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Runtime: 08:22


Glitch_y Boi
Glitch_y Boi - 21 time siden
6:31 squirtle with a sun glass
BoySunBerry - Dag siden
I see birthdays more like a moment to celebrate and appreciate the time u came into the world
That Girl Nieka
That Girl Nieka - Dag siden

Ashley Hanks
Ashley Hanks - Dag siden
I always thought of birthdays as a like... congrats for surviving another year we’re happy you exist thing.
Also, there is an Amazonian culture that celebrates everyone’s birthday at once, so that’s fun. :)
drinkin_ur_blood - 2 dager siden
2:29 is my actual bday
Operation Cake
Operation Cake - 2 dager siden
Everyone: *happy birthday to you!*
Me, being awkward: 😁😫🥴
lewislauyik - 2 dager siden
Well, in Chinese culture, there is really a birthday for everyone. It's called Renri (人日) which was the day human beings were created
Renee Delacruz
Renee Delacruz - 2 dager siden
The butt cake🤣
Junior Shifugula
Junior Shifugula - 2 dager siden
I also wanted games but I got clothes and I was ok with it cause they put a lot of thought into it
Oliver Spiler
Oliver Spiler - 3 dager siden
Who got a nas academy ad fairly recently ( this week )
NARUTO N. Sasuke
NARUTO N. Sasuke - 4 dager siden
Now my parents don’t spoil that often but also t that’s also why we have Father’s Day and Mother’s Day so still give them yeah but why do you keep on saying
Alexis Kwan
Alexis Kwan - 5 dager siden
Zack Lunas
Zack Lunas - 6 dager siden
Was anyone else watching this video wondering what the hell a Timbit is?
Time_For_Toast - 6 dager siden
I'm glad you chose April 20th as the 'Birthday' holiday. Because my birthday is April 14th.
I was actually born the night before Easter, so there's that.
SolarSG - 7 dager siden
“And with everyone super, *chuckle*, no one would be”

Dom: and i took that personally
salma Uchiha
salma Uchiha - 7 dager siden
I think the idea of all of us celebrating on 1 day is just like the Korean age years...
Yusla Insane
Yusla Insane - 7 dager siden
domics bring cringy ideas
Wolf_FairyXx - 7 dager siden
Wait you guys are twins?
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski - 2 dager siden
Diksha Sharma
Diksha Sharma - 8 dager siden
I am a 29 Feb Child and I am still 3 😒
Evilkitty - 9 dager siden
But I don’t like being alive
Acutellel - 9 dager siden
My birthday was on Tuesday and I wanted homemade tacos
And I got some cookies
Diggy Robinson
Diggy Robinson - 9 dager siden
5:30 he be lookin like some wilson wannabe
Dxvvy - 9 dager siden
As a kid my favorite gift was socks
speedyfire - 10 dager siden
You know that we aren't sperm cells, we are the zygote that is a combination of a sperm cell and an egg cell.
Birb - 10 dager siden
wait are u actually jaiden's twin
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski - 2 dager siden
Colby is animating
Colby is animating - 10 dager siden
my birthday was last year
Balloons - 10 dager siden
i strongly disagree
birthdays are a day to celebrate an important being that was brought into the world that day
and to show appreciation for ones existence.
Aditya Goyal
Aditya Goyal - 12 dager siden
The Video Vlogger YT
The Video Vlogger YT - 12 dager siden
I never brung treats for the class, basically what Domics said: "They only celebrate because of the food"
la rose
la rose - 13 dager siden
5th january was my birthday.
Just wanted to say that. Bye strangers.
Pao Ha
Pao Ha - 14 dager siden
There's mother's and father's day anyways
DARKBUUR GAMING - 14 dager siden
Im a kid + im a leap year 2yrs yes im a 8year old ..... in pandemic.....
Jplayzgames - 14 dager siden
I do this Filipino desert for my birthday it’s like a shaved ice deserts but it has purple potato and bean things I forgot how to spell it it’s like halo-halo
Athreya Rayaprolu
Athreya Rayaprolu - 15 dager siden
4:37 Domics giving birth
that one dude
that one dude - 15 dager siden
I wonder if audible and nord vpn are havin a war over subscriptions on domics
Leo Hanson-Meier
Leo Hanson-Meier - 15 dager siden
April 20th is 4/20 look up the date there was a certain German born that day
Gabriel Yanga
Gabriel Yanga - 15 dager siden
Birthdays isn't when you grow up there's no actual physically change on your birthday its more of an anniversary.
Lime mini crewmate
Lime mini crewmate - 15 dager siden
in french birthday is anniversaire so ye ur right if it was translated letter by letter it would be date de naissance wich translated letter by letter in english is date of birth
Azhad Hadif
Azhad Hadif - 16 dager siden
4:11 dude I don't get any present at all as a kid bc I never invite any of my fried bc they live far away from school so the only gift I got was from my parents and sometimes they don't even get me anything
Dap Forever
Dap Forever - 16 dager siden
Dafuq you guys got ps 5 and Xbox for birthday.What the heck
Gay potato
Gay potato - 16 dager siden
I no joke was born in April 1st 2008 I was born on April fools day
pupkina zapupkina
pupkina zapupkina - 17 dager siden
1:12 this is all might?
*_*•_• - 17 dager siden
This channel is the only thing that can bring me joy
Suhanee Gupta
Suhanee Gupta - 17 dager siden
I don't get all the hype about birthdays at all. Like, you were born today a few years ago. ok. So wut? Just count, why celebrate??
Tuf Gaming
Tuf Gaming - 17 dager siden
2:19 this is actually happens in India in some of the orphanages...….if this happens in foreign countries also I don't know
pupkina zapupkina
pupkina zapupkina - 17 dager siden
1:15 this is all might?
pupkina zapupkina
pupkina zapupkina - 17 dager siden
1:12 this is all might?
Ruby Newman
Ruby Newman - 17 dager siden
I actually like getting clothes for Christmas. I might not wear them but that's mostly because they don't fit
Wally NRN
Wally NRN - 18 dager siden
I have the same birthday and Christmas gift
Bear Boi
Bear Boi - 18 dager siden
dom: i loki hated clothes
me: *haha well ur kinda lucky cause i do not get the surprise of getting a mystery gift, no no, my parents have smelly work to do so i have to pick my own stuff, get it approved upon their name, and order it.*

