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Lucky Laki
Lucky Laki - 3 timer siden
The gym is my cucre my God is ronny, arnuld and zyzz and coch Greg his now
Zombie Killer
Zombie Killer - 15 timer siden
` tilda
Its Candy
Its Candy - 19 timer siden
Exercise? I thought u said extra fries!
DDuck - Dag siden
DaEggie - 2 dager siden
Me watching this while eating jellybeans
And I'm 200 pounds
etqxin - 2 dager siden
1:09 , 1:14 is that tanaka-
Da Ostrich King
Da Ostrich King - 2 dager siden
Nala just realized he was suffering and left him
Anthony Lleva
Anthony Lleva - 4 dager siden
I suck
Acutellel - 4 dager siden
Yeah I should start exercising again
Slime Monster 379
Slime Monster 379 - 5 dager siden
I watched dis 3 yrs ago and like now its aot s4 LEZ GOOO
Slime Monster 379
Slime Monster 379 - 5 dager siden
Dom is honestly so adorable and i love him
Le Pie
Le Pie - 7 dager siden
“I miss being able to run for more than a few seconds without my lungs imploding.” Man, I’ve got asthma. I’m already living that imploding lungs life
Flying rainbow penguin
Flying rainbow penguin - 9 dager siden
Woopty boop I'm attacking your soup 😂
Jamesallen Plymouth
Jamesallen Plymouth - 9 dager siden
Domics: I can only run for 2 minuets.
People with asma: I have a 12 pack and Im dying without doing anything.
Batbileg Domic
Batbileg Domic - 9 dager siden
you got that nice moves!
Smooth Brain Bird
Smooth Brain Bird - 10 dager siden
I’m fat
Anime Furry
Anime Furry - 10 dager siden
Oh he ded-
He ded-
The Video Vlogger YT
The Video Vlogger YT - 10 dager siden
2:52 6 fingers
ZAULLLY BOY - 12 dager siden
I put goals up on my walls and every time I give up I see the goals up on my wall and think no and I go do exercise it’s also really helpful to do it with somebody because if they are doing something and your not you feel like you need to catch up
Allison B
Allison B - 12 dager siden
I’m such an idiot, I just got the “oh shit whaddup” reference
Ernest Bajeta
Ernest Bajeta - 13 dager siden
In exercises they said "more fat means more energy to have more muscle gain" . That's I ended up like . . .
Egg - 13 dager siden
My friend never exercised except in those times in gym class and when I made him do the most push-ups he could, he did 35. Ig he's just naturally gifted with strength.

And I swear this man had abs when he was 11 without even exercising
shvchiis - 13 dager siden
YouTube caught me slipping 😔✋ sigh, ik youtube, I literally had 4 donuts today plz 😁
DarcPanda - 13 dager siden
What’s extersize
MidnightWolfyEdits - 14 dager siden
R u okay domics when u was break dancing u seem tired when you tried?
Isaih mont E S
Isaih mont E S - 14 dager siden
Aaww....thanks bro, u made my day 👍👌
BM1x - 14 dager siden
2:48 Me pulling up to the crib at 3am
BLANK - 14 dager siden
Actually i am watching aot s4 damnnnnnnn
ph lk
ph lk - 15 dager siden
The difficult kendo basally cure because earthquake marginally scrape pro a disastrous visitor. righteous, domineering tie
S U - 15 dager siden
Video here is worth it
David Guite
David Guite - 15 dager siden
I love my ab
Potato Potato
Potato Potato - 16 dager siden
Before quarantine:
1 hour or p.e
About 3 hours at after school program of just messing around
1 hour of hockey practice after school
Oh i forgot to go outside today and do my 5 pushups
Dez D.
Dez D. - 16 dager siden
Greetings from another Dom.... I'm Domingo ^^... Great vids man, enjoying the humor and fun animations from you and your team!
