Terrence Tolentino
Terrence Tolentino - 7 timer siden
It's been years and his intro still doesn't change.
It's still fvckin' good.
GlitchF - 7 timer siden
Just found out comics watches JoJo
everyanimereactionever#6754 - 7 timer siden
I actually took his success story seriously until he brought out the BMW.
Tevan Cabarubias
Tevan Cabarubias - 7 timer siden
So i know ur pilipino can i speak pilipino because in pilipino to
uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas
Hi again Mr.Pandaniban
the spring fan
the spring fan - 9 timer siden
Here's a hypothetical what if the more delicious something is the less full you get like if you eat the most disgusting dish your full but if you eat the most delicious dish you get hungry the more delicious it is
KitQwat01 - 10 timer siden
When it got to the bmw part I was like, is he joking? Then when the park part happened I was like:

*so dis a JOKE.*
Clash Clan
Clash Clan - 10 timer siden
Hey how do you make these animation. please tell me
YOU Tuber
YOU Tuber - 12 timer siden
I was a victim of that too.
13 Year Old Plays
13 Year Old Plays - 13 timer siden
We _Stan
We _Stan - 14 timer siden
What videos saying: 📈📉🔺⁉️👁
The music: ✨💃🏼💃🏼🕺🏼✨
Task Master
Task Master - Dag siden
Your videos are sooo detailed and smooth that it's just Perfect
Five and Six
Five and Six - Dag siden
This is called network marketing 😅
Dario Sabate
Dario Sabate - Dag siden
Theres a 0.00000000000001% chance domics is gonna heart it, read it, or reply to it
ShockedHearts - Dag siden
was that supposed to be Mitsuo on the poster lol, idk i only saw it for a sec but i swear if im right
Joshua Grove
Joshua Grove - Dag siden
Past Dom: Gets ripped off by pyramid scheme.😐
Future Dom: Helps people and monetises off of the pyramid scheme experience.😎
YoshuaLY - Dag siden
i just got scammed yesterday for buying a 30 dollar 2tb usb and i dont know if refund is available
Ammon Janey
Ammon Janey - Dag siden
3:59 so we're just not gonna talk about the RE2 reference?
Faultiplayer - Dag siden
I just got really wide-eyed at the coffee shop thinking Dom was holding onto this embarrassing detail about his life where he failed a weird business venture. Then the car hit.
DrawciaGleam02 - Dag siden
Ya'll should check out illuminaughi, the triangle lady! She's covered a lot of these MLMs!
Soa studios
Soa studios - Dag siden
In my class we talked about pyramids.
Ben VIERTEL - Dag siden
1:14 is that dreams block shuffle
Minekey - Dag siden
Wheres the join button
Kraken Blox
Kraken Blox - Dag siden
Ngl you got me at first
Amanpreet Jassal
Amanpreet Jassal - Dag siden
hi domics i feel so happy when you said that you lived in my home town and i went to the same swiming peractes sorry my spelling is bad but and i saw ur gaming cafe u r really cool bye!
Red Saiyan
Red Saiyan - Dag siden
I was scammed not long ago and I can relate.
Pickle Captain
Pickle Captain - Dag siden
I've recently been watching erased since I remembered you mentioned it a while back and it honestly lives up to the hype and I probably wouldn't have gotten into anime if I didn't watch your videos, so I thank you for that.
Daniele Dri
Daniele Dri - Dag siden
Im italian your video is very cool but im not speak englesh
Tanguy Sanchez
Tanguy Sanchez - Dag siden
Just.. what is a damn narwall ?
Vlogger Man
Vlogger Man - Dag siden
"No, I didn't sell jackshit" -Domics 2020
Vlogger Man
Vlogger Man - Dag siden
Any1 notice Jaiden Animations Nuzlocke for Pokemon Platinum on the videos at 1:14?
Vlogger Man
Vlogger Man - Dag siden
If not, it's in top right at 1:14
Gian Latorre
Gian Latorre - 2 dager siden
My ex gf in college tried to "recruit" me into a pyramid scheme. She texted me "natutuwa ako para sayo kasi may opportunity ka...." (I'm happy for you because you have this opportunity...). I thought she was gonna ask for us to be together again. Sadly, she invited me to a Starbucks and there were others(one guy & 3 girls). The guy was doing all the talking while the girls were listening closely. I had no idea about this scheme shits...but I already knew all the stuffs that this guy was talking about was "too good to be true". So I explained on how a system like what his company is doing would ultimately fall. The guy still smiled but the girls looked slightly troubled. The guy was the "upline" and the girls were his fresh recruits.