well there is an upside u dont always get clothes but that's besides the point
Bear Boi
Bear Boi - 18 dager siden
dom: ayyyyy i'm 18 i can vote
my sister: yay i can vot- oh wait my birthday is after american election day 😢
Dream The hedgehog
Dream The hedgehog - 18 dager siden
I have a summer birthday
Salley Malia
Salley Malia - 19 dager siden
The unsuitable riverbed naively whine because exhaust genetically wish before a grouchy report. embarrassed, slim drug
KickMeOut OfThisClassroom
KickMeOut OfThisClassroom - 19 dager siden
When my birthday comes i just want french fries and some ice cream thats all
The Debetharmenot
The Debetharmenot - 19 dager siden
(South) Korea, I don't know if it's just the south or its alternative too: A'ight bet, everyone ages on the same day, but... some families do celebrate it nonetheless
Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX
Xx_Angelo Gwyn_xX - 20 dager siden
come to think of it, Mothers day will not happen without you
annie jing
annie jing - 20 dager siden
April 20th is my sister bday lol
don't think so
don't think so - 21 dag siden
0:50 they congratulate for living that set amount of years
White - 21 dag siden
Technically, you didn't even win the race, you were chosen, so really, what are you congratulated for?
Mohammed Advil
Mohammed Advil - 21 dag siden
What’s a timbit
Platinium Zero
Platinium Zero - 21 dag siden
wow timbits are good i guess??????????
Nneka Osibeluwo
Nneka Osibeluwo - 22 dager siden
I have the same birthday as someone from my primary school class. In year 1 on my 6th birthday (on February 5th 2015), my bday twin brought in a full-on cake. I thought that I was gonna magically get a cake in the shape of a tractor. There was this cartoon tractor that I kinda liked. The cake never came though...
Nneka Osibeluwo
Nneka Osibeluwo - 22 dager siden
2:31 April 20th. I see what you did there 😏
Jennamations - 22 dager siden
I’m not even a teenager and I feel like time is going by way too fast. Mentally, I’m already 25 years old.
JazzyDoesGames - 22 dager siden
Y’all bday in September? Mine is on the first day of September.
Cassowary FK
Cassowary FK - 22 dager siden
Jaiden is doms twin?! (NANI!??)
MyPolings5 - 23 dager siden
My birthday is always out of school
MyPolings5 - 23 dager siden
My birthday is on May 30. And if you didn’t know I am autistic.
My My
My My - 23 dager siden
I hate getting clothes for my birthday
James Spaulding
James Spaulding - 24 dager siden
Jaiden is your twin???
Nneka Osibeluwo
Nneka Osibeluwo - 22 dager siden
No they have the same birthday
Gracelyn Reed
Gracelyn Reed - 24 dager siden
Making 1 birthday is stupid.
MidnightWolfy_YT - 24 dager siden
My friends: What do u what for ur bday
Me: I don't want anything for my bday
My friends: Why?
Me: I want my friends for my bday not gifts cuz friends are more valuable than gifts :)
My friends: *crys*
H Animations
H Animations - 24 dager siden
Bro... Filipino, Lives in Canada, lives in Ontario and animates... you’re basically me!?!
H Animations
H Animations - 24 dager siden
I have a normal birthday

