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Bug images from: www.therichest.com/rich-list/13-bugs-from-australia-that-will-haunt-you/
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Carlos Becerril
Carlos Becerril - 20 timer siden
The worst incident ive had with bugs is waking up with a cockroach crawling on my face, no joke. My second worst was when I accidentally suctioned and swallowed a fly with a straw, I didnt even think It would get suctioned while flying
qrxzz - Dag siden
B u g G e n o c i d e
Delphox 2. Zero
Delphox 2. Zero - Dag siden
0:29 I was hoping she said: "do it!"
RadiatedOfficial - 2 dager siden
For someone with Entomophobia Domics is like a hero
Roman Calvino
Roman Calvino - 2 dager siden
I'm in Australia and I'm surprised I'm not dead
Bhumit070 - 4 dager siden
As a software developer bugs are part of my daily life
Isaac Kuan
Isaac Kuan - 5 dager siden
Jared Japheth Cush Cadwising
Filipinos sees spider: him and his friends lets get ready to rumble
Spyler Programmer
Spyler Programmer - 6 dager siden
Rip whill
Mohammad Safawi
Mohammad Safawi - 6 dager siden
I do not kill ants at all
Nic C
Nic C - 8 dager siden
Me crying in Australia as my house burns
winston dayrit
winston dayrit - 9 dager siden
Thiago Goncalves
Thiago Goncalves - 13 dager siden
Title: Bugs
Thumbnail: Crustacean
김손밍 - 14 dager siden
I have a huge phobia, so moving to Australia is not an option :O
Raphael Loh
Raphael Loh - 15 dager siden
I live in Aus, and I kill like 3 spiders a day... I have a near zero tolerance for bugs, especially cause we have the majority of deadly bugs and reptiles in the world. I have very few exceptions, like when I moved into my current home I found a ladybug in the living room and put it outside. But if you're a threat like a spider, or a genuine pest trying to move in on my turf like ants, moths or those tiny bugs that are attracted to light... instant death!
WrathfulShows - 15 dager siden
Me named Will: Don't hurt me
Adam Malsagov
Adam Malsagov - 16 dager siden
0:41 i almost threw up
Kane Krarup
Kane Krarup - 16 dager siden
I live in Australia and its not that bad god
Hallerty 14
Hallerty 14 - 42 minutter siden
Another comment said they kill 3 bugs per day. They were Australia
Ethan McHardy
Ethan McHardy - 17 dager siden
One time I squished a cockroach against a wall and left all the guts there leaving it as a message but all it did was attract more cockroaches to come over and take its body parts and start eating them so if anything leaving a message there would cause more of a problem. Love the animations by the way
rashi - 18 dager siden
Judging by all these comments I’ve come to the conclusion that Australia is the last place I would ever want to visit
Jaanvi Bonigala
Jaanvi Bonigala - 18 dager siden
Domics please put a warning before putting pictures that may be uncomfortable to others.And if you did then i apologiza bcz i couldnt see it honestly but i just wanted to mention this.Thank you for the nightmares(jk im sorry i shouldnt have clicked the video in the first place if its about sth i hate)
Sunset Studios
Sunset Studios - 18 dager siden
me an Australian:...if I see spider i ignore it... if I sees weird bug he dead
NipChip - 19 dager siden
I literally took the rules he made so now i do the rule he did with bugs
Ryan Zhang
Ryan Zhang - 19 dager siden
In australia we dont kill bugs..............we demolish them
Koota Jr
Koota Jr - 19 dager siden
Yeah I live in Australia but I have a spider and a bug phobia
I like snakes doa
Rolland Meeds
Rolland Meeds - 20 dager siden
Australia is where Satan keeps his pets
Jane Nwokeabia
Jane Nwokeabia - 20 dager siden
*Me who already knows what it is from teen titans:*
Sai Surisetti
Sai Surisetti - 21 dag siden
I do that.. I keep it up there as a message to others
Just For fun Videos
Just For fun Videos - 21 dag siden
Me watching this with my pet mantis
among us gameplay
among us gameplay - 22 dager siden
I live in va uwu
MrBej - 23 dager siden
I'm just glad Australia is an island.
