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THOR The God of Thunder
THOR The God of Thunder - 12 timer siden
SAME! glad I’m not the only one
Shaggy - 2 dager siden
Reading comments and listening music 🎧
Playing XBOX and listening music
Cooking with music
Drawing with music
Cleaning with music

nobody except me
Will - 3 dager siden
60 hours enjoying reading - not a waste of time
60 hours enjoying bush walking - not a waste of time
60 hours enjoying sport - not a waste of time
60 hours enjoying reading on politics and news - not a waste of time
60 hours enjoying an RPG - WTF??????YOU'RE WASTING YOUR LIFE AWAY!!!!
rodorod - 4 dager siden
my oldest comment ever was from this video. congrats dom
TheKittenGamer__ - 4 dager siden
Adults: video games cause violance
Me who plays video game everyday and is one of the least volant people in my class: sureeeeeeeeee
weralasbiru - 4 dager siden
Ark ? ...i have..800 hours ... i freakin love i was addicted to this one ...
Shadman Rafi
Shadman Rafi - 4 dager siden
I am addicted to TV series. I wasted... uhm... 4 and a half months of my life on TV series over my life (mostly in the last 5 years).
Kel Wu
Kel Wu - 5 dager siden
Maplestory 😍 those years~ i miss em
Trick shots in GTA
Trick shots in GTA - 6 dager siden
Not Netflix and knit
Redaknight Gamer
Redaknight Gamer - 7 dager siden
3:37 please inform me on what that is. Is that crash?
Sample Text
Sample Text - 9 dager siden
not even 1 thousand hours so pathetic
The odd 1
The odd 1 - 9 dager siden
How did you play 200 ours in just one month I played 300 in Minecraft in like a year
TheIrishElk 24
TheIrishElk 24 - 10 dager siden
Omg u play ark survival evolved! I do as well
LaMel - 10 dager siden
I was finally able to delete cookie clicker yesterday IM FREE
Nintendo switch bot
Nintendo switch bot - 10 dager siden
I have played a SINGLE game for more than a 1,000 hours( I know I have a problem
Dawn Summer
Dawn Summer - 11 dager siden
Hi dom, if you ever want to challenge your self in the world of fiber arts I recommend Crotchet I am a massive crochet addict and it’s Awsome
The Anonymous Cactus 98
The Anonymous Cactus 98 - 12 dager siden
Those are rookie numbers
stonks - 12 dager siden
Only SOME anime music??? I ONLY listen to anime music.
x _CerTain
x _CerTain - 12 dager siden
Finally, some one I can relate with..I'm glad I got this channel
Daixess - 12 dager siden
4:09 I understand this now
Toby George
Toby George - 12 dager siden
The nimble kimberly decisively complain because ferryboat unfortunately screw in a slippery brain. giant, clammy pea
It's Me Rachel!
It's Me Rachel! - 13 dager siden
andrei preda
andrei preda - 13 dager siden
Ha! Rubish i played skirym for 600 hours!!!!

Some might say i have no life but i say quarantine did what it did!!
tucan - 14 dager siden
Axl kss me too
TtvPsycho - 14 dager siden
not tryna brag but i got 30k hours in ark
The God Of Nothing
The God Of Nothing - 16 dager siden
yea im the same way
Smallboydan - 16 dager siden
What is maple story
Hello YouTube
Hello YouTube - 16 dager siden
Lol pause at 2:29 and look at the bottom right corner.
Oh Domics, you thought I wouldn't notice
uncann1 - 17 dager siden
my mans speaking facts
AW Muzao
AW Muzao - 17 dager siden
Musical Addiction History:
2011: Dubstep
2012: Dubstep
2013: Dubstep
2014: Dubstep
2015: Dubstep
2016: Dubstep
2017: Dubstep
2018: Dubstep
2019: Dubstep
2020: Dubstep
2021: Dubstep
Creamy Lul
Creamy Lul - 17 dager siden
Ik this vid is old but I beat you dom im sorry I have 104 days and 6 hours on one game
Danny Ramirez
Danny Ramirez - 18 dager siden
I never learned to Nit
Pyroxide - 18 dager siden
835 hours on league?