Why did you scroll down here?
Victoria Rodriguez
Victoria Rodriguez - 24 dager siden
"Here's an idea. What if we all agreed to celebrate all our birthdays on the same day"
Ok Jim.
Neyow - 25 dager siden
2:29 I got shook my birthday came up
S M - 25 dager siden
My birthday is on Christmas Day. "Oh you muat be soo lucky you get double prese-" I didn't feel special at all for a few birthdays as everyone else got presents. I did have permission to be the most holly jolly person ever though and you were not allowed to judge me for it.
Paul Hoeksema
Paul Hoeksema - 26 dager siden
My birthday is jan 3rd and jt sucks
Thonker Fish
Thonker Fish - 26 dager siden
Thanks for the happy birthday! Today is actually my birthday!
xXSakuraPotatoXx OwO
xXSakuraPotatoXx OwO - 26 dager siden
Thank you for wishing all of us a great birthday!!
Alexmaster1220 - 27 dager siden
I was born on the 20 of dec I get maybe a few gifts for my b day but its always a day of doing something like go to a theater to see movies u get the point
Saleem Halawani
Saleem Halawani - Måned siden
a deasent birthday for me is like you a nice dinner and go out and play games thats a birthday for me
Abhinav Sharma
Abhinav Sharma - Måned siden
James is crying
Sonu Sanakal
Sonu Sanakal - Måned siden
Am watching this when my birthday is near on jan 21😁 n don't worry I haven't celebrated my birthday since 11 years!!!🙂cuz belong to middle class south asian family 🙂🙂
Sonu Sanakal
Sonu Sanakal - Måned siden
Am watching this when my birthday is near on jan 21😁 n don't worry I haven't celebrated my birthday since 11 years!!!🙂
Circlemaniac GD
Circlemaniac GD - Måned siden
Mine is on 30th August, 2 days before school, nobody ever came to my bday because of that
Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz - Måned siden
So now he is 30 years old right now
BROWEN B - Måned siden
Hey shorty it’s y’a birthday
Kyle Moua
Kyle Moua - Måned siden
“U succ”
Laynie - Måned siden
Half the people here probably don’t even know what a “timbit” is.

(It’s the greatest thing ever btw)
Peterson Productions
Peterson Productions - Måned siden
Guess what, I don’t get clothes. I am a 3rd born, all I have are hand me down, they all have sweat stains and rips, country kids whoop whoop free clothes I don’t grow
Kiara Austin
Kiara Austin - Måned siden
Me too im 9 and I hate getting clothes for any holiday
karina herrera
karina herrera - Måned siden
2:45 Me in 2020
noor - Måned siden
all i get for my birthday is 10 bucks
and a cupcake from the nearby super market
im greatful tho
The Golden Crooks
The Golden Crooks - Måned siden
*celebrating all our birthdays on 4/20*
FlameYT Playz2
FlameYT Playz2 - Måned siden
Lol if u have problem with wrong color i-phone thats messed up
Zafar Family
Zafar Family - Måned siden
me: um clothes yaad but I wanted toys
EARTH OF 1900 - Måned siden
Today is actually my birthday lol
LAJ Gameing
LAJ Gameing - Måned siden
I have the same birthday as my mom
The Wolfy
The Wolfy - Måned siden
If you have a b-day on Christmas that's awesome
That One Weirdo
That One Weirdo - Måned siden
Weird to think your 30 now...