I think that was the coolest thing I did back then by just using my common sense. All the ideas quickly flashed in my brain. As soon as the guy said "Membership is only 10k but you can recover that in a few weeks....". I said "Yeah but in order to do that, I have to recruit tons of people or sell these shits that no one would probably buy....and what kind of business would a person recruit their own competitors?"
Felipe Miranda
Felipe Miranda - 2 dager siden
Pyramid head vibes
Adam the vintage razor nerd
Adam the vintage razor nerd - 2 dager siden
Hey dom, thank you so much for recommending Erased! It was so good I finished it in 1 night.
roseili - 2 dager siden
i used to watch you when i was a middle schooler and now im about to graduate HI
Julian Matteo A.Ordanza
Julian Matteo A.Ordanza - 2 dager siden
Hey dom I know you won’t reply but what is the music in the background?
Fiji_ - 2 dager siden
You got scammed buying that BMW
WORLD's HEART - 2 dager siden
Teresa Camacho
Teresa Camacho - 2 dager siden
Organo gold, my dad was in it
Eggymiceggyegg - 2 dager siden
I literally just had a interview with cutco today and I guess it’s not technically a pyramid scheme but it felt sketchy and I’m also an awkward person lol not for me
Dwayne Rollin
Dwayne Rollin - 2 dager siden
School fundraisers be like:
Nuggie Vr
Nuggie Vr - 2 dager siden
Sanji tho
Idk plays Mcpe
Idk plays Mcpe - 2 dager siden
2:57 is that a jojo reference?!?!?
ExplodingSteve - 2 dager siden
6:00 he had us in first half not gonna lie
mypetis CERBEROS
mypetis CERBEROS - 2 dager siden
7:32 fuck yeah that's me there at the bottom lol
mypetis CERBEROS
mypetis CERBEROS - 2 dager siden
7:00 good doggo 😂
mypetis CERBEROS
mypetis CERBEROS - 2 dager siden
6:41 lmfao that face that's what I call gold , peak fucking art
Arya Kale
Arya Kale - 3 dager siden
The CORPSE cameo tho
Muhammad Hafeez
Muhammad Hafeez - 3 dager siden
Hey domics why don't you make video about roommates by the way love from foreign countries
Jen Sim
Jen Sim - 3 dager siden
lol this literally happened to me a week ago, where some guy on a job hunting website contacted me, saying he wanted to start his own business and was looking for some people to join in.
He invited me into a zoom call and he started talking about this 'amazing' products to keep you fit and basically heal every disease out there hahaha I just wanted to leave after I noticed what I got into, but am just wayyyy too friendly. So I just let him finish his talk and declined afterwards 🥲
duhnuh pir
duhnuh pir - 3 dager siden
I remember when i was in college my crush asked me for a coffee date, he just wanted to recruit me lmao made me wary of people suddenly wanted to hang out. lol
Pyramid Schemer
Pyramid Schemer - 3 dager siden
Don't spread our secrets man! Damn it!!
Electric Ethan
Electric Ethan - 3 dager siden
Hi domic I just want to say thank you for your work
Lee_ LovesLemons
Lee_ LovesLemons - 3 dager siden
Hey, Domics, if you see this, have you ever watched Rayearth? I know you like to watch anime. :)
Memo Daiz
Memo Daiz - 3 dager siden
Looks like Dom is bored of youtube now😥
Goldenfoxy Sans
Goldenfoxy Sans - 3 dager siden
His intro kinda sounds like the cornhub theme...
paco ramon
paco ramon - 3 dager siden
Every philipino animator gets scamed at least 2 types in their life.
John Balvin
John Balvin - 3 dager siden
is it the company called "organo gold"? They also tried to get me in
Cooper Walton 27
Cooper Walton 27 - 3 dager siden
Trash Ultra
Trash Ultra - 3 dager siden
love the one piece references.
