High School Track Team

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Milo Reyes
Milo Reyes - Dag siden
doms infinite rage upon exes 3:09
THOR The God of Thunder
THOR The God of Thunder - 2 dager siden
Turn on subtit

Dat face tho
Alissa Alissa
Alissa Alissa - 3 dager siden
Y’all I messed up and joined track and I run a 15 min mile🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ HELP PLZ
salma Uchiha
salma Uchiha - 4 dager siden
Domic got a bunch of exs but no friends
Slime Monster 379
Slime Monster 379 - 4 dager siden
I feel like looking bad would be gud cuz imagine them as ur fears or exes chasing ur past and RUUN BITCH RUUUNNN
Slime Monster 379
Slime Monster 379 - 4 dager siden

.... (sorry, im her brother and i killed her cuz she was gon spoil)
Tuguldur Javkhlantug
Tuguldur Javkhlantug - 6 dager siden
damn i late to the last comment
Shaggy - 6 dager siden
Domics ...
Looks at exe while running

Gotta go fast
My mom with a belt
My sis looking at her study table
Sam Shum
Sam Shum - 7 dager siden
This is the third video in a row when re:zero came up
Kyle The Pyle
Kyle The Pyle - 7 dager siden
I never partook in any of the after school activities meets, except for swimming. Swimming the 500 was nothing but pure fun, even though you’re killing yourself especially since I still had a 200 and 400 relay at the end of the events. Damn, do I hate this pandemic, I would’ve most likely competed this year again, too bad it’s my senior year too.
Whenever I was involved with a relay, I was usually second to last-to anchor. Which was good for me, because I was usually recovering from the 50, 100, and 500. I never let my anxiety of me being anchor take control, I was too busy cheering on my mates in front of me.
amNein - 7 dager siden
Domics: *complains about sweat*
also Domics: *haha yes sPort*
Kanzie1 - 8 dager siden
hokage XD
YT junimo
YT junimo - 9 dager siden
Robin:D's YT
Robin:D's YT - 9 dager siden
Thanks Dom I have been wanting to join track it sounds great
I like to run
I'm super short and I'm in highschool
But this video made me want to join anyway
I want to be faster too!
If I get the chance I'll consider it:)
Derwin Tom
Derwin Tom - 10 dager siden
Nova 29
Nova 29 - 11 dager siden
I’m not bad at running, but I am bad at running, I can’t breathe
Michael Jung
Michael Jung - 11 dager siden
Actually if u do a naruto run it is proven that you can run longer because you are leaning forward which gives u more stamina since it is easier on your legs and feet. There ya go. Now u go AWAKEN UR INNER HOKAGEEE
Sebastiaan Kittel
Sebastiaan Kittel - 11 dager siden
Holy fuck, rezero being "promisimg"
tokyo club Nightcore
tokyo club Nightcore - 13 dager siden
I loved erased
Jason - 14 dager siden
2:18 His name was "Naruto"
Anthony Plays
Anthony Plays - 15 dager siden
At the beginning this is what domics said I can’t believe the killer is then the intro comes up and then it’s I can’t believe the killer is a domics animation
Sienna Henricksen
Sienna Henricksen - 16 dager siden
my endurance is a sprinting type, but-...my legs and the size of those little sticks that stick out of bird houses...I also liked volleyball a lot but I realized my shortness put me at a disadvantage unlike that redhead shorty in that one volleyball anime....
L&A Songs
L&A Songs - 17 dager siden
You’re lucky for me my ex broke up with me And found another boyfriend in eight hours
qwas_boi - 11 dager siden
F's in da chat
qwas_boi - 11 dager siden
qwas_boi - 11 dager siden
The racing K1d
The racing K1d - 18 dager siden
My boi who never got to be hokage 🥲
maximus alfaro
maximus alfaro - 19 dager siden
Erased was such a good anime
Hello YouTube
Hello YouTube - 19 dager siden
I mean can you believe the killer was a domics animation
Section Craft
Section Craft - 21 dag siden
Miles Theodore
Miles Theodore - 22 dager siden
Baxnan 123
Baxnan 123 - 3 dager siden
If you want to know hit read more The teacher of the protagonist
Vibe Dose
Vibe Dose - 22 dager siden
wow i didnt know the killer was '' A DoMics ANIMATION"
koitaiax7634 koitaiax7634
koitaiax7634 koitaiax7634 - 23 dager siden
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Mr. Buttnugget
Mr. Buttnugget - 23 dager siden
As a introvert I did sports because I want to leave my house 😭😭
THAT WEEB / OTAKU YISH - 25 dager siden
Theres always something to watch on crunchyroll,

