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rahmathu nisa
rahmathu nisa - 4 timer siden
Em Em
Em Em - 16 timer siden
When I Go on a roller coaster and it scares me like the Tower of terror I just cry
So whenever I went on the Tower of terror my mom was just on the ride watching me cry while death gripping the little Seat things
B.M - Dag siden
I never went to Disney World
PrincessKitty Cat
PrincessKitty Cat - 5 dager siden
I remember that ride I went when I was 7 or 8. (I cried)
Omar Hammudi
Omar Hammudi - 5 dager siden
my fav disney ride in disney land is space mountain
Random Stuff Gaming
Random Stuff Gaming - 6 dager siden
That dumpster fire wasn't 2018. It was 2020 in disguise
Gamer Kitty
Gamer Kitty - 8 dager siden
I hope that I’m not the only one that like universal studios more than Disney world?
Alexander Datoc
Alexander Datoc - 8 dager siden
I did lol i was two in 2011
eggos - 9 dager siden
I like how the caption says *awsome intro in captions
Frozen Bus Channel 魔雪巴士頻道
The first (and only) time I went to a Disney parks was 5, and I remembered nothing about it.
Operation Cake
Operation Cake - 9 dager siden
Disney employee: How old?
My mom: uhhhhhhh... two
Me, a short teenager: ...
Human - 7 dager siden
Shhh. You get in free.
Carolyn Cartoons
Carolyn Cartoons - 10 dager siden
I love Disney, and I live in Florida (and grew up there) so I went a LOT as a kid. I also have preformed there a few times, once in elementary, once in high school for Candlelight, and once again in high school for marching band. I’m very sad because I was planning to be a part of Candlelight again this year, but Covid said NOPE. I hope if any of y’all go to Disney, even in 2021, I hope y’all have fun and stay safe, Disney is very cool!
Pavan Gowda
Pavan Gowda - 10 dager siden
The only memory of me going to Disney world (which was 7 yrs ago) was the tower of terror. I still remember the whole thing to this day.(im13)
Sam DEv
Sam DEv - 11 dager siden
" *Immature Misunderstanding* "
- Domics 2019
S6up - 11 dager siden
I mean I’ve been to Disneyland and it’s just as good
gerardo gomez
gerardo gomez - 11 dager siden
Love your videos but fuck Disneyland.
Useless Degenerate
Useless Degenerate - 12 dager siden
It’s golden wind
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic - 12 dager siden
I wouldn’t pay $25 for a cheap hat either
Nightmare - 12 dager siden
me being boujie went to disney land paris before i was 3 and dont remember anything
Marth Lowell
Marth Lowell - 13 dager siden
Anyone know if Dom is still with Claire? Just curious
Trupenguin9 - 14 dager siden
Wait where you the guy who dropped the ice cream in the Slinky dog ride?
tamim badrawy
tamim badrawy - 14 dager siden
When I was 8, I went to Disneyland Paris with my teenage cousin and little sister. while our parents were with lil sis, me and my cousin went to a thriller ride, stood in line for an hour, got on, got off, and got lost for 5 hours
Christopher Alatorre
Christopher Alatorre - 14 dager siden
I've never been to six flags Disney land Knotts berry cheddar park or farm getair nor have my brother or sister im 15 I know that sounds sad so don't bother so later😑
Danqr - 15 dager siden
2021is now.
Abdul Gaming
Abdul Gaming - 15 dager siden
In Disney
Abdul Gaming
Abdul Gaming - 15 dager siden
My leg was Bleeding 🩸 I just wanted to say that
Dabifyz - 16 dager siden
People: Who is watching in 2020? Me: 2021?
Isaac Wong
Isaac Wong - 17 dager siden
Andrew Goodwin
Andrew Goodwin - 18 dager siden
Kid in line: I never want to come back here!
