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Mcglynn Kareem
Mcglynn Kareem - 6 timer siden
The flagrant lead wailly reject because sphere functionally buzz off a robust kangaroo. agonizing, ripe judo
Slyfer_loves_Gaming 2007
Slyfer_loves_Gaming 2007 - 15 timer siden
The charging cables 🤣
DragonkittyQueen MGA
DragonkittyQueen MGA - 16 timer siden
Sentimentality wise he’s a perfect partner... And probably relation ship wise too
Gianna Gupta
Gianna Gupta - Dag siden
What if I let DoMics borrow my Mortal Instruments...?
Varun - 2 dager siden
One mans junk is another mans treasure
Efren Aiden Borja
Efren Aiden Borja - 3 dager siden
The longanesa hit in the nastalgia hard
Petra Dujmovic
Petra Dujmovic - 3 dager siden
I still have a lott of stuff from my childhood And I have a bayblede, Driger, like Ray had in anime, i remember we had Dragoon too but idk where it is. its old and i don't have a launcher anymotr to play with it but i just keep it on my nightstand
KeyboardWrecker - 3 dager siden
He should have just said it was a gift from a friend who he wasn't in touch with anymore.
Cleo Pillay
Cleo Pillay - 6 dager siden
Ok... My bf still got his exs gifts. I threw all my exs gifts away.
Its worst with me because my man got his ring that he bought for his ex, after they decided to separate she gave the rimg back to him. I get angry and he laughs.
X Radger
X Radger - 7 dager siden
Iam never going to get a gf cause I keep it halal but if I got a gf and she became my ex I will just take the things she gave me and keep them cause like that I just have there money in my hands HAHAHAHAH
Coccinella - 7 dager siden
I'm just posting this because you mentioned it, and I found it funny, but I suspect that my boyfriend too has stuff from his ex(es). Like the boxers with cartoons on them. He mostly has monochromatic underwear so I asked him where did he got the ones whith cartoons on them and he said it was a *gifffft*
I didn't ask him from whom, because when he says something is a gift, he adds from whom he got that... but not this time 🤔
Anyway he also gave me some glitter pens and I was like "where the hell did you get those?" but he "didn't remember" 🤣
Radhitya Febryando 29 X.TKJ.3
I don't know why but almost all south east Asian have this mindset
Orion Monroe
Orion Monroe - 7 dager siden
I do have he same thing but with pc parts
SISsy's Art's
SISsy's Art's - 8 dager siden
4:45 *Book walks onto scene* Have you been abandoned too?* Beyblade and velcro: "Yeah. Yep." Taco: "BOOK WAS IT REALLY THAT BAD?! I ALREADY TOLD YOU, I DIDN'T ABANDON YOU!!!"
Abood 521
Abood 521 - 8 dager siden
Claudine Gus
Claudine Gus - 8 dager siden
The diligent step-daughter ordinarily carve because thunderstorm traditionally complete during a watery bit. inquisitive, alluring denim
Angélica Paiva
Angélica Paiva - 9 dager siden
Predator - 9 dager siden
I thought I was the only one that kept gifts from exes
Anime Furry
Anime Furry - 10 dager siden
The Mulan cover tho-
Diabolic Fish
Diabolic Fish - 11 dager siden
Julianna Stein
Julianna Stein - 12 dager siden
for anyone who has a problem getting rid of items bc they have sentimental value, I would suggest taking a photo of the item and making an album on your phone. this way you can get rid of the item, and you still have the memory of it (which you can access at almost any given time)
Andrew Creech
Andrew Creech - 12 dager siden
I keep stuff from ex’s, it’s usually something thoughtful and something I like that they picked.