*rookie numbers*
Zolad4562 - 18 dager siden
RIGHT AFTER I finished erased and i see this (literally just was listening to the op too)
Navraj Singh
Navraj Singh - 18 dager siden
thats pretty good
kinda tired i guess
kinda tired i guess - 18 dager siden
“Don’t talk about how many more hours you have on games with me”
(me with 900 hours on GTA V)
*haha yeah..*
Bubbblegum - 18 dager siden
Wait domics knows how to play ark?
PICKLE THE ONCE - 18 dager siden
I've heard of MapleStory M but not MapleStory...imma just research and I'll edit this comment when I have enough research to put it online. Cya then!
Alice's madness
Alice's madness - 18 dager siden
I used to think video games were a waste of time. I didn't see the fun in it and I suppose that my best friend was annoying me with them. Always talking and showing video games even if I wasn't interested.
But now not only do I play games (casually, I'm not a hard-core gamer) but I also make some in my spare time.
What a time to be alive.
martin barkley
martin barkley - 19 dager siden
The late loss lally sneeze because crow peroperatively pedal afore a left racing. foregoing, rapid quartz
sexy_poptart - 19 dager siden
Dont feel bad i spent 600 hours in gta online 220 hours in breath of the wild and probably another 500 in minecraft ive spent months of my life playing games
Roland Morris
Roland Morris - 19 dager siden
I don't know many people played Ark.
Cheese - 19 dager siden
Ik not an active watched so don't mind if idk this already but are u left handed 3:36
Arsema Yared
Arsema Yared - 19 dager siden
I like knitting to it's fun
GoAway - 19 dager siden
Tip: if you feel as though you cannot sleep, play a playlist I found on spotify called 'Peaceful Guitar'
Bebo Brine
Bebo Brine - 20 dager siden
Oh and science from minecraft
Bebo Brine
Bebo Brine - 20 dager siden
I learned english from youtube and minecraft
mr launchpader
mr launchpader - 20 dager siden
OK so you can't do something casually huh... Just an advice DON'T TRY BEAT SABER... Trust me T-T
Akmx - 21 dag siden
the same way he got into ddr was the same way i got into osu
Pagten EIE
Pagten EIE - 21 dag siden
«Hah, knitting? How about a more manly past-time? Lik football, or weightlifting, or drinking beet?! Yeah, testosterone!» Watching this video now and hear that made me laugh so hard😂 it’s ironic how I started to actually learn knitting as my testosterone levels increased (through TRT)😅
Bowie The Slowie
Bowie The Slowie - 21 dag siden
Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson - 22 dager siden
Bro link is about to stick that sword where the sun don’t shine 4:50
CryoNitric - 22 dager siden
[4:33] I dont say this to any peeps, but my parents do..
Jimney Cricket
Jimney Cricket - 22 dager siden
I've played hoi4 for 1348 hours or roughly 68 days at least I know geography now...
WinterPlays_ - 22 dager siden
2:25 that’s how it is for me
Russell Clarke
Russell Clarke - 23 dager siden
you might of played a lot of cumulative time in games but I know someone who has spent ~9400 on the sims 4
Youra Toura
Youra Toura - 24 dager siden
dis is me with genshin impact
Drayvin Carlee Villareal
Drayvin Carlee Villareal - 24 dager siden
Dom always have deep words
ph lk
ph lk - 24 dager siden
The frightened frightening full fumbling functional divorced coincidently park because baboon gratifyingly expand over a rough oboe. automatic, horrible policeman
mysteriousness - 24 dager siden
whats up with maple story?
Delphox 2. Zero
Delphox 2. Zero - 24 dager siden
I just wanted to relief my boredom, now I have a lot of lv.100 pokemon in my UM, and a lv.63, OP as freak, Shadow Shell in my MFF...
Mr. Monitor
Mr. Monitor - 25 dager siden
Those numbers are insulting low to me,how bout say probably 1000+ hours (Xbox doesn't tell you how many hours you've played a game)
Ryan Acevedo Music
Ryan Acevedo Music - 25 dager siden
Domics: shows Steve with a bunch of other characters in smash at 4:49
Mr egytion 7
Mr egytion 7 - 28 dager siden
When he say knitting i did not care i said: ho ok you love it you keep it so manly not manly important you love it
Zoe Zitur
Zoe Zitur - 28 dager siden
some people have favorite genre of music,

meanwhile hamilton is the only thing i listen to ever
ph lk
ph lk - 29 dager siden
The sassy improvement prognostically frighten because active perioperaively tap plus a stale bathtub. confused, weary dock
Martin Hodges
Martin Hodges - 29 dager siden
To this day I have no idea what happened with MapleStory.
