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McoyXD King
McoyXD King - 28 minutter siden
Good news: i had a crush

Bad news: shes American
ClaCla KidNap
ClaCla KidNap - Time siden
Man f*ck
you steve
Danilos Stankovic
Danilos Stankovic - 3 timer siden
I had a crush on almost any girl that was tall, literally if she was tall that was basically it with very few things being able to change that. Worst one had to be my old classmate, probs the most toxic girl alive. I just found her hot cause she was the tallest girl in our class. One day in 6th grade my friend was all excited saying a girl wrote him a love letter and then she reveals it was all a prank and he just ends up crying as she and most of our class are laughing at, so i knew what I was getting myself into if she was to ever find out that i had an actual crush on her. Well one day my friends ask her would she hypothetically want to date me and she actually says that she lik... nope she just laughed and went on how she'd never date me with like someone just asked her would she eat shit😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥. I don't even know who is going to date her when she just makes fun of everyone. And as that happened i started to realize she wasn't attractive almost at all, like yea sure she was tall but besides that she had acne was too thin and just wasn't really attractive at least not nearly as much as i had made her up to be in my head. I don't even like to consider her my crush since i hated her personality from very early on but i guess it qualifies as a crush if you like her appearance. Most of my other crushes were girls who don't even go to our grade, for some reason my dick always sets unrealistic standards and then wonders why i get made fun of all the time and can't stutter a word the other time. Man i can't wait to get a meaningful crush to someone i like. I actually would make a move if I ever liked the crush in question and these crushes where staring for a sec to long can sentence you to death by making fun of are the worst
Saurabh Singh
Saurabh Singh - 4 timer siden
every girl had a crush on me in class.
my inner voice: Why r u lying in comments ?
Danilos Stankovic
Danilos Stankovic - 4 timer siden
"I eventually devoleped i crush on another girl i hadf zero chances with"
I think this is one of themost relatable things ever
Sankha Dahanaggala
Sankha Dahanaggala - 8 timer siden
This is so me 😅
florxiian - 9 timer siden
dating irl: **panik**
dating online: **kalm**
top notch
top notch - 13 timer siden
I will comment on this comment
top notch
top notch - 13 timer siden
I kept my promise
Zion Garcia
Zion Garcia - 15 timer siden
Why u hate Steve
Fuck u steve
Axil Atienza
Axil Atienza - Dag siden
3:54 - Same
57 - Dag siden
1:33 batman in school
Sidhartha soren
Sidhartha soren - Dag siden
You guys talking about crushes 🙁
sparky ava
sparky ava - Dag siden
i had a crush on this nerd guy and it's been like years and i finally gathered all of my courage to ask him out and he said he wasnt into girls like bruh im UNLUCKYY. forget that ill die alone
NotDream - Dag siden
I was simping for the popular girls.

Got rejected and decided to be gay. Not a joke.
junior vee
junior vee - Dag siden
Just ask her out that's it
bah - Dag siden
It's sad that my crush moved away to Phoenix. It's been two years since I've seen him
Halit Ay
Halit Ay - Dag siden
very fast for me
b like bro
b like bro - Dag siden
4:10 'tis for personal use
Arwyn Reignier Purisima
Arwyn Reignier Purisima - 2 dager siden
I feel the same way. 1st to 5th garde I forced myself to like the pritoest girl in my class even thoe they where not my type or they where strait up bullies.But in 6th grade I decided to not be a douge and be a normal person.Ie be there friend and always be there when there down.
Brit Nee
Brit Nee - 2 dager siden
Domics: she likes liam
Liam: yeah boiiiiiiii
Later im coming for you liam
Dilruba Nasrin Mukta
Dilruba Nasrin Mukta - 2 dager siden
너포리티비 - 2 dager siden
It's a dog that resembles a raccoon~^^
shreeja Sinha
shreeja Sinha - 2 dager siden
Having a crush is like a punishment.....I had a crush(luckily I don't have any now) and whole day I used to think about class I can't concentrate.... because of him....and the worst part whenever he used to come in front of me I used to become blank I acted sooo wierd in front of him....(that was very embarrassing) because of my that kind of behavior in front of whole class my classmates started to tease me ....some even tease now now I am happy that now I just love one thing which is my dreams nothing else...after I got rid of him I felt sooo hella relieved....
