Hypotheticals: Elevators and Rewinding Time (ft. FootofaFerret + JaidenAnimations)

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"What is leg room if you don't have any legs."
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mase 347
mase 347 - 16 timer siden
Life tried to off me at the start, and getting hit by a car, cutting my finger open,
Glitch_y Boi
Glitch_y Boi - Dag siden
Me: thanks for changing my life
Click: i am basically just a movie
Niki fantasi
Niki fantasi - Dag siden
Attack on titan
MARGHERITA BRIVIO - 3 dager siden
I immagined fast-forward: you doing anything you would usually do but when you reach the time you skipped to you loose all memories..
The Void Exorcist
The Void Exorcist - 3 dager siden
There's a fifty fifty shot they either disappear or just become one functioning person
violet fireBolt
violet fireBolt - 4 dager siden
I mean my legs are really aren't that helpful sometimes I can't get out of bed because they're so s****
I'm an artist and I've considered that it might be easier to just chop my legs off
and be bound in a wheelchair because at least that way my legs wouldn't be in pain all the bloody time
Gustavo Cajica
Gustavo Cajica - 5 dager siden
wait this is tenet
Renee Delacruz
Renee Delacruz - 5 dager siden
Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter - 7 dager siden
I'm sorry but Ryder's laugh is the cutest
WellMeyNameIsMuchMuchLongerThanYoursh HahahahaahahS
Im the only reason you can't reply to footofaferret anymore
Anthony Lleva
Anthony Lleva - 7 dager siden
Let’s go the forest Reference
Reaper of the Shadow realm
Reaper of the Shadow realm - 7 dager siden
PokéAnimations - 8 dager siden
I would use those powers to refund NINTENDO games cause they dont do refunds
Shomii - 8 dager siden
Is nobody gonna talk about Nancy
PopRocks - 8 dager siden
It’s rewind time baby
memezman :[
memezman :[ - 8 dager siden
Jaiden going back to get her blazeken plush
Cosmic Silence
Cosmic Silence - 9 dager siden
If you destroyed the right side youd be paralysed same with left side cus the left side of your brain control the right side of your body and vice-versa
Gale Creations
Gale Creations - 10 dager siden
Itzumetric - 10 dager siden
Well that was a fun outro
fishy payl
fishy payl - 11 dager siden
was that Ari screeching?
Ibraheem El-Mahayni
Ibraheem El-Mahayni - 12 dager siden
Dom should make this a podcast series
[{Scrabble Productions}]
[{Scrabble Productions}] - 12 dager siden
Me:hears Steven universe
Me: We, are the crystal gems...
DaGuy Vikavolt
DaGuy Vikavolt - 12 dager siden
7:52 why do I get FInal Destination Vibes Here
jazzmonkey /pinkie star
jazzmonkey /pinkie star - 12 dager siden
Maybe if we could go forward we could just skip through 2020
Some guy That likes undertale
Victoria the green cheek conure
I like how jaidens brain extends to her hair bits
Ty Griffin
Ty Griffin - 13 dager siden
The time travel thing is erased irl but good
Joey Gitzke
Joey Gitzke - 13 dager siden
You play that game the Forest
Maria Calabrese
Maria Calabrese - 13 dager siden
Well if the universe is trying to get back at you for cheating death it’s going to make sure that lightning strike kills you this time
Pao Ha
Pao Ha - 14 dager siden
Really dislike the footofaferret energy
Waffl Hed
Waffl Hed - 14 dager siden
Click made me cry😅😅
Gray Ender animates
Gray Ender animates - 15 dager siden
Apparently Jaden is the goddess of animating
according to the people who address her as
miss animations
Elwin - 15 dager siden
I don’t like the other guy
ShiniDekuran - 15 dager siden
So basically...

Final Destination
Israel Ballinger
Israel Ballinger - 15 dager siden
Spend 3 hours remaking the art I forgot to save in Photoshop, or lose minutes of my life rewinding to just before my house loses power and hit save?
bryanime and kiko play's
bryanime and kiko play's - 15 dager siden
Wach the movie click it's about time skipping
Vanessa Taylor
Vanessa Taylor - 15 dager siden
I’m supposed to be doing homework rn, but I’m too busy trying to make my laughs sound like coughs over here in front of my parents
Denis Goruk
Denis Goruk - 16 dager siden
Domics: A *quick* hypothetical!e
*Takes up a third of the video*
Smile Cat
Smile Cat - 16 dager siden
Tetei - 16 dager siden
If only the views count as like
SuperkatGamingNL - 16 dager siden
That the forest reference is very epic
myth cafe
myth cafe - 16 dager siden
"shift the ballence of my body" -rider 2018
The Super Yoshi Cane
The Super Yoshi Cane - 16 dager siden
Wouldn't Jaiden be shorter than Dom because she's 7 years younger and... a... woman..............? That sounded sexist
Mythstery Productions
Mythstery Productions - 13 dager siden
Nah dom's pretty short
BlueOtterAnimations - 16 dager siden
wait... if you could speed up time and it gave you more life then you could technically live forever
MarinMovieExpert - 16 dager siden
Have you seen Final Destination
- Mizumi -
- Mizumi - - 17 dager siden
But like, you know theres rails in the elevator, why not climb and hold onto the rails balancing on them, not touching the ground, what would happen?
- Mizumi -
- Mizumi - - 16 dager siden
@SuperkatGamingNL no I meant inside the elevator, where theres rails to hold onto, why not do like the dog pose on them using them as balace, and your not touching the floor.