Oh i wish
Archer Willis
Archer Willis - 26 dager siden
Them on crunchyroll there is always something to watch
2020 wanna try me
bruno lag
bruno lag - 26 dager siden
The motionless stove parenthetically face because cobweb simplistically load across a makeshift icebreaker. defective, pretty order
Lê Quang Đạt
Lê Quang Đạt - 27 dager siden
can you believe the killer was
A Domics Animation
Linda Lands
Linda Lands - 27 dager siden
just get good
Darby the gamer
Darby the gamer - 28 dager siden
Mmesoma Muogilim
Mmesoma Muogilim - 29 dager siden
i felt his pre race nervousness so hard
CocoaButterStudios - Måned siden
yeah I couldn't believe the killer was-
Kat V
Kat V - Måned siden
Btw for everybody who doesn’t know, Crunchyroll is available for free. You don’t have to get a subscription.
Sadie Foster
Sadie Foster - Måned siden
Erased's ending was amazing It had like a billion twists and turns
WonderBeast - Måned siden
I remember I was in third grade and there was someone who bullied my friend in my p.e class so I would run in front of her and go sonic speed so she could see how fast I was and also there was this popular guys in school who all the girls liked and I realized he sucked and was super annoying so I would do the same thing with him but instead it was at a school Christmas event we’re they gave us snowballs made out of tissue so I thew them at him then bolted and he didn’t even know it was me thought for them at him because I ran so fast, that was fun 🙂
DreamySoup - Måned siden
Moral of the story: *"Join a sports games, find a girl, break up with him for motivation"*
Eva Quintero
Eva Quintero - Måned siden
lets go gaming
lets go gaming - Måned siden
imagine if his ex watched his vids and said i could of marry someone famous
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki - Måned siden
2:15 then how else am I suppose to run?
william schumann
william schumann - Måned siden
domics is a weeb
Jack Borchert
Jack Borchert - Måned siden
Me every time Domics advertises Crunchyroll dispite the fact I don’t really care about anime:😐🙅🏻
Fazila Eminovic
Fazila Eminovic - Måned siden
How mach ex-girlfrend do you have?
Assasin Crew
Assasin Crew - Måned siden
When I first watched this video I didn't get that bit about Empty. But today I did a double-take and was like
O.O I know that anime.
I watched it yesterday.
I did a tiny bit of research before concluding they were only having one season. Not that that didn't make sense.
I got a whole new perspective on the killer and how much of a jerk he was.
It was kind of obvious. How did I not see that the killer was Thor.
Glitch Monkey
Glitch Monkey - Måned siden
You sound sick, dom
folamations - Måned siden
Sengkham Vongphakdy
Sengkham Vongphakdy - Måned siden
I looked at my brother and I ran like a table on wheels Maybe on a table with feet??? I don't know how do type it I'm just saying I went slow
Loka- Chan
Loka- Chan - Måned siden
”Someone you hate” does not work in fotball/soccer dude... DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU TRAIN ON YOUR TEAM WORK? If you hate one it ruins it all
Ritodoggamer - Måned siden
Wait The killer was A Domcs Animation Omg RUN
aSizzle 585
aSizzle 585 - Måned siden
I honestly agree with competing with an enemy
Yulilolly - Måned siden
Sadly my soccer team didnt like me becase im too weak thats why i didnt play in our sport event😥🤧
we the weird will win maybe
I used to run like that
Ethan Barrett
Ethan Barrett - Måned siden
Omg i watched erased like 3 years ago and now this video has made me watch one of the best animes ever so thank you domic
Hari Priya
Hari Priya - Måned siden
Claims as a introvert : Being a extrovert
Weird Lemur
Weird Lemur - Måned siden
Domics: I’m not the main protagonist of some anime where I got-
Me: *haikyuu thought and that other basket ball anime I haven’t watched yet*
Weird Lemur
Weird Lemur - Måned siden
I would get crunchy roll but I’m already on *ROLL* with Netflix... AND IM AN ANIME FAN! It’s because I don’t feel like asking my parents cause I’m already a pain in the A-
Ab Rehman
Ab Rehman - 2 måneder siden
Erased was pretty great actually
Francisca Hope
Francisca Hope - 2 måneder siden
He sounds like that voice actor from Kai as fire ninja in Ninjago, and one of the detective in the anime death note..
Toxic Gqmer
Toxic Gqmer - 2 måneder siden
Dom: So just join a club with someone you hate
Me: SO FRICKIN RELATABLE I joined tennis then I realized that someone I didn't like and I just wanted to SURPASS THEIR OOWER LEVEL And... I did
Wiko Animation
Wiko Animation - 2 måneder siden
Run forest run
Toxic Sandwich
Toxic Sandwich - 2 måneder siden
I was the anchor during I was In fifth grade my teammates were 6th but because of that I got out against 6th graders with long legs but I came second so that’s good
Mukōna X
Mukōna X - 2 måneder siden
4:51 Steven universe flashbacks
dan - 2 måneder siden
the killer was the teacher
Emily Clayson
Emily Clayson - 2 måneder siden
can you believe the killer was A Domics Animation????
K-J-Family Keydel
K-J-Family Keydel - 2 måneder siden
Man I almost got
Eddie DeMartini
Eddie DeMartini - 2 måneder siden
The killer was DOMICS?
Matthew Withroder
Matthew Withroder - 2 måneder siden
2:31 me whos both
Shady Z YT
Shady Z YT - 2 måneder siden
"Dont run like naruto" squad get him omg thx sooo much for 3 likes
Soul Spoiler
Soul Spoiler - 2 måneder siden
in Erased, the killer is obvious, although i love 'scary' movies and stuff and im kinda good at murder mysteries, so this is only my opinion
Katsooo.m - 2 måneder siden
When he drew the them running the last 100meters I thought they were running the other way
Marquis De Lafayette
Marquis De Lafayette - 2 måneder siden
Yes, Erased is so good!!
Sree Hari
Sree Hari - 2 måneder siden
I finished erased I’m lucky because erased is in my Netflix
Ayden De Guerre
Ayden De Guerre - 2 måneder siden
befor the 2:00 m mark you were like Shōyō Hinata from haikyuu!!
nice slice
nice slice - 2 måneder siden
U know wht i was almost smalest in
Mist - 2 måneder siden
Erased was such a sad anime 🤧
Rachel hart
Rachel hart - 2 måneder siden
I'm short too thats why I do gymnastics
Blue - 2 måneder siden
people who don't do track better run off or the Impostor will vent to their location!
L'Lyse Hislop
L'Lyse Hislop - 2 måneder siden
He looks like Goku at 5:41
L'Lyse Hislop
L'Lyse Hislop - 2 måneder siden
At 4:00 you definitely reminded me of Hinata in that scene.
Jayden Jimenez
Jayden Jimenez - 2 måneder siden
0:13 to 0;15 you mean there is always someone sponsoring us
Hugurs - 2 måneder siden
The killer of erase was a guy or girl :O
Thorn Cross
Thorn Cross - 2 måneder siden
I love that show Erased but you should try haikyu or fullmetal alcemest
King of Ants
King of Ants - 2 måneder siden
0:39 You do know that everyone knew who the killer is before they even reveal it right? It was so Obvious
Scarlet Animations
Scarlet Animations - 2 måneder siden
I actually might do track at some point because i never really like sports that have that many rules and require a team yeah i know that track does sometimes require a team but its not like football or anything like that.
Yahoo8541 - 2 måneder siden
can you believe tha was the killer is a domics
That Record
That Record - 2 måneder siden
0:39 Funny story, I was watching Erased with my sister and when the intro came on, I paused the episode and said I had to quickly go to the restroom. I then noticed that we happened to pause on the part in the intro where there was broken glass and...well...