Danilos Stankovic
Danilos Stankovic - 4 timer siden
Someone who understands. Man i feel like i got suckerpunched by my own dick when i get a crush, espeacily since they are either out of my league or an absolute ass that makes fun of me😪
StallyCal - 2 dager siden
Master Goku Tube
Master Goku Tube - 2 dager siden
i Know What Steve Did...

He gave his life savings for An e Girl on twitch
Dario Sabate
Dario Sabate - 3 dager siden
I had a crush on someone AND SOMEONE EXPOSED IT and i was like tf why then after a few days or months or something i stopped then my crush told me something that shocked me and it made everything akward for a few days she told me "hey i had a crush on u again for like a week" i was like NANI but why tho
Tamm Maoo
Tamm Maoo - 3 dager siden
crush not like me :) n
Lily Luna Potter
Lily Luna Potter - 3 dager siden
Dude wlw and mlm childhood crushes are hilarious.I am 6 and chatting with my "best friend" and keep zoning out.
"Why can't I stop staring at her face?"
"Her hair smells so nice!"
"Oh, She is just so pretty!"
"Wait what?... Why do I feel this way... Eh, she IS the prettiest girl in the class, I'm just admiring her beauty. It's not like I like her or anything haha!"
Shiniri Gaming
Shiniri Gaming - 3 dager siden
it's 2021 and im still watching
RadiatedOfficial - 3 dager siden
I kind of feel bad for Steve LMFAO he seems like the type of kid that tries to have everyone like him except every time he tries it just gets worst.
YoungEid - 3 dager siden
Mon psycho 😂 I like that anime
YoungEid - 3 dager siden
AJ's builds and stuff
AJ's builds and stuff - 3 dager siden
what did Steve do? i need to know.
Abigail Psahos
Abigail Psahos - 4 dager siden
Bro where’d you go
lion animation
lion animation - 4 dager siden
Crushes am I right they don't know you exist
Santiago Lopez
Santiago Lopez - 4 dager siden
Bro there was this girl who was faster than 6 grade , btw she was in 3 grade
swaggycatx498 - 4 dager siden
Omg I remember this
Khloe Soriano
Khloe Soriano - 4 dager siden
No one:
Me and my asshole classmates in grade 1:
"I like her for 20%, and I like the other one 50% and I like-"
*Literally flexing lunch money
Nightsfate - 4 dager siden
Lol I red some mob manga actual books
Ac0rn Mellow
Ac0rn Mellow - 4 dager siden
the person named Steve watching this video...
Ceros - 4 dager siden
I haven’t felt love in years so I can’t relate to this video
Luka axoltl
Luka axoltl - 4 dager siden
Yay!!!!!! Celsius!!!
Hirsi Feld
Hirsi Feld - 5 dager siden
Me: stubs my toe
Me: "damn you steve"
Minato Shigeta
Minato Shigeta - 5 dager siden
Help I’m stuck in domics basement
And he’s forcing me to give him watch time
Zandar57 61
Zandar57 61 - 5 dager siden
Wtf did steve do
Hummel Ipad
Hummel Ipad - 5 dager siden
Probably the most relatable part of this is whenever steve is on screen
InnocentGachaTuber - 5 dager siden
Moral of the story:

Steve fucking sucks
Isabella :v
Isabella :v - 5 dager siden
30M views holy crap
Hallerty 14
Hallerty 14 - 5 dager siden
*Holy crap lois
x lorrix -
x lorrix - - 6 dager siden
fuck steve
Prapti Das
Prapti Das - 6 dager siden
Those dislikes are from steve's fake accounts
Barren Wu
Barren Wu - 6 dager siden
In elementary, I had a crush on a Turkish girl
My Mind
My Mind - 6 dager siden
Gemerald Brickz
Gemerald Brickz - 6 dager siden
Video: "domics whispering on what steve did"
Me: "Thinking of ways to know what he said"
Also me: "Thought was Big Brain To Turn On Captions"
Video/w captions: WHISPERING...
