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Ikal Balam
Ikal Balam - 4 timer siden
The unbiased reminder anatomically protect because celeste previously harass per a sedate bulb. soggy, magical television
Omari Taylor
Omari Taylor - 9 timer siden
one punch man 2:16
Usapyon Bunny
Usapyon Bunny - 18 timer siden
Try living in Australia the spiders are huge you can't even hang your clothes without a giant spider in them
Caramel Kid67
Caramel Kid67 - 22 timer siden
Ur true doooo
VIJAY KUMAR - Dag siden
My sister also has a fear of bathroom
Im_Saiko - Dag siden
Bathrooms are the place where everyone dies in them horror movies 😁
Saksham Shrestha
Saksham Shrestha - Dag siden
don't worry domics even I am scary of bathroom same as you said scared to close your while taking a shower
Ruby Abu Eid
Ruby Abu Eid - Dag siden
3:39 thats way i dont love hering scary sownds my brean make a hole store man
User - Dag siden
Bro the Bloody Mary thing u sed was so relatable omg 😂😂
Lucas Newlove
Lucas Newlove - Dag siden
2:22 coming soon
The scary adventures of domics the abandoned hospital
Lucas Newlove
Lucas Newlove - Dag siden
2:36 i need that ring tone
MadisonMadline - 2 dager siden
2:38 that ringtone tho
Callie Kaltreider
Callie Kaltreider - 2 dager siden
I’m not scared of dying, I am scared that everyone I know will get murdered and I will have to find their bloody body’s and call the police and then I will have no family and then I will go to ja because they think I killed everyone I know and then I don’t even know
VIJAY KUMAR - 2 dager siden
I also have feare of bathroom
Elea Jude
Elea Jude - 3 dager siden
Heh.. no jumpscare.
unidentified_person - 3 dager siden
Once I got stuck in my jacket, inside. I was panicking and sweating because I was warm. That’s how I discovered I have claustrophobia-
And I also have a fear of vomiting. Like other people and myself vomiting. That prevents me from having a good time going on a trip with my class for example.
I also had (and have but it’s better now) a fear of thunder and lightning. I really don’t know why, but I got scared whenever I heard wind blowing really hard or something.
;0; - 4 dager siden
Dom, you've inspired many people which made them work harder thus chainging the future forever.
If you dident make videos that person wouldn't work harder. think about it.
BeatrizBoi420 - 4 dager siden
Sadly,I have good periferal(I think that's wrong)vision
Random Central
Random Central - 4 dager siden
My first domics vid now ive finished all his vids
Kuzii - 4 dager siden
Who isn’t scared of shutting their eyes in the shower its a law
Zayed on Ipad
Zayed on Ipad - 19 timer siden
@never gonna give you up 😂😂
Helicopter - 20 timer siden
I’m scared
never gonna give you up
@Zayed on Ipad same dood
Zayed on Ipad
Zayed on Ipad - Dag siden
I am fucking scared
Lucille Tkaczuk
Lucille Tkaczuk - 4 dager siden
it's reverse for me i'm scared on either side of the shower curtain when i'm using the toilet i'm scared if there's something in the shower. when i'm in the shower i'm scared there's something outside it.
DragonkittyQueen MGA
DragonkittyQueen MGA - 4 dager siden
I’ve been to a Hospital, why? Freaking allergies
Also that one time I tripped and got a concussion
Oh yeah and that time I burnt myself
ShiniDekuran - 5 dager siden
I have thalassophobia! 😃
Akamai Pineapple
Akamai Pineapple - 5 dager siden
Having captions on was a good idea for the last part HAHAHHA
xJrockandjrollx - 5 dager siden
God analyzing the internet must be so interesting. Ive been re-watching some of your videos and I just noticed you included a nod to the video where someone popped out of a garbage can for a prank and got punched. You do these nods often and it's fascinating watching it years later and remembering all these things.
WildCannon - 5 dager siden
Same fear at bathroom
Jay B
Jay B - 5 dager siden
I watched Train to Busan way too early, and I am so scarred by it. Very good movie
Tree's leafs
Tree's leafs - 5 dager siden
did anyone else have subtitles at the end
SYED SIBTAIN SHAH Gulistan-e-Johar Campus
My only fear is i am a bit afraid of heights but like alot just a tiny bit just tiny as a rat. My other fear is when i am taking a shower and the water is running and i have shampoo on my head and when i close my eyes i am thinking theres gonna be like a snake or some that would come out of those little tiny holes in the shower and bite my pp off.