Me: Good 😈
lauriegonzalez33 - 18 dager siden
Me over hear living 45 min away from Disney
ghilie King
ghilie King - 19 dager siden
You can watch final space on Netflix
Julian Matteo A.Ordanza
Julian Matteo A.Ordanza - 19 dager siden
1:04 sick rap
Omara Maloney
Omara Maloney - 19 dager siden
My brother went on the Tower of Terror in Disney Land and he ended up falling asleep on it. Lmao
D n R Kamps
D n R Kamps - 20 dager siden
Kind of like my experience, the seven dwarfs
Cruz Cropsry
Cruz Cropsry - 20 dager siden
I didn’t cry I loved it
Cruz Cropsry
Cruz Cropsry - 20 dager siden
I went on tower of tarot when I was 10
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic - 15 dager siden
Julie Crandall
Julie Crandall - 21 dag siden
I didn't got to Disneyland until I was 14 and still didn't much appreciate it then. The next time I went was for my honeymoon, and being that I'm an animator and older in general, I was much more appreciative. I've never liked Disney much, still don't, but I hated it as a teenager. I had no respect. Now it's a, "I don't like you much, not my cup of tea, but I love that you exist," type of relationship.
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic - 15 dager siden
That’s the relationship between me and cats
brianna? - 21 dag siden
*i kid you not i got a disney + ad before this*
NotBetter Human
NotBetter Human - 21 dag siden
anyone here in 2021
nicholette - 22 dager siden
oof just noticed it, but i watched it on january 1st 2021

nothing. just.. idk.. coincidence (?) ig
LaToya Banks
LaToya Banks - 22 dager siden
The seven dwarves revamp came out in like 2016 makes me feel old as frick
GameOculus - 22 dager siden
I live in florida. Jealous?
Exotic Butters
Exotic Butters - 23 dager siden
My family had already made plans to go wayyy ahead of the time, so when my mother decided mini me’s were great I got to go. Just because the adults wanted to...I remember taking a picture with goofy and eating breakfast and that’s about it.
Thatonetheaterkid - 23 dager siden
I went when I was 11 and my parents told me I was too old to want to meet the characters, so I pretended not to want to. Is 11 really too old? I’m actually curious.
Alexis Lennon
Alexis Lennon - 19 dager siden
No no it's not I'm 13 and will always wave to mickey Exsept chuckecheese he freaks me out 😂
Waleed Ahmed Yousaf
Waleed Ahmed Yousaf - 24 dager siden
LMAO, I went in 2018, and the seven dwarfs ride made my family and I wait 3 hours because of rain -_-
Jacob Castro
Jacob Castro - 24 dager siden
I went to Disney land
Flamez 900
Flamez 900 - 24 dager siden
This was 2 years ago-
Holy cow
I went when I was eight
My favourite ride was tower of terror. :3
Jasmine Wincott
Jasmine Wincott - 25 dager siden
We are British and when I was younger, we watched the Little Einsteins show (Or was it the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse one? Idk) and at the end, paper coins fly from the ceiling. Me and my brother would scoop up as many as possible and we would pay for popcorn with the paper coins!! I only found out a little while ago that my father used to pay the man behind the stall 😔
Chua Nigel
Chua Nigel - 25 dager siden
domics: wAiT dIsNeY
Sully and Willow
Sully and Willow - 26 dager siden
Preventative needed World
Sully and Willow
Sully and Willow - 26 dager siden
Archer Willis
Archer Willis - 26 dager siden
I live in Australia we don’t have a Disney world to say I’ve never been out of country I’ve been around Australia but not out of it we have no Disney land when would a child (I’m 22) when would they never love Disney land and I’ve only heard greatness from this sorry I needed to rant
snake 242
snake 242 - 26 dager siden
honestly when I was a kid and cried on tower of terror my parents just laughed
katlego masoeu
katlego masoeu - 26 dager siden
Me watching this in 2020:
*sheds a tear*
ph lk
ph lk - 27 dager siden
The wealthy sociology holoprosencephaly shade because wholesaler unlikely reach at a impartial dead. quarrelsome, tangible dolphin
Cj Rojo
Cj Rojo - 29 dager siden
I'm only curious about one thing and that is are they still together?
