Growing Up Asian

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carissa bisong
carissa bisong - 12 minutter siden
I dont use any other slippers in my house😂 coz I just use my bare feet :D
WAYDEN TAN WOOI SERN Moe - 2 timer siden
I'm Asian too我很not rich yes
QuillTheGalaxyGamer - 4 timer siden
The sponsor has saved my online life
Omphile Ntsowe
Omphile Ntsowe - 6 timer siden
Who else watching this isnt even Asian?
Bee mo
Bee mo - 8 timer siden
"I'm Asian"'
"you don't look Korean"
"no dumbass, she's Indian"
"..I'm Jordanian"
IceTrillion - 10 timer siden
Niña Jeszel S. Capuli
Niña Jeszel S. Capuli - 11 timer siden
Here in the Philippines we don't need cafeteria we have CANTEENS in our schools👁👄👁👌
Joaquin The super saiyan
Joaquin The super saiyan - 14 timer siden
Very late comment but im amazed that me and domic both went to kummon
Dog Crums
Dog Crums - 15 timer siden
Kumon is basically dream but sad
carl wheezer
carl wheezer - 17 timer siden
u smell like u farted
Ann Berri
Ann Berri - 18 timer siden
I said I was Asian a few times in elementary, and people would come up to me and ask me “You’re Chinese? Can you say a sentence Chinese?”
Epik Gamour
Epik Gamour - 19 timer siden
My parents drink the bird spit soup
Unearthly - 19 timer siden
You have a girlfriend?
*how many?*
Silina Gacha_wolf
Silina Gacha_wolf - 20 timer siden
This is relatable
Alex Rivera
Alex Rivera - 21 time siden
Are Russians Asians? 🤔 It’s in Asia
Yasmeen G
Yasmeen G - Dag siden
Fun convo I had with my friends once!
Me: **sees asian friends ID**
Me: it’s funny how Asian people look so young in pictures
My friend: haha! Yeah
Other friend: wait she’s Asian? I thought she was Chinese!
Me: **visible confusion**
*Next period starts and I tell my friend about what happened*
My friend: Wait Chinese is Asian? I thought China was in America!
Me: you’re in 6th grade....
Keep in mind that the last friend was 9 in 6th grade. She skipped a few grades and I expected her to be smarted 😂
Zikulit 07
Zikulit 07 - Dag siden
I find it hilarious when ever I go up to people who aren't Asian in my school and say:
"Ok, repeat after me,"
"ikinagagalak kitang makilala."
Len Nalab
Len Nalab - Dag siden
beyblade burst Jdisreal
8:27-8:29 the chinese too filipino accent hahahhahaha
soup - Dag siden
haha, i'm filipino and my family always said "long nose" when they would pinch my nose
Esther Durocher
Esther Durocher - Dag siden
HOW MANY WTF ! !!!!!!!????
Mrkens Pickle
Mrkens Pickle - Dag siden
Roman Calvino
Roman Calvino - Dag siden
in school, i would attack people if they were mean to me about being chinese.
Glitch_y Boi
Glitch_y Boi - 2 dager siden
Domics: growing up asian
A random european: growing up european
Me: growing up as half asian half european (its hard)
kevin duck
kevin duck - 2 dager siden
me asian .w.
Era Punongbayan
Era Punongbayan - 2 dager siden
Hello and hi to you
I'm also a Filipino
Just sharing
Brian Ho
Brian Ho - 2 dager siden
3:29 Mmm... yummy, although don't think about it
Mitzi *
Mitzi * - 2 dager siden
I’m Mexican but apparently I look extremely Asian. Anywhere from Filipino to Japanese and Chinese. When I was younger I liked learning about Asian culture, more specifically Korean. I started doing their habits and got my parents to make food like them for me sometimes and eventually learned it. It didn’t help prove that I’m Mexican and all my family was born in Mexico. But I have to prove by speaking fluent Spanish. Idk maybe something kinky happened in the past I may do
DanicaIsAn Army
DanicaIsAn Army - 2 dager siden
Seow Cheng Feng
Seow Cheng Feng - 2 dager siden
How Claire sounds like Jaiden
Zhaoting Hu
Zhaoting Hu - 3 dager siden
I’m Asian, I feel y’all
Danyel Dane Paras
Danyel Dane Paras - 3 dager siden
i had no tutors lol
Don't Care Didn't Ask
Don't Care Didn't Ask - 3 dager siden
cant people just tell the difference between Chinese and Koreans, like do they have have a daily memory loss of me telling them i'm not chinese??