Kamado Nezuko
Kamado Nezuko - 29 dager siden
I'm addicted to coffee
Natalie Galloway
Natalie Galloway - 29 dager siden
Yeah, knitting is friggin' awesome.
Candy Lopez
Candy Lopez - 29 dager siden
I learn english from anime well I need english sub to understand japanese I watch anime ever scenes I was a child because of my brother he loves anime and I don't have a choice but to watch now I'm addicted
esqimo - Måned siden
Super Smash Brothers Ultimate: 1260 hours
I go to a really high expectations high school. Im still in school. I have no life even when i have hw 24/7

i also main ice climbers fight me bitch
K9dog209 - Måned siden
I knit and crochet yay
Beast Boy
Beast Boy - Måned siden
I too learned English by games, btw im indian...
Danny Vanzandt
Danny Vanzandt - Måned siden
I am addicted to heroin.
MeMyselfAndSteve - Måned siden
3:33 would you like to explain your mouse Dom?
rixinON60fps* - Måned siden
Me: *watches Minecraft*
My dad: why are u watching just go play it
Also my dad *goes and screems at the ref*
Toaster - Måned siden
I got nostalgic when I saw the kendama
Dalt - Måned siden
I've got 7 000 hours in tf2. I love to see no daylight
Jayden Morris
Jayden Morris - Måned siden
just in minecraft i have 2,000 hours. yeah
Jrsquid1 - Måned siden
Ark is way to much of a grind
Chace - Måned siden
Ark survival: 1285 hours. World of warcraft : over 2000. OSRS: 210 days 15 hours since you last arrived here 1001 days ago.
ozZ light
ozZ light - Måned siden
Only 280 hours on ark?
The Nine Tailed Fox
The Nine Tailed Fox - Måned siden
Hah that little hours! I got at least 1600 Hours on SPORE
Mushfeka Ferdousi
Mushfeka Ferdousi - Måned siden
I just realized, studying is a waste of time
laine mae
laine mae - Måned siden
*"And if you're lacking passion for what you do, then isn't that considered a waste of time?"*
*takes in deep breath*
Okay so ive been really bumbed out recently cause of online classes. What i usually enjoy isnt enjoyable anymore, and i cant get out of a slump, cant do my requirements on time, been procrastinating, and feeling miserable. Am i the only one feeling this way??
chr0min0id 04
chr0min0id 04 - Måned siden
Oh, you play TF2?
*_Name every class..._*
Hawa Quisia
Hawa Quisia - Måned siden
Have you heard of cross stitching
It's really fun and it's like stitching
Doing the same movement to get something great I am doing a xmas tree and I have just finished
Michał Krzyżanowski
Michał Krzyżanowski - Måned siden
I spent 900 hours playing terraria in span of 6 years
Should I be worried?
chicken nuggets
chicken nuggets - 25 dager siden
No don't worry about it.... I have 5k hours in ark over the span of 3 years and all that happened to me is that I hate myself and want to uninstall the game, but there's a new dlc coming out in March so I just stopped playing for now
Michał Krzyżanowski
Michał Krzyżanowski - Måned siden
I'm 14 and adiccted to metal
What do I do
what happened with roblox :(
Darth Maul Gaming
Darth Maul Gaming - Måned siden
Let’s see among us 1,000,000 hours haha JK
Santiago Mora
Santiago Mora - Måned siden
Dom u should try crochet
Seth Kat
Seth Kat - Måned siden
500 hours on undertale...
wout voet
wout voet - Måned siden
cries in 3k hours on tf2
ToksickArt - Måned siden
i used to play a lot of tf2
FireBall0220 Gaming
FireBall0220 Gaming - Måned siden
Teko Pando
Teko Pando - Måned siden
And now hes yoyoing
Assasin Crew
Assasin Crew - Måned siden
I feel the need to mention, I've played The Sims 3 for 1948 hours, and the Sims 4 I got this year 287. (The Sims 3 I got around when The Sims 4 first came out. I remember because I bought it after years of wanting it and then the Sims 4 came out and I was extremely underwhelmed.
Natkatenu Piece
Natkatenu Piece - Måned siden
I don't think video games are a waste of time , I think it's a nice past time.
GD Trubactor
GD Trubactor - Måned siden
Me with my 1000 hours on geometry dash: