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Rowan Newsum
Rowan Newsum - Dag siden
Wait Americans don't have kinder eggs?!
Laikyn Bussell
Laikyn Bussell - Dag siden
Wait.... We have Kinder eggs in America.
Hallerty 14
Hallerty 14 - Time siden
You didn't tho
mya richmond
mya richmond - 2 dager siden
kinder eggs are good but canadien halloweens have you wearing a winter jacket over your costume.
DragonkittyQueen MGA
DragonkittyQueen MGA - 4 dager siden
America, I am proud to inform, now has kinder eggs...
Also Child eggs? Really?
I guess Kindergarten is technically
Child garden... we grow children!
Kel Wu
Kel Wu - 5 dager siden
Hello kitty 😍
Taacooz Woosh Bait
Taacooz Woosh Bait - 5 dager siden
h s
h s - 11 dager siden
can’t believe i forgot about the killer clowns thing
Bethany Lopez
Bethany Lopez - 12 dager siden
we have kinder eggs
Luka axoltl
Luka axoltl - 13 dager siden
I can't even imagine world without kinder eggs!
Jack Lee
Jack Lee - 15 dager siden
me: kinder hmm sucks to be the US 4 years ago
America : we cool now
Salmaya Kitsune
Salmaya Kitsune - 15 dager siden
Alternate title: How to survive a killer clown attack
채장훈 - 16 dager siden
Honestly, who believes ghosts anymore???
Ethan B
Ethan B - 16 dager siden
Me: wait kinder eggs are illegal in usa I LIVE IN USA and I see them in the store?!?!?!?!?! How that work
The racing K1d
The racing K1d - 16 dager siden
We have kinder eggs in America
Akshay Ashok
Akshay Ashok - 17 dager siden
this guy has been preparing for 2020 for 4 years : 4:05
Kelly Smith
Kelly Smith - 17 dager siden
I’m watching this in Jan 2053
martin barkley
martin barkley - 19 dager siden
The gaping direction centrally bare because january consecutively end minus a talented macrame. stupendous, psychedelic cake
Callie Kaltreider
Callie Kaltreider - 19 dager siden
I lived in California my whole life and we have kinder eggs
The Debetharmenot
The Debetharmenot - 19 dager siden
Hahah, I just get Polish Kinder Niespodzianka.
Dimsword 35
Dimsword 35 - 19 dager siden
Killer clowns? Wut
nicholette - 20 dager siden
don't you hate it when a teacher gives a hard project and expects you to be done by it in days????
Mr. Buttnugget
Mr. Buttnugget - 20 dager siden
Getting chase by them clowns was the fun year 😭😭
Tom - 20 dager siden
They don’t know kinder eggs!! 🥚
my profile picture is an orange
Wait a sec how is dom gunna see ihe has a mask like that
Discrim - 22 dager siden
first comment on 2021
Havest breithaupt
Havest breithaupt - 25 dager siden
I feel so bad for Americans right now
Varun .s
Varun .s - 25 dager siden
In my county India we don't celebrate Halloween
mohammed the police officer
mohammed the police officer - 25 dager siden
i like ikinder
Blayden 102
Blayden 102 - 27 dager siden
He predicted COVID 19 he be wearing mask 4 years in advance
Family TayPers
Family TayPers - 27 dager siden
i love kinder suprise
Saleem Halawani
Saleem Halawani - 28 dager siden
I don't bilive in halaween
Saleem Halawani
Saleem Halawani - 28 dager siden
That's choclet is double Jimbo king size extra large it's like the best candy ever
Tausif Hossain
Tausif Hossain - Måned siden
I've lived in America for over a year and just noticed that we don't don't have kinder eggs
Toaster - Måned siden
We've had kinder eggs for a while they just aren't entirely the same
JOSE Catalan
JOSE Catalan - Måned siden
@Domics did you what Sailor Moon
Michael Virisatra
Michael Virisatra - Måned siden
I thought this is a 2020 video cus you wear mask
Youpiii Isme
Youpiii Isme - Måned siden
Okay but how do you see with this mask ?
Scratchdoodle - Måned siden
Haloween could be an anime
Jeremy Eras
Jeremy Eras - Måned siden
I knew what kinder surprise egg is................................................................................................................
................................................................... and im American
Embo5198 _
Embo5198 _ - Måned siden
There are kinder surprise eggs in the us there just a little different.
Nestor Gomez
Nestor Gomez - Måned siden
We have them in Mexico which is nearest California so you can get them in Tijuana AKA Baja California
Kralla Krulla
Kralla Krulla - Måned siden
34000tsh comment
Pro Alaric
Pro Alaric - Måned siden
Lol I dressed up like Naruto one year
chr0min0id 04
chr0min0id 04 - Måned siden
Domics: "Lol u don't have Kinder Surprise Eggs."
Americans: **Laughs in global supremacy**
Pragun Sharma
Pragun Sharma - Måned siden
you made the video on nov 1
Stevengamer 763
Stevengamer 763 - Måned siden
F$&k up those clowns
Jensi Patel
Jensi Patel - Måned siden
DreamySoup - Måned siden
Doms: *"Oh America 1938 Federal food drug and Cosmetic act?"*
Doms: **Eat Kinder Slowly**
Gabriel Baird
Gabriel Baird - Måned siden
What's up with all these Canadian and British you tubers saying that kinder surprise eggs aren't here or are banned or whatever BECAUSE THEY'RE WRONG I see those eggys all the time so stop lying and give it up! admit that you just want to confuse us or make us upset because the USA doesn't have kinder eggs because we DO!
Minitrain - Måned siden
Gamer gal XD
Gamer gal XD - Måned siden
I go to Mexico so I can eat a kinder egg suprise .
MoonS1337 - Måned siden
Lol we do have Kinder Eggs in the U.S.