J O D I.
J O D I. - 3 dager siden
When his friend say he only gets $3 in chores that's fudging 150 pesos here and that's more than I enough ..when I do chores I'll get only 20 pesos myghad
Srihith Reddy
Srihith Reddy - 3 dager siden
Bruh I thought he said 3 quarters or 75 cents. Which would be 38 pesos right
Nelly Nk
Nelly Nk - 3 dager siden
Oof many countries mistakes us with Chinnese and I understand a little cuz we are small and some of us have little eyes ..BUT STILL--
Gam3rG0d 88
Gam3rG0d 88 - 3 dager siden
I asked about getting an allowance because I wanted money that's all
Yoyo Person
Yoyo Person - 3 dager siden
On my first week at a new school, I was sitting at a lunch table when we noticed that everyone there was Asian. Some kid stands up and says « I’m not Asian I’m Japanese ». We instantly started laughing hysterically and that became the meme of our friend group.
Kai Thomas
Kai Thomas - 3 dager siden
I never got an allowance lol I knew people who never got an allowance
YingYangLegendsYT - 3 dager siden
LOL I drank the potion too I still do cuz I'm ten ya know i got bullied then Asian ultra instinct of kung-fu then teachers stop being a bully me ...
Cripticyte - 3 dager siden
"Oh, you have a girlfriend?"

" *How many?* "
Super Blaze
Super Blaze - 3 dager siden
Why is this exactly me
Kay Plays Today
Kay Plays Today - 3 dager siden
12:13 how do you make that noise
Sury con S
Sury con S - 4 dager siden
Es extraño hablar y no encontrar comentarios en el mismo idioma xd
Sury con S
Sury con S - 4 dager siden
Elvis King
Elvis King - 4 dager siden
People think I’m Filipino but I’m Native American
ty Ss Rs 50 aiko
ty Ss Rs 50 aiko - 4 dager siden
YO my name is Jom as well, i thought i was the only 1
Earthy Carl
Earthy Carl - 4 dager siden
My new classmate who was Filipino said are you Japanese or Chinese but I’m Filipino.
Joseph Isaac Tungol
Joseph Isaac Tungol - 4 dager siden
I always get punished if I eat too slow
IMIHBTM - 4 dager siden
Talk to me when ya dakta
 - 4 dager siden
이채널보는 한국인이 있으면 개공감할듯ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
한국인은.중국인으로 오해받는걸 싫어해요 ㅠㅠ
 - 4 dager siden
Korean not to wear shoes at home....
Because that’s our country’s culture;;^_^
 - 2 dager siden
Scribbles - 4 dager siden
Your Asian?? :O
What kind of Asian are you????
O_o What kind of Asian am I? I’m chicken flavoured >:/
Kenta Kioshi
Kenta Kioshi - 4 dager siden
pinoy parents be like xD
Irushi_ Chan
Irushi_ Chan - 4 dager siden
Asian parents thinking breaking up their kids friendship with someone gonna make their kid's marks boost, ha you wrong!