Kai Love
Kai Love - 17 dager siden
When god made you he said it’s not fair to make him talented and skinny ! ❤️ dude you’re freaking awesome hahaha
Alan Simek
Alan Simek - 18 dager siden
i know what u mean
Watermallow - 18 dager siden
Watermallow - 18 dager siden
Really? I'm nowhere near university and I need to worry big time about what I eat (I hate constipation), how much I eat, and exercising. You got it good in your early years bruh. Oh not only that, but I hate exercising. :(
PounceLyGrin - 18 dager siden
Watched this in new years xD
Unknowned Leaf
Unknowned Leaf - 19 dager siden
what is youtube trying to tell me with domics videos
R4YB0X - 19 dager siden
i frickin LOVE that last part
Eliza Murrell
Eliza Murrell - 19 dager siden
Here is something to think about:
Cari Panda
Cari Panda - 20 dager siden
My brain: umm please exercise and eat healthy ok? Here’s ur motivation
My body: no I’m not moving
Me in general: you good? NAH
NT Animates
NT Animates - 20 dager siden
Christine R
Christine R - 21 dag siden
you swear A lot
Alex Hillman
Alex Hillman - 21 dag siden
Narendra Pant
Narendra Pant - 22 dager siden
My mom always told me to stop eating to much so I only eat healthy or just have rice and a tipe of bread called roti with something called dal
andresbito2020 - 27 dager siden
Hm - 27 dager siden
The dude looks taller than in his videos
Hm - 27 dager siden
This dude said my clothes are getting small
Me:In what context
Gage Feeney
Gage Feeney - 28 dager siden
You said running for minutes when I went camping I ran for 5 hours and ran 26 miles
Sid Bhaduri
Sid Bhaduri - 28 dager siden
Domics, buddy, it has less to do with your metabolism and more to do with your activity level.
S G - 29 dager siden
COVID-19 is the one that is keeping people inside and that’s how people become fat
Minitrain - Måned siden
dam dom still got dem b boy moves doe
Subhajit Biswas
Subhajit Biswas - Måned siden
Domics: Joggers only are which I wear these days
Me: relatable af
Ryan Zhang
Ryan Zhang - Måned siden
who think that domics actually got more pork on his belly
FoxWolf - Måned siden
Lmao aot season four just came out
WIM - Måned siden
Sonics you remove me of kiditoe from Sao
Perfectstranger 173
Perfectstranger 173 - Måned siden
Domics i have been watching u for a long time now ,probably for 5 to 6 years.I am a big fan.This video inspired me. it made me realize i had to do exercise for myself.I want to look like what i imagine myself like. Thank you.
Poké WishMaker
Poké WishMaker - Måned siden
My homemade gym session:

Pokémon GO
Ibtehaj Hassan
Ibtehaj Hassan - Måned siden
I need a wife who likes chubby cuddles
Sebmaniac - Måned siden
I’m jealous that people gain weight so easily while i was 40 kilos for a very long time, it took me a year to be 50 kg and here I am, I’m stuck st 52 kilos and i still look like a skeleton
Chicklet - Måned siden
Hjhhhhjj is jjhjjjudjdjdjdjeueieieieieidjdjdjdjxjjdjddjdjdjddjjddjjdjdqiqaazxdjsiwuyrhgnnvncndbegyrurirolrlrkmmrmnjriroproriirurjrrnrbbsggc
Mariem Ngom
Mariem Ngom - Måned siden
5:45 *I felt that*
Maou - Måned siden
He sure grew fat
LT Wang
LT Wang - Måned siden
"Making fun of someone who is going to the gym to get fit is like laughing at someone who is in the hospital because they are sick"
Stonky - Måned siden
I don’t blame you, drawing fat people is hard
Da'reels choice
Da'reels choice - Måned siden
When you are not hungry but you want to taste or chew on something eat gum
It actually works ,trust me
Lis Klock
Lis Klock - Måned siden
That tool joke took me way too long :")
Josh Gian YT
Josh Gian YT - Måned siden
His face is really filipino as expected
Chaos Error
Chaos Error - Måned siden
Well at least he remembers how to break dance my elementary school makes like dances for every holiday to give a little performance for the parents and other people and I like those days we get to dance and learn a new dance move or music but I forget those dance moves after like 2 months
Dylan Slater
Dylan Slater - Måned siden
Extra rice?