Poke Tube
Poke Tube - 22 dager siden
It’s different though. In the other parts of the world, it’s toys inside the egg. In the US, it’s Chocolate on one side and you on the other.
Gamer gal XD
Gamer gal XD - Måned siden
It's a kinder joy suprise. JOY !!! JOY !!!!
Robert Szepielak
Robert Szepielak - Måned siden
Oh i know what a kinder surprise egg is! because i dont live in america.
TyrianaDrinksSunnyDee - Måned siden
We have kinder
Solemn Token
Solemn Token - Måned siden
Lol I'm watching this 4 years later and SOME PLACES in TEXAS do sell Kinder eggs
vector vector
vector vector - Måned siden
One house gave twinkeys and big candies
Murderous Taco
Murderous Taco - Måned siden
Clowns, dem crafty b*stards
Jessica Sutherland
Jessica Sutherland - Måned siden
You want to know what your outfit was...
I think it's a Cleaver from the Skulduggery Pleasant series... not completely sure though...
Jonathan Bien Aime
Jonathan Bien Aime - Måned siden
We have Kinders in America.
Emeryシ - Måned siden
Um guys you know theres kinder eggs in america too right? i live in Texas and they have them here
Dominick Cruz
Dominick Cruz - Måned siden
Why do you have a body pillow of yourself
khaliyah jefferson
khaliyah jefferson - Måned siden
4:07 what's that costume? i want that
It’s over anakin I have the High ground
Ehh I am a in Canada and love kinder egg surprises
Wahmageddon - Måned siden
I fucking miss trick or treating.
Fuck those people who say that only children can trick or treat.
Who DOESN'T like free fucking candy!?
The broshow Hensley
The broshow Hensley - 2 måneder siden
Now we actually have kinder eggs now in America there plastic and divided into 2 sides one is food I guess and another is a toy
karma X
karma X - 2 måneder siden
ty ty
ty ty - 2 måneder siden
I know what a kinder egg is but now kinder bueno
SomeRandomWeeb - 2 måneder siden
2:55 2020 be like
IDK Guy - 2 måneder siden
There IS kinder in the us
This is peak human
This is peak human - 2 måneder siden
This was 4 years ago...jeez for me it felt like 2 years ago
Lilly MSF
Lilly MSF - 2 måneder siden
Halloween is way more dead for me. I live in Australia DX
Ava Cocione
Ava Cocione - 2 måneder siden
"Whats a kinder surprise egg"
If thats what your thinking, you are so uncultured in the art of chocolate
Noah Storace
Noah Storace - 2 måneder siden
HOLD UP!!! American's don't know what kinder surprise eggs are. Can we all put an F in the chat
Poke Tube
Poke Tube - 22 dager siden
I’m American, I know what they are, they just don’t sell them.
Pleedeeo Dimetrodon
Pleedeeo Dimetrodon - 2 måneder siden
I missed them
s4dcat - 2 måneder siden
I legit skipped Trick or Treating one year cause I got so scared of killer clowns...
Mask DeMasque
Mask DeMasque - 2 måneder siden
where did you get this i must have it
jet Dinelt
jet Dinelt - 2 måneder siden
I live in Alaska and still get kinder suprize it just looks different
Austin Ghenatos
Austin Ghenatos - 2 måneder siden
We have kinder in America
Kayleigh Senn
Kayleigh Senn - 2 måneder siden
3:57 you a grim reaper😟
Narnit - 2 måneder siden
Cari Panda
Cari Panda - 2 måneder siden
I’ve ate a kinder egg in the us before
a4811 - 2 måneder siden
NES - 2 måneder siden
Hey I tasted kinder eggs before and that's probably because I'm Mexican
Nguyen Reactions
Nguyen Reactions - 2 måneder siden
Wait aren't kinder eggs in the US? I see em all the time at Market Basket...
Nguyen Reactions
Nguyen Reactions - 22 dager siden
@Poke Tube oh.
Poke Tube
Poke Tube - 22 dager siden
They’re kinder joy, not eggs.
TheHarry - 2 måneder siden
Why is this video marked *Similar Video* when I searched up the diary of Anne frank
Shebby - 2 måneder siden
Lol you English speaking people know what Kinder Überraschungseier are? I thought only Geman people like me know that.
Ana Berrios
Ana Berrios - 2 måneder siden
throwback to the clowns😂
A regular Channel and stuff
A regular Channel and stuff - 2 måneder siden
Is anybody from 2020?
mine kurt
mine kurt - 2 måneder siden
IM american i know what a kinder egg is>
orion blue
orion blue - 2 måneder siden
"U stoupid" we gotta go to dorms house. LMFAO
EcoBagles - 2 måneder siden
Wait we have kinder eggs in America but not the big ones
Michaih Ricketts
Michaih Ricketts - 2 måneder siden
Don't celebrate halloween It is evil.
It is bad news, it's ungodly,impure,unrightous
a biss
a biss - 2 måneder siden
UnderWater WreckingBall
UnderWater WreckingBall - 2 måneder siden
Also us in 🇺🇸 have kinder eggs
UnderWater WreckingBall
UnderWater WreckingBall - 2 måneder siden
0:22 that zabooza costume was dope
StrangePopgame r
StrangePopgame r - 2 måneder siden
I didn't know dom played overwatch
cup cake
cup cake - 2 måneder siden
Sarah Slayzzz
Sarah Slayzzz - 2 måneder siden
Bro, remember when all we had to worry about was murderous clowns? Ah, the good old days...
ThisIsAName YouDon'tLike
ThisIsAName YouDon'tLike - 2 måneder siden
i like that the girl with the bitch tone was a anime meme.
Xzilo 1303
Xzilo 1303 - 2 måneder siden
How will he see