J S - 5 dager siden
My biggest fear:

My biggest fear meme comments
Samer Kassab
Samer Kassab - 5 dager siden
One of my fears is the fear of going to hell. im not afraid of death, just whats after it.
NapKinKitten - 5 dager siden
Btw Dominic has Athazagoraphobia
Saif Chowdhury
Saif Chowdhury - 6 dager siden
That was weirdly philosophical!
Ben Zeng
Ben Zeng - 6 dager siden
outro was done by the subtitle guy ahahahaha
Beatrice Pasag
Beatrice Pasag - 6 dager siden
I’m scared of spiders they’re the most common thing to be scared of
GOD - 7 dager siden
Remember if ur scared im always with u
M8X101playz - 7 dager siden
0:59 hey I live in Canada too
alien - 7 dager siden
I'm scared of butterflies.
DaEggie - 7 dager siden
Ngl I was expecting a jumpscare
Lovely Pain
Lovely Pain - 8 dager siden
I know I’ll be forgot because I am terrible at everything I do.
Ellen Alfred
Ellen Alfred - 8 dager siden
PUT THE CAPTIONS ON i am greatfully thankfull for whoever made the captions
Eli Jansen
Eli Jansen - 8 dager siden
Dom I said Bloody Mary twice in the mirror I’m to scared to say it again me 2 seconds later at the mirror be like Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary
Awe47 - 8 dager siden
I love that he says “look at these hospital bills”
yet everybody in Canada has the same hospital bill 0$ remember free health care
monsieur kitten
monsieur kitten - 8 dager siden
I am afraid of (note this might be embaressing) existence inside objects
Sradhanjali Dash
Sradhanjali Dash - 8 dager siden
What is bloody Mary ritual????
ava jaye
ava jaye - 9 dager siden
Im scared of holes
Yusla Insane
Yusla Insane - 9 dager siden
actually thats adolecense syndrome.got to know about it by bunny girl senpai
fabmoneyy - 9 dager siden
i mean, we havent forgotten hitler
Iliana Rios
Iliana Rios - 9 dager siden
Every adults fears: being broke. My fears: bills
SAGAN ORTIZ - 9 dager siden
subtitles: not everyone grew up knowing what the story book said but I agree
Sample Text
Sample Text - 10 dager siden
He fucked up the end credits
Bonnie Clay
Bonnie Clay - 10 dager siden
i dont care if im forgotin because i least i did something in life
RY - 10 dager siden
My fear:
*Graveler used Self-Destruct!*
Graveler fainted
M3menzt0 X
M3menzt0 X - 10 dager siden
scared of the dark part: someoneone's scared of my bongocat custom cursor
litle animations
litle animations - 10 dager siden
i can relate to lets see... EVERY FEAR IN THE BATHROOM T-T
Sophie Animates
Sophie Animates - 11 dager siden
A pokemon quote i made up:
No hit no crits
Saul Stories
Saul Stories - 11 dager siden
I have lilapsophobia
Maēlie Duclos-Phan
Maēlie Duclos-Phan - 11 dager siden
I'm not scared of the white thing at the end :D
I Have This Mug
I Have This Mug - 11 dager siden
Dom: Humans fear things that are unfamiliar to them Basie they don’t understand them
Homophobes: ...yeah but-
soulmin - 12 dager siden
same i dont close my eye when in the shower when i know the ghost aint real ;-;
Mattox Kurtz
Mattox Kurtz - 12 dager siden
Not scared of: Needles, Clowns, T-Rex, Dark.
Scared of: Cockroaches, sponges, Death.
Elea Jude
Elea Jude - 3 dager siden
sponges? like the animal?? or the kitchen sponge???
ChaoticTheGamer554 - 12 dager siden
Phat ASS
Dxvvy - 12 dager siden
I wish to be scared by something else than just unicorns
Teh Epic Gam3r
Teh Epic Gam3r - 12 dager siden
I am also scared of my bathroom
ORLA cearuil
ORLA cearuil - 12 dager siden
people arent scarde of the dark there scarde that ther not alone in the dark
Black panther epic
Black panther epic - 12 dager siden
Domics :you have successfully unlocke immortally rweard shall be given by 2050
girly gaming
girly gaming - 13 dager siden
domics:I'm scared of bathrooms
Me:wait isn't dat my fear ;-;
COD_JUSTICE - 13 dager siden
4:54 I do this too
Savannah Valles
Savannah Valles - 13 dager siden
at the end when it stopped for a bit, i thought there would be a jumpscare and i was sooooo scared
BizzBolt5 - 13 dager siden
Lovebotomy - 13 dager siden
I’m scared of vomit.