Pigarmy Gaming
Pigarmy Gaming - 23 dager siden
Australia pretty chill with bugs
SpriteNight - 23 dager siden
I had a massive spider on my are while I watched it
Jimmyn19 - 23 dager siden
“I’m fighting Sephiroth right now and Donald keeps dying” lol
Alex Ree
Alex Ree - 24 dager siden
Yeah us aussies are ok
Spencer Beau
Spencer Beau - 25 dager siden
I am I’m Australia
Mr egytion 7
Mr egytion 7 - 28 dager siden
Me if I was in the snake: ok this is my last comment
Natalie Law
Natalie Law - 28 dager siden
This sister brother thing is so relatible
Francesco Cau
Francesco Cau - 28 dager siden
In this video the thing that really bugs me is the intro: how could Donald die in a fight aganist Sephiroth if is a duel with just Sora in both KH and KH II?
Dave Gaming
Dave Gaming - Måned siden
Son: “Mom stop making mistakes🤬😡🤬 you suck!”
Mom: “😎I made you😎”
Debaleena Datta Gupta
Debaleena Datta Gupta - Måned siden
poor little Will >.
Panda Party
Panda Party - Måned siden
I from Australia and the bugs and snakes are fine.
Cat Master
Cat Master - Måned siden
As an Australian I can confirm

We aren’t ok
Fishy friend
Fishy friend - Måned siden
I’m in astalia it’s summer
Simply Winter
Simply Winter - Måned siden
“Not Okay”
-A Random Australian :>
Lenny Hicks
Lenny Hicks - Måned siden
i have tuch a snak
nigel abriol
nigel abriol - Måned siden
1:53 is that a FilthyFrank reference?
Sarah Macfarlane
Sarah Macfarlane - Måned siden
Somehow yesterday a spider got caught under my foot. I screamed
Kayleigh Wybert
Kayleigh Wybert - Måned siden
I don't understand why people hate spiders so much. Spiders are angels compared to some of the other pests that get in your house (e.g. cockroaches, stinkbugs, ants, ect)... Spiders don't steal your food, bite you (usually), or destroy your house... I will happily welcome spiders into my house, so long as they stay somewhere that I won't bump into them/their web and are nontoxic
5:26 ...
Gabe Vass
Gabe Vass - Måned siden
I'm not halfway into a snake and yeah im fine
Phoenix DunOwATdo
Phoenix DunOwATdo - Måned siden
I’m ok here in Australia
방탄 소년단의 복숭아
I'm Australian :D 3:33
Marie Ryan
Marie Ryan - Måned siden
I never kill bugs they have fellings like humans you wouldn't kill a human so why would you kill a bug they won't hert you
Victoria Sinka
Victoria Sinka - Måned siden
I'm not half way of being eaten by a snake imo in the living room why Dominic why
Victoria Sinka
Victoria Sinka - Måned siden
The insects that are in Australia are in the out back not in my house and why are you putting shit on us pls stop
Random doses of randomness
*Dude me too bro, Everytime I kill a bug on the wall I leave the blood stain thinking bugs will get the message* 😂😂
Kyle Wright
Kyle Wright - Måned siden
Kyle Wright
Kyle Wright - Måned siden
Australlia suck for people with aracniphobia
Mungunzagas Jargalsaikhan
Mungunzagas Jargalsaikhan - Måned siden
Your sister was careless about animal
franchezka musni
franchezka musni - Måned siden
Kei _
Kei _ - Måned siden
I was a camp counselor awhile ago and we were looking at bugs. And the bug person was just talking about some bugs and he just popped a cockroach in his mouth. I heard the LOUDEST most terrify screams coming from these children. Some kids were even crying, that was a fun day :))
Xavier Gaming
Xavier Gaming - Måned siden
When domics hasn't got a topic for video:I killed a bug when I was 16!!