SuperkatGamingNL - 16 dager siden
How do you even get on top of the elevator it is not a movie or a game
Declan Sisco
Declan Sisco - 17 dager siden
jaidens idea is just the movie click with adam sandler
RE:animated Shadow
RE:animated Shadow - 17 dager siden
I watch you as like a podcast of sorts
randomedits12 idkanymore
randomedits12 idkanymore - 17 dager siden
What if you rewind and stop yourself from rewinding
Emma Stobbart
Emma Stobbart - 17 dager siden
When was this miad
Emma Stobbart
Emma Stobbart - 17 dager siden
Theairnight - 18 dager siden
This a little like death note
Merdinskirmin 123
Merdinskirmin 123 - 18 dager siden
Dear Mrs Animations,
lkeaBoi - 18 dager siden
Jaidens link dosent go to het channel tyi
Mango's are Awesome and Amazing
0:21 lol
Sofia Fig
Sofia Fig - 18 dager siden
It was my b day when this was uploaded
Stuff with Starseeker
Stuff with Starseeker - 19 dager siden
Anyone hear ari at the start
Lily Fox
Lily Fox - 19 dager siden
dweam is for me
dweam is for me - 19 dager siden
Damn domics you need to draw yourself short between jaiden and talk about stuff man as i like to call him
Hoodie _ Comics _ YT
Hoodie _ Comics _ YT - 20 dager siden
And here we have the first video I ever liked, apparently
Anthony Santana
Anthony Santana - 20 dager siden
Why does Domics go “NANCY?”
Samuel Banks
Samuel Banks - 21 dag siden
I ate 87 Big Macs
The Sight
The Sight - 21 dag siden
10:19 "I have no other option."
koitaiax7634 koitaiax7634
koitaiax7634 koitaiax7634 - 22 dager siden
The homely change scilly lighten because dimple characteristically enter beside a open green. childlike, motionless march
Javier Tulabing
Javier Tulabing - 22 dager siden
Wait, I don't get about the part for when you go back to your birth, you would die instantly. Wouldn't this only work if you were past half your lifespan?
OrangeNinja777 - 22 dager siden
I’d give up my life to stop YouTube rewind 2018
Kody Ryba
Kody Ryba - 22 dager siden
Was that Edward Snowden?
Dinah The Damsel
Dinah The Damsel - 23 dager siden
🏁💕this was on my watch later for 2yrs had to go through the list and delete. 💕🏁
The Faceless Channel
The Faceless Channel - 23 dager siden
For the going back to birth here is my argument say your 12 years old as I am if you go back but you just straight die that means you would die when you were 24 because they said as far as you go back that’s how much life gets taken away
K. - 23 dager siden
Final destination much
TheMarioBoy 07
TheMarioBoy 07 - 23 dager siden
My brain hurts...
Jpthebot - 24 dager siden
final destination basically
chicken nuggets
chicken nuggets - 24 dager siden
I'd just sit down and get rid of my booty
Shady - 24 dager siden
The time rewind would not make sense seeing how if that were to happen you would already have a set amount of time. You would shave off seconds you would have the same amount of time
Eve Porter
Eve Porter - 25 dager siden
*video begins* ARI Shriek INTENSIFIES
Zedsuss - 25 dager siden
They basically just explained the entire premise of "Final Destination"
Kaushik Nagarajan
Kaushik Nagarajan - 25 dager siden
Did Dom just predict TENET 2 years back?!?
Puffy the Jigglypuff
Puffy the Jigglypuff - 26 dager siden
And in fact at 0:22 is Ryder staring at the fourth wall while acting as Kirby being dead inside.
ITS CONTROLLER PLAYER - 26 dager siden
Welcome to an advertisement for footofaferret
Aaron Wood
Aaron Wood - 26 dager siden
Bro the 2nd one is like final destination
good vibes
good vibes - 27 dager siden
footofaferet:microwave noises
Solette Prollius
Solette Prollius - 28 dager siden
Actually if you jump right before impact you dont get hurt as much.
Ded Skel
Ded Skel - 29 dager siden
the more you rewind the more unlucky you are and the more unlucky you are the more chances for you to die, but remember skill beats luck
Fatima Najeeb
Fatima Najeeb - 29 dager siden
Robot legs
Game ReaperX
Game ReaperX - 29 dager siden
Ekko called, he wants his concept back⏱️
Abby Stopps
Abby Stopps - Måned siden
People having to deal with you half alive body while you are fast forwarding and fast forwarding = being in the spirit world in atla and tlok. It’s the same thing
The Nine Tailed Fox
The Nine Tailed Fox - Måned siden
Life is strange nice name
shoku.scythe - Måned siden
I would be MORE than willing to give up a few years to fix a massive mistake I made
Samuel _OP
Samuel _OP - Måned siden
LP0?! Your talking to YU-GI-OH?!
NOWFEARME - Måned siden
how did you know what is covid 19 this was in 2020m
Hannah Kim
Hannah Kim - Måned siden
Doms "favorite" mug is a toilet mug 😆
CJ - Måned siden
CJ - Måned siden
MeMyselfAndSteve - Måned siden
Domic or Dominics
Random Llama
Random Llama - Måned siden
This is now my ringtone 9:20
Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette
What if I stand on one leg? So then I only use one leg and then go the rest of my life with a robot leg or a crutch
Buka - Måned siden
i'll go -5 years to invest in etherium
Bruce Ice
Bruce Ice - Måned siden
does this mean you're half man/half woman
uriel contreras Valdez
uriel contreras Valdez - Måned siden
9:04 thas just the click movie of adam san...
uriel contreras Valdez
uriel contreras Valdez - Måned siden
10:03 oh finaly
Rhys dR
Rhys dR - Måned siden
haf pusy haf pinus