NIKKI MONTANA - 12 dager siden
RE:animated Shadow
RE:animated Shadow - 12 dager siden
How to sing like Ariel 101: for dummies
Nicholas Wakefield
Nicholas Wakefield - 12 dager siden
Gabriela Batista
Gabriela Batista - 13 dager siden
Well, in my defense we have good reasons to keep broken stuff at my home, instead of throwing it away: my dad works with tech stuff, and more often than not, he either is able to fix and sell it or can use the parts somewhere else; my grandma has the same thing with stuff like a ripped backpack, purse and stuff, and the ripped clothes are always great to clean the floor; and whatever else that can possibly have some use goes to me, like old thread, paint, paper, pens or maybe scrap fabric, I always find use to that sooner or later; so if there's any use, it'll be kept until we find some use, and we put on specific places so we know where it is; it helps a lot from time to time, of course, my mom hates when me or my grandma keep stuff that she wants to be thrown on the trash, but at least half the time that stuff turns to be fixable and/or useful later for something else ¯\_('^')_/¯ nothing that pulling a McGyver won't solve, y'know; like, my mom cracked the bottom of one of my favorite cups and she wanted to throw it away, but with another cup broken top, me and my dad fixed the cracks and the cup it's still proudly on use
Furry Kun
Furry Kun - 14 dager siden
Charger cable it's ok to me
Sample Text
Sample Text - 14 dager siden
Partially bad on ur end? Are you dumb you literally did nothing wrong she's just a dumb bitch, you already explained her what the ring meant and if she doesn't believe you she can go fuck herself, you know what that ring is for and you have it only cause you like how it looks and means nothing to your ex anymore, god she's so fucking stupid
WheatFields_23 - 15 dager siden
Love the Little Mermaid reference
Jplayzgames - 17 dager siden
U know u have never mentioned lechon(pig)
Lolcats Lol
Lolcats Lol - 20 dager siden
3:08 when he says “the ring is mine” does that remind anyone else of lord of the rings- 😅
Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugou Katsuki - 20 dager siden
Yes I've kept the gift my ex gave me, it's a small glass swan. And it's pretty. So yes I kept it. Lol
Mr.Electro - 21 dag siden
3:05 i have no experience what so ever so i don't how it feels, but like shouldn't she have trusted you
una persona
una persona - Måned siden
Like si lo ves en 2020
Davis Azarya Lahope
Davis Azarya Lahope - Måned siden
Very relateable
Ward Omari
Ward Omari - Måned siden
This is so relatable these years
PrinceSolX - Måned siden
Me randomly: oh damn I wish I kept that scrap of wood from 5 years ago
PrinceSolX - Måned siden
2:34 Bruh Dom you should’ve lied through yo teeth!
Pand aaa
Pand aaa - Måned siden
Dom- I have an index finger ring too-
Lg skating
Lg skating - Måned siden
One mans trash is another’s treasure
Peyton Chung
Peyton Chung - Måned siden
Damn people talk about the video but that background music is 🔥🔥🔥
WTFOX Gaming
WTFOX Gaming - Måned siden
Now I am sure that he is Filipino because of the *longanisa*
i wasn't sure at first
Now I am
Portgas D Ann
Portgas D Ann - Måned siden
I see the gifts from exes as the same. They're mine now.
Cheska Dale
Cheska Dale - Måned siden
3:40 Oh yeah Levi lol
4:19 bro I feel AtTaCkEd
Bro this whole vid just describe my life lol
RarestRanger320 memer
RarestRanger320 memer - Måned siden
Horr horr horse horn- . . . Uuhhh hornets
yeah hornets
Elrik - Måned siden
I love beyblades
tugatomsk animation
tugatomsk animation - Måned siden
1:37 The banishment of the Ex's stuff ritual dance.
Zachary Frost-Xenopoulos
Zachary Frost-Xenopoulos - Måned siden
Alex Alviso
Alex Alviso - Måned siden
Im horder of fishing lures
Sapong, Nigel Rey S. B6G1
Sapong, Nigel Rey S. B6G1 - Måned siden
Relate, pinoy herr
Jay Yavari
Jay Yavari - Måned siden
1:30 im way to ugly to get even one gf
Abdul Rafay
Abdul Rafay - Måned siden
It's in human
Don't blame your parents
Ella Hutchinson
Ella Hutchinson - Måned siden
My friend hoards Things
Swastika jana
Swastika jana - Måned siden
How much relationships did you have doms?😂😂😂😂😗
AS - 06RA 783955 Dolson PS
Bruh remember beyblades
SoilArtz - Måned siden
Moral of the story: *Dom is a simp.*
Lol this wasent meant to offend anyone
Vany - Måned siden
I side with her on this one
Keeping stuff from exes is bad
Its just disrespectful to your current partner
Wouldnt date a guy that walks around in Stuff from his ex..