the killer was in the reflection of broken glass (dammit, we were only on the 3rd episode and already knew who the killer was...)
Za.Hydro Hydro
Za.Hydro Hydro - 2 måneder siden
A man, I miss track training 😞 It‘s so nice to just run as fast as possible. I hope to get back to the training group once the whole covid situation calms down ✌️
The Fancy Slime
The Fancy Slime - 2 måneder siden
Dude domics right erased was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good
Mason Rawls
Mason Rawls - 2 måneder siden
Should’ve done wrestling, being short is a monumental advantage in a takedown.
Juicy Fruit
Juicy Fruit - 2 måneder siden
Bro erased was so good
Crazy 2Wavy
Crazy 2Wavy - 2 måneder siden
Nice job man!
Kuroi Jin
Kuroi Jin - 2 måneder siden
ERASED WAS THE BEST ANIME EVER! The killer was shocking
Stoney Chunks
Stoney Chunks - 3 måneder siden
Erased is a good anime though
Blazecorn - 3 måneder siden
Dude that track meet just make me exhausted 😂 I was so nervous 😬 I’m 4’11 right now but 2 years ago when I was in track I was 4’10 or less 😂 and I was the fastest at miles and I was a pole volter I was always so nervous 😩 it’s scary seeing 6ft people tower over you 😂