Adil - 4 dager siden
“Yeah I’m from Bangladesh”
“So your people did 911?”
tt kkwqkfhrh
tt kkwqkfhrh - Dag siden
I'm losing brain cells reading these comments
Ivan Ramirez
Ivan Ramirez - 4 dager siden
hey Im from Philippines and naintindihan ko yung "simot" and "baon" terms :)
IMIHBTM - 4 dager siden
Di ko alam ano ang simot kasi tsino pilipino ako
MissMoonlight :3
MissMoonlight :3 - 4 dager siden
I told someone i was Vietnamese- THEY ASKED IF I WAS IN THE WAR-
EveeUwU - 5 dager siden
"I don't care that you punched a toddler in the face at school because they touched your phone, but you MISSPELLED YOU'RE WITH YOUR"
Kwipy Watta
Kwipy Watta - 5 dager siden
Broo ur grandpa are funny asf "how many",
"Internet is blood money"😭😭🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀💀
Thirdie Hakc
Thirdie Hakc - 5 dager siden
Thirdie Hakc
Thirdie Hakc - 5 dager siden
Dan Dancer
Dan Dancer - 5 dager siden
Bro I can relate to them slippers
Ivy Umoh
Ivy Umoh - 5 dager siden
Its amazing how similar Asian and African culture is 😹 I'm Nigerian and I related to almost everything in this video!
IMIHBTM - 4 dager siden
Sö u a najeeriyan ah
AGHA GABRIEL2304_2 - 6 dager siden
Indonesia Is Asian Yees
James - 6 dager siden
I like how I'm Asian in Asia, and I still can relate so laughable much to your stories!
CLOETE MATTHEW - 6 dager siden
i didn't read the title properly and read growing up again lol
TheGameMage - 6 dager siden
In middle school i had a teacher take a paper i was drawing on a tear it up and told me to pay attention
I pay attention in class its just I dont look like im paying attention, the teacher was also jerk
Mark ian Dela torre
Mark ian Dela torre - 6 dager siden
Lol same i fill the contact number using my grandpas phone number
Theairnight - 6 dager siden
4:20 look at the girls face lol
Genoy Thomas
Genoy Thomas - 6 dager siden
Luv Deeez
Dat boi SUS
Dat boi SUS - 6 dager siden
Lexabug - 6 dager siden
Is my family secretly Asian? I thought my heritage was German and English, European blood.
edit: We don't use slippers but we do take our shoes off inside.
ImAfk - 6 dager siden
When I was in PDH, I said that the class looked liked a japanese anime class, then my friend said "Are you Japanese?" (I'm Filipino) and then I facepalmed.
saba kf
saba kf - 6 dager siden
I think I watched this one more than 6 times...
Chasing Falafels
Chasing Falafels - 7 dager siden
I hate that I read this as "growing up as Aslan"
Also yesss the slipper basket and I always accidentally wear slippers outside erfjknds
Also same! Like I'm like "mum my friend gets allowances for doing chores." My mum: nice. now go back to doing the dishes :')
YES! My parents and grandparents always like to force-feed visitors to "be polite" and once my non-asian friend came for lunch my mum kept asking them if they want food while scooping vegetables from the dish in the center into my bowl wlsfndv
WRLJB THE MEDICINE OMG my mum refused to buy local medicine because she didn't trust them and my dad had to literally bring medicine from china and somehow we managed to survive for 6 years-
My mum, my sister and I all share the same clothing because we're all equally short elnkfvs
Ah parents were so weird with relationships like my mum told my sister not to have any romantic relationships yet the first year she goes to Britain for university she asks "have you met any date-worthy guys yet?" like hUh??? Plus my sister studies art at university now but back then my entire family tried to pressure her into studying Business-
RACISTS WERE SO ANNOYING this one guy from another school randomly said "你好 (ni hao)" to my vietnamese friend while we were visiting this place for a school trip it was so awkward
ELRJ I DIDNT EXPECT THE FORTUNE TELLER NAME yesss when I was conceived my parents went to this fortune teller lady to get a name and for one of the chinese characters in my name it has the "three water droplet side" because the lady said I "lacked water" like ???? weirdly insulting but okay-
Ezra Waybright
Ezra Waybright - 7 dager siden
Asian moms be like “why u no doctor?!?!??!!?!??!!!!!!?!!”