Toby George
Toby George - Måned siden
I feel bad for throwing stuff because I feel like they have feelings, I am 16
Miguel Linares
Miguel Linares - Måned siden
I'm a haorder too
Bill Ahmed
Bill Ahmed - Måned siden
Only 7.5 million peaple have watched this. Phphph,😑
Rian Jr Vanvleet
Rian Jr Vanvleet - Måned siden
funny that this guy thinks I have ex or a girlfriend (ha i'm lonely
diggie Constalation
diggie Constalation - Måned siden
The run time of the video is "7¦11" nice 👌👌
i am a fan of the Sans man
i like how he says "velcro"
steam punk
steam punk - Måned siden
Personally it depends on the gift if I keep it after the relationship or not. My high school relationship I was given clothes and stuffed animals. I got rid of all of it because the clothes hadn’t fit for a while and what am I supposed to do with a stuffed animal? However with my college relationship that ended relatively recently I kept everything. I got a $500 flatscreen tv, lingerie, a camelback for hiking, and several other things that I still use regularly if not daily, so I plan on keeping these for years to come.
B E S T - Måned siden
My mom is a huge hoarder.
She doesn't keep anything useful just garbage like empty tape things idk what it's called.
SeafishNeko - Måned siden
I also kept all the gifts from my ex. One of them was a warm blanket that I love and I still sleep with it every day. Not bc I like my ex but bc I like the blanket itself regardless of who gave it to me.
sxmmer pxnda’s
sxmmer pxnda’s - 2 måneder siden
Hey you! Yea you! Helloooo? There you are! Wow your eyes are so beautiful! They are like diamonds, they sparkle and shine just like you do. They are worth so much, just like you. They deserve the best, just like you. They deserve love,care, and treatment, just like you. You are amazing! Never ever EVER a question your self worth, okay? Trust me, it is the worst thing you could do to yourself. You are beautiful and you have many things that everyone loves about you. You might be at your lowest point in life, and I understand that. But you need to know, that myself and many other people in this world, care about you. We want the best for you, we want to see you rise and see you shine as if you are on top of the world. Are you stressed, do you have anxiety, do you have fear? Take a breath. In and out. Pay attention to this sentence. No matter what is going on in your life, take a moment to look at the big picture, and take a moment to remember your blessings. No matter how hard it is for you, no matter how much you think you have nothing going for you, things about the blessings. Now take another breath. In and out . If you still feel helpless, or unworthy know that we all have or will be through that. But just know, even the darkest nights will end, and the sun will RISE again.
Dr Troll
Dr Troll - 2 måneder siden
Me: Thinking about the Wiiu in my ytv stand that is barely used cause of my Nintendo Swich.
Dior Bear
Dior Bear - 2 måneder siden
To whoever this speaks to, God is calling you to Him. He LOVES YOU and wants to have a RELATIONSHIP with YOU! 🤗💙 He wants you to stop thinking bad about yourself, to put down the alcohol, the drugs, the cigarettes, these temporary fixes in your life. And He wants you to seek Him instead to permanently heal you from all of this. Do you know Jesus Christ? Do you know that He died for you? Because we were born into sin through our flesh body (Romans 3:10 and Romans 5:8 in the bible). Jesus is God the Heavenly Father's only begotten Son, who was born into this world in the flesh of man, to live the holy example of the Father as a sinless man who NEVER sinned once! Then willingly sacrificed Himself on the cross for ALL mankinds sins. Taking steak nails hammered into His hands and feet (John 3:16-18 in the bible) Then was resurrected by the Father in Heaven 3 days later, DEAFEATING sin and death on the cross, now having victory and authority over it!