TheOnlyJT - 3 dager siden
I go to St. marcellinus, the same school domics went to. i feel honoured
Keori 000
Keori 000 - 3 dager siden
Про "МММ" Вспомнил.
THE KID OF LINK AND ZELDA - 3 dager siden
animating is hard
i hope i get better........................................ :(
THE KID OF LINK AND ZELDA - 3 dager siden
we all get scammed from time to time
Cleo Pillay
Cleo Pillay - 3 dager siden
Back then when i used to watch domics with my sister, he used to post every week.. nd get upset when he doesnt... now... its like he posts every 3months?
Hey Domics??? U still alive bro?
Player 2
Player 2 - 4 dager siden
Hi domics! This October I’m going to Toronto! Hopefully I can meet you!
Mehran Hashemi
Mehran Hashemi - 4 dager siden
Play hollow Knight
Tongue Twister
Tongue Twister - 4 dager siden
The animation are amazing even in 144p lol
expecto Patronum
expecto Patronum - 4 dager siden
am i the only one who got a TED-ED video suggested next to this one about " how to spot a pyramid scheme" ? Thanks for raising awareness Dom!
HM - 04PS 832612 Forest Glen PS
at the forty sixed second there is sanjis wanted poster
Yousician Dee
Yousician Dee - 4 dager siden
Ahh the maple story slimes
Sus Pluto
Sus Pluto - 4 dager siden
i was on the list of people you know 😁
nicholette - 4 dager siden
6:03 you got me on the first half of the story ngl
TheArmadilloKing Gaming
TheArmadilloKing Gaming - 4 dager siden
Ok, hold on wait.
These are pokemon villians. Like straight up. Look at that blonde guy's hair. You can't tell me he's not some high ranking guy for the evil pokemon orginization.
Blue The Goat
Blue The Goat - 4 dager siden
Free earnigs free pr
GrimGracious - 4 dager siden
My mom is in one and it's depressing seeing how many boxes of product she has. . . but she genuinely likes their product (cooking ware) so despite me trying to explain to her it's pretty much a scam and the wall of product she has is excessive she refuses to quit.
Faultiplayer - Dag siden
First they scam her, then she continues to scam herself with sunk-cost fallacy.
Sky Le Pancake
Sky Le Pancake - 4 dager siden
The giddy pan fittingly slow because margaret aboaly dust apropos a future futuristic bread. historical, draconian hippopotamus
Kylie Hua
Kylie Hua - 4 dager siden
You got me until the Narwhals
Deku-TheRobloxGamer - 4 dager siden
Fun fact: dom watches dream cuz there was a video of him in this
Jess Nguyen
Jess Nguyen - 4 dager siden
Don't be shy, tell us the name of this not "pyramid scheme"
Arsalan Khan
Arsalan Khan - 3 dager siden
Yeah man tell us
Lou - 4 dager siden
3:07 - 3:22 Literally the American Dream
Motor Powered Diecast Reviews
3:40 he looked like Mitch McColllen
Cheusing Her
Cheusing Her - 4 dager siden
Gg y’all, I’m stuck in one 🤦🏻‍♂️ oofity oof
Bob The Builder
Bob The Builder - 4 dager siden
Shruti Singh
Shruti Singh - 4 dager siden
omg!! i know this!! even i was scammed by this scheme!
Eshan Rafique
Eshan Rafique - 4 dager siden
Plea see this I go to the same rok climbing place omg lol the one next to the Berger place
Fortunate Mean
Fortunate Mean - 4 dager siden
Dom... If you ever leave YouTube, I will literally cry
Gian Alcayde
Gian Alcayde - 4 dager siden
Amazing video
Michaels Arts
Michaels Arts - 5 dager siden
I low key want that island
James Lin
James Lin - 5 dager siden
Amir this is for you my fallen comrade...
KC N - 5 dager siden
I'm from India and even here they dangle a car wtf lol
Sir Jeffmuhammed
Sir Jeffmuhammed - 5 dager siden
Ac3_Naru - 5 dager siden
Dam sanji follower zoro and his wanted poster ended up on your street
Jomi 2510
Jomi 2510 - 5 dager siden
Ey Dom the wagyu thing there is an anime just like that it is called the promised neverland it's dark but dark did I mention dark try and wach it did I mention it was dark.