Noah’s Life
Noah’s Life - 7 dager siden
daidus did a remake of this LOL
Hallerty 14
Hallerty 14 - 5 dager siden
I remember that link
Sebastian Sabau Riquer
Sebastian Sabau Riquer - 7 dager siden
omg I just realized how similar Asians are to Latin Americans
Sebastian Sabau Riquer
Sebastian Sabau Riquer - 3 dager siden
@Sury con S simon
Sury con S
Sury con S - 4 dager siden
Que? Xd
Alhabeeb Alaraidah
Alhabeeb Alaraidah - 7 dager siden
"Go back to the rail road!"
i literally spat out my drink lol
Kono Dio Da
Kono Dio Da - 7 dager siden
I’m white but the shoe issue is the same for me. Except we don’t have sandals we just walk around with socks or barefoot in the house.
Acutellel - 8 dager siden
I wonder why native Americans get called Indians still
We're not indian
Alithea Varughese
Alithea Varughese - 3 dager siden
I know!!! I find it the WORST!!! ESPECIALLY since I'm actually Indian
Lindsay Kim
Lindsay Kim - 8 dager siden
3:43 “My parents just told me to hand this over n I did.” I love her voice
:._Leslie_.: The gachaTuber
:._Leslie_.: The gachaTuber - 8 dager siden
lol I'm an Asian and I'm a female but I got hit with a wood plank so may times by my "after school school" and i was there after my school finished and stayed there for another 5 hours (my school start at 8am-5pm) and i was at my after school at least till 9-10 and i HATED it
Vic C
Vic C - 8 dager siden
My mom: if you want allowance you have to pay rent
Wolf_FairyXx - 8 dager siden
That white kid: GO BACK TO YOUR CONTRY
Elliana Yi
Elliana Yi - 8 dager siden
For me, I’m 2 types of Asians. I had so know a few words of each and it was hard. For us, we got allowance if we did something good and they know. They don’t ask usually it’s only if they notice. All of the things in this video relate to me. One time someone came to my sisters party and kept her shoes on in the house and walked on the carpet. Me, being the Asian kid I was, said in my mind “omg she’s so gross!”. It’s just so weird.
Commando Leo
Commando Leo - 8 dager siden
bruh im Asian I can confirm that all this is true and im surprise its the same in the US damm...
Francis Cerbo
Francis Cerbo - 8 dager siden
Oo nga may baon ko Mag klase kami
mochiiev - 8 dager siden
Someone once asked me "Do you speak Japanese?" (im chinese) and im like: 👁👄👁
pin ky
pin ky - 8 dager siden
yung pag-uuban talaga😂😂😂😂
l0ner - 8 dager siden
OH WAIT I DID KUMON ;sfkcnsd.hvjhnxc
Pringles James
Pringles James - 8 dager siden
I swear to god
The alounce keeps flip flopping from 3 to 2 like WTF
Hugo Dissanayake
Hugo Dissanayake - 8 dager siden
I am Asian and I can relate to every single one of these
salma Uchiha
salma Uchiha - 8 dager siden
When he said "Chinese Japanese something knees" and than hands pointed to his chest u thought of tidese
Myel Lisøndra
Myel Lisøndra - 9 dager siden
"are you filipino"
"yes i am"
"lol i thought you were asian"
"i am asian"
"but you just said you were filipino"
CRF.Channel97 - 6 timer siden
People in Denmark: Where Are You From? Me: El Salvador People in Denmark: NO YOU'RE NOT BECAUSE YOU'RE WHITE!!
Random Stuff Gaming
Random Stuff Gaming - 9 dager siden
Check minus? more like a cross
Daniel Lu
Daniel Lu - 9 dager siden
Domics I could relate a lot well everything till 3:59, because I'm chinese and I live in the phillippines and yes you were right about the if you eat too fast they just put more rice on your plate
Dabi - 9 dager siden
2:39 sooo true
Maia Smith
Maia Smith - 9 dager siden
As an artist, hearing about parents destroying their kids art supplies is just so sad! 😢
fn.ren0 - 9 dager siden
7:08 the Skyrim shout lol