HomoWillis - 6 dager siden
*if everyone is not special maybe you can be what you want to be*
Alaska - 6 dager siden
me, an aromantic seeing this in my recommended: don’t mind if i do
Alaska - 4 dager siden
@Sebastien BOHAN sure, i guess that's one way to put it. I think a better way to put it is i have no romantic desires whereas i do sexually.
Sebastien BOHAN
Sebastien BOHAN - 5 dager siden
@Alaska. So you have sexual emotions but not romantic ones 😂😂😂😂😂
Alaska - 6 dager siden
@Sebastien BOHAN nope, i happen to be very into women lol
Sebastien BOHAN
Sebastien BOHAN - 6 dager siden
Are you asexual aswell.
Dylan Menke
Dylan Menke - 6 dager siden
I can lip read and Steve F You
Hallerty 14
Hallerty 14 - 5 dager siden
Tell me. I cannot lip read
D'Schun11 - 6 dager siden
Hahaha lol congratulations dude 😂😂😂
Jsierra10 use code litty
Jsierra10 use code litty - 6 dager siden
That’s weird cause my moms name is Stephanie
Mac Books
Mac Books - 6 dager siden
I have a big crush it’s a girl named Isabelle I’m still building up cofinance to tell her
FISH FISH - 6 dager siden
You know, I feel like I'm being conditioned to hate Steve, and you know what? I don't even care. Fuck Steve.
Zaid Ansari
Zaid Ansari - 7 dager siden
❤️Love is blind ❤️ love don't look at your social status it looks at you and only you ❤️ AM I right 😀
Prince pundato
Prince pundato - 7 dager siden
My crush is food
John Wyn Francisco
John Wyn Francisco - 7 dager siden
School: you're so dumb

Me: that's why I'm here
CookieCrunch - 3 dager siden
@John Wyn , exactly! They get mad when we don’t understand the new topics or some shit. Like YOU ARE THE TEACHER!!!! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HELP ME LEARN!!!
RɅD • Qamar
RɅD • Qamar - 7 dager siden
Imma speak my heart out here, I liked a girl in Grade 4 I am in grade 7 will go to Grade 8 in 2021. Her name was Samantha, thing was I told all my friends I liked her in grade 4 they said yeah we are not interested in her but then my best friend was getting closer to her by the day and I never know. At this point in grade 5 I did stuff to impress her but I was kind of a nerd who hated sport and gaming ( now I am addicted to COD Mobile ) so I thought she would not like me coz of that but I still pursued her. One day my best friend who is kinda cool, he's into rap and stuff went over to Sam's desk coz after PE we were bored and sam brought her speaker with a USB with songs on it and he went to listen by her desk he called me and I hesitated coz I like sam but it was scary for me to be close to her ( you know what I mean ) also her one friend was there at Sam's desk already her name was veroushka. Fun fact veroushka has an identical twin sister who's name is Omishka. I went to kindergarten with them but somehow we met again at my primary school ( in grade 1) ps. Sam came to my school in grade 4 and remained there till now. Also coz I live in South Africa my school was basic but not poor. So there is one class of grade 1 - 7 instead of 1A 1B etc. I am indian BTW. Sam, the twins and my best friend are all Indians. Sam and the twins are Hindus and my friend Yusuf and I are muslim. Where was I oh yeah, so I joined Yusuf, sam and veroushka at the table where the speaker was. Then somehow we started talking about liking people from our class then we asked each other who we liked and Veroushka said she liked me I felt surprised but never say anything after that. Next I faced my fears and told Sam I loved her she held my hand for 1 minute or so and my body reacted by getting butterflies but then I asked her who she liked and she said Yusuf. I felt sad but hid this from the others then Yusuf said he liked uhh I forgot but it was not sam or veroushka I am sure. So we were listening to music till school ended that day ( Friday ) I went home thinking about when sam held my hand. But then the next day it set in sam liked Yusuf I felt like my heart was dying. But anyway I finished that school year and came out 1st in my class. Not bragging or anything but I came 1st for 5 years in a row at my school. ( Grade 1 - 5 ) anyway grade 6 came around I was carrying out the year as normal focusing on my studies and stuff but then one day my teacher changed our seating positions ( desk and place we sit ) at this time I was moved next to a black girl for a month prior but I was nerdy and quiet so I never complain. Anyway my place got moved behind sam, I was so happy coz guess what this happened on valentines day so I thought it was destiny you know? Anyway I was so