•PINEAPPLE HEAD• - Måned siden
Fck bugs
Bryce Easterly
Bryce Easterly - Måned siden
Me : nope I’m not going to Australia
Australia: HELP US
Weird Lemur
Weird Lemur - Måned siden
Even tho I have a phobia of bugs I frickin’ stare at em’ and I’m like “So uh you gonna leave” if I see them after 5 minutes I destroy them with my dads belt- I mean slipper-
ChrisThePan - Måned siden
Domics: uses cup to catch a bug
Filipinos: We use hands and CRUSH IT
Giovanna Moretti
Giovanna Moretti - Måned siden
4 years later, still so relatable.
William Turner
William Turner - Måned siden
Mega - Måned siden
I am the same as ur sister dom :0
Random Alex
Random Alex - Måned siden
I thought the title said drugs for a second...
Raindrop - Måned siden
3:40 why do I think that looks cool f it im using it for inspiration
Miguel Linares
Miguel Linares - Måned siden
at the end of the video he sounded like a black man
WaffleSyrupGuy - 2 måneder siden
As an Australian, I’ll say that the images you showed of all those insects in Australia.
If we even encounter them in our household, we literally set the entire house on fire
minecraft gamer
minecraft gamer - 2 måneder siden
eTAEreal scenery
eTAEreal scenery - 2 måneder siden
Lol I live in the Philippines and my grandpa has a pet snake. Dont ask why
Meer Deliwala
Meer Deliwala - 2 måneder siden
Evidence 16
Evidence 16 - 2 måneder siden
RIP Will the...spider :/
dan - 2 måneder siden
lmao i'm the only one whos scared of them in my family
Weird Lemur
Weird Lemur - 2 måneder siden
Bruh the only reason I like winter in Canada is because these stupid bugs are absolutely dead cause of how cold my house gets.
Emoji - 2 måneder siden
*Domics* ✖️

*Comics* ✔️
John Olson
John Olson - 2 måneder siden
People who haven't watched Assassination Classroom wondering what "Ass Class" is
Duha Khan
Duha Khan - 2 måneder siden
Amy Walls
Amy Walls - 2 måneder siden
Lad I’m in a snake rn I just wanted to watch one last mate cheers
kingmgb 23
kingmgb 23 - 2 måneder siden
Why do you think there are so many fires in Australia drought
Eva Li
Eva Li - 2 måneder siden
to answer your question, no, we are not ok.

ăməď - 2 måneder siden
RCT. Hallow
RCT. Hallow - 2 måneder siden
Lilly MSF
Lilly MSF - 2 måneder siden
Unless you live in the bush, we Aussies don't encounter the big mamas
Bridgham Gray
Bridgham Gray - 2 måneder siden
Its gonna crawl in my mouth at night
Viper Hamilton
Viper Hamilton - 2 måneder siden
Austraila: *exists*
Bugs: yOu dArE cHaLlEnGe Me?!?!?!
mustaq amin
mustaq amin - 2 måneder siden
I love spiders the small ones
xxxfortnite proxxx
xxxfortnite proxxx - 2 måneder siden
just wanted to ask what do you use to animate and how do you animate so gooooooooooooooooood (NOT LIKE YOU WILL RESPOND BUT ITS WORH THE RISK) :)
Marshall Garwood
Marshall Garwood - 2 måneder siden
I used to put ants in the candle fire. I was like Hitler, but for ants. I was a horrible child
Cookie - 2 måneder siden
In Australia, Im fine
Solano Mojica
Solano Mojica - 2 måneder siden
Every time we have bugs on the ceiling or anything first thing we want to do is kill it because we don't want to risk it having babies or anything
Kokichi Simp
Kokichi Simp - 2 måneder siden
I heard Danganronpa and I swear,my heart skipped a beat.

TomTown - 2 måneder siden
3:40 ok ok do not be afraid of this, these are spiney leaf stick insects, they make great pets and are very chill and only eat leaves, not your arm.
Elle Wong
Elle Wong - 2 måneder siden
I in Australia