Nightcore - Måned siden
*Recommended for you*
Ok boomer
Nightcore - Måned siden
Me eating a donut while watching this video: *hmmm.. very interesting*
Veronica Van Haney
Veronica Van Haney - Måned siden
Roller skating is what I like to do . eating cream cheese frosting is so amazing :b
gamer moment
gamer moment - Måned siden
@Veronica Van Haney ok
Veronica Van Haney
Veronica Van Haney - Måned siden
really it is :]
Vencenzio McGill
Vencenzio McGill - Måned siden
im fat
AmberMaytions - Måned siden
I loved the doggo attack at the end ❤️
Good doggo 14/10
Kimwel Angeles
Kimwel Angeles - Måned siden
Youtube really be leading me to something with these recommendations
Art and Merch
Art and Merch - Måned siden
I died when the dog came to him with a tennis ball wanting to play
karma X
karma X - Måned siden
Shalom Immanuel
Shalom Immanuel - Måned siden
You rewatching all his video
NP Csongor
NP Csongor - Måned siden
when u do like daily 400 sit ups its okay to buy sugary stuff but...... only O N E
David Maza
David Maza - Måned siden
Jokes on you I've never have a good metabolism
Noyou - Måned siden
Does anyone think the intro sounds fimiliar??? Just me? I guess my mind is something else
Toby George
Toby George - Måned siden
Nothing wrong with a chubby tubby.
BigBobBean !
BigBobBean ! - Måned siden
Who here is also..... chubby
Marcel Amaral
Marcel Amaral - Måned siden
Just poop the fat out
FFXASD - Måned siden
Nala is so cute
Amaya’z :D
Amaya’z :D - Måned siden
karate kept me active but then i had to leave and now i got my tummy back lol
Shobii - Måned siden
Dom is struggling in the end
Jedidiah Hampton
Jedidiah Hampton - Måned siden
Going in to the kitchen is me when I get bored but I am A mean football player
Scottsman Plays
Scottsman Plays - Måned siden
To be honest fat shaming sucks but some people thing it means they can be overweight without consequences but it just means it’s not ok to make fun of someone for their weight, but if you are overweight try to lose weight because I don’t want your family to be sad because you died because of being overweight. I have watched friend after friend die and I hate the feeling of death and no one does so remember you stay healthy you can see your family everyday of your life.
Dominick Cruz
Dominick Cruz - Måned siden
You look like smg4 if he was more asian
The Lamb Sauce
The Lamb Sauce - Måned siden
me waiting for noragami season 3 after 5 years
Mike Fabbri
Mike Fabbri - Måned siden
Linton FOR
Linton FOR - Måned siden
You named your dog after korras polar bear
The Meme Lord
The Meme Lord - Måned siden
He was suffering at the end
Shruthi Rajan
Shruthi Rajan - Måned siden
We love u how u are dom😁
Crhys Antony Reyes
Crhys Antony Reyes - Måned siden
As if he's gonna see this
MezzoMeadow - Måned siden
1:25 kill me
Same thoughts
fart gander
fart gander - Måned siden
A few years and 15 pounds ?? Wtf that makes no sense nigga da fuck??
captanaduck - 2 måneder siden
I thought he was gonna say vdv at the end lol
Haedyn Smart
Haedyn Smart - 2 måneder siden
Damn he ticc

I don’t mean it in an offensive way
Crhys Antony Reyes
Crhys Antony Reyes - Måned siden
Fuck you