happy I forgot the black girl I was sitting next to before also got moved with me to the same spot so It was kind of awkward but I used to help sam from behind and we use to talk alot I was in heaven until her place got moved to behind Aariv ( our Grade 6 teacher's son who was in our class since Grade 5 but I forgot to mention him + Yusuf's mother was also a teacher at the same school and was our grade 4 teacher. So Aariv yusuf and I were a squad we chilled together but coz they were teachers son the girls gave em attention and me following Aariv and yusuf around looked so awkward. Anyway I was jealous and he said he never liked sam but sam seemed like she loved him coz she talked to him alot and touched His arm for no reason but coz Aariv and yusuf were kind of rebellious so they would change places in class when teachers were not present. They got together and we're talking to sam at this point I thought it was sus ( among us reference lol ) then one day I went to Aariv place and started bad mouthing yusuf to sam coz I was jealous of him so we were close coz she leaned forward and I turned around so we were so close ( frick me I was crazy in love lol )
Yeah then when Aariv mother came as our teacher for ns after that I went back to my original seating place. I started hearing rumours after that about YuSam ( u should understand by now ) then I saw them kissing once and hugging after school I felt like FUCKING killing Yusuf but I acted chill but it when on everyday and during break he used to keep going by Sam and the other girls and they gave him icecream and stuff from the tuckshop but in all honesty they asked me if I wanted ice cream and they also did the same for Aariv coz apparently Omishka ( my admirer's twin ) liked Aariv so that explained some stuff. Then grade 7 came same shit all over again but listen in grade 6 I came 2nd in my class to Aariv coz I forgot to hand in my one project i hated Aariv for a bit and realised he is my friend I should be happy for him and I was after but I thought grade 7 would be revenge time ( I ain't gonna kill him just want to get higher marks in exams ) so some shit went down and I decided to cheat on my exams ( bad thing never do ) I got shamed after I got caught and sam felt odd and ignored me for awhile but so did everybody else so I never care. Then the damn Covid thing came and brought south africa into level 5 lockdown ( no school, no work etc ) this is when I had so much free time I picked up a little game called cod mobile ( which I am addicted to currently ) which i played everyday. At this point I missed Sam alot even though I hated her and yusuf for dating. Anyway I played codm, got into a clan in the top 3 aka WarriorsBack which now dropped off the leaderboard RIP this clan had a discord server which I met Lasya in. She is 18 ( 5 years older than me ) but coz I was heart broken I fell in love with her easily even though she is older and our only contact was messages on discord I had never seen her face till date but I heard her voice once it is beautiful anyway she makes codm videos her channel. I will not say what It is called coz then you would comment there and say I loved her lol. This went on till her sister Harshitha joined the clan and ever since then we were friends we get along well and she is 13 but she is older by a few months also sam was 3 days younger than me ( I was born 17 Aug 2007 she was born 20 Aug 2007 ) anyway ( said that 50 times now hehe ) we are friends but I do not think of her as my crush coz we are just friends ( same as Lasya, never seen her face but I heard her voice in a match on codm once her voice is like a melody) anyway I feel jealous tho about Harshitha playing with other people but I promise I just like her as a friend anyway lasya and Harshitha left the clan soon after me and Lasya mad her own one which I was in for just a month and I bit my tongue and said I have to leave I am sorry she understood and I left. Then I was in her clan discord and I saw her hanging out in a voice room with a guy from her clan I was jealous and I left the server in anger. I returned soon coz I missed her. And till date I anger trying to forget Sam. Any tips for that let me know and if you enjoyed plz repost somehow I don't know how and thanks for reading if you did read the whole thing thanks
Goodbye take care and stay safe.
Skyward - 4 dager siden
@RɅD • Qamar 😂sorry
RɅD • Qamar
RɅD • Qamar - 4 dager siden
@Skyward ?
RɅD • Qamar
RɅD • Qamar - 5 dager siden
@Hallerty 14 Perhaps...