Rania Assal Del Valle
Rania Assal Del Valle - Måned siden
I recently went to Disney World (in Orlando) and I was waiting in line to go into the Lion King Spectacular in Animal Kingdom. There was this family behind me, and the youngest child, an approximately 4-year-old girl, was eating a popsicle. She unwrapped the popsicle from the plastic wrapper, and just threw the wrapper on the floor!!!! *And the parents didn't do anything about it!!!!* And I looked around, AND FOUND TWO TRASH CANS LESS THAN 10 PACES AWAY. dude. Fun fact, Walt Disney had an idea to construct Disney World where the nearest trashcan at any point in the park would be less than 32 paces away from you. You could literally be standing anywhere in the 4 parks, and you could spot a trashcan and walk over to it with less than 32 paces. Walt did this because he hated littering in amusement parks.
Vixie - Måned siden
4:27 um I can’t relate. When we go on a trip I’m always worried about how much money is spent.
Faze Bizzle
Faze Bizzle - Måned siden
To all the people that see this in 2019. DONT look forward to the new year.

Yes ik you can’t time travel.... *yet*
Champy - Måned siden
Vrw pre...
Cornell Waters
Cornell Waters - Måned siden
🍨 Thank You!
Hisirdoux :p
Hisirdoux :p - Måned siden
Tbh I can’t wait until I’m old enough to just go with friends. My family argues way too much and my friends know I like to organize trips so they’d let me handle that type of stuff so I’m not stressing TwT
R Ray
R Ray - Måned siden
I remember I was 5 and I whent to Disney Land (not world) and I when to the tower of terror and I didn't want to go on the tower of terror and I started crying so hard because I just never wanted to get on.
Dipstick - Måned siden
*Y E E T E D*
Kai Miyazato
Kai Miyazato - Måned siden
I like universal
Kit kat And pawzies
Kit kat And pawzies - Måned siden
My mom never got to go as a kid because her family was fairly poor. We went last year and she couldn’t stop staring at the castle and was so happy. It was the best part of the trip
Kenneth Pg3d
Kenneth Pg3d - Måned siden
I was 6 when i first went to disney land and it was fun I didnt go on rides because i was to short but i still had fun and stayed with my parents
Let’s go gaming Mobile
Let’s go gaming Mobile - Måned siden
I think they bring them because you cant leave a child at your house fir days
first alien named Jeff
first alien named Jeff - Måned siden
Lesson: go to Epcot, it’s better
Jinius &JinHitEntertainment
I wonder if people will start saying,"AnyONE frOM 2021?!?!?!?!"
DynoSam - Måned siden
I also live in Florida and I can’t go from April to October because it’s so freaking hot all the time
Racechamp22 - Måned siden
Kid: Mommy mommy can we go to Disney World?
Mom: Hun you’ve already been to Disney World
Kid: Wait I have? When?
Mom: I took you when you were 2
Kid: 😑
AJDoes Animation
AJDoes Animation - Måned siden
I love how I’m watching this even though I’ve never been 😂😂😢
P.D.gyanendranath - Måned siden
LoLtaku - Måned siden
Me remembers the time I went to Disneyland when I was 3 :D I remember they gave us a notebook to get signatures from mascots. I still remember the feeling when Geppetto played with my twintail hair. I also have some vague memories of wanting a toy gun from Pirates of Caribbean and the sensation of water splashing on us at the parade. Also it didn't feel weird when the mascots were signing the notebook at the time but now im hella amazed that they can sign, even hold a pen, with those big gloves.
Christian Erol Pili
Christian Erol Pili - Måned siden
not 2019, 2020!🪓😂
U.S.A GAMING 2021 - Måned siden
Who here in 2021?