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The Nat Of Pats
The Nat Of Pats - 2 måneder siden
I did keep one thing from an ex. A white unicorn plush named Harry. I don’t keep it because I still like them, I keep it because it reminds me of the good laughs we had. Even though we aren’t on the best terms now, it’s okay to acknowledge that the relationship happened and there was once a mutual good feeling. Harry’s also kinda cute so I’ll let him stay
Chop25 - 2 måneder siden
I don't use my brain but I still want it.
mokamations - 2 måneder siden
Ok. If someone gives you something and then breaks up with you, IT OK TI FREAKING OK TO KEEP IT.
Akshat Vats
Akshat Vats - 2 måneder siden
This is the 19,001st comment
Timothy Cahyadi
Timothy Cahyadi - 2 måneder siden
this video is 3 years too early
Cari Panda
Cari Panda - 2 måneder siden
“I’ll save these plushies”

Same g
Arya Singh Baghel
Arya Singh Baghel - 2 måneder siden
"There was one time I got out of relationship of which I obtained a certain accessory."😂😂 does anybody else find it funny?
PercyKqvOwO - 2 måneder siden
you got a lot of lord of the rings references in this vid..... I'm ok with it
Panda Jenn
Panda Jenn - 2 måneder siden
Do I still keep gifts from my exes? ... I have a picture that one of my exes, drew for me. Being an artist, I haven't the heart to throw it out. So, I've been holding onto this thing since High School... I'm long since over the guy, but I can never bring myself to throw away art. I just keep thinking of the work that went into it.
Brecken Moore
Brecken Moore - 2 måneder siden
Lol, I already have ready player one as a physical book.
iam some_some
iam some_some - 2 måneder siden
I hoard trash and incomplete projects (knitting, drawings, crafts, etc)
Ray-Zide's Music
Ray-Zide's Music - 2 måneder siden
Yooooooooooo Hollow Knight
Jv RG - 2 måneder siden
Beyblade in early 2000s:METAL FUSION
Bey Godalex901
Bey Godalex901 - 2 måneder siden
Do a whole video about beyblade plz
IPlay4Pro - 2 måneder siden
Corrona be like
Thee ArtSee
Thee ArtSee - 2 måneder siden
When my dad or mom tell me to find things I don’t need or use or want then when you come back in an hour you will see half of my room non existent. But when my mom or dad tell me there gonna donate them.....I will hide them till we have a yard sale if it’s something that I think will give me some money sure I’ll sell it but if it’s some pare of worn out shoes then I’ll donate them...
Balagadag Esports
Balagadag Esports - 2 måneder siden
Being sentimental is a filipino passive skill
Balagadag Esports
Balagadag Esports - 2 måneder siden
Hoarding to filipino is so relatable
mohsina ashraf
mohsina ashraf - 2 måneder siden
*domics talking about beyblades*.............................

ASiriusHpFan - 2 måneder siden
We have the same parents....
Yay Donut
Yay Donut - 2 måneder siden
Bro in school, I take off the metal pieces you open the soda cans with and just leave hanging there, and I put it them on my school ID.
zom kat
zom kat - 3 måneder siden
nails wepons of mass of destructions
Vro_58 - 3 måneder siden
I mean like i keep gifts from my ex only becaus i want to have that memorie how she was my first love
R 0 D X G 0 D
R 0 D X G 0 D - 3 måneder siden
Nadia D.A.
Nadia D.A. - 3 måneder siden
This is so realableeeeee
Pizza Cåt
Pizza Cåt - 3 måneder siden
I hate when moms throw away ur stuff bc they dont see u use it like my mom threw away shoes i dont wear but i was planning to wear them this 1 day and AHHH MY OUTFIT GOT RUINED
Waddles - 3 måneder siden
Yes, longganisa paired with rice and sunny side up egg is called a longsilog in the Philippines
Ziva - 3 måneder siden
Nah Iam in 2020
zachary Donegan
zachary Donegan - 3 måneder siden
I do the same thing and I also collect junk I really shouldn’t be wasting my money on
ZOMB13BOY 21 - 3 måneder siden
Did the exact same thing with my beyblades
Shorty - 3 måneder siden
My grandma is such a hoarder that she will NEVER clean her house but if you do she loses her mind. She threatened to break my fingers over bubble wrap. She would qualify in an episode of demestic hoarders 🙃