Yeah.... emetophobia is no joke
PlayerRange7 - 13 dager siden
@ 3:24 I started dying 🤣🤣
ol' reliable double aa batteries
i really think that if you never see it, not virtually. who knows
it could be cgi for all i know
Norske noober v2 Bremseth
Norske noober v2 Bremseth - 13 dager siden
Me to xd
MarshMello gaming
MarshMello gaming - 13 dager siden
The spongebob reference is amazing
Will Excel
Will Excel - 14 dager siden
"Just read the subtitles"? Didn't you JUST talk about people with bad peripheral vision? Geez, hypocrite much?
TSP&JaXX - 14 dager siden
How to not get get scared of the after effect of horror movies...well at least it worked for me so he we go

Think really hard and think deeply and logically why are you afraid of them? Is it because you think that might actually happen? That is not logically true all horror movies are fake or very very very very rare chance of happening and will probably never happen. If you think the monsters will come to life that is literally impossible if that was real it would have been on the news already.

That’s all I got and will prob edit this back once I gain new info
Theo King
Theo King - 14 dager siden
My fear is zombies 🧟 and people eating my fries 🍟 so if a zombie 🧟‍♂️ is eating my fries 🍟 I am going to be afraid 😱
Darien Strider
Darien Strider - 14 dager siden
captions 4 end clip
Frida Ochoa
Frida Ochoa - 14 dager siden
You're not afraid to be alone in the dark...you're afraid not to be alone in the dark.
Cindy Jiang
Cindy Jiang - 14 dager siden
May i ask why death has a plunger on him?
Deonjin Lagueras
Deonjin Lagueras - 14 dager siden
the book of life just done it for me
*wielbłądek *
*wielbłądek * - 15 dager siden
Im sceared of bathrooms ._.
Lauren LEUNG
Lauren LEUNG - 15 dager siden
So... is anyone still here in 2021?
CryptedClaw - 15 dager siden
Chicharon tastes good :>
reginal burgers
reginal burgers - 15 dager siden
i have no fear, except my parents (and thts true)
Xelo Gaming
Xelo Gaming - 15 dager siden
4:54 I can relate
Pixelgames 22
Pixelgames 22 - 15 dager siden
Me:*sees insect*
Also me:y7tt7ifT7dyrDtydiyrDtyCryiD6tdI^RdiR^e4eP&%fr6dRdSSasAR5diyrdrDEsaaaAaAsSFFgJHhhGaAaAGHJ
Azhad Hadif
Azhad Hadif - 15 dager siden
My greatest fear is.......

my imagination dude why at night when I hear a slow creaking movement or wtf u call it (idk) I will have nightmares to think whats under there
Quadermelon - 16 dager siden
Dying, your not alone
Six Sins
Six Sins - 16 dager siden
Dom will never be forgotten
Hype - 16 dager siden
there is this one drawing I drew and it is so scary that it creeps me out
HiTimeToDie - 16 dager siden
Is the female in the shot based off of Atsko Kagane, nickname Akko, from Little Witch Academia?
Reis Fleight
Reis Fleight - 16 dager siden
I cant remember how many times I did that and here I was, thinking I were the only one stupid enough to think that. 5:06
Jaruto - 16 dager siden
My name is Miguel like in Coco
EIG 520
EIG 520 - 17 dager siden
*sorry, but that's what we'll remember you for*
Homeschoolhaole - 17 dager siden
That was hilarious! When everything was white I expected a jump scare so I started the bottom right of the screen and at the very end I saw your logo pop up, #ShamelessPlug
Kiljugo - 17 dager siden
I accidentally pressed c at the end of the video so it enabled subtitles. Luckiest mistake ever
ItzMeSoul 12
ItzMeSoul 12 - 17 dager siden
4:54 i always do that
Nevin Cui
Nevin Cui - 17 dager siden
Your in Canada. I’m Canadian as well 🇨🇦. We don’t need to pay for medical bills. Almost all healthcare is free. So.... you don’t need to flex a $0 medical bill😂😂