Harold Brick
Harold Brick - Måned siden
yes as a floridian it does get below 70 F/21 C degrees i know i'm surprised too
Vibing Axolotl
Vibing Axolotl - Måned siden
Once I went to Disney World and my mom went on this big scary rollercoaster (I didn’t go on it because I’m a wimp) and my mom told me that it line there was a mom who was forcing her, like, 5 year old son to go on it. Like, that is messed up! The kid was screaming and bawling his eyes out! I pray for that poor kid..
marian ness Mariannessable
Citizens:!!!!!!!! I wish covid didn't exist now I can't go to Disneyland thats what I would've asked for Christmas. Your welcome for my sacrifice sciencetist
Scientist: wash your hands and blah blah blah
Citizens:shut up and make VACCINES
Scientists: chill out i have 1. And tested it with myself
R.I.P mr scientists your vaccine didn't worked and it poisoned you
other scientists: he was a smart and intelligent blah blah blah blah
Citizens: shut up and make vaccines
Elrik - Måned siden
i went when I was 6 and 7
Honeee B
Honeee B - Måned siden
I had a leash when I went when I was 7- yes 7!
Tyler Packer
Tyler Packer - Måned siden
AnYbOdY hErE iN 2020202020202020202020202020202020202020
SCMC54 - Måned siden
I am
The Tyler
The Tyler - Måned siden
Claire should make a channel.
Maybe not animations, maybe vlogs.
Idk I think it would be cool!
Marz - Måned siden
When did you go to Disney world domics? I went in 2018 in like close to the ending of December with my family.
Kevin Bowie
Kevin Bowie - Måned siden
I've been over 30 times
Sarah Kearns
Sarah Kearns - Måned siden
I went to Disney land when I was 4yrs old and I also went to Disney world last year (2019) for my 8 b-day in October but my b-day was in July lol 😂
TheWeirdGamer - Måned siden
cant wait to make peace with 2020
Sam Proxxxdude
Sam Proxxxdude - Måned siden
Just go at quarantine and risk death
Townofmurder 123
Townofmurder 123 - Måned siden
Ive never been to disney world or land
kdog 1208
kdog 1208 - Måned siden
TRUTH! I went when i was six i was getting off a ride a woman took me thinking i was her kid but my mom found me it was a fun time
Syeda - Måned siden
i went to disney world when i was 9, its a happy memory
NoraTc - Måned siden
u wana bring me and u joy by ging together honey?
Caleb Waddell
Caleb Waddell - Måned siden
I haven't gone to Disneyworld for well over two years. My family isnt the type to go every year. If you go every year, you appreciate it less, that's just how it works. My favorite park is Epcot by far, but I still have yet to go to Hollywood Studios, so I'll have to go there sometime.
Weird Lemur
Weird Lemur - Måned siden
No one:
Not even people with the most random minds:
Domics: Wait Disney.
Me: Wait but- frick i said wait.. I SAID WAIT AGAIN. FRICK I SAID *walt*
Arthur Dai
Arthur Dai - 2 måneder siden
5:40 I was on a sea world ride or maybe it was a disney world ride but we were RIGHT about to go down a massive drop but then everything broke and we waited like an hour there and we had to get off the ride and the employee gave us all admit 1 fast pass tickets for any ride! we were given like 6 because my parents were in the waiting room/gift shop and me and my sister was on the ride they gave both of us 2 then they gave my parents 4 because they said there kids were on the ride so we ended up with 6 admit 1 fast pass tickets and my parents didnt go on that many rides so we always got to go on the best rides first. it was great and 11/10 would recommend getting stuck on a ride for an hour to save 2 hours in fast pass lanes.
Michael Caballero
Michael Caballero - 2 måneder siden
Florida is really cold in December
Bionic System5
Bionic System5 - 2 måneder siden
i am a fan of the Sans man
i am a fan of the Sans man - 2 måneder siden
0:10 is it just me, or did the audio cut?
trevor the poop
trevor the poop - 2 måneder siden
You dont save any money by taking a child 3< than just taking the other people you plan on taking if its free its not cheaper its the same no money saved
music nerd
music nerd - 2 måneder siden
real tower of terror is in dreamworld australia
Evelyn Garcia
Evelyn Garcia - 2 måneder siden