Hallerty 14
Hallerty 14 - 5 dager siden
Do you like writing novels
RɅD • Qamar
RɅD • Qamar - 6 dager siden
@SimplyxHailey world record longest comment, I know right
Amya The Weirdo
Amya The Weirdo - 7 dager siden
Plot twist: the reason why he hates Steve is because he pushed him into lava and made him loose all his diamond armor in Minecraft 💔
Aditya Shinde
Aditya Shinde - 7 dager siden
Filthy Frank reference 😂🤣😂🤣😂
PEAK LIME - 7 dager siden
Single for life , life is spoiled and wasted by spending childhood a Person who u will never meet after school
Die4Anime - 7 dager siden
poor steve
Brennan Lettuce Tomato
Brennan Lettuce Tomato - 7 dager siden
Bro, why like a girl you’re not physically attracted to?
Sebastien BOHAN
Sebastien BOHAN - 6 dager siden
LOL 😂😂😂
Liam Alon
Liam Alon - 7 dager siden
2:57 I liked that Liam dude, I think you should make an episode on this guy
Georg Mattias Kosenkranius
Georg Mattias Kosenkranius - 7 dager siden
I don't recomend bc its scamm mostly they are asking for money after free try. I recomend Gogoanime!
RedStone576 - 6 dager siden
@Georg Mattias Kosenkranius they have rights lmao
Georg Mattias Kosenkranius
Georg Mattias Kosenkranius - 6 dager siden
Dude look. Not a single anime place will just not ask for money?
RedStone576 - 7 dager siden
i mean they need money to expand their liblary and pay their employee
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin - 7 dager siden
Dude someone having crush on you must feel so good also if you know that
Mikayla_R - 7 dager siden
I go to an all girls school.....
Mikayla_R - 7 dager siden
@RedStone576 yup, called a convent-
RedStone576 - 7 dager siden
its exist?
Seazerial - 8 dager siden have yellow hair
Wong Pentel
Wong Pentel - 8 dager siden
same . tried and failed burning
Labrador Puppies
Labrador Puppies - 8 dager siden
I'm happy nobody has a crush on me and I don't have a crush on anyone bc all they boys in my school are just jerks 😑
Nev Playz
Nev Playz - 6 dager siden
Not all boys are jerks
Mast3rKK - 8 dager siden
**drinks crush**
Mmm, orange sucks but purple is great
Sam Shum
Sam Shum - 8 dager siden
I don’t like anyone but like all my friends have a crush and ask me if I have one all the time
lamat un noor
lamat un noor - 8 dager siden
Why Steve
I’m curious
What did he do wrong
Ignacio, Angelo
Ignacio, Angelo - 8 dager siden
Yah Mob Psycho is here😆
Someone - 8 dager siden
Why does he censor only half his words? Why censor them at all then?
micodesico - 8 dager siden
This comment section is so depressing
HomoWillis - 6 dager siden
Nah it’s so memeable lmao
Ghostii II
Ghostii II - 8 dager siden
"Steve is still alone!"
Douglas Rugagaza
Douglas Rugagaza - 8 dager siden
Who here likes domics
Vaibhav Rawat
Vaibhav Rawat - 8 dager siden
Vaibhav Rawat
Vaibhav Rawat - 8 dager siden
It happened
Crxsspy - 9 dager siden
Continuar - 9 dager siden
Hey that's my life !!!😭
Shranik Dua
Shranik Dua - 9 dager siden
Dom, What age were u when u first dated?
Hallerty 14
Hallerty 14 - 5 dager siden
i - 9 dager siden
I had the same crush for seven years....please help me
LuckyNumber 101
LuckyNumber 101 - 9 dager siden
Oh look, a wild peach
evan impagliazzo
evan impagliazzo - 9 dager siden
Steve... is still alone

Tung Twister
Tung Twister - 9 dager siden
This is Steve. What did I do???
Riot Gaming BS
Riot Gaming BS - 9 dager siden
Me in 5th grade hating every girl in my school
David Oxford
David Oxford - 9 dager siden
When nothing was happening dbz was on. Why wasn't I in this schoool
Jannis XY
Jannis XY - 10 dager siden
Bibek Poudel
Bibek Poudel - 10 dager siden
Who is Steve
Sandeep Wangde
Sandeep Wangde - 10 dager siden
This video is too real. Pls stop.
Michelle Leumas
Michelle Leumas - 10 dager siden
Dom